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♡ –  🍨 anon requested: Hi, I saw what you guys did for the junko playlist and I was wondering if I could get a Kaito Momota playlist because ahhh comfort character moment, thank you guys so much and keep up the great work 👉🏻👈🏻🍨
♡ – mod tsumiki note: hello anon! i had fun making up this playlist and i hope you like it too!

♡ – Frank Sinatra - Fly Me To The Moon

♡ – Owl City - Fireflies

♡ – Joji - Slow Dancing in The Dark

♡ – Oliver Tree - Alien Boy

♡ – Cavetown - This is Home

♡ – Dean Martin - Everybody Loves Somebody

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go ahead. take a listen.

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A lot of them don’t match the Vibe tm that I’m going for with the Junko playlist but like so many early marina songs really are about being That Bitch before they know you’re gonna literally set the world on fire in the very bad way.

like…. this is just Tha Girl. You could show this to someone who has no fucking clue who Junko is and they would have a not inaccurate picture (just… add more fire and bears to the picture)

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Phil Collins: “In The Air Tonight” (1981)

It’s Collins’ breakout solo single and one of his most unforgettable. It’s borne out of the anger and bitterness from his first divorce, and he’ll revisit that subject the following year with “I Don’t Care Anymore” (’82). But what’s essentially key is that breakdown barging in halfway through the song. Collins had acquired a drum machine (Roland CR-78) for the opening syncopated rhythms but then abruptly converts into his drum set in an instant. During the creation of Peter Gabriel’s “Intruder” (’81), the use of the recording studio’s Solid State Logic 4000′s reverse talk-back feature allowed Collins’ drum crash / “magic break” to come through and recording engineer Hugh Padgham re-wired the board to record through it, and thus the drum’s “gated reverb” is created, adding the single’s heaviness as it ships off.

Over the years, “In The Air Tonight” has been sampled by the best of them including AZ, Royal Flush, DMX, and 2Pac. In 2019, Marissa Nadler along with collaborator Stephen Brodsky covered this, and that’s why we’re here.

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Omega Radio for February 27, 2021; #256.

  1. Crafter: “Collecting Losses”
  2. Death Before Dishonor: “Bloodlust”
  3. Wild Side: “Supercharged”
  4. Modern Life Is War: “Revival Fires”
  5. Player Hater: “Pre-determined Existance”
  6. Gouge Away: “Wild Flowers
  7. Hostile Cvlt: "Womb”
  8. Boundaries: “Turning Point”
  9. Seed Of Pain: “Garden Of Decay”
  10. Human Aminal: “The Pact” + “Hellfire”
  11. Mindset: “Enough”
  12. Give Away: “Fade The Blue Line”
  13. 16: “Me And The Dog Die Together”
  14. Lift: “Pressure”
  15. No Redeeming Social Value: “Wasted For Life”
  16. Abrasion: “No Tolerance”
  17. Locked Inside: “Force Of Will”
  18. Chamber: “Visions Of Hostility”
  19. Lifesick: “Cage Of Fear”
  20. Bloodclot: “Up In Arms”
  21. Combust: “I Don’t Care About You”
  22. One Step Closer: “Broken (Turning Point)” + “Lead To Gray”
  23. Get The Shot: “Hellbringer”
  24. Buggin’: “Gratitude”
  25. Speedway: “Endless Stride”
  26. Kind!: “Time To Heal”
  27. Fall Silent: “Two Plus Two Is Five”
  28. Dragged In: “Vicious Cycle”
  29. Blacklisted: “I Should Have Been A Murderer”
  30. Pacifist: “Against The Tide”

Hardcore, beatdown, and throwdown.

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tvd playlists !

however long it takes: klaus and caroline

promise me this is forever: damon and elena

the girl who never got picked: caroline forbes <3

bro i love tvd so much, i think i’m abt to either watch it through again, watch my fav seasons, or watch all the klaroline centric episodes

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hi i just redid my playlists on spotify, you should check them out. (i think bucky’s is my favorite, very angsty, good songs to yell in your car)

ps my previous url was firescatching, this is still canary!

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♡ – kill-me-god-plase requested:  Hi hi mod tsumiki! Glad you can join this blog, can I get a junko enoshina(dr) kinne playlist or a chara (ut) kinne playlist (just to clarify I want on or the other) (sorry if just sent this twice)
♡ – mod tsumiki note: i hope you enjoy this playlist anon! i choose some songs that were pretty fitting for enoshima,,,

♡ – Mother Mother - Hayloft

♡ – Allie X - Bitch

♡ – Rei Ami - Dictator

♡ – My Chemical Romance - Blood

♡ – Stegosaurus Rex - Nowhere To Run

♡ – Mr. Kitty - 0% Angel

♡ – Sir Chloe - Michelle

♡ – sewerslvt - pretty cvnt

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Arlo Parks - “Hope”
Mo Troper - “Cameo”
Baseball Gregg - “The Breeze”
Iron and Wine - “Autumn Town Leaves”
The Rural Alberta Advantage - “Edmonton”
Deer Tick - “Little White Lies”
The Avett Brother - “Live and Die”
The Strokes - “Eternal Summer”
Bombay Bicycle Club - “Good Day”
Alexandra Savior - “Howl”
Joey Vann - “If You’re Here”
Radical Face - “We’re on Our Way”
Neutral Milk Hotel - “Ghost”
Frightened Rabbit - “Things”
The Mountain Goats - “Tidal Wave”
Phoebe Bridgers - “Garden Song”
Wild Nothing - “Dizziness”
Hot Water Music - “Rebellion Story”
Sparta - “Erase it Again”
The Gaslight Anthem - “High Lonesome”
The Loved Ones - “Suture Self”
Will Joseph Cook - “Wayside”
Naked Giants - “The Shadow”
Widowspeak - “The Good Ones”
Mogwai - “White Noise”
Wye Oak - “Doubt”

- b.

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“the stars and i” - a playlist forstargazing

buy the stars - MARINA

fireside - arctic monkeys

ivy - frank ocean

me - the 1975

dancing in a room - EZI

adore - ariana grande

video games - lana del rey

slow dancing in the dark - joji

paradise - chase atlantic

chemtrails over the country club - lana del rey

hoax - taylor swift

everything happens for a reason - madison beer

hostage - billie eilish

night swimming - soccer mommy

if i believe you - the 1975

ozone - chase atlantic

k. - cigarettes after sex

last words of a shooting star - mitski

my tears ricochet - taylor swift

the state of dreaming - MARINA

homesick - madison beer

playlist here :)
follow me on spotify <3
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@aroace-steve-rogers your awesome playlists inspired me and I have two to share with you! 



They’re quite long and organized chronologically by artist, I tried to include as many genres as I could. I hope you like them!

(I should mention that while a lot of the tracks are SRS, there are a handful which are straight up jokes and I’m sure you’ll be able to tell which ones haha)

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“ irene, listen to me. you must stay calm, do you understand? if you panic, you will falter, and you will bleed out. trust in your own skill and intuition. you are going to perform this surgery, and you will be alright. i know you will “

homoerotic evisceration – a playlist for franken stein

line without a hook - ricky montgomery // brand new city - mitski // dr sunshine is dead - will wood and the tapeworms // body - mother mother // kitchen fork - jack conte // i’d rather sleep - kero kero bonito // other side - miyavi // and more

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