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#playmobil: the movie

another updated playlist of the spy boy that is either a) funky bops I feel like he’d like b) adrenaline fuelled go get ‘em type tunes or c) angst riddled songs that dig into how I perceive his psyche of himself and the world around him

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fire with fire // delain

You’ve let them make
You feel bad about
Every little thing you’ve done
Judge of all things

Maker of none

Just kill them with kindness

‘Cause you will always be

Much too strong
For someone else
You will always be
Much too tall
For someone else
Don’t try you to apologise
Black star
That’s what you are
No one stills the fire in your heart
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Rex was ashamed to say that this wasn’t the first time he’d been bleeding this much, but he didn’t like to voice it. He guessed it was his stubbornness and constant need to not show vulnerability to others, but in these scenarios, it was hard to keep up some kind of guard when he couldn’t even keep himself on his own two feet, a bloodstain spreading across the right side of his white shirt.

It was a bit of luck someone managed to catch him before he hit the ground, still holding onto him as he was able to sit up in their arms before his head could make contact with the concrete.

He put a non-bloodied hand onto the shoulder of the person in front of him, trying not to display a pained expression especially through his eyes. He did feel drowsy, but he wasn’t planning on passing out anytime soon. Whether that was denial or just pure willpower, he didn’t care.

“I’m fine, it’s gonna be okay,” he responded shakily, knowing he was clearly reassuring the other person when he was the one that had been shot, “I’ve done it before. I’m not gonna pass out, believe me. That isn’t happening.”

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out of all the characters I self project on, the worst example is probs Rex. god knows how much stuff I’ve given him in terms of my personality since way over a year ago; I really did look at him and go ‘this man deserves my emotional baggage and other personality traits’

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sleepwalking // the birthday massacre

A night turns to a day

A street I’ve never walked on

I was never here

I’m just a faint reflection

The day turns to a month

A second of affection

I was never here

I’m just a faint reflection

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Is Predator a knock off of the Alien movie?

Is Percy Jackson a knock off of the Harry Potter franchise?

It’s an animated movie based on a super-popular children’s toyline that uses the toyline and its multiple worlds to tell a story, and that’s about where the similarities end.

The LEGO Movie is a standard fantasy story in a fantasy world that also has some transcendentalist aspects (I think…I’m not sure how to evaluate the whole “overlap into the ‘Real World’ thing). The main characters are everyday citizens in a preestablished world that follows its own rules and has an evil overlord and an authoritarian goverment that our heroes must destabilize and overthrow if they want to survive, because an apocalyptic calamity is coming.

Playmobil: the Movie is a straight-up isekai. A woman and her younger brother are transported to a magical world based on their favorite toys, and the woman slowly regains her lost childhood passion while the child learns that family cares about him, even if they don’t always act like it. Along the way they are beset by pirates, bandits, and the agents of an evil emperor who rules the land (and is voiced to PERFECTION by Adam Lambert).

Obviously the movie was made because of the success of the LEGO film, and critics, audiences, and marketers all brushed it aside as a result…but if you sit down and watch it, you’ll find a movie made with a lot of heart, great direction, solid jokes, catchy songs, and carried by an all-star cast of voices (it’s Anya Taylor Joy and Jim Gaffigan on a roadtrip, what more do you want???). It may not be a stellar “stand above all things” animated film, but I don’t think any parent would have a problem watching it with their kids. 

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Rex usually ended up in dangerous situations, so he was used to this. He squinted at the other man behind his glasses. “Well, that’s reassuring,” he remarked, dryly, “did you mean for that to not sound so sinister or do you always sound like that?”

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“I care about myself enough,” he replied drily, frowning, “but I’d rather not bring my friends into it. I’ve heard that sort of question one too many times from certain…people.” He looked away, but didn’t turn his head. “I’d rather not take the bait.”

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“I’ve been…busy, I guess,” he replied, not exactly wanting to let his emotions show, “things have been overrun at my job, though it’s not like me to go this long without saying anything.” He wasn’t technically lying, which was reassuring enough without telling the other Rex about his real problems with burnout and perfectionism. “Communication isn’t always my strong suit.”

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that won’t save us // against the current

I’d never let you hear my cries (hear my cries)
Well, the duller the knife, the deeper the scars
I don’t need a light to see in the dark
I know what you’re like, I know who you are
What were you gonna say?

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