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a/n: Here it is!!! The first fic in the Wake Up Sunshine series. This is one of my favorite songs off the album so I knew I had to write this first. It features the always stunning human Pierre Luc Dubois. Although, in this fic, he’s kind of an asshole. This is also probably the filthiest thing I’ve written so far, so prepare. I want to tag @hookingminor​ and @prettyboybarzal​ because their PLD fics really inspired me to create this cocky sexy version of Pierre that came to life while I was writing this. You two are fantastic writers and keep on kicking ass!

Word Count:
Warnings: Again, this is the filthiest thing I’ve written. Smut, oral (both m and f receiving). Slightly dom Pierre, a bit of spanking and TONS of dirty talk. 


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Why do I run back to you, like I don’t mind if you fuck up my life?

 “Hello!? Earth to Y/N!”

You heard your roommate’s voice rise above the clamor of the crowded bar. You focus back into the present moment, and look down, your phone still in hand, your brain screaming at you not to call the one person you know you shouldn’t.

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You, sir, are very lucky that G is like, one of the cutest dogs in the world, or the three of you would be out of this door and into the cold New York night. @plduber18

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Faride Raful habia propuesto Eliminar el Ministerio de la Juventud

Fuente: #Antinoti

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