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tombwolf · 2 hours ago
Okay but hear me out. The Teen Wolf movie opens with Scott late to a date and we think it's Malia. When he arrives it's a guy and they reveal Scott was bi all along.
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poplinn · 21 hours ago
nintendo better make luigi and bowser kiss to spite homophobic mario
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daddiesdrarryy · 8 hours ago
Pansy: I have a problem
Draco: What is it?
Pansy: I’m a dumb blondie who’s in love with my arch enemy but I won’t admit it so I’ll keep bothering my friends about it every day—oh no wait, that’s you
Draco: The first time was fine but now it’s just annoying, Pansy
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formulamelon · 22 hours ago
I’ve just seen a photo of Seb with his kids and Hanna during the summer break and they were on holiday and he was PUSHING A PRAM I AM NOT OKAY 😭😭😭
but also please stop sharing these photos!! it would make the family so uncomfortable especially with how private they like their life!!! I know seeing a glimpse of Sebastian outside of F1 with his family is super sweet and endearing because we never see it but there’s a reason behind it and we all need to respect it!! Even if it kills us lol!! But yeah anywayss!!!
I just want a man like Sebastian Vettel in my life.
Actually I just want Sebastian Vettel in my life and I think we should clone him so we all get one!!! Please!!!!
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lxndonorris · an hour ago
Tumblr media
Anyone got the raw pic?? His stache, Im dying
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daddiesdrarryy · 8 hours ago
Draco: Pansy! Pansy! Guess what Potter-
Pansy: No! Draco, we’ve talked about this before. What’s the one thing I asked you to do?
Draco: Do not scream at you in the morning?
Pansy: No
Draco: Do not wake you up early?
Pansy: Not that
Draco: No Potter talks before 9am?
Pansy: No Potter talks before 9am!
Draco: But—
Pansy: No!
Draco: Fine, I’ll wait
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frizzlez-art · a day ago
Everyone manifest splatoon 3 news
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magella · 3 hours ago
Dear Chenford writers,
1. I binge watched all 3 seasons in like a week and I absolutely live for all of you
2. PRAISE KINK PRAISE KINK PRAISE KINK our girl clearly lives for any sort of approval from ofc zaddy pls someone more talented than i come thru
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tteokdoroki · 2 hours ago
writing step-cest + kiri if my dorm mate leaves me alone for the rest of the night
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mint-yooxgi · 4 hours ago
Not the same anon that requested yan Jaehyun putting up a himbo act, but can we get a part 2 of that with yan hendery or johnny or winwin in the mix?
Part One
It's times like these where you're grateful to have rented out a study room at your university's library in order to tutor the guys. It allows more privacy, as well as some semblance of peace and quiet rather than being in the open. You find you can focus better this way on what you need to talk about and teach. If only the guys felt the same way.
"This is the fifth time I'm going over this one concept, are you sure you two are paying attention?" You sigh, shoulders slumping slightly as you look at the two guys before you.
"I swear we are," Hendery replies, nudging Sicheng in the next moment who nods. He's always been the quieter of the two anyways.
"Okay then, why don't you explain it back to me so I can see where you're still getting stuck," you say, taking the seat across from them so you're no longer standing at the whiteboard writing on it. Besides, you can feel one, if not both, of their gazes being a little too friendly on your backside at the moment. "Who wants to go first?"
Before either one of them can respond, the door to your study room is opening, causing your attention to now shift to the people now entering the room. Your brief moment of panic washes away as soon as you see who enters the room, thinking that you may not have booked the room for as long as you originally thought.
"Johnny, Jaehyun, what are you guys doing here?" You quirk a brow in their direction.
"Oh, sweet, are you reviewing for the midterm?" Johnny's eyes briefly flash behind you at the whiteboard where your writing covers a large portion of it. "Do you mind if we join you, we could use the help, too."
"You I understand," Hendery looks towards Johnny before shifting his gaze towards Jaehyun. "However, you I do not."
"What's there to understand?" Jaehyun replies, the both of them already taking a seat in one of the empty chairs and pulling out their supplies. "It's not an easy concept and she's my tutor anyways."
Something in the way he says those words causes your brow to furrow slightly. They do know you can help all of them, right? However, before you can voice your thoughts, another voice cuts you off.
"That's rich," Sicheng scoffs, looking directly at Jaehyun, "coming from the smartest in the class."
To say you're dumbfounded would be an understatement. "What?"
"Oh, did he not tell you?" Hendery wears a devious smirk as Jaehyun's ears turn pink. "He's got the best grades in the class. Always has."
"You told me you needed help cause you were failing," you turn to look at Jaehyun, who is now glaring at both Hendery and Sicheng.
"Failing what? Not being a teacher's pet?" Hendery laughs, and you see the corner of Sicheng's lips quirk upwards in a smirk.
Johnny just sits there with and amused expression on his face, leaning back in his seat and enjoying watching the three of them crash and burn. Hopefully he'll be able to get you alone soon, and away from the other three. That's the real reason he popped his head in for the extra study session. Besides, they all know how each other think, and like hell are any of them going to leave you alone with one of the others now.
"Regardless," your voice cuts in, no matter how awkward you feel now for taking Jaehyun's money since he's paying you to tutor him, especially if what they're telling you is true. "You two are still stuck on this-" you motion behind you to your words on the board, "so let's get back to it, yeah? We only have half an hour left to use this study room."
"What a great idea," Johnny is the first to answer, smile on his face as he leans forwards to engage in a conversation with you.
However, before you can start your tutoring session once more, a small knock on the door to the study room catches your attention. A smile breaks out onto your face as you see who opens the door, carrying your favourite iced coffee in his hand.
"Figured you could use one," he smiles once he sees your expression.
"Thanks, boo," you smile, giving him a quick kiss on the cheek as he places the coffee on the table in front of you.
"We still on for later?" Kun asks, shifting slightly on his feet as he looks down at you still seated at the table.
"Of course," you smile, waving him off with a quick 'see you later' as he exits the room.
A moment of silence passes over all of you until someone is breaking it.
"Who was that?" Hendery asks, asking the question on all of their minds, though they're all afraid they already know the answer.
"Oh, I'm sure you guys all know Kun," you wave them off, but at their pointed looks, you continue. "My boyfriend."
You fail to register the thick tension now rising in the room, each of the four boys setting their jaws in a hard line, looking from one to the other while having a silent conversation amongst each other. You remain oblivious to the agreement they've all just come to: get Kun out of the picture, and do it as soon as possible.
"So, should we continue?"
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daddiesdrarryy · 8 hours ago
Harry *staring at Draco from across the Hall*: Ron, ten o'clock
Ron: Is it? Feels like two and I’m hungry
Harry: No, ten o'clock
Ron: What?
Harry: That’s Draco there at eight, nine, ten o'clock!
Ron: Oh, Draco!
Harry: He’s amazing! He makes everyone that I dream about look like short, fat, bald people
Hermione: Well, go over to him! He’s not with anyone
Harry: Oh yeah, and what would my opening line be? 'Excuse me. Blarrglarrghh’
Ginny: Oh, come on. He’s a person, you can do it!
Harry: Oh please, could he be more out of my league? Ron, back me up here!
Ron: He could never get a person like Draco in a million years
Harry: Thank you, buddy
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midurii · 23 hours ago
This will never happen but... Xenoblade X port please Nintendo pleaseeeeee
Tumblr media
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