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killer-clown-car5 hours ago
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Amazing Shirts (And Other Things) I Want: Part Thirteen
For more, check out #karmas clothes
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queen-breha-organa22 hours ago
Thinking about Ahsoka鈥檚 first mission with the Wolfpack after the Ventress 鈥渋ncident鈥
(Or Ahsoka is the little sister to the Wolfpack part so many)
It happens within the first year of the Clone Wars, Ahsoka is being tosses around mission to mission, her and Plo don鈥檛 see each other much.
She had only met the Pack once or twice and had never had an opportunity to genuinely get to know them.
Wolffe was stern. But kind. Kind enough to smile at her before she left.
And suddenly.
They鈥檙e all different.
They follow Wolffe鈥檚 lead.
And Wolffe doesn鈥檛 talk much anyone. And Wolffe has a sharp edge to his sense and a strange coldness in his soul now. And Wolffe doesn鈥檛 talk to Ahsoka.
And so the Pack doesn鈥檛 talk to Ahsoka.
And their helmets stay on.
And the first mission is awkward and terrible.
But that night by the fire, Ahsoka is eating next to Plo, and no one is speaking. Until Plo says:
鈥淟ittle 鈥楽oka, won鈥檛 you tell the boys about your studies? The Pack knows much about star charts, perhaps they can help you.鈥
And the tension is broken.
And Ahsoka learns that Comet gets his name from the stars, and his love of the galaxy. And they鈥檙e talking first, and Comet shows her how to find your center no matter what planet your on.
And then Boost tells him they鈥檙e charting all wrong, so he steps in, and soon they all have their hands raised to the stars, showing Ahsoka how to know where you are.
And Sinker tells Ahsoka how to memorize star rotations, and how to feel the pull of gravity even when it鈥檚 gone.
And when Ahsoka looks over the fire, Wolffe and Plo are sitting side by side, engaged in quiet conversation. And Wolffe has his helmet off.
And he says,
鈥淒on鈥檛 let them confuse you 鈥楽oka, you鈥檒l do just fine.鈥
And he sounds different now, voice gruff and tired. But-
Ahsoka smiles, a step was enough.
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birf45 minutes ago
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who put gaslighting on overhaul鈥檚 crimes
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hyunjinspark11 hours ago
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casmick-consequences15 hours ago
i do like the idea of deanbenny and casmick co-existing at the same time purely to get the other one jealous. and it leads to them actually catching feelings for them, which then leads to the funniest yet weirdest polycule sam has ever had to witness. someone save him.
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bitterjurorssavetheday2 hours ago
I want them to have prizes/punishments for the first five to fall
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ursacircusart7 hours ago
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I may have made a ref sheet of my specific image of Gamzee. He/they clown icon!!!
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granny-fujoshi13 hours ago
Waiting for next update like my boy Betelgeuse here
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--- My head is about to shrink ---
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burnt-coffeepot2 hours ago
i beg you guys to tell me the names of ALL tf2 ships, All Of Them, even the least popular ships
I go first with the ones i know:
speeding bullet
red oktoberfest
boots and bombs
gentle surgery
practical espionage
texas toast
please add more i have a weak memory
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lizadale4 hours ago
Luigi and Dimentio being scary horror game antagonist boyfriends is very good. Luigi can relentlessly chase king boo and actually beat the shit out of him and Dimentio can float around with ominous glowing eyes and a creepy smile, revealing his location, and they can do that together. Date night.
JFIESKF i mean can you think of a more thrilling date than working together to terrorize one (1) gaudy volleyball jackass
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severeloverpersonaan hour ago
"when you leave, its the loneliest feeling in the world"
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transmasc-pippin-took5 hours ago
feanor is now forty seven thousand (sun/human) years. old. that many years ago was the stone age.
humanity came from "uwu rock go smash" to "day trip to space for billionairs" in the time feanor came from "step mum sucks" to "uwu rocks go shine"
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