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#please and thank
If Rio goes to court at least we will probably see him in a suit😍😍😍😍
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inkykeiji · 2 hours ago
aw clari i dont find ur endings all that sad :) except for bmb, i kno ill be crying at that ending lmao. but i find them more adorably sweet. ur touya-nii and snowman & me ends are so precious, like a *who gives a shit as long as we have each other* precious <3
aw anon!!!! thank you so much for telling me this!!!! 🥰🥰 i’m so glad to hear that you feel that way!! i like my endings too (obviously hehehe) and although they’re bittersweet i personally tend to find them more on the sweet side than the bitter side; but that’s only my interpretation!!!! everyone will interpret those endings and feelings differently hehe <3
cant lie, bmb’s ending most likely will make you cry, but the epilogue ends with hope!!!! <333
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lesliescheung · 3 hours ago
jake johnson (i love his peter b parker so much jsgdkdh)
okay i know next to nothing about jake johnson however i agree that his peter b parker did go off so! he seems fun
send me a white man and i’ll tell you my opinion on him
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inkykeiji · 3 hours ago
Cursed thought, Hear me out
Shiggy calling us his little hot pocket
Please send help Ive been thinking about this all day and for what
Tumblr media
LITTLE ROOMBA HAHAHAHAHAHA i had a shig anon that called me that once!!! pretty sure dabi anon scared him off tho,,,,
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defectivexfragmented · 4 hours ago
*put $2 on the table* I’m looking for some more threads with the below muses, if anyone has them or knows someone. I would love you forever :) pretty please!!!
Curtis Everett
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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inkykeiji · 4 hours ago
Don’t mind me, I have just been stalking through your master list. You are an amazing wordsmith and I hope you are having a great day 💙💙
aaaaah thank you SO much 🥺🥺🥺 i really appreciate your kind words!!!! seriously, they mean a lot to me <33333 thank you friend, i hope you are as well!!!!
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inkykeiji · 4 hours ago
i can picture reader up at 4am anxious af that dabi hasn’t come home yet. Shes cuddled up with touya whose sound asleep. she loves her touya with all her <3 but sometimes she just needssss her dabi. needs him now. he finally comes home, doesn’t understand why her eyes are filled with tears but he makes it up to her by gently kissing her forehead and fucking her hard till shes shaking. wahhhh I love the twins: (
she just missed him so much :( she gets worried when he doesn’t answer his phone, when it starts going straight to voicemail, when it’s hours past the time he should’ve arrived home :( because every once in a while she just needs his arms; strong, smelling of gunpowder and metal, covered in tattoos and scars; needs his sharp hipbones bruising her soft inner thighs, needs his teeth sinking into her neck and writing his name—claiming her, owning her—across supple skin in brilliant blotches of navy and grey and violet <3 every once in a while she needs to be reminded that she belongs to him as well, and that he belongs to her, too <33
because sometimes she just needs to be fucked within an inch of her life, needs to be fucked stupid, until her brain’s gone numb and she’s filled with hot, sticky cum, until she blissfully can’t remember anything but dabi’s name, until she passes out with a cute lil smile on her face—and, well, that’s dabi’s specialty <3
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For the OC headcanons, 7, 14, 15, and 27. You pick which ones would fit them! (but you don't have to do all of them)
Ooohhh thank you!
7. Wants to just lay down and not move.
me. Um. Probably a lot of them. After a hard day at work, Mao, Hana and Ai (and her husband) most definitely would after a busy day at work. Mao has had enough of the paperwork she has to fill in for her boss, Hana is just tired from patrol, Ai and her husband have to deal with their kids on top of work which I think is enough in itself...
14. Is painfully obvious on who they like.
Hana. Hana and Mao. Need I say anything else? It’s way too obvious that Shinya physically cannot stand it anymore-
15. Would get a tattoo on a whim.
Oh hmmm... Hana already has tattoos, same as Shinya’s, but I don’t think that she would get any others. Tbh I don’t think any of them would do this, but maybe Ai or Mao would get a few. Oh! Wait I do have an oc that would fit this but I have not introduced or drawn her yet so ahaha yeah...I might introduce her and her wife and son at some point 👀👀
27. Questions everything.
Aahhhhh!! Definitely Snipes daughter, my Edgejeanist baby oc (who I have now decided to make an official oc wooh!) and Yuna!! Especially when Yuna was younger and first adopted by EctoLoader, she would be very intrigued by the things around her, and not being able to see these things anymore she would be quite inquisitive with how things have changed and her own memory of them! Snipes daughter is a curious lil bean in general and loves to learn new things!! Same with the Edgejeanist baby!!!
Thank you thank you for sending this in!! It truly made me happy!!!
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blossomkoushi · 6 hours ago
alrighty! hi babies, just wanted to say hi from this blog as well if you’re coming from the old one!
i have more works in my brain that i’ll try to pump out as soon as possible, in the meantime, i hope you all are having a great day <3
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What if Benrey was in Half-life? Haha, just kidding... unless...?
Tumblr media
Yo feetman can you open this, uh, vending machine? Please and thank you?
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disgruntledspacedad · 7 hours ago
I feel very yes about the hat hair! 😍 But I feel even more strongly about how big his hands look in that gif! How dare Frankie do this to me?
Tumblr media
Oh god, you aren’t wrong, Anon.
These hands could do whatever they like to me.
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anactorya · 8 hours ago
There are two ways the rest of this day could go. There’s the one where they talk about the mission, find the next problem, let that little moment back there slide by until it gets too awkward to ever talk about it again. That’s the sensible option, the one where this doesn’t all blow up in Sam’s face. He should want it to go that way.
He doesn’t.
Who says Bucky's the only one allowed to drag them both along on some bad-decision-fuelled disaster ride?
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robbyykeene · 9 hours ago
Cobra Kai will be like “this 16 year old boy just got out of juvie with absolutely nothing to his name, and yet he suddenly has a duffel full of clothing and is somehow getting enough food to survive? Yeah sounds believable.” But simultaneously will be like “oh you think that same kid could be queer? Now that’s just unrealistic!”
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