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petition to get players/teams to schedule their lives so that cover the whole day instead of making people lose their minds about 4 different lives in the span of an hour

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I’ve been trying to get in the mindset of working out to lose weight. I suffer from hypothyroidism and hence losing weight is a challenge for me. I’m also in grad school with tight funds, so eating super healthy or going on extreme diet/workout regimes isn’t feasible at the moment because I don’t want that to get in the way of productivity. I’ve also self diagnosed myself with anxiety and depression and was going start therapy but that couldn’t happen because of the stay at home orders.

That being said, I do need to start working out anyway. Just to maintain health, if possible start a gradual weight loss journey (I’m obese and I have body image issues). Despite all this, I just can’t get myself motivated enough to start working out. I just can’t. I know there are so many videos/resources to start home working but again, I can’t and at this point I don’t even know why. I’ve just started to use lame excuses.

And so I need advice, or you know, if possible a healthy conversation with someone who can understand and help me break down my mental blocks towards this. I don’t have access to therapy and not many friends who listen/understand. But I really really want to start changing my lifestyle a little and I could use help with it.

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