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#please be safe today
uglysockperson · 9 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Was thinking about the ears muffs and like i think spock would say something polite like “these aren’t within star fleet dress code” but Jim’s like nah bro keep em theire cute and your cold and literally no one cares, until a petty ensign who gets rubbed the wrong way by spocks responce to their science report decides to make a complaint about the first officer being out of dress code and at the same time turns the temps just a degree down in all the corridors messing with spocks barely adapting body heat. Leads to cranky spock making comments to uhura after a meeting about how the federation isn’t nearly as accommodating for Vulcans as they claim, i imagine spock goes threw the vulcan version of. “NASA scientists asked if 100 tampons was enough for a week”. Its more like “pack some long Johns? There’s are vegitarian options on the replicator ?” Fortunately hes got a very handsome boyfriend to keep him warm.
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katiemcgrath · a year ago
SHUKRI ABDI WAS 12 YEARS OLD. She was born and raised in a refugee camp. I can't imagine how her mother must have felt when she landed in the UK, when she sent her child to school, there must have been hope in her heart. Her babies would grow up safe, away from the conflict. And then to have to it all taken away.
That little girl was murdered. She was murdered by her classmate. Child one told her if she doesn't get in the water that they would kill her. They intentionally left her in the water, despite the fact she couldn't swim. They laughed as she drowned. They laughed as other children tried to save Shukri. They laughed when the other kids realised she was dead and called for help. They laughed until police arrived. The police are wrong, it was not an accident. What happened to Shukri, a little Somalian girl who deserved to grow up and live a happy life, was murder.
I'm tired of white children being coddled and told it's okay, they'll learn. This wasn't an accident, they were hurling horrific racist abuse at her for months.
Her dearest mother and siblings deserve justice. Shukri Abdi was murdered. Manchester needs to be in the streets screaming about this.
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strawbearbean · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
inlittle quackity!!! one of my friends ( @p-o-c-k-e-t-s-i-z-e beloved :) ) wrote this sick dialogue n headcanon that he has a magic 8 ball in his eye, and that he asks “should i kill you?” and the eye says “without a doubt!” :0 pretty cool imo! it really inspired me :)
as always wishing you the best!!! i hope u drink something super tasty today! i had bubble tea with milk and taro it was so good!
image description under the cut :)
it’s a drawing of quackity from the knees up in black, white, and purple! my classic flat style with pretty much no shading or indication of volume just shapes :)
he’s got his classic shirt and suspenders with small wings, wing ears, and two rings hanging on a necklace. and of course the classic face scar, cant forget that :] he is holding an axe on his shoulder with one hand n tapping his chin with the other. he has sorta a uh! what i was going for was a sorta neutral/thoughtful/but somewhat indifferent expression on his face >< !
it’s meant to clash with the text next to him, which says, “should i kill you?” “without a doubt!” in capital letters! scary dude! /pos
that’s all i got for you! see you next time :)
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radicalrin · 5 months ago
Libfems and TRAs @ a 50 something year old man in DDLG fetish gear: So beautiful!! Such a gorgeous woman!! Don't feel bad about starting your transition late, you've got your whole life ahead of you, queen!! 😍💕😍💕😍💕😍!!
Libfems and TRAs @ a 30 year old feminist they disagree with: Somebody needs to come pick up their senile granny and take her back to the home!!😂
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stubbornartemis · 7 months ago
We were sitting in the kitchen with my mom yesterday, talking about boys and family and all this stuff. And then this little scene happened. Mom: you need to find a boyfriend, it will heal you and solve all your problems! Me: it will actually make things worse, you know. Mom, switching the subject: what kind of man do you want in your life? Me, a closeted lesbian: I want a person who likes me for who I am, who will not see me only as a sexual object, who will be... Mom, interrupting me:, a woman? And I looked her dead in the eyes, I knew, that she wouldn’t understand the truth, so I asked her: what makes you think that? She replied: please, dear, you are weird enough already, you can’t be serious. And then we stopped talking about it because she would start talking about how it’s just a phase and how I’m just weird, and special, and not like other girls. But she knows who I am. Deep down she knows that I’m a lesbian, that I love women with my whole heart. She knows it, but she is afraid of it. My father says that there is no homophobia in Russia, “it’s okay to be gay just do this at home and don’t yell about it, why do they need all those parades, if a man wants to have sex with another man, fine, just don’t rub it in my face, keep quiet, don't talk about it”, he says. There’s no homophobia in Russia, mom, you heard him. But if there’s no homophobia in Russia then why when I said “I love her” about my school friend, you get angry and told me not to use those words when I talk about a girl ever again, mom? It wasn’t even about romance, why were you so scared? I know my parents realize that I’m not interested in men. But they are afraid of it. They would rather pretend that I have low self-esteem and that’s the reason why I never had a boyfriend. But deep inside they know the truth. And so do I.  I’m a lesbian, I love women and there’s nothing wrong with this.
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copkillerlupin · 6 months ago
every time someone points out that maybe harry potter is not very good, some random inevitably responds with "well um actually that's very ableist because ummm some neurodivergent people fixate on hp therefore it cant be criticised xoxo also i am transgender therefore you can't call me transphobic :)))". it's like clockwork
#i think tumblr user fanonical pointed this out that liking hp is not the same as eg liking lovecraft's books#because jkr is very much alive and influential and she's part of the reason for the recent anti trans laws and court rulings in the uk#a lot of the trans ppl i see defending liking hp live in the us and like. well first of all whats happening here isnt exactly separate-#-from you. it'll spread there.#second of all you dont live here and have no fucking clue what it's like to be trans in this country. i dont doubt that it's hard in the us#either but the specific situation here w transition on the nhs and the prevalence of transphobia#(especially the unique british brand of transphobia) is something that us folks are clearly not familiar with#otherwise you wouldnt be trying to defend hp's popularity which sustains jkr's influence#also throughout these tags i've been using the term transphobia and whilst ofc it does affect transmasc ppl too i should have used the term#transmisogyny because trans men are mostly included under this through their proximity to trans women and nb transfem ppl#anyway if you're from the US Canada Australia or western europe but not the uk then you should shut the fuck up instead of defending hp#actually no wherever youre from you just shouldnt be defending hp full stop lol#but especially if youre from the non-uk anglosphere bc like. literally do you know what it's like to be trans in this country#in my trans activism work ive spoken to parents of trans children and i literally tell them to move out of this country#it's not safe for trans children here#ive had a long day today and im quite tired rn hope this made sense if it doesnt then i dont really care#also before someone points out that i run an hp blog yes i am aware i have noticed this.#i do have more Thots on this blog's existence and its future but im too tired to explain them rn#if youre gonna message me telling me im a hypocrite then cut it#however if youre gonna message me telling me how i run this blog is actually harmful then please do#i am actually open to criticism funnily enough but usually i just get 'um u hate hp but run an hp blog? checkmate!'#so yeah send me an ask in good faith if you think i should be running this blog differently. im only a dick in response if youre being#disingenuous lol#wow these tags got long
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strawbebbiesart · 10 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
#art#artists on tumblr#illustrators on tumblr#girls#personal#exam season is Almost over and i can take a whole weekend off now!!#so today i took a long walk and saw a construction site and they were using this long tube that looked like it was made of buckets#and they were throwing rocks into it to get them off the top of the building#it probably wasn't rocks it was probably like#broken pieces of concrete and paint or whatever that got damaged during the earhquakes#but it's always interesting to see like. people fixing things and continuing life after things like these y'know?#my mom always talks about that whenever something happens#so i guess the big yellow tube made of bucket means that things are slowly getting back to normal#at least in terms of like. earthquakes#not the Big Thing obviously#but at least it feels good to know that at least it's safe to exist inside buildings now again and it'll stay that way for a while at least#so that's nice and it feels good to have the weight of both That and the exams be over y'know?#feels clean feels fresh the yellow tube made of bucket was a sign of hope#anyways so i just sat down today and drew some simple shapes to relax and like. Breathe#i'm still working on like. more actual detailed nice art but i wanted something simple and pleasing today#so i just made some shapes and put them all on a canvas#stark and i have been watching a lot of project runway and there's this one challenge where they have to design their own fabric#so i wanted to design a fabric that was kinda weird kinda funky but could theoretically still make a nice summer dress or something#so this is this#wow i sure do take a long time to explain stuff huh#anyway!! have fun hope you're all doing good love you !!7
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pussypilled · 9 months ago
been thinking about mens unshakeable class solidarity bc i think the lack of solidarity among women is a huge deficit in our organizing abilities.
speaking on the micro internet subculture scale, i think i’ve almost never seen men demand other men to unfollow people & we all know they dont police their friends behavior at all. i’ve never seen men put together blocklists for the benefit of other men— not surprisingly, they only ever seem to muster the energy for TERFs. to an extent, men’s refusal to take accountability is what allows them to construct such titanium class solidarity, and this is where i believe we start to tread in murky grey areas. we shouldn’t be as lenient morally as men are to each other but man i do sometimes feel like communities of women mutate into panopticons of never-ending scrutiny.
the corollary is when movements aren’t stringent enough about keeping focus, their goals become more and more diluted as people who aren’t dedicated trickle in, as people with conflicting ambitions hammer something sharp down to a blunt, palatable version of it. i do do think this is a reasonable thing to worry about, as you can see what western liberal feminism when it become too lax about letting men in and was then rebranded Feminism For Everyone! the oppressor class never has to worry about their class solidarity diluting their message— male solidarity is the status quo; the status quo is so woven into culture that maintaining it is more about melding itself to the opposition than producing a radical restructuring of society that would necessitate clear intentions.
still to me there’s a tonal difference in the type of policing necessary to keep a movement on track (say, correcting people when they say feminism is for everyone) and the more interpersonal utter lack of class solidarity that women have. women hold each other to much higher standards than either they or other men hold men. i rly do think it’s beneficial for us to learn to be more lenient with each other
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minaqoa · 6 months ago
some super aggressive and threatening tra making a nonsensical and inflamitory post about radfems with no sources, examples, or even words to articulate their weird hatred for women and rightfully being called out for spreading unsubstantiated hearsay: im being harassed by terves!!!! ༼;´༎ຶ ۝ ༎ຶ༽
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summerstormsandbacon · 11 months ago
Please include aromanticism and asexuality in sex education. I've seen a post or two about it but I haven't seen enough talk. Young aros and aces often end up in dangerous situations because they didn't know better and can have lasting trauma into adulthood because of it. I don't want this happening to more young aro/aces. Everyone deserves to have access to information about their identities. Trying to "fit in" can lead to unclear boundaries and manipulation, peer pressure and any manner of abusive situations. Reblog posts about aromanticism and asexuality. Make it common knowledge. Shut down aphobes. We're here okay? We exist. We've always existed. We're not freaks of nature. We're a valid part of the queer community. We will continue to exist.
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randomingoftherandomness · 3 months ago
No 24 Colour - WOHDaily’s Summer Event August 2021
Based on this WOHDaily’s Prompt List
Burnished gold streaks through the pinks and pale puffs of clouds that still hold on to the last remaining summer blues. This high up above everything else, sunsets can often feel like watching the whole world burning away all the sins and tribulations of the day in preparation for the night.
The cold winds sting on their cheeks but between the laughter and the warmth of their bodies pressed cheek to jowl, watching the sky aflame with the promise of a better tomorrow has quickly become their favourite activity to do in their chosen seclusion.
Well, one of their favourite activities to do.
Lao Wen kisses the corner of his lips and Zishu makes an inquiring sound. “What was that for?”
“Mm, just felt like it,” Lao Wen hums, wrapping his arms around Zishu’s waist.
They stay pressed tightly together, wrapped up under the shared shelter of a single fur-lined cloak, watching the sun begin to dip further into the embrace of the distant horizon and the stars beginning to awaken with a wink against the twilight bruise of purples and golden reds.
Under the oncoming shadows of the night, Zishu arches against Lao Wen’s kiss on his brow.
“Beautiful, isn’t it?”
“Yeah,” Zishu whispers, leaning his head against Lao Wen’s shoulder and snuggling close, heart inexplicably fond. “Beautiful.”
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