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I posted this character on DA but I thought I’d post her here as well!

She’s an OTA so feel free to message or comment and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible!

Upon receiving payment (USD or art/character trade but USD is prefered) you will receive the png of the character!

Thank you so much for your consideration! Times are tough right now so any help is appreciated!

my kofi:

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Hey! I don’t really know how to make these kinds of posts but I’m in a bit of trouble.

My name is Hannah and I’m 21 years old. I’ve been out of work since February 2020 due to severe back and leg pain. I haven’t been able to walk or stand for more than a few minutes at a time for months now and due to everything going on in the world, I haven’t been able to get the help I need.

I’m trying to raise money to get a mobility rollator. So if you enjoy my art, please reblog this post to boost or donate if you can.

You can find my kofi here

My cashapp is $LoudHologram

A big thank you to anyone who sees this. I hope you enjoy my art and I hope you have a lovely day! 💕

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I’m going to keep posting at least once a day, I need this to work for my baby. I’m saving up for everything else that I need, or that the baby would need, this is just for the essentials that are out of my price range. The goal is $4000 but I’d be happy just to make it to $1000 I genuinely need this help and I would do anything for this baby.

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I can’t believe that I’m having to ask this but Phantoms test results are in and immediate action is needed and I’m not being hyperbolic.  Both her surgeon & internal medicine vet were incredibly blunt with me this afternoon.  The only medication that will help Phantom’s cryptococcosis is Posaconazole.  Her IM vet can’t/won’t order it from the Canadian pharmacy so the only option is one in the US and it’s just over $1,600. I feel sick right now because with as good as Phantom is doing,  the doctors couldn’t emphasize enough that the mass will start growing again and I just simply don’t have the money or anyway to get it for a few weeks which, as I was repeatedly reminded this afternoon, is just too long to wait.

The medication MUST be started as quickly as humanly possible because if the mass gets out of control again, there will be nothing anyone can do. The surgeon got as much of it as possible but this new medication has got to shrink what is still there.  If the surgery had cost less, there would have been enough left over but Posaconazole is as expensive as it is because it’s a medication for people that just happens to also work in cats and dogs.  It’s a newer medication so the pharmaceutical company’s patent hasn’t run out yet which means there is no generic. 

I wouldn’t be asking if I hadn’t already exhausted every other outlet.  99% of pet charities that help with vet costs will not help if the treatment is for an ongoing disease or illness.  They will only cover spay/neuter,  testing & surgery related to a sudden injury or 1 time illness.  I feel guilty & like I’ve always got my hand out but this situation isn’t like anything I’ve ever had to deal with before.  I know that it’s a huge ask and I totally understand if you can’t help out.

Here is a pic of Phantom now that her stitches are all out.  The swelling has gone down & you can kind of see the skin sinking into the empty socket.  The fur should start coming in better now that the scab is gone & she isn’t on steroids anymore.

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Computer spontaneously broke and I really need some help.

I’m a struggling artist working on being able to live on my own, I’m disabled and can’t work regular jobs.

It broke but I treated my computer like a literal b a b y. I think my cat may have stepped on it while it was on my bed. I cannot do commissions without it. Please share or donate if you can

Venmo/Cashapp: ScreamCake

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😐 getting yelled at bc boss didn’t recieve an email I had no control over. Rad.

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Please help me get top surgery, I’m in a really bad situation.

My mental and physical health are on a steady decline because of my chest, please help me get rid of it. Please donate if you can, or just reblog if you don’t have money.

I hate doing this, it feels really embarrassing, but I have no other choice, I need help.

(Gonna reblog with the link.)

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By the time most of you read this, Phantom will be in surgery. She needs to be dropped off, have her blood typed and be partially shaved & ready for surgery by 8:30. I’m already having to take anxiety medication these past few days because I’m so stressed. I thought for sure that once all of the GoFundMe donations were transferred to me, that we would have more than enough. About an hour ago I realized that we are still about $1,500 short of just the low-end surgery estimate ($6,500 - $10,000). Phantom won’t be ready to come home until late Thursday or early Friday so I still have a little time before the monster vet bill is due. I’m worried that donations made to GoFundMe will not clear in time so I’m asking (begging at this point) for donations to be made directly to the animal hospital. They accept payments online at The only info you need to donate to them is the Customer #315695, Pet Name – Phantom Murch & Patient ID #472773. Short of payday loans, you all are our only hope. Please help us…if you cannot donate please share the link and send all of the positive kitty vibes you possibly can to Phantom. This is a major surgery in a very vascular area & will likely require a blood transfusion so all of the good energy that can be sent this way will be appreciated more than you know….fingers & paws crossed 🤞🏻🐱

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Ok - I’m officially in freak out mode now.  Tomorrow Phantom has to get some blood drawn but her surgery is in less than a week and I’m still way short on the cost of the surgery, hospitalization and post surgery meds and that’s not even taking into consideration all the lab work afterwards at the special lab in Texas.  I woke up Saturday morning having a panic attack.  😫  I need a rich relative or a lottery win or something……ugh!  I need to confirm a few things with the surgical hospital and am hoping I’ll get a miracle and when I email them they’ll tell me that a ton of people have donated directly to them but I’m scared that it’ll be like $20 or something. I never have good luck so now I’m second guessing everything. Aaaaaaaaaahhhhh! 😭

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Please help with gas?

We need to make a trip into the far reaches of Oceanside so my mom can get some blood work done and I can pick up a prescription, plus we need to renew our Costco membership. We just need $20 to cover what’s missing in gas to make sure we can still pick up the kidlet this weekend. My PayPal is and my Cashapp is $afteriwake23. Thank you.!

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Request for donations!

My best friends Oliver and Oliver (yes they’re both named Oliver) are going through some really tough times. They’re two disabled trans guys and only one of them can work. He’s working 50+ hours a week trying to keep their apartment but their landlord just jacked up their rent. Even with the moratorium on evictions they’re worried she’ll try and force them out. They’re behind on rent and they have medical bills to pay too so they’re in debt and nearly homeless.

If anybody can donate to help my friends avoid homelessness please do! Oliver’s PayPal is Please reblog even if you can’t donate, the more people who see this the better. Message me if you want more details or their contact info (they don’t have tumblr I’m cross posting).


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The problem with politics on here is that no matter your position, the posts with the most notes will be the worst variation of that. Anti electoralist posts will be like “if you so much as look at a ballot you’re complicit in all the actions of this fascist empire!!” and meanwhile electoralist posts are like “dOnaTe tO tHE DnC :3 ”

Like ffs those are the caricatures that people use as straw men against either position and y'all are on here providing it for free sgfcgvf

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