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sugajimin · 2 years ago
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BTS MVs  x Aesthetics
Part XVIII : MIC Drop (Steve Aoki Remix)  [2017]
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haitangblossoms · a year ago
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Chen Feiyu & Luo Yunxi on the HYX set
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watson-sighs-and-tuts · 3 years ago
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#shadowhuntersedit#morgencest#clary x jonathan#jonathan morgenstern#clary fray#shadowhunters#my edit#i told you i have pile of life related stress and tending to my children like that is the ultimate destresser so is SPAM FOR MYSELF#i am never over this (she will echo the same gentleness with him later on after severing the connection when there are no more#chances for them when the end has come to an end and she still came back to him to give him softness so that he could die in her arms)#in that iconique 3b trailer scene WITH CHEEK CARESS judge judy gif#please their expressions are everything like there is nothing else but them THESE TWO ARE PEAK ACTING IN GENERAL AND WITH EACH OTHER#ON THIS SHOW and this is GOSPEL the way she's gentle hahah WHEW (that promo: what it will do to him WILL IT HURT????#clary in her DON'T TOUCH MY JON ONLY I CAN TOUCH MY JON AND ONLY I CAN HURT HIM AND THEN PATCH HIM UP WITH SOFT#HANDS AND LOVING MOUTH mode is the best clary LALALA) and he's pliant and pouting and vulnerable AND HE SPEAKS A LOT#HIS TAUNTS HIS PROVOCATIONS HIS JABS but not here for these few seconds THEY ARE SO COMPLETELY EACH OTHER'S#in that bond that goes deeper than some edom magic#'like gravity from underneath we can't outrun our destiny it's in our flesh it's in our blood'#ALSO HURT AND COMFORT is so them (in that raised together shaped into weapons au but also HER TEACHING HIM LIFE TOGETHER and he#doesn't know anything beyond pain but she shows him she shows him SOOTHING AFTER PAIN) anyway GOODNIGHT
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mkfluffluv · 14 days ago
Tumblr media
prompt : you decide to use the spare key to steven's apartment and find that he isn't home. when he does come home though, steven is in a terrible mood and wants all the love you can possibly give.
for the sake of this not being awkward, marc and layla signed the divorce papers. this takes place after the events of moon knight and they know of jake's existence. also english is not my first language so please excuse the mistakes. leave me requests !!!
like and reblogs appreciated !!!
warnings : none. this is literally just pure tooth-rotting fluff and steven being a big lovable baby.
word count : 1,119
You close the door behind you, the lack of your boyfriend anywhere in the apartment making you frown. The plan was to come over to spend some time with Steven since your place felt too empty but you were utterly disappointed when you find that he wasn't even home yet.
Swear to god if Donna had put the poor man in inventory again, you are personally going to go over there and claw her face off. Which you'd offered to do so many times before but Steven always assures you that he's got it handled. Every day you pray he'll change his mind just so you get to slap that annoying face of hers.
You push the violent thoughts away as you make your way over to his desk where a clutter of books on ancient Egypt history lay on top. Shaking your head at Steven's usual untidiness, you gather a bunch of them and start to clean up for him. You're sure he'd appreciate the help.
It starts with just the desk, and then his bed, and his shelves, and after a while, you've pretty much started to clean up the whole place. Gosh, you knew Steven could be a mess at times but the place was in such disarray, that it took you around an hour for the apartment to even be moderately clean.
In the middle of picking up clothes strewn about the floor, you hear the clicking of the door being opened then closed, and lo and behold, there stands your sweet Steven looking tired as ever.
It only takes a few small steps till you're standing face to face with him. You place a hand gently to his face, Steven immediately leaning into your touch. You resist the urge to coo at his endearing behavior and give a soft peck to his slightly pouting lips. "What's happened, love?" The nickname falls out of your mouth with no hesitation.
Steven doesn't respond. Instead, he opens his arms and you naturally fall into them, letting the man hold you against his body tightly with your own arms wrapping around his waist. "Just missed you." He mumbles into your hair. This time, you let the small coo come out. Can't help it, he's just too adorable.
After a while of just holding each other and your hands drawing comforting circles around his back, Steven eventually pulls away and looks at you with tired eyes. "Do you have work tomorrow?" You shake your head. "Can you stay, then?" He asks timidly. A smile makes its way up your face. A shy Steven is a 10 times more adorable Steven.
You give him a kiss on the cheek, "Go get changed," A kiss on the forehead, "then we'll head straight to bed." And finally a kiss to his lips. "Does that sound good?" Steven nods, the frown on his face gone, replaced by a weary smile.
He hesitates for a second, still wanting to stay by your side so your warmth doesn't leave him until Jake in the mirror tells him to "get a move on, so we can cuddle and sleep." Steven grumbles and drags his feet towards the closet, then the bathroom to get changed.
You change into your own pajamas that you keep in his closet for days like these and head towards the bed. You fluff up the pillows, ready the blankets, and try to make the cheap mattress look and feel as comfortable as possible.
Steven walks out of the bathroom in a plain white shirt and sweatpants. You sit on the edge of the bed and pat the space beside you, urging him to come and sit down as well.
He does so but then lays his head across your lap instead of just sitting beside you. He grabs one of your hands and places it on his head where you immediately start playing with his hair. This is pretty much the usual routine for you both whenever you stay over so it comes naturally to you.
It's silent for a while, no conversation is had between you two as you gently rub at Steven's head, massaging his scalp and letting the sweet man relax on your lap. Eventually, though, curiosity just got the best of you.
"Why'd you come home so late?" You ask him. Steven scoffs and turns his head towards you, his hands crossed in front of his chest.
"Someone," He pointedly glares in front of him. At the mirror where Marc or Jake is probably standing there guiltily, then turns away. "Decided to interrupt me at work. Donna didn't like that, thought I was going mental and I got put in inventory." And the violent thoughts are back again. You wish you could poke her eyes out or something. You voice these thoughts to him.
"Steven?" He hums in response. "My offer to claw her face off still stands." Your statement gets a bright laugh out of him.
Eventually, after talking about his awful day for about 30 minutes, Steven's eyes start to get droopy and his yawns start to interrupt his story more often than not.
You lay down on the bed, taking Steven with you. He's visibly startled by your sudden strength but gets comfortable quickly. He loops his arms around your middle and pulls you closer to him.
Steven snuggles closer into your chest, and visibly relaxes as you run your fingers through his hair again. A small smile makes its way up your face at the adorableness that is Steven Grant cuddled up close to you. You continue to play with his curls until Steven's breathing eventually slows and he falls into a deep sleep.
Which lasts for about 5 minutes when the arm around you suddenly tightens its hold on your waist. When he looks up, you are greeted by tired but confused eyes. Gone was the innocence and pureness that laid in those eyes, now replaced by a more stern and less relaxed gaze.
"Go back to sleep, Marc." You say, pressing a soft kiss to the crown of his head. "You all need some rest." Marc doesn't argue, the sudden fatigue and stress confused him but he eventually gives in to exhaustion and falls back asleep.
At first, you expected Jake to come out this time, maybe wanting a small kiss to the head as well but after half an hour of waiting, the only movement coming from him was only the soft rise and fall of his broad chest. You decide to give him another kiss anyway, just in case. Holding your love closer to you and nuzzling into his hair, you finally let yourself drift off to sleep as well.
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satanhalsey · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Summary: They say opposites attract, and it's true, because Fezco can't help but be completely in love with Y/N, his good girl.
! | smut, vaginal and unprotected sex, aftercare, fluff, kinda ooc fezco cause i don't know how to write him, yn being the typical good girl and all that shit. NO SPOILERS OF SEASON 2.
Even though Rue could be a pain in the ass at times, Fezco couldn't help but be completely grateful to her for one thing.
She had introduced him to Y/N.
She was Rue's cousin, and she had moved to town, and today, five months later, she was in his bed, curled up in her stupidly childish pajamas while watching an episode of some bad TV series.
He was sitting beside her, finishing counting the bills he had received in his last deal, turning from time to time to check on her.
He finally finishes doing the math and puts the bundles of bills in a bag under the bed, and throws himself against his pillow, sighing and with his eyes closed allowing himself a moment of peace and calm.
Y/N looks at him and turns off the TV to have all her attention on him. He's so cute, with his freckled cheeks and long eyelashes resting on that soft skin, he doesn't look like a fucking drug dealer.
She takes the audacity to crawl over to him and climb into his lap, eliciting a smile from her boyfriend, who caresses her hips with his calloused hands.
"I missed you." She tells him, moving closer to his face to leave kisses on his cheeks. "Took you long enough to count those bills."
"Sorry, ma." He replies, opening his eyes and looking up at the girl above him, thinking about what he had done to deserve her. "Yo, I'm all yours now."
Y/N seems to like the idea, and she would've started a back-and-forth with her hips to heat things up, but she's embarrassed.
Before Fezco, she knew nothing, had done nothing, with anyone. And he took the time to teach her and show her that she didn't have to be ashamed to talk about things as natural as sex and what she enjoyed, but still, traces of the old Y/N are still lost within her being.
Fez notices the change of attitude in her, and with his hands on her hips, he moves them back and forth, stimulating them both.
"I got you, baby." He tells her, and lifts off his back to sit up so he can have her face to face.
She smiles with closed lips, and moves in to kiss him, she gives her all in that kiss, and although she's not perfect yet, her boyfriend helps her in every way he can. She can't help but moan at the taste of weed and mint in his mouth, it was addictive.
There comes a moment when Fezco doesn't need to move his hips, and she can go on alone, moaning from the friction of the fabrics and the growing bulge against her clit.
"Fez—" She gasps as she feels his mouth on her neck, biting her soft spot and making her shudder thanks to his beard. "Please."
"Please what, mama?" he replies, squeezing her ass between his hands and bracing her more against his hard cock already. "Tell me and you'll have it."
He wants to give her everything, he's completely wrapped up in this girl and would give up everything for her.
Y/N remains silent, her cheeks flushed, and Fezco feels a spur in his lower half at the sight of her eyes drowning in complete innocence and embarrassment.
"C'mon, you can do it." He encourages her.
She looks up at him with a little pout, and with a sweet voice says.
"I want you to fuck me, please."
And he, looking at the contrast between the two of them, seeing how she looked like a princess out of a fairy tale, and he the villain or a simple nobody, can't say no to her.
He nods his head, and slams his mouth against hers, making her gasp in surprise allowing him to slip his tongue into her mouth, brushing it against hers.
He takes her by the waist and turns them around, leaving her under him, and still kissing her, he slides a hand down her body, until he reaches her pajama shorts where he slips his hand and feels the heat emanating from that sacred area for him.
He swears that until he met Y/N, he was a fucking virgin.
"Ah, Fez." She moans, feeling her boyfriend's fingers caress her clit above the fabric to then slip his full hand inside her panties, feeling the warm area.
He runs his index finger up and down the length of her cunt, pooling her wetness which he then draws into his mouth and licks. "Fuck."
He continues to stimulate her until she's completely ready to have him inside her, and pulls away from her so they can both take off what clothes they have on.
Y/N quickly wraps her arms around his neck, stroking his shaved head making him smile. "I love you."
His girl, she was so sweet. "I love you more, baby."
He leaves kisses all over her body, neck, breasts, belly, until he comes back up to be face to face with her, and begins to thrust his cock inside her.
Fezco is delighted at the sight in front of him, watching his angel of a girlfriend arch her back, close her eyes and open her mouth in a full 'O' as she feels him fill her up perfectly.
When he's all the way in, he waits until she tells him he can move, and begins slow but deep thrusts that take Y/N's breath away.
"Fez, baby." She moans as he begins to quicken the speed of his hips. "God."
He continues to leave kisses on her face and neck, and grunts as he feels her walls squeeze and suck him exquisitely, as if he was meant to be there.
He's getting faster and faster, so fast that if it weren't for the fact that the bed was somewhat separated from the wall, it would start crashing into it.
He's thankful Ash wasn't home, because the moans coming out of Y/N's mouth aren't half as sacred as she is.
He senses that he's close to cum, so he slides one of his hands down to her clit, and begins to stroke it rapidly.
"Cum with me." He tells her, watching her fucked face, knowing he's the only one who ever saw and will see her like this.
She nods and clings to him, desperate to feel that relief, and when Fezco lets out a grunt and cums inside her, she can't help but be behind him.
He smiles as he watches her face contract from her orgasm, and continues to leave little kisses on her face, knowing that now, in this moment, he's not the tough guy he usually is.
He slowly pulls out of her, and begins to wipe her with the damp towel she had used earlier when she bathed, making her moan from the overstimulation.
"I know, I know." He says, tossing the towel across the room. "You did so good, ma' best girl."
Y/N snuggles her head into his chest, fiddling with his chain and smiling as she feels him try to snuggle as much as possible to her as well.
Fezco strokes her hair, smiling with his gaze fixed on the ceiling, thinking that it wasn't possible that someone miserable like him, could have someone as good as her. But it was, and he knew they were perfect for each other.
This really was heaven, and he had managed to get in before they closed the door.
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hanmine · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
𝐜𝐡𝐚𝐫𝐚𝐜𝐭𝐞𝐫𝐬: sano manjiro, ryuguji ken, hanma shuji, matsuno chifuyu, mitsuya takashi, baji keisuke, kisaki tetta, haitani rindou
𝐰𝐚𝐫𝐧𝐢𝐧𝐠𝐬: mentions of alcohol, slightly suggestive in draken’s and hanma’s
Tumblr media
THE POUTY/CLINGY DRUNK: clings to you the whole night, pouts when your attention’s not on him, sulks when you talk to other people, death glares anyone who tries to get too close to you, and probably tries to fight someone at some point but he’s too out of it so you stop him before he makes a fool of himself
“mikey, can you at least stop leaning so much weight on me? you’re heavy,” you insist, sighing when his arms squeeze around your waist tighter. you run a finger through his hair as he death glares the bar tender behind you.
“bar tender keeps smiling at you,” he spits. “imma fight him, show him what ‘m made of.”
“you’re made of a wobbly idiot who can’t stand on his own right now,” you say flatly, chuckling when he whines and digs his face into your neck. “and it’s his job to smile.”
“don’ go falling in love with the bartender. love me, kay?”
“okay,” you chuckle.
“‘m still gonna fight ‘im. roundhouse his ass after his shift,” he glowers, tugging you closer to him with a pout.
Tumblr media
THE TEASING DRUNK: rare time he lets go and just relaxes, and he makes it his mission to fluster you. thinks he’s being incredibly funny, interrupts your sentences for kisses, compliments you out of the blue, makes suggestive comments, winks at you after saying something flirty, he’s just intolerable. but you love him <3
“babe, babe, guess what?” draken smirks, poking your cheek. sighing, you try to wrestle his six foot figure into the passenger seat, but he’s not having it.
“what? what is it, ken?”
“you’re really hot,” he says with a wide grin, hands wandering down your waist. sighing, you tuck a strand of hair behind his ear, rolling your eyes.
“thank you, ken. now please get in—”
“really hot without clothes too. take ‘em off,” he winks as he interrupts you, making you groan when people passing by chuckle. shoving him, you force him into the car.
“swear to god, ken. cut it out, you menace.”
Tumblr media
THE OBNOXIOUS DRUNK: it’s his life goal to let everyone and their mom know you’re his, tries to make out with you in front of everyone, grabs your ass, steals your drink, pokes your cheek, asks to go home so he can do other things, but you only drag him home to save your dignity
“yeah, have them screamin’ my name every night,” hanma grins, pointing at you with his thumb and making the couple beside you shuffle awkwardly as they give him tight smiles.
“he does no such thing,” you try to laugh off.
“oh, i do,” he calls over your shoulder as you shove him towards the door. “that’s why i’m being dragged out right no—”
“have a nice rest of your night,” you interrupt. “shuji, shut up,” you warn. smirking, hanma leans in and kisses you, hungrily trying to deepen it while you pull away.
“baby, c’mon,” he groans. “jus’ tryna get some.”
Tumblr media
THE FLUSTERED DRUNK: blushes when you grab his hand, stutters when you call him babe, practically passes out when you push away hair from his sweaty forehead. he probably forgets you’re dating by the end of the night, shocked to his core when you call him babe
“h-hi there,” chifuyu stutters, waving at you shyly when you walk up to him with a soft smile. stroking a hand through his hair, you move the sweaty locks away from his forehead. he gulps at the gesture.
“ready to go home, baby?”
“h-huh? did you say baby?” he stares at you with wide eyes, cheeks flushing a dark crimson at your words.
“chifuyu? are you okay, babe?” leaning in, you press a gentle kiss to his jaw, making his breath hitch. he stumbles back, making you furrow your brows, grabbing his hand and steadying him.
“wha—who are you?”
Tumblr media
THE EMOTIONAL DRUNK: tries to give you a whole emotional speech of why he’s grateful for you and how you’ve changed his life for the better and how much you mean to him, and you have to stand there in the middle of the parking lot and listen because you just can’t bring yourself to interrupt him
“and…and you’re so sweet, you know? you help me take care of my sisters, make sure i eat, gimme kisses,” mitsuya lists, putting a finger up for each reason he loves you. “and you always put ‘lil smiley faces when you text me g’night. those make me happy,” he rambles.
“i’m so glad you like them, baby,” you nod. “how about you tell me the rest in the car—”
“and when ‘m sad, we cuddle. and you play with my hair, and cheer me up, and then ‘m not sad anymore,” he adds, hugging you tightly and leaning his head into your shoulder. “gonna marry you some day,” he murmurs. smiling, you run your fingers through his hair, kissing his temple.
“some day,” you agree. “we’ll get married some day. but for now, we’re gonna go into the—”
“and i love how supportive you are too, ya know?” you sigh, nodding along as he continues.
Tumblr media
THE TIRED DRUNK: he’s always got so much energy, it finally dwindles when he’s too drunk, stumbling and almost falling asleep at every corner as you try to drag him home. tries to cuddle you and sleep in the car, doesn’t want to hear it when you tell him you have to get home first
“keisuke, lift your arms,” you scold, patting his cheek and forcing his eyes open. grumbling, he grabs your wrist and tugs, trying to bring you closer.
“‘m tired, lay with me,” he mutters.
“keisuke, you did this on the way home too in the car,” you groan, snatching your wrist from his grip. “just let me get you dressed for bed and you can—no! keisuke open your eyes this instant,” you warn.
“not my mom,” he huffs, “can’t tell me what to do.”
“baji keisuke,” you snap, wrestling his shirt off and making him slip off his jeans. you tie his hair into a ponytail as his head lolls from side to side while he fights off the sleep in his eyes.
“g’night,” he mumbles, falling asleep on your side of the bed.
Tumblr media
THE IN-DENIAL DRUNK: doesn’t believe he’s drunk, he’s low key a lightweight too, so he doesn’t wanna admit he’s this out of it when he’s barely even had much to drink. tries to do everything on his own, but you can just see him struggling
“gimme that,” kisaki snatches his car keys from your hand, fumbling around with them to try and unlock the car. raising a brow, you stare at him as he tries to find the right button. “can do it myself,” he mutters.
“tetta,” you sigh. “you’re not in the right mind to drive.” he scoffs, finally finding the right button and unlocking the vehicle.
“yes i am,” he argues. “barely had anything to drink. i’ll be fine,” he insists, climbing into the driver’s seat. he doesn’t make it very far, struggling to fit the keys and start the engine. “damn thing won’t go in,” he grumbles.
“tetta, baby,” you sigh, grabbing his wrist and taking the keys from him. he crosses his arms and stays seated. “you can’t drive. you’re drunk.”
“you’re imagining it.” he finally moves to the passenger seat when you threaten to scratch the car with the keys.
Tumblr media
THE AGGRESSIVE DRUNK: picking fights with everyone he sees, trying to provoke people. he’s causing a scene no matter where you are, everyone is either stopping to stare or trying to fight him. on the bright side, he’s a bit looser, and more expressive, so you see him smile a bit more.
“you got somethin’ to say? i can fight,” rindou calls to the man glaring at you both, making you sigh and tug at his wrist.
“rin, don’t start—”
“don’t worry, baby,” he grins, smirking over at the man that’s making his way over. “tough guy thinks he’s a match against me,” he cackles, shrugging his jacket off and handing it to you.
“rin, you’re gonna get us thrown out,” you pinch your nose. “you always do this.”
“wanted to order my drink before him,” he huffs. “not my fault he cut me and started it.” he knocks the man out with one punch, a smile erupting across his face as he turns to you. “did ya see that?”
“i saw,” you say flatly, rolling your eyes at him. but he looks happy, and it’s rare he smiles this big, so you let him bask in his pride for a bit.
Tumblr media
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bonky-n-steeb · 13 days ago
I hate you, I love you
summary || Bucky hates you,.. but does he?
warnings || enemies to lovers. SMUT — dom!bucky, dom/sub dynamics, creampie, bucky’s vibrating fingers, choking, spanking. dirty talk, degradation, praise kink. petname (princess). PWP — MINORS DNI 🔞 if any of this makes you uncomfortable then please do not read!
I have decided to not do taglists anymore, so if you wished to be notified of my newest updates please follow @bonky-n-steeb-lib and turn on the notifications!
based on this ask :))
Tumblr media
“Hey there handsome!” Bucky sucked in a breath the moment he heard your saccharine voice. He clenched his fists before turning around to face you. As expected, you had that smug smile on your face that he wanted to kiss away. no, wait, he meant wipe away. Yeah, he definitely didn’t want to kiss you, right?
“What are you doing here?” He asked through clenched teeth. You just pouted and shrugged nonchalantly. “I thought by now you would know that I’m here for the same reason as you.” You winked at him. Bucky was tired of your smart mouth, and he knew more than one ways to shut you up.
“Yeah right. You love getting on my nerves don’t you?” Bucky snarled back. You giggled and Bucky wondered how you managed to be so damn shameless. “No matter what you think, but the world doesn’t revolve around you buckaroo. I have some bad guys to catch, that’s why I’m here.”
Bucky had enough. It was as if something had snapped inside of him and he couldn’t hold back the beast anymore. He had tried to control himself for so long, but not anymore. In the blink of an eye, he had you pinned against the dilapidated walls of the old warehouse.
Your chest heaved as you panted and he was having a hard time holding himself back. The thread of his patience was wearing thin with every passing second. There was just something about you that made him lose control and go berserk.
Your eyes widened for a fraction of second, before your lips stretched into a smile. All this time, you were giving him hints of how badly you wanted him to fuck you, and this idiot never got them until now. And now that finally you were getting what you had craved for so long, you were happier than ever.
“Where is the broker?” Bucky has actually come here in the search of the power broker and had instead come across you. “If I knew where the broker was, I wouldn’t be dallying around in this filthy warehouse. The tip was fake, the broker never came here.”
“And how do you know about the tip?” Bucky narrowed his eyes. “I have my informers.” You replied with a little shrug of your shoulders. Your calm attitude didn’t sit right with Bucky — he wanted you to burn the same way he did.
You gasped when Bucky’s cool metal fingers curled around your neck. It was an unexpected move, but it made you wet nonetheless. Bucky relished in the way your eyes widened a little. “You know that all I have to do is squeeze, right?” He whispered in your ear.
Bucky’s sudden commanding presence was turning you on more than ever. His hot breath was falling over your cheeks as you stared up in his crystalline blue eyes. Even in the dimly lit room, Bucky’s face looked prettier than ever. Your eyes traced down to his shapely lips and you couldn’t stop yourself from kissing him.
Bucky was spellbound and it took him a moment to process that you were kissing him, but once he came back on track, he didn’t hold back. He held you by your neck as he passionately kissed you. Your fingers curled in his blue jacket as you finally got the fix you so badly craved.
His kiss was bruising and overwhelming. His teeth nipped at your lips and his tongue soothed the burn. You thought you’d only ever read about such kisses in books, but for the first time, you were actually experiencing it. You actually whined when he pulled back, and this time, he smirked.
“Didn’t know you would turn into a pathetic mess with just one kiss.” His cruel words were arousing you even more. His lips were swollen and wet and you wanted to kiss him again. Instead, you pushed his head back by his short locks and began sucking little marks on his neck.
His grip over your throat suddenly returned and he pushed you back. He was quick to flip you over such that you faced the wall. He pressed his body to your back and pushed down your pants. “Now I have to fuck the brat out of you.”
His sentence was final like a law itself. You let out a surprised squeal when you felt his metal arm crack down hard on your ass. You were sure it was going to leave behind bruises, and you loved it. He spanked your other ass cheek too and a little ohmygod left your mouth.
“See, all you need is a little disciple and you start to behave. If you had been a good girl from the start, we wouldn’t have to see this day. But well..” Bucky managed to sound disappointed. He spread your legs and you heard the telltale sound of zipper and gulped with anticipation.
“Are you gonna be a good girl for me?” He murmured in your ear. You whimpered when he pressed his bulbous head to your sopping folds. He rubbed his head throughout the length of your pussy, getting it wet, before tapping on your swollen clit.
Your voice was more of a moan as he entered you. You placed your hands on the walls as he pushed his length into you. He was thick and just his head was stretching you to your limit. He pulled back and pushed again until you took a little more.
Just when you guessed he had entered you completely, he thrusted harder and your eyes rolled back into your head as you realised he was longer than you’d expected. “Oh my god, Bucky!” You squealed when you finally felt his pelvis pressed against your ass.
“What? You haven’t taken a man’s cock before? Don’t worry, I’ll show you how a real soldier fucks.” His words were making you melt into a puddle of shame and arousal. His fingers were digging into the softness of your hips as he began fucking into you, hard.
His thrusts were relentless and animalistic, it felt as if he wanted to ruin you to your basest instincts and build you back up. You cried out when he went deeper as you pushed your hips back. He was ravenous, and you were going to make sure he was fed.
“What happened princess? Is it too much?” Bucky asked condescendingly when you cried out his name. The fact that he was fucking you within an inch of your life in an old warehouse and at the same time, calling you princess made your nerves light up.
It was indeed too much, yet you needed more. You snaked your hand below to rub your throbbing clit but Bucky caught it before you could bring yourself some relief. “Bucky please!” You pleaded. “Please what princess? I can’t hear you?”
In other circumstances, you would’ve hit him for all this patronising. But right now, you were loving the way he was putting you down. His actions and word were giving you a whiplash and all of it was making your knees week. He was showing you the pleasures of the heaven while dragging you down to hell.
He slowed down his hips and moved agonisingly slow when you didn’t reply. “I said I can’t hear you princess. You better not keep me waiting.” A shiver ran down your spine at his dark chuckle. “Buc…” you tried speaking but instead moaned out when he pushed into you painfully slow such that you felt each vein on his cock.
“Bucky please. Touch me.” You finally breathed out. “But I am touching you princess.” He squeezed your tummy for emphasis. You weren’t usually shy at all, but this whole situation was making you flustered. “Touch me… there.”
“Where princess?” Bucky sounded so clueless, you wanted to smack him. “Touch my pussy. Please!” That seemed to be the right answer as his metal fingers descended on your cunt. His cool fingers seemed to soothe your heated folds.
But you screamed out when the tips of his fingers started vibrating. “Bucky…!” You squealed when he pressed his vibrating fingers to your needy nub. “Isn’t this what you begged for? Now I am touching your needy little clit, ain’t I? Or do you need something more princess?” Bucky’s pace was still slow but his fingers were making you dizzy.
“Bucky… just..” your sentence was against cut short as your legs trembled. “I’m listening.” Bucky replied sarcastically. Your entire body was sweaty and your palms were clammy, and if it weren’t for Bucky pressing against you, you would’ve fallen down. In short, you were a mess.
“Fuck me harder Bucky!” You finally squealed out loud. “Now that’s my girl.” That was all you heard before Bucky resumed his fast pace. Your held on to the scraping wallpaper for your dear life as Bucky pounded into you.
“Yeah! Fucking take it! You begged for it like a naughty girl and now you’ll take it like one. Is this what you expected?” He was constantly spewing filth in your ear while you felt yourself getting close. “Look at how my cock is fucking splitting you. You’re so warm and soft, I don’t ever wanna fucking leave you.”
His hard thrusts and dirty words and vibrating fingers made your body sizzle as they combined into a whirlwind of pleasure and you couldn’t hold yourself back anymore. You pressed your face to the walls as you came in shocking bursts.
“I can feel you clenching around me - yeah, just like that. Squeeze me well princess. Don’t you fucking waste a single drop.” You soon felt Bucky come deep inside you and that added sensation only prolonged your orgasm.
You both sagged down as you twitched from aftershocks. Bucky held you on his lap as you panted wildly. You could feel his spend leaking out of you as Bucky pulled out. His fingers dipped back into your cunt and you convulsed on his lap. “Now that’s one well fucked pussy.” He murmured into your ear.
“You owe me $50!” You both jerked when you heard Bucky’s intercom roar to life. Your face burned with embarrassment when you realised that Bucky hadn’t shut off his comms. “What the fuck Bucky!” Even Bucky was shocked and looked genuinely guilty. “I’m sorry.” He looked at you apologetically.
“Don’t be sorry Bucky. You just earned me 50 dollars.” Sam chimed in. “I wasn’t talking to you idiot. And why did you listen? Also who is going to pay you that money?” Bucky barked through the comms. “Joaquin!” Sam looked giddy.
“Okay okay fine! You win!” Joaquin sounded disappointed. “What even was the bet?” You asked pulling Bucky’s comms close. “I said you’d go at it like rabbits on a mission and our boy here believed you’d be a bit more civil. Anyway, I win, as usual.”
“I’m going to fucking kill you two!“ Bucky cursed before crushing the small device. A moment passed as you just sat together before you spoke up. “Did you mean it?“ Bucky looked a bit shocked at your question, “Umm, no. Like they are my friend and I wouldn’t ever harm…”
“No Bucky. Not that!” He seemed even more confused when you objected him. “Did you mean it when you said you didn’t wanna leave me?” Suddenly realisation struck Bucky and he smiled. He pressed his forehead to yours as he said, “Yeah. Now you’re mine. And I’m never gonna leave you princess.”
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barbabetos · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
you stand in the doorway of the common room, cheeks puffed out in just the slightest. is it so wrong to want attention, to want your favorite demon brothers to show you some affection? well, at this moment you don’t believe it’s wrong at all. so, you steel yourself despite the growing heat all over your body and speak with a loud voice, “I NEED A KISS PLEASE!” a mere moment passes by, when suddenly he appears-
a gloved index finger curls itself under your chin to tilt your head up to meet the smoldering smile of the eldest and he tuts at you, voice gentle yet amused as red eyes fall to your lips, “anything for you, as it seems i have a hard time telling you no.” he presses his lips to yours chastely, eyes half lidded to watch your sweet expression. when he parts you sigh and he moves his hand from your chin to cup your cheek as he shakes his head and blushes, feeling defeated “not that i ever could tell you no, anyway.”
he sputters a bit, grabbing a hold of your wrist and yanking you into his chest, blushing and grumbling like you’re not the one being pushed and pulled around by the second born. Mammon tilts his head and leans in, kissing you hard yet full of adoration and desperation, sighing when your mouth parts to slide his tongue in for a heated kiss that makes you whimper. he grunts out a “there, ya happy now?” as you stare at him starry eyed, and he chuckles and pinches your cheek “yeah alright human, i can tell ya need another.”
he stops in his tracks and looks up from his handheld game to see you standing there, somehow going pale and blushing madly all at once. he swallows and stands in front of you as you blink up at him, “y-you’re sure? A kiss from m-me?” when you nod he leans in slightly to give you a soft kiss on the lips, but lingering enough to taste the love on his lips. when you grin happily at him and hug his waist Levi squeaks but hugs you back, hoping you won’t notice how his hands tremble.
you hear the sharp snap of a hardback book being shut, and a surprised yelp leaves your throat when a flash of blonde hair is before you. an arm around your waist and a hand cradling the back of your head as Satan lowers you in a romantic dip while his lips swallow yours up in a kiss that’s remnant of the love stories that keep you up late at night. He sighs into your mouth as you grip him tightly, and when he brings you back to standing, he chuckles at how your knees shake and you lean against him for support. he should kiss you like this every time, he thinks.
two hands find their way to your face, pulling you close to Asmo’s body, he giggles and kisses your forehead, then your cheeks, then your nose before he presses a sweet kiss to your lips. You reach up to hold his wrists and blink hopefully at him, whispering a “more please” to which Asmo smiles and laughs again before he kisses you harder, more ardently, “of course-anything you want, just ask, my dear.”
Beel blinks at you, a blush coating his cheeks and he leans down to kiss your temple, tilting his head like a curious puppy when you pout yet again. “Oh, on the lips?” he deduces, and you grin, pulling on the collar of his shirt, giggles erupting from you both when he slides a strong arm around your waist to give you the kiss on the lips you deserve. it’s not until you pull away that this time Beel pouts in the slightest, holding you tightly against his frame, “actually can we keep kissing like this? because now i don’t feel quiet satisfied yet.” and you find that you can’t deny him.
a messy head of hair pops up from one of the couches and you jump, laughing at Belphie’s tired expression. he holds up a hand and beckons you to him, taking your hand when you’re within reach. “a kiss huh? i think i can help you out there.” he grins, tugging you down into his lap as you shriek. but the noise dies in your throat as he cups the back of your head and captures your lips with his, whispering your name into your mouth likes he’s making sure he’s not still dreaming.
Tumblr media
minors/blank/ageless blogs please dni
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lustfuldevils · 3 months ago
fuck around and find out~ljn
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
genre: nasty k? Like look hear me out, lemme explain myself. this my first jeno piece k? he’s sexy, and and and like I indulged k? k?
warnings: nasty kissing, it's cute in the beginning though then smut, creampie, multiple orgasms, jeno is lowkey a freak, loves calling you pretty girl, chain. dangling. action. he eats pussy, he eats it good too, strength kink, biting, besties desperate,
words: 4.5k
songs: fubu by ambre, fue mejor by kali uchis ft sza, sailboat by quin
Tumblr media
jeno ♡︎: can we call? I miss your pretty face ;)
You perked your head at the sudden message, a wide smile appearing upon your face as you read the text over once more. He had been so busy with his group and performances that you both haven’t had a chance to really talk much, sadly.
you: yeah! call me, loser.
Jeno didn’t waste a single second after receiving that text, the FaceTime screen appearing notifying that he wanted to video call. Answering immediately, the look on his face was not pleased. He was being playful, you know that cute smile of his was going to to appear as soon as you smiled.
“Is this what I get? I wanted to see your pretty face and you call me a loser? Harsh.” He rolled his eyes, slowing smirking at he stared at you. “Shut up. I missed you loser, how are you? I love the eyebrow slit by the way, it looks really good.” You complimented as you laid back on your bed. He sat up in his spot, hand rubbing his bare chest before toying with the little charm on his gold chain. Black hair messy and barely covering his eyes. He looked handsome even when he was tired.
“Thank you. I’m good, really sleepy but I wanted to talk to you. I missed you too. Maybe we can fall asleep on the phone tonight, I really need it since I’m not with you physically.” He pouted. The fact that it made you pout well was enough to make you coo. “Yeah yeah, I don’t have my cuddle buddy so yeah. I’m a little salty about it. Jaemin has been denying me of cuddles since he’s your substitute.”
You tsked jokingly; mentally noting to give Jaemin a piece of your mind. You know he’d listen to you, that man was too much wrapped around your finger to tell you no.
'That's a shame." You shook your head. "Yeah, he's being mean to me. So, can we? Please?" Never saying no to him, you smiled softly.
"Of course. Want to share play so we can listen to some music together?"
Jeno sat up in his spot. "I thought you'd never fucking ask. I'll send the link. Hold up."
You could hear him shuffling around as you were getting comfortable yourself, switching one light off and turning on the one that lit up the room with pretty lights, a purple, pink and yellow combination. Jeno said he always loved seeing those lights on, especially when he slept over. You told him you'd buy one for him but he said it wouldn't hit hard enough when he had it, it was something comfortable about you having it.
Once the link was sent, you tapped it and instantly your shared music started playing. New Person, Same Old Mistakes fitting the right vibe. Jeno smiled as he watched you bob your head to the song, man did he miss you. Missed you too fucking much.
It was never the same when he didn't have you around. Something about how he didn’t get to see you like he usually did because of his busy schedule. It pained him really but those selfies, the texts and videos you would send him always helped him through the busy days. Those feelings that lingered seemed to grow stronger as days, weeks and even months went by.
Utterly obsessed with you was starting to become a serious thing, a real thing that he couldn't control. He knew it was getting bad when his thoughts went dark with filth, how he wished he had his hands on you, touching and squeezing.
Just the thought made his face warm. "What are you doing?" He raised an eyebrow as he looked up at the ceiling. "I'm just looking online for some more graphic tees, you know that cute baggy ones?"
He titled his head. "I might? Send me a few pictures." Of course he knew what you were talking about, he was just going to buy them for you.
You took a screenshot of few examples from the current that you liked and sent them to him.
"Oh those kinds, yeah those are cute as fuck. You thinking of getting them..?" He only questioned as he added those shirts into the cart. "Mm, I'm not sure. I'll look at a couple more but I want like two that go with my colored jeans I have. Like the brown ones I have."
"Yeah, I got you. What about accessories, I know you're starting to rock more accessories with your fits. I think those earrings you wear make you look really pretty." He decided that adding jewelry to the cart would be a nice touch so he took a chance on what he thought you would like and wear.
You looked at him with a shy smile. "Jeno shut up."
"Make me." He licked his lips and chuckled at you looked away. "I call you pretty all the time and this just seemed to make you all shy, hm? Why is that?" His tone was playful, teasing and you loved every single second of it.
"Don't question me, Lee Jeno." You muttered sassily.
"Oh but I will. You can't stop me." The way he looked at you sent shivers down your spine. It was a different kind of look, a way you've never experienced before. At least, one you've never seen before. You wondered if he's look at you like this before. His eyes were low, lips slightly ajar as he stared at you.
"That's what I thought..say thank you." You wouldn't admit that hearing him talk like that made your thighs rub together. I felt wrong just doing the action but your best friend was fucking hot. Nothing more to it, he was attractive. You rubbed your bottom lip softly as you mumbled.
"Thank you Jeno."
"Good girl, you're welcome." He propped his phone up and relaxed back, one arm behind his head. You could tell he was starting to get sleepier and you figured why not do the same.
"I miss you a lot Jeno, I hope you come back soon..' You mumbled, grabbing a hold of one of your plushies.
"I promise I will." He whispered sleepily.
Tumblr media
Jeno's name popped up on your screen, that familiar jingle filling your ears before you answered the call. He was sweaty, black cap on his head pushed up a little to show the sheen of sweat on his forehead. He licked his lips before smiling, eyebrows furrowed as he looked at you. "Hey."
"Hi, you're calling me while you're at the..gym?" You raised an eyebrow.
"Yeah, is that a problem?" He tilted his head a little as he asked.
You shook your head before responding, crossing your legs as you sat back against your headboard. "No, it's just unusual. You like full focus while working out. How's the tour going?''
"It's going great, almost done. It's nice seeing all our fans you know? Makes me happy."
"That's really sincere of you. It makes me happy knowing that you guys are getting all that support and love. I mean, shit the music is fire. I hope you get a break once you're done, are you gonna bring something back?" You jokingly asked.
"Oh, so you just care about the gifts huh?"
"Noo Jeno, I don't even care about the gifts. I miss you more than anything right now and I really want to see you when things are settled...this is the longest i've been without you."
He clicked his tongue. You can't say shit like that, let alone look at him the way that you're looking. Mouth in a pout, eyes glossy, eyebrows furrowed once more to really put icing on the cake. "Don't look at me like that."
Things were starting to get harder for him, looks aren't nearly enough to do him good with the way he's been feeling.
"Why not?"
"Because..." He sighed.
"Because what?"
"Do you really wanna know? I don't think it'd be appropriate in a public setting like this.." Oh this was different, yet this was the same feeling you felt the other night. This urge to push your thighs together, satisfy the ache that started to grow so easily. Your thoughts passing a boundary of no return with just how badly you wanted Jeno. Had he been closer to you, you would have exposed yourself and revealed all the nasty shit you've been fantasizing about him but to know he was...feeling a type of way. It made you feel heavy in the brain.
You wanted to know. You craved to know.
"I wanna...I wanna know." You mumbled.
Jeno sighed once more, not once looking around. He didn't need to since he was in a totally private gym. "You wanna know, huh? Would it make you feel good knowing how much you turn me on? Or the fact that every time i see you, I want to fuck you until you can't think straight?"
The air seemed to get thinner as you tried to hold in any noise that deemed needy. "It's perverted of me, right pretty girl? How badly I wanna fuck my own best friend, blow her fucking back out." That made you whimper, hearing that made you want to touch yourself.
"Jeno.." You whispered. You didn't know he had a mouth like that on him.
He looked down, noticing the tent in his gym shorts. "Fuck, m' hard baby. Look.." He flipped the camera and angled it down, hand gripping the outline of his dick without an inch of shame. You couldn't only imagine how he would be if he was physically with you.
"This is what you do to me. You plan on fixing it?" He flipped the camera back to his face, hat pulled off and dark hair wet with sweat. Jaw tight and eyes dark as he looked at you, it was the kind of looked that made you want to spread your legs and show him just how wet he made you.
You did, you boldly propped your phone up to show your panties: more specifically the dark spot on your panties and how lovely the material cupped your pussy. He groaned lowly, swallowing his spit as he parted his lips to speak.
Lost for words he was, too in love with the sight of your wet pussy. It was a tease, it was almost deadly how badly he wanted to taste you. A sweet mess that was ruining your panties instead of on his tongue. It was fucked up actually.
"You plan on fixing this Jeno..?" You flipped his question on him and he had to keep himself from booking a private flight back home.
"Wanna fuck around and find out?"
"I do." You nibbled on your bottom lip. "I really do." The drag of your palm made you shiver slightly as you pushed it lower until you were able to cup your pussy.
"Fuck-" He wished you were more careful with your words.
"I bet you wanna cum on my dick so badly."
You nodded your head. "Yeah.."
"Yes Jeno! Don't tease me like that."
"I can do whatever I want."
Tumblr media
After that little scene, it seemed like things progressively got worse when he was being very mean to you over texts. Just text messages, no calls and you were starting to lose your mind. Dramatic words of course but it felt like it. You hated him for making you feel like this and the feelings were mutual. He hated how easy it was to make him feel like...this. Fucked up and desperate. Pussy drunk when he couldn't even taste you; feel you.
The tour happened to finish back in your state and he was thankful that his plan fit in his schedule. It was starting to get late and you hoped you would get to talk to Jeno before you went to bed. The text almost startled you in a way. You weren't expecting anything.
jeno ♡︎: hey, come open the door.
you: why?
jeno ♡︎: your package said it was delivered.
you: jeno..i know you didn't.
you: why
jeno ♡︎: why not? shut up and lemme spoil you. now go get it.
You dropped your phone on the bed and slipped your slippers on before walking down the hall and into the living room, tugging down your shorts. Once you pulled the door fully open, there stood Jeno with a bouquet of flowers and a duffle bag, package indeed resting beside him.
You gazed him, top to bottom from his shoes to the baggy black cargo jeans, baggy long sleeve striped shirt to the gold chains around his neck. He looked too good, too good for even you and here you were wearing a pair of heart printed pajama shorts and a long sleeve top that exposed your left shoulder.
"Surprise..?" He smiled as he looked at you, looking pretty as always. Skin glowing and just a perfect sight for him. Now that he was standing in front of you, the weight of him missing you crashed down heavily. He couldn't think straight seeing you and he almost laughed at the fact.
"Are you just gonna stand there pretty girl or what?" He spoke again.
You cupped his cheeks, the warmth of your palms spreading to his cold cheeks as you pulled him into a gentle kiss. Your glossy lips colliding with his soft ones. He dropped his bag to grab your hip and squeeze, pulling you close as his tongue met your in a desperate kiss. It was like he was deprived of you and this was his way of feeding his hunger. His fingers dug into your softness, kissing you in the doorway of your front door, not giving a fuck who saw.
You break away from the kiss and breathlessly whispered, not wanting anything more to escalate. "In..in." As he trailed his lips down to your neck, firm yet soft kisses to your skin. "Fuck wait." He pulled away, grabbing his back and leaned down to lift up the package all while you watched. You should have offered to help but it didn't matter once his dropped the items down.
He pushed you further into the house and kicked the front door closed, shoes getting kicked off as well. "I got you flowers.." He chuckled as he held them out for you to take and when you did, he watched you look at them. Watched you smell them before setting them in the vase that sat on your little table.
"Thank you Jeno." He grabbed you once more to kiss you, kiss the gloss off your lips before trailing sticky kisses down your neck. All while his hands got greedy enough to move from your hips to squeeze the fat off your ass. "I wanted this to be a bit more romantic but I desperately have been waiting to taste your pussy, ____.." He guided you back on the couch, watching you drop onto the soft cushions.
"Jeno!' You exclaimed, laughing as he seemed to really have no filter or no sense of self control. Hovering over you for a moment, he gripped his shirt tugging it off. He was a sight to see, lean yet toned in areas that had you drooling.
"What? Can you blame me for being like this when I haven't seen you in months and like two fucking days ago I see your pussy while I'm at the gym? Miles away. I want it." He chuckled softly as he gave the part of your outer thigh a smack. "So I'm gonna take it..'
You were thankful the couch was big enough for this sort of thing. Leaning back down, he kissed you as he pressed his hips against yours. Even with his pants on, you could feel how hard he already was. He could feel how desperate you were just by how you were grinding back.
Hands squeezing and tugging areas that made you moan, sliding up your thin shirt to cup your breasts. He lowered himself to take enough to take a nipple into his mouth, shirt nudged away to give him access. He sucked and tugged on the nipple before giving attention to the other one. Both breasts tingling, nipples hard.
Any sound you made only made him want to fuck you more. Tugging your shorts off and leaving you in just your panties and shirt.
"Wanna taste your pussy so badly." He guided your body, flipping you onto your stomach before landing a rough spank to your ass. Such a pretty fucking arch you had when he did spank it again, thumb rubbing along your slit as he pressed kisses against your back.
The rough scrape of his teeth against your skin making you push back against his thumb. "Fuck you're so hot.." He whispered as his face got lower, kissing your ass and sinking his teeth into the fat of the cheeks before getting low enough to press a sweet kiss to your clothed pussy. Just the scent of you was driving him insane.
He pushed your panties to the side, groaning loudly as he stared at your pussy with no inch of shame. "...can i?" How polite of him to ask.
His tongue pushed past your pussy lips, sliding between your slick folds. He had such a hold on your thigh that you were sure it would leave a mark with just how hard he was gripping, nails digging into your skin. He flicked his tongue against your clit, sucking your folds as the taste of you spread on his tongue and fueled the fire in his gut.
He ate like he had never eaten before, teasing rough fingers along your slit as he fucked you with his tongue, sucking so loudly. He knew he could sit here and eat you out for the rest of the night but the need to fuck you was heavy. To feel you cling to him, feel you tremble in his hands as he fucked another orgasm out of you.
"Oh..oh.." You gripped the cushions, pushing back as he rolled his tongue. Kisses pressed your slick pussy lips before he pulled away, lips glossy from your arousal.
"Jeno-" Your ability to speak was suddenly cut short when he sunk two long fingers into you, leaning over you once more to press gentle kisses to your spine. "I got you baby.." He softly speaks, voice strained as he pumped his fingers in and out of you. The cold gold of his chains meeting your hot skin, mind growing hazy as he felt your pussy squeeze his fingers. The wet sound of his fingers fucking you made him moan.
He couldn't believe how fucked up he was just from touching you.
"Shit." He growled, quickening his pace. You were a mess, so caught up in the pleasure. You were close, he knew you were close. "M'gonna cum...jeno gonna cum.."
"Cum baby, cum on my fingers.." Those simple words pushing you to your limit, he watched as you shivered but push your hips back for something more. He couldn't believe his eyes. Nothing could have been hotter than that.
"You're making this difficult for me, jesus-" Pulling his fingers out slowly, he spread them to watch your sticky cum spread between them both. He took them into his mouth, sucking his fingers clean as the taste of you was one that he was obsessed over.
"Fuck me, wanna feel you inside me.." You whined.
He leaned up, kneeling behind you to push his pants and boxers down. This was no way near romantic but he promised he'd make it up to you, he swore. Feeling the warm air hit his bare cock made him hiss, dragging his ringed thumb along his cock then wrapping his fingers around it, stroking himself slowly as gooey precum spilled.
"I'm sorry, pretty girl.." He pushed his cock against your ass, making you feel the throbbing heat before he slid it against your wet pussy.
"Shut up.."
He only chuckled as he pushed into you, gripping you tight as he watched you push back until your ass made contact with his thighs. A bold fucking woman you were. The stretch of your velvety walls making him throb intensely. Pulling back out, tilted his head back a little as he pushed back in. "Jeno please..."
"I'm only giving you time pretty girl- only being polite. I'll fuck you like I promise I would...gotta let you really feel me ya know?"
Jeno pushed his hand against your head softly, starting a steady tempo of fucking you. Deep. Slow. The constant snap of his hips against your ass growing louder as he watched your pussy coat his dick. You loved how he was soft yet manhandled you in a way that showed you just how strong he was.
"You're fuckin tight.." He mumbled lowly, rubbing your hip in his palm.
The natural curves, the soft touch of your skin and the way sweat coated your body. Roughly, he dragged his nails along your back, snapping his hips faster. Your shirt pushed up to expose more skin, he licked his lips.
You had never felt like this, felt so exposed. Loving the touch he gave and the way he fucked you deep. Any article of clothing disregarded, tossed on the carpet.
Skin to skin.
One smack turned into two more. He couldn't believe he didn't get a taste of this before. A taste of what you were hiding for so many years. The fact that feelings were shared, lust was shown and need was strong made him ache. He was able to see your beauty, able to see your body tremble and face contront with pleasure all because of him.
Heaven knows he'd been fantasizing about you for ages.
He basked in your moans, fucked you until you knew you could feel him in your tummy. Every stroke sending a shockwave of pleasure throughout your entire body. So sensitive from the first orgasm, another one coming.
"Fuck, are you gonna cum again?" His dark eyes dropped to watch your cunt pulsate. Creamy cum coating the base of his dick as he pushed in. "Already?" He taunted lowly. He felt you squeeze him as your body almost dropped, hands shaking.
It was hot enough to make him cum, pulling out rather quickly. He watched his dick bob up and down, squirting string of pearly cum against your pussy.
Jeno smirked with bated breath, watching his cum run down your pussy lips.
"Jeno where...I never thought you'd fuck me like that." He chuckled as he slowly flipped you onto your back, capturing your lips into a kiss as he held your face in his hand. Fingers digging into your soft cheeks as he slid his tongue into your mouth. Kissed you like he was making it known that you were his, claiming you. You wrapped your hand around his cock, stroking him slowly.
It felt like you were becoming delirious.
Desperately you wanted him back inside you. He pulled away, breaking the kiss with a low grunt as he gripped your thighs, tugging you a bit lower before letting you guide him back into your tight hole.
Giving your cheek a soft caress, he hooked his thumb into your mouth, letting his spit hit your tongue. "Shit- you're so hot...swallow it." He pushed his hips against you, deep and precise strokes, sounds of skin colliding only grew louder within the living room.
Each rough thrust making your body rut up against the couch, breasts bouncing with the same tempo.
He leaned over, chain dangling over you; swinging back and forth.
"Shit..shit I'm love with you.." The utter control he had over you entirely, the way your mind clouded with just him. Eyes watching him as he stared right back at you. The look of lust, the look of pure animalistic desire, the look of love as he fucked you. His forehead pressed against yours and hand cupped your cheek, his breath fanning over your lips. Hands clinging to him, you keened and cried. Messy words and breathless encouragement filled your ears.
You were so pretty, so fucking pretty. Overwhelmed and moaning because of him. His own best friend.
"Jenooo I-....I-.' He lowered his head into the crook of your neck, finding your hand in the midst of fucking you. He pulled it up to his lips then managed to guide your hand to the back of his neck. "I know. You're doing so good...fuck- just wanna make you feel good...make you cum again baby."
Your head turned to the side and he raised his head up to press his lips against your cheek, wrapping a strong arm around your shoulder and holding you against his body as he fucked you into a state of estacy.
You couldn't think straight, couldn't formulate words to save your life. Lee fucking Jeno was making you like this; this heady in the brain.
"You're squeezing me so tight, shit. You just couldn't wait for this huh? For me to fuck you like I wanted?" His voice grew hoarse.
"Claim this pussy as mine because that's what you wanted. Right? This pussy is mine, right baby?" His words were strong enough to hit you in the gut, strong waves of intense pleasure overwhelmed you completely as your orgasm came. He was pussy drunk, congested with nothing but you and the way your pussy felt wrapped around his dick. No one else could have you like he had you right now, no one ever would.
"Tell me it's mine.." He pushed himself up, gripping the back of your legs to hold him. "Fuckin tell me who this pussy belongs to."
"You! God you!"
He moaned. "Say my name, fuckin say it."
"Jeno! Please Jeno please...m' sensitive!" The man above you chuckled evilly, slowing his hips as he felt his cock throb. He thought it was cute seeing you grip him so tight.
"I know baby, my sensitive girl. Tell me you love me."
You were on the verge of tears. "I love you so much..." You whispered. You meant those words. Let this sudden energy fill the air with such deep affection.
"Good girl. I love you more.." As those words spilled from his lips, he fucked his cum deep into you, making sure to fill you up deep. Jeno's hips came to a complete stop and he stayed there.
This blissful look on your face made him melt, he couldn't help himself from pressing his lips against yours. He pulled out slowly, carefully. Suddenly he had missed the wet heat of your cunt so badly.
"I found out didn't I?" You whispered as you looked up at him.
"Who said I was done exactly?" He snickered as he pressed a soft kiss to your forehead.
"You horny fuck." You laughed.
"I got months of pent up frustration, pretty girl. Just shut up and lemme make you feel good yeah?" He gave your ass a little smack.
"Eat my pussy then." You slowly sat up. "And you call me the horny fuck?" He rubbed your inner thighs.
"I missed you, Jeno. I can't help myself." Shit when you put it like that.
"I missed you too. More than you realize. "
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puppycaptive · 3 months ago
michael, anything with this man, pls im begging you. im so thirsty for this man. hc, oneshot. idc just please feed me please and thank you
i adore michael and everything about him he is my sweet boy and i want to be his little boyfriend so bad we are homosexuals together
i didn’t know if you wanted sfw or nsfw so i’m doing BOTH AHAHAH but just incase you didn’t want nsfw, i stuck it under the cut :)
sfw and nsfw headcannons | m. afton
Tumblr media
- michael is secretly obsessed with queen. i cannot explain why, he just loves queen. maybe it reminds him of his younger days, when everything was somewhat okay. or maybe he just likes the tempo and feel queens music has. it never fails to uplift his mood. i think his favorite songs would be good old fashioned lover boy, doing alright, and keep yourself alive. but just know that he WILL hum you’re my best friend while cuddling with you <3
- he’s rly good at math, why? couldn’t say. it’s just always something he’s had a knack for, fortunately. and he’s always down to help you with assignments or anything. he’s so patient too, he somehow never gets frustrated when you don’t understand. and he’s very good at explaining things.
- his hair is so soft. after highschool, he quit perming his hair to maintain his mullet, and after a while it grew out into his normal hair texture. it’s light brown and slightly wavy, laying in a perfect way on his head every day. it’s like he never has a bad hair day, jealous. he absolutely LOVES it when you run your fingers through it, you’ll feel him twitch in your arms when you graze your nails along his scalp. it never fails to calm him down or relax him. he’s fallen asleep to it before.
- he never asks for it, but he likes to be told he’s different from his father. even the little things like pointing out how blue his eyes are, unlike his dads cold steel ones. sometimes a simple “i love your eyes mikey, so pretty and soft.” or “you have such a kind smile” is enough to separate him from his father, who has none of those qualities.
- speaking of his eyes, he’s got a major case of puppy dog face. his eyes are such a unique shape, it kills you when he’s laying on your lap looking up at you, a slight pout on his soft features. he’s not trying to do anything, that’s just his resting face. but oh boy when he’s trying to get something, and he realllyyy puts up the act, it’s impossible to deny him anything.
- i just know he’s packin, and he doesn’t really know it either. he’s like a big doggie who dosent know his own strength and size, and thinks he’s a little lapdog. the first time you saw it you were taken aback, and he was so confused. he just assumed he was average, but you were quick to assure him he was well above the average. i’d say he’s about 6 and a half inches maybe, with a slight curve upwards and some great girth 😵‍💫
- he’s got a praise kink. oh yeah. giving and receiving. tell him he’s doing a good job when he’s going down on you, tell him how pretty and handsome he is. maybe it’s the daddy issues, but he just wants to be verbally appreciated and acknowledged. it never fails to make his head go all fuzzy when you simply say you’re proud of him. but on youuuu, oh boy. he cannot stop babbling and whining affirmations at you while you’re going to town on him. how good you make him feel, how pretty you are, anything.
- i don’t think michael is fond of domming. i think he tops, but couldn’t dom. i see him as a pretty vanilla guy. sure he likes to see you squirm under him at his vulgar words or break out some toys but, harsh name calling and kinky stuff ain’t his thing.
- the most risqué thing he’s done and liked was one: you tying his hands behind his back as you played with his cock. and two: him tying you up and just saying nasty things and praises in your ear until you were begging for him to touch you. he thinks back on those fondly.
- you two we’re definitely eachothers first time too <3 you learned and grew together
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kelieah · 6 months ago
four eyes (peter parker x reader)
Tumblr media
summary: peter starts wearing his glasses again and you reassure him that he still looks amazing
word count: 0.9k
warnings: this is a repost! (with a shit ton of editing) but this fic will officially be considered a blurb and no longer a drabble. fluff, language, suggestive content
author's note: am i falling for andrew peter all over again? yes, yes i am. also see what i did there w the summary? amazing? eh? eh? lol ok so moving on
peter parker masterlist
Tumblr media
You begin to hear your dorm room door unlocking and jump at the slam from it swinging wide open. You let out a sigh of relief and relax at the sight of your boyfriend, who you now can see is very upset. "Peter? What's wrong?" you stand up from your desk.
Before you could take another step, he rushes towards you and basically tackles you onto your bed. You yelp at the sudden impact and try your best to keep the two of you standing, but fail as you both fall backward. "Worst day ever, baby," he groans and stuffs his face into your neck.
"Talk to me," you chuckle and squirm a bit beneath his heavy frame. He notices this and props himself up so that he's hovering above you, making sure you're comfortable. "But close the door please," you say while kissing the shell of his ear.
He huffs and sticks his arm out, webbing the door closed without having to look. You would say you're surprised that he's wearing his web-shooters but you're not. Knowing him and his itch to always suit up, he probably wears it twenty-four seven.
"Stupid, doctor," he groans and stuffs his face into your neck, letting out a string of incoherent complaints.
"Woah, what? I thought you loved Dr. Blanchett?" you reach up towards his hair and tangle your fingers through his messy, soft hair.
"I do, I do. It's just today I had my regular check-up and now I have to get fucking glasses again. It's giving me war flashbacks," he drags out his words and dramatically shudders. He props himself up higher and places his hands on both sides of your face to pout down at you.
You look up at him and giggle at his puppy dog expression, "That's why you're upset?"
"Uh, yeah? Remember Flash, babe? Four eyes this, four eyes that, all of high school and he never shut up about it. I'll never forget when he took my glasses during gym while I was running and then I ran into you because I couldn't see and then I literally crushed you and then you fucking broke your ankle!" he rambles all in one breath and exhales loudly at the end of his sentence.
"You done?" you smirk.
He rolls his eyes and stares at you with eyes full of frustration. "Yes."
"Oh, you poor thing," you coo and reach up to cup his chin. He blushes at your sudden change of demeanor but smiles when you lean up to peck his lips. "But, look at where that got us now," you hum.
"I know, I know. I'm forever grateful," he sighs and leans down to return your previous kiss. You gladly reciprocate and cherish the short peck. "But not for all the, you know."
"Yea, I know," you repeat his own words and sit up, pushing him aside for him to sit next to you.
"I really hate wearing glasses," he mutters while obliging to your actions. He adjusts to sit beside you and leans his head on your shoulder.
"Then wear contacts," you suggest as you intertwine your fingers with his. He squeezes your hand in his and caresses your skin, loving how it feels against his own rough palms.
"But I always forget to put them in so she told me to get glasses."
"Well, then..."
"I'm fucked."
"If it makes you feel any better... I find you very sexy with glasses," you turn your head and whisper into his ear.
"Oh, yeah?" he tilts his head and raises an eyebrow at you.
You glance back at him and almost shudder at his words. You nod slowly to emphasize your statement, "Seriously. It's super hot. Like you're some young professor that everyone has a crush on, hot. Especially when you wear those oversized sweaters, Pete. Oh, fuck," you moan obnoxiously to tease him and fall back onto your bed, draping a hand over your forehead for the dramatics.
"Stoooop," he laughs and puts his face into his hands to hide his incoming blush. "You're just kissing my ass, trying to make me feel better about wearing glasses," he grumbles and peaks at you through his fingers.
"Nope, I've always loved it when you wore glasses. With or without, you're gorgeous."
"Now my ego is growing," he breathes out and lies back down too, turning to face you.
You go silent for a moment and squint your eyes as if you're listening for something. You then nod to confirm. "I know, I can basically hear it."
"Shut up," he chuckles and shakes his head.
You gasp playfully and quickly avert your eyes over toward his lap, "Wait. That's not the only thing growing."
"Fuck off," he pushes you away jokingly and crosses his arms. You snicker and get up, beginning to walk back to your desk since he implied for you leave. "I didn't mean go away," he huffed and webbed you back to your bed. He spins you toward him and has you stand between his legs, his hands now resting on your hips.
"You're hot, got it?" you grin and look down at him.
His lips curl into a sly smile from the confidence behind your question. He nods and keeps his eyes on yours, "Got it."
"Good. Now, you have nothing to worry about, Professor Parker," you place your hands on his shoulders and give them a firm squeeze. "Hey... Professor?" you whisper.
He feels shivers run down his back from your alluring voice, "Yes?"
"Could you help me with my anatomy homework?" you ask with a hint of obliviousness and look down at him with a gaze he knows all too well about.
"Huh? I didn't know you take anatomy..." he mutters and furrows his eyebrows from being confused. You roll your eyes and give him a look. "Oh. Oh. Shit— Sorry— Fuck— Yes, of course, miss."
Tumblr media
thanks for reading, let me know what you think!
tagging some mutuals! @celestialholland @parkerpeter24 @selfcarecap @devotion @darlingholland @asonofpeter @supremethunda @ptersmj @veryholland @bi-lmg07 @petershbw @peterbenjiparker @petersgroupie @ms-misery @vendettaparker @saturnpeter @spideyspeaches @watersofmars @stqrrysam @powerpuffluuvv @secretjeon @mischiefmanaged71 @justanotherdaydreamersoul
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fezcosbluntroller · 3 months ago
hey babes i hope you’re doing good! can i ask you do more platonic ash x reader please they warm my heart 🥺
I am doing amazing 🥰 and yes of course I’ve been waiting for an opportunity to do some platonic ash fluff 🥺 that boy needs some love in his life :’) also I just checked and we hit 100 followers! I know it’s small but it’s such a big step for me ❤️
Pillow forts and arguments - platonic ashtray x reader, fezco x reader
Tumblr media
Warnings: Pure angst for a bit, you and Fez are dating but are on a break, season 2 spoilers, you and Ash are super close.
Whenever you and Fezco decided to go on a break you thought who would be more upset, you or Fez, never in a hundred years would you think that Ashtray would be the one losing his fucking mind over it. Alas Fez called you, panicked and not knowing what to do “I don’t know what the fuck happened…I was chillin in the livin room and he fuckin started breakin shit” fez explained, you could hear Ash in the back ground. It broke your heart, you grew up with Ashtray, you helped raise the kid along side Fez and their grandma, taking the role of his mother or older sister figure.
“I’ll be over it in a minute, just make sure he doesn’t hurt himself breaking things, I’ll text you when I’m there love you!” You rushed out hanging up the phone, it had been two weeks since you had really spoke with Fez, you both agreed after a fight you both needed space, and so far it was nice, not that you didn’t miss Fez, you just enjoyed the time to yourself. Your mind raced a mile a minute, worried about Ash, you had been texting him a few moments before and he was perfectly fine, what happened? Stopping your bike in front of Fezco’s house you knocked rapidly biting your nail, the door opened and you saw Fez, his face was painted with hurt, muffled screams and clashes from Ashtray’s room followed “I don’t know what the fuck happened…everytime I ask what happened he just screams at me so loud I can’t fuckin understand” he mumbled shoving his hands in his pockets. You cupping his cheek smiling at him, this is why Fezco loved you, you were that burst of pure sunshine in his life "I'll talk to him okay?.."
Nodding a bit at Fez you walked past him glancing at the blonde in confusion keeping eye contact as you walked past her and to Ash’s door knocking lightly “Fez I fucking swear to!-“ Ash went silent seeing you on the other side of the door after he swung it open ready to cuss his brother out again for trying to get into his business. “Can I come in to talk with you?” You asked looking at him, Ashtray had very little self control not to tell you to fuck off and to just leave and let him down like you did before, but he didn’t, he found himself hugging you tightly once you had sat yourself on his bed. You smiled a bit knowing you always had this effect on either of the boys, no matter how big and tough they thought they were, get them alone in the room with you and they’re the sweetest most respectful men you’ll ever meet. “Fez said you just started breaking stuff….what’s goin on bub?..” you asked softly rubbing his back determined to find out what’s making your adopted son so upset.
“You can’t fuckin tell Fez…I don’t want him thinkin I’m some little bitch or something…” Ash said slowly sitting up in his spot next to you on his bed “when have I ever told fez about our talks?..” you whispered to him looking at him smiling softly cupping his cheek “so you gonna talk to me or just keep giving more rules for you telling me what’s wrong?” You asked shaking his head with your hands before he pouted looking at you laying his head on your shoulder. “Are you and Fez gonna stay apart?…” You heard Ash whisper, you heart melted and broke, Ash was this upset over you and fez going on a break “well…I hope not…we don’t plan to..we plan to get back together..is that why you’re so upset?..” you asked taking notice to him playing with the rings on your fingers “I just…you’re like the only chick in my life that’s stable….I don’t wanna lose you…plus you helped raise him…you’re just as special as fez to me” Ash admitted, you took in a shaky breath tearing up, kissing Ashtray’s head “you are too sweet, my dear” you whispered hugging him tightly, After a good minute long hug you pulled away looking at him “I promise…fez and I will get back together, maybe not right this moment...but we still love each other the same.." You whispered rubbing Ashtray's back frowning "You've been saying that shit for weeks!" He yelled jerking up looking at you, his mood shifting again "Ashtray.." You whispered looking at him, that's when you noticed, Ashtray had smoked a blunt earlier, he was probably stoned and trying to fix his anxieties.
"Stop lying to me!" He yelled, you looked at him grabbing his chin "okay, starters. you do not raise your voice at me, I may have upset you but you do not talk to me like you are" You snapped before standing up "Now. Just because Fez and I aren't together right now doesn't mean I'm gonna disappear or stop coming around, You are still like my baby brother and I am not gonna leave you behind" You whispered hugging him tightly "He brought another girl here to stay.." He whispered, you raised your eyebrows at him "Who? Blondie in the dining room?" You smiled looking at him, he looked up at you frowning with a soft nod "Oh my god...Ash..if you woulda' talked to me..or fez..you would've known, Faye is staying here yes, but Fez is doin it as a favor, trust me" You whispered, you saw Ashtray's cheeks heat up with embarrassment. "Don't...tell Fez" Ash whispered hugging you again "Just don't want the dumbass to make the mistake of losin you" you heard him mumble, you just nodded and lead him out of the room and to the living room.
You sent Fez to the store for snacks while you set up a pillow fort in Ashtray's room, sometimes Ash felt like you were the only one who was still worried about him doing kid things. He just stood in the doorway watching you put it all together and turn the movie onto the tv. Climbing into the pillow/blanket fort, followed by Ash and then eventually Fez. The three of you laid together watching the Halloween movies, almost like magic you watched as Fez fell asleep and then Ash, Fezco's head resting on your shoulder, and Ash using Fez as his personal pillow, sprawled out across his side of the bed making you giggle. Looking over you sighed, kissing their foreheads and covering them both up with a cover, after a mental battle that lasted about two minutes you curled up next to Fez falling asleep next to him, finally feeling at home after two weeks.
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iheartganyu · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
wearing their clothes — genshin hcs
Tumblr media
— [warnings]. once again not proofread </3
— characters . . . ayato , venti , kazuha , beidou
— notes . . . i’m so sorry for my semi-hiatus WHSWQ i’ve been so busy lately (T . T) i promise i’ll try to write more <3 - Esp my requests which will get done eventually yall i swear
Tumblr media Tumblr media
— just the sight of you makes the butterflies in his stomach dance like a wildfire, but YOU + HIS clothes ?? he’s ready to ascend to heaven because that’s all he has ever wanted to see
— won’t hesitate to ask you to wear his clothes more often
ayato was doing some calligraphy in another room, possibly writing something to send off as a reply. with inazuma rising in temperature by the day he decided to leave his coat sprawled out near your bed.
there was literally nothing stopping you so you decided to slide that said coat onto yourself ! it was rather comfy and cool to the touch, the sleeves were being quite bothersome as you had to keep pulling them up which then sparked another intrusive idea into your head.
this man manages to pull out so many random and obscure items from his sleeves, so why not dig around to check what he’s hiding in there? just as you were about to check, however, you heard a small laugh behind you. of course, it was none other than your lovely boyfriend ayato. he had his arms crossed as he leaned on the doorframe, glancing you up and down with a smug smile (none of that could hide the intense blush that bloomed on his cheeks tho!). “though i appreciate you love my coat so much my love, i do need it back now.”
unwillingly, you passed it back to him with a pout, he laughed once more and placed some chaste kisses across your face, “don’t worry darling, you can have it back when i’m done.”
Tumblr media
— he is willing to give up everything to you, ask and you shall receive!
— no but seriously he will not hesitate to squeal and twirl you around once he sees you with his clothes on , it just fills him with a lot of joy <3
as much as you loved venti’s jovial and outgoing personality it did get rather lonely when he was just out constantly and all you want to do is preferably stay in bed and cuddle. but, you respect his wishes nonetheless!
the sound of the ticking clock was starting to drive you mad, each second that passed felt like an entire hour on its own. you really don’t know how boring life by yourself can be unless venti isn’t with you. you glanced over at your bedside table, noticing that he had mindlessly left his signature cape atop of it. maybe it was the feeling of loneliness that was slowly shadowing your heart, or sheer boredom but a sudden idea popped into your head like a lightbulb. why not try it on?
you twirled around in the mirror, occasionally doing some random poses to truly encapsulate your himbo inner venti energy. suddenly, your entire body tensed up and your cheeks heated up like a pyro vision as you noticed in the mirror a familiar green figure staring at you.
you were left rather speechless, i mean what excuse could you even come up with? “AAAAA you look so adorable ! my precious windblume, twirl around for me again pretty please!! you can keep it on forever! aaailoveyou!!” he yelled while peppering what almost seemed like hundreds of kisses all over your face, if not for the safety of your serenitea pot you were sure many others would be able to hear him.
Tumblr media
— he might cry because of how much he loves you but no he won’t show it on his face
— you’re just gonna have to give him a long while as he’s still processing what’s occurring in front of him
kazuha was off showering after a long voyage to visit some friends in liyue, so naturally his clothes were left unattended to (mostly because you told him you’d do the laundry this time round).
you wasted absolutely NO time to start putting the top part of his outfit on. it was quite confusing at first, and for a good minute you felt like you were fighting with literal fabric but when you finally put on that scarf as a finishing touch it was like some sort of reward.
without being vain, you thought you looked pretty good ! you twirled around for a moment trying to relish in the comfort and the subtle scent of cologne that was still vaguely emitting from his clothes.
“you know, if you wanted a hug from me that badly you could’ve asked, my dear.” kazuha smiled up at you, a towel in his hands catching the drops of water that fell from his hair. being caught in the act like this was rather embarrassing, you covered your face as warmth started spreading from the tips of your ears to your entire body.
he gave you a light peck on the side of your mouth, “although, i have to admit this is a very endearing sight.”
Tumblr media
— will tease the living shit out of you once she finds out and sees you, it’s out of love tho !
— she does truly adore the way you look in her clothes, it makes her feel all warm inside seeing you love her so much
with the recent heatwave in liyue you could mistake the wonderful city with that of natlan. the scorching summer sun covered the entire landscape with pure sunshine so of course, it was only natural for people to seek some level of coolness.
beidou was sitting near the window, bandages wrapped around her chest and she had a pair of shorts on , her legs were swinging back and forth while she was eating some ice cream it was honestly a very heartwarming sight.
you weren’t doing so bad yourself, but the lack of physical attention was slowly taking a toll on you and your energy. you just wanted a hug from your beidou but since the weather decided against it, you went for the next best thing: wearing her clothes.
her black leotard fit you quite well, you had a bit of trouble putting on her sleeveless qipao though - the outfit emphasised your curves and features in all the right ways. finally, you put on her fur-lined shawl, and although it severely added to the heat it made you feel just a bit closer to her.
obviously you started checking yourself out because hey, who wouldn’t ? that didn’t last long as beidou sneaked up behind you, she noticed your missing presence next to her and got a bit lonely so she went to look for you and boy was it absolutely worth it !
“i must say, my clothes suit you rather well love, maybe you should start wearing them more often, hmm ?~” she started sliding her arms around your waist, pulling you into a tight embrace to give you some simple kisses on the top of your head.
“but i can’t help but wonder if you’d look even better with your clothes o-“ yeah, you didn’t let her finish that.
Tumblr media
— IHEARTGANYU do not copy, steal or repost <33
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mari-the-bimbo · a month ago
Hello!! I miss your door mate!Gojo series! I love them so much! (°◡°♡) May I request one where Y/N goes home for a while (because she has not seen her parents and she misses them hehe) and Mr. Satoru Gojo — clingy baby that he is — pouts all throughout as Y/N packs her stuff, even disrupting by hiding some of her things to delay her from leaving. And when Y/N is at home, he just bombards her with his calls and says random stuff to make her come back (e.g. everyday that he doesn’t get to give her kisses, he gets weak so for the good of the world, she must go back). Please and thank you! (♡°▽°♡)
Dorm mate Gojo: weekend away
A/N: This is such a cute idea!!! Thank you and I hope you enjoy!! <3
Tumblr media
“Ya breaking my heart pea brain”
You couldn’t help but stifle a laugh at your clingy dorm mate’s exaggeration. You look up at Gojo as he leans against your bedroom door, pouting.
“It’s just for the weekend idiot! It feels like ages since I’ve been home” you say excitedly as you pack your belongings, making him frown even more.
“This is your home pea brain!” Gojo exclaims as he hits you with your own plushie.
“Ow- Hey!!” You say, as you turn around, attempting to retrieve your plushie from the tall white haired man who grinned mischievously, as he held the plushie over your head.
“Give it back! I need it!” You protest as you grabbed his shirt and jumped up to grab the plushie.
“Awww you shortie, c’mon it’s not that hard” he coos, knowing he was riling you up so easily, a pervy wide smile adorning his face as he felt you press your body against his in desperation to grab it. He couldn’t help but laugh as you glared up at him because to him it was just cute.
But that smile was wiped off his face quickly when you called out for Geto.
“GETO!!! GOJO IS BEING MEAN TO MEEEEE” you complain like a child complaining to its mother. Gojo’s large hands quickly cover your mouth but it was already too late.
A thump is heard in the wall before Geto’s voice from the shower came through “GOJO STOP BEING A LITTLE BITCH PLEASE”
Gojo tsks before manhandling you onto your bed, with him falling on top of you. “You’re such a lil snitch” he says, biting his shoulder, making you squeal.
His wide cocky smile returns as he look up at you “that’s what you get for snitching”
“Shut up” you giggle as you playfully glare at him but he only smiles at you fondly, refusing to tear his gaze away from your face.
“What?” you mutter with a smile.
“Nothing, I’m just gonna miss your pretty face” he replies.
You laugh before wrapping your arms around his big, broad body making him melt into you as he nuzzled his face into your chest.
“Hmmmm tiddies”
As you set up the table for dinner back home, you watch your phone notifs blow up with texts and calls from Gojo. You smile to yourself at the millions of texts of how much he misses you. But as you’re about to text back that’ll you’ll call him after dinner, your mom calls you.
“Yeah mom?” You reply, walking over to where her voice was coming from.
You pause once you reach the front door which your mom had already opened. “You have a very handsome visitor” she says.
You stare dumbfounded at your white haired lover who stood at the door with a bouquet of flowers, your plushie, and his signature cocky grin.
“For you, m’lady” he says to your mom as he hands her the flowers, making her coo at her child’s gentleman lover.
“Gojo? What are you doing here?” You ask amusedly.
“You forgot your plushie silly! I reminded you to take it and you still forgot!” He lied with an ever so charming smile, making your mom shake her head, apologising to Gojo, claiming you were always so forgetful and careless.
“Wha- no mom he’s lying! He stole it from me when I was packing and refused to give it back!”
Gojo turned his attention to your mom. “She’s delusional ma’am, it’s okay I take great care of her” he says, subtly lowering his shades to give you a flirty wink.
Geto, who’s waiting in the car after Gojo forced him to drive here because Gojo can’t drive:
Tumblr media
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sourkoo · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
❛ You know when Jungkook says ‘give me five minutes’ you have to take matters into your own hands. ❜
━  REQUESTED: yes.
━  PAIRING: jungkook x fem!reader.
━  RATING: 18+
━  GENRE: smut, fluff (not that noticeable but they're in love).
━  AU: idol, established relationship, pwp.
━  CONTENT: cock-warming, unprotected sex (your life isn’t a fanfic, take care of yourself), nipple play basically boob worshipping, spanking (just once, really).
━  CONTENT WARNING: spanking (again, just once), domestic boyfriend!koo cause that needs to be a warning.
━  WORD COUNT: 2,1k.
━  NOTE: gamer domestic boyfriend!koo, i missed youuuu~ this is the first of many things that i’ll repost here. i tried to make it less yucky, but you know my english isn’t all that great, so… if there are any mistakes PLEASE let me know, mmkay? thank you, i love you<3
check out my masterlist here.
Tumblr media
The sound of gunshots and Jungkook’s agitated voice wakes you up abruptly from your dreamless sleep. Your heart hammers against your chest and it takes you five seconds to realize that Jungkook is in fact playing one of his online games instead of being brutally murdered (though you bet he’d disagree with the last statement). Groaning, you take a look at the, way too bright, screen of your phone with squinting eyes. It’s 7:39 pm, which means you’ve been asleep for almost half of the day. You suppose Jungkook has played for as long as you’ve slept.
You get up from the bed and put your messy bird's nest of hair up in an equally messy ponytail. You leave the room with eyes half-opened and follow the sounds that only get louder as you near the almost empty room where Jungkook drops the things he knows you hate seeing all over the apartment.
He’s sitting on the couch that’s right in front of his computer monitor, his body bent forward to have his face as close to the screen as he can be, something you always scold him for. Why does he, a millionaire, sit on a couch instead of buying a proper gaming chair? You’ll never know.
As you get closer to him you start hearing Taehyung’s voice through his headset, yelling things that don’t really make sense to you, but you guess it’s a mix of curse words and orders.
You’ve been spending the entire weekend with Jungkook, making the most of the free days he’s been given. You watched mediocre comedy movies, ate takeout for lunch and dinner, took hours-long naps at least twice a day, and now… now it’s Monday, his break ends tomorrow, you’re bored and maybe a little horny which is honestly the same thing to you.
You expected you’d have sex at least once during the weekend since you haven’t had alone time with Jungkook in a long time, but all you’ve gotten these days was some heavy groping during make-out sessions that got interrupted by the concierge calling you to let you know the delivery guys were waiting for you.
You take a seat next to him and rest your head on his shoulder.
“Mornin’, sleepyhead.” Jungkook spares you a quick glance and laughs when you let out a long yawn. “I’m guessing you slept well?”
“Why didn’t you wake me up?” You pout even if you know he’s no longer looking at you, his eyes fixed on the screen in front of you.
You whine and snuggle your face on his neck in a weak attempt to get his attention, obviously failing to get it.
“You looked so —damnit, he was right in front of you!— you looked so comfortable, I didn’t wanna…” He slurs his words and leaves his mouth slightly parted as he concentrates on throwing a grenade at a hiding character.
If you’re being honest, you never paid enough attention to the games Jungkook plays, finding it way more interesting to watch how invested he is in winning; the sounds he makes, scrunching his nose every now and then.
“Didn’t wanna…?” You ask even though you know you already lost him.
You sigh and look up at his face, placing your hand on his thigh and squeezing the taut muscle softly. A smile creeps on your face when you see him lick his lips before he presses them together in a thin line. He’s trying not to get distracted but, my god, you wanna fuck.
“You horny?” he asks, always the romantic.
You hum and squeeze his thigh a little harder this time, feeling the muscle flex under your touch. You lick the skin of his neck with the tip of your tongue and suck on the sensitive spot right above his collarbone. Jungkook tilts his head to give you more space, eyes barely blinking as he tries to focus on playing.
“You keep playing your games when you should play with me instead.”
Taehyung yells before making more gagging noises that you’re not entirely sure are fake this time.
“Taeyung, for your own sake, I’m turning my mic off.” You see him push some sort of button on his mic and use one of his hands to pull down his basketball shorts past his knees. You raise an eyebrow when you see his lack of underwear. “Take your panties off and sit on my cock.”
You laugh and you lean away from him. “You’re not even hard.”
“Just do it,” He laughs, sitting up straight on the couch to give you space. “Need me to prep you?”
You do as you’re told and push your panties down your legs, sitting on Jungkook’s lap quickly and carefully to not block his view, your face facing his. You take his cock in your hand and center it to your already wet entrance. “No need.”
You bite your lip as you focus on going slow as to not hurt his half-hard length, hearing Jungkook let out a dragged-out moan.
“Don’t move,” he says and wraps his arms around your waist as fast as he can to his hands back on the keyboard. “Give me five minutes to win, and then I’ll focus on you.”
You sigh and lean back on his chest in a lazy hug, hiding your face on the crook of his neck. Five minutes seem like an eternity to you, especially when you feel how Jungkook is hardening inside you.
An idea that is surely going to piss off Jungkook pops in your head and you smile in satisfaction. You feign innocence by sighing softly again at the same time as you clench the walls of your cunt around his cock, trying your best not to laugh at his horrified gasp and luckily succeeding.
Unfortunately, Jungkook is not the type to accept teasing when he’s focused on something else, so your fun doesn’t last long.
He thrusts up his hips and the head of his cock kisses your cervix momentarily. “Stop it.” He says through gritted teeth, ignoring the squeak that came out of your mouth.
“Can’t help it.” You whisper, not dropping the innocent act just yet, but you know it’s a little white lie that Jungkook won’t buy.
You wait a dreadfully long minute before you tighten your muscles around him again, softly but constantly, trying to pass off the devilish action as if your pussy is throbbing, something Jungkook knows you can’t help but do when he’s inside of you.
He groans and wraps one arm around your waist—you assume that he’s trying his best to keep playing with only one hand—, using his grip on you to thrust up into you much harder this time. You cry and moan softly just to distract him.
“Don’t test me, baby,” oh, but you will. “I swear if you pull that shit again, I’m going to make your pussy so sore you’re gonna wish you hadn’t done that.”
He returns his attention to the game, his arm leaving your waist, and you wait just a bit more until he’s fully focused again to grind your hips on his, pressing your lips together to suppress an evil laugh. He grunts and takes his headset off, grabbing your chin with his hand and forcing you to look at him.
“You think that was funny? you’re a fucking brat, you know that?” If you didn’t know him better, you’d think he’s angry at you, but the amused smile on his face gives him away easily. “Fuck yourself on my cock if that’s what you want to so bad.”
He pulls your baggy t-shirt off and strokes the warm skin of your back. You grind your hips to feel him as deep as you can before you start bouncing on his lap at a slow but steady pace. He holds your hips with one hand in a tight grip while the other lean your body slightly to the back to attach his mouth to one of your breasts. His lips ghost over your boob as his tongue rolls around your nipple, biting the little bud to give you just the right amount of pain. You try to move slower to make his job easier, the bouncing of your tits making it hard for him to keep his mouth on you, but the palm of his hand hits your backside before he starts fucking up at you.
“Keep movin’,” he mumbles against your chest.
You look down at him and whimper. He looks so focused playing with your nipple, eyes closed and lips sucking on the perky, hardened bud before starting to move his tongue in a zig-zag motion, making you moan and throw your head back. Burying your fingers on his soft hair, you tug it softly, knowing how much he likes the slight burn on his scalp. His arm around your waist keeps your upper body much steadier this time, controlling the pace of his thrust to the way you both like.
You move one of your hands to cup your breast and squeeze it right in front of Jungkook’s face, smirking when he moans and his cock twitches inside you. He opens his mouth wider to suck on more skin, his teeth grazing your nipples.
He moves one of his arms to squeeze your neglected breast, pinching the nipple on his thumb and middle finger as his index finger flicks the nub quickly. You’re clenching and spilling your juices down his length, making lewd noises as his hips collide almost painfully with the back of your thighs.
“Gonna cum,” you warn, grinding your hips against him. “Kook, ‘m gonna cum.”
He groans before detaching his mouth from your breast. He holds you tightly and turns you both around to lay you down on the couch, propping one of his knees on it. One of his hands spreads your thighs further apart as he begins to fuck you as fast and hard as he can. His tongue finds your nipple again and sucks on it like a starved man
“’M in love with your tits,” A soft giggle comes up your chest and out of your mouth, quickly replaced by a loud cry as his hips shake your body up and down on the couch. “I’m in love with you.”
You sigh in contentment and throw your head back, looking down at Jungkook with your mouth open. He grabs your leg and throws it gently (sort of) over his shoulder, his cock digging deeper inside you and rubbing your sweet spot each time. You moan and arch your back, feeling little drops of sweat fall on your chest from Jungkook’s forehead. You’re both sweating and panting for air, so close to your orgasm that you’re fucking faster than two horny teenagers who were left home alone for the first time.
Jungkook buries his head on the crook of your shoulder, choked groans leaving his mouth as his thrusts get sloppy. You can feel him twitch inside you and you know he’s holding back until you cum first which doesn’t really take too long to happen, his dancer’s hips nail you perfectly and make you scream and shake as the bliss of your orgasm runs through your spent body. He rides out your high with a few more thrusts until he pulls out, jerking himself and looking at your eyes.
“Where?” he asks and you can barely focus on his words. You squeeze your tits together and stick out your tongue. “Shitshitshit,” his hand jerks the length of his cock a few times, his fingers focused under the head before he moans and spills his hot cum all over your boobs, some of it landing on your awaiting tongue.
He rests his body on top of yours momentarily, catching his breath before he pulls away to sit back on the couch. His hands help you straddle his hips again, caressing your thighs slowly. His fingers run through your hair as you both pant for air and look at each other for what seems an eternity. You lean your forehead against his, chests pressed together and feeling each other’s rapid heartbeats.
“You know what I just realized?” You wait until he mutters a soft ‘what’ against your shoulder to reply. “We never even kissed.”
He pulls away from your shoulder and raises an eyebrow, confusion tinting his face as he realizes. He grins and presses his lips to yours, kissing you softly and teasing your bottom lip with his tongue. You open up your mouth and invite his tongue past your lips, feeling it explore your mouth before he sucks on your tongue.
Tumblr media
The kiss is messy, wet, and uncoordinated, but you don’t care at all. It’s him, and as long as it’s him, you want anything and everything he’s got to offer.
ㅤㅤ𝟐𝐎𝟐𝟏 © 𝐒𝐎𝐔𝐑𝐊𝐎𝐎 | all rights reserved — do not copy,
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neobubz · a month ago
★ unexpected development☆ (M)
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Word Count: approx. 6.831k
Pairing: Jeno x Fem Reader
Warnings: mature audiences only, smut, explicit language, oral (male receiving), m/f, pwp, consensual relations
Preview: “Ahh…shit!” Jeno moans out into the night. “Fuck!” The bed jostles causing you to wake. “J-Je-Jeno?” You call out to him. “Shit! Sorry, no I’m okay. Go back to sleep.” He wards off. “What are you doing?” You ask. Jeno’s body stiffens, his throat growing dry and cottony. “Ugh,” was all he managed to say. “Wait, are you…masturbating?” You shriek.
★- - - - - - - - - - - - ☆
“Okay, well I’m tired.” You stretch your arms and legs out a deep yawn coming from you.
“Me too. I think I’ll call it an early night,” Renjun joins you in yawning.
“You two suck!” Haechan pouts. “We’ve barely made a dent in our movie marathon.”
“Dude we’re leaving early in the morning tomorrow,” Mark chides. “We should all get to bed.”
“Jeno, Jaemin, you two gonna ditch too?” Haechan’s pout ends up so deep he looks like he’s about to burst into tears.
“Don’t put us in the same sentence,” Jaemin hisses.
Jeno rolls his eyes, “for fucks sake it was an accident!”
“You broke the screen on my phone! I can’t even use it now without cutting the shit out of my fingers!” Jaemin shouts.
“It. Was. An. Ac…ci…dent.” Jeno reiterates.
“So, they’re out.” Haechan falls back onto the couch his head resting on the side of your leg. “You just had to start this going to sleep early shit, didn’t you?” He glances up at you.
You shrug. “Sorry?”
“What about the rooms?” Mark asks. “Personally, I don’t want to bunk with Haechan tonight. He’s going to be in a bitchy mood now that ‘movie night’ was messed up. Renjun, wanna share a room?”
“Uh,” Renjun looks at you from the couch adjacent to the one you were sitting on. “What do you think?” He asks you.
You smile reassuringly as Renjun’s face shows concern. “If you want to bunk with Mark that’s alright.”
“What the fuck, Mark!” Haechan roars. “We always bunk together!”
“Yeah, but as you can tell you’re already in a bitchy mood.” He waves Haechan off. “All you’ll do is complain all night about your infamous scary movie marathon being ruined and then you’ll want to cuddle as your voice goes out from all the ranting. I want to get some sleep for once.”
“And ditching me is your answer to this problem? And to pick Renjun?! Are you trying to make me hate you?” Haechan stands up, “Renjun, you and I can room together.”
“I actually think I’ll choose Mark, sorry Haechan. I’m just really tired. It’s been a long day.”
Haechan stands in the middle of the small living room stunned that not only one of his best friends decides to throw him under the bus but the other as well.
“No. No. No!” Haechan glares at everyone in the room. “We have a system and we’re going to follow the system. There are three rooms in this place. Two of them have twin beds and the one has a queen. Jeno and Jaemin suck it up and make up so you two can room together. Mark, I promise I won’t bother you and Renjun,” he looks at him with fake worry. “Protect the love of my life. I only trust her with you.” He then turns your way giving you a loving look.
“Fuck off, Haechan.” You flip him off.
“Et tu, Brutes?” He feigns hurt.
“I’m not rooming with Jeno. I don’t want to be anywhere near him right now.” Jaemin stands up walking up to Haechan. “Think of some other arrangements.”
“Well, I want to room with Mark, I was given permission,” Renjun gestures your way as he too joins in the argument.
“Oh, poor Renjun,” Jaemin places his hand on Renjun’s shoulder. “I didn’t know you were such a child that you needed your mommy’s permission to bunk with someone else.”
“To hell with you, Jaemin.” Renjun pushes him away. “Just because your mad at your boyfriend doesn’t mean you can take it out on me.”
“I’m not his boyfriend!” Both Jeno and Jaemin shout at the same time.
“Please, don’t leave me with Haechan again,” Mark begs from one of the lounge chairs.
The room fills with angry protests as Jaemin, Mark, Renjun, and Haechan start to argue about sleeping arrangements. Mark refusing to bunk with Haechan. Renjun wanting to be with Mark, Haechan telling Jaemin he would die a thousand deaths if he were to room with you – despite his undying love for Mark, Haechan didn’t like the idea of you bunking with him either. Their voices started to grow louder as the protests grew stronger. Jeno had bailed out a long time ago and plopped down on the couch next to you in a bad mood. It also didn’t help to hear his best friend saying he didn’t want to room with ‘him,’ in such a condescending and sharp tone.
Jaemin’s anger was justified though. His phone screen did break because Jeno was playing around with him earlier but Jeno did say he would help to pay to fix the phone or at least help buy a new one – to which Jaemin told him to go to hell. Thus, starting the feud between the besties. Knowing them for over three years now this is the first time they’ve ever been this mad in front of all of you. Small spats happened but they would just look at each other one time and soon the air of distaste was lifted.
“You know what fuck all of you!” Haechan roars.
“No, fuck you!” The others fight back.
Sighing you lean into Jeno, “should we break this up before it gets violent?”
He scoffs, “I wouldn’t mind seeing them try to rip each other to shreds.”
“Jeno!” You scold.
He laughs, “I was kidding. I swear.”
“Yeah yeah,” you sigh. “By any chance do you want to bunk with me?”
He sits up straight shocked by your suggestion. “You and me?” He asks and you nod. “Sure, why not?” He stands up dusting off his pants. “Plus, it’s better than rooming with Haechan.”
“Jackass! Don’t compare us!” You follow his lead.
As the two of you were leaving the living room Renjun squeezes his way past Haechan and Jaemin who were two seconds from throwing hands.
“Wait, where are you guys going?”
You point to Jeno, “we’re going to room together tonight. So, good night, everyone. Sleep well. And try not to kill each other,” you salute.
“Hell no,” Haechan marches up to you, grabbing your wrist. “You’re not rooming with Jeno, he’s just as bad as Jaemin!”
“The fuck you just say?” Again, Jeno and Jaemin speak in unison.
You peel Haechan’s hand from your wrist. “I’m a big girl who can take care of herself. I don’t need you or anyone else to protect me. Plus, Jeno is and has always been a gentleman. So, once again, good night and sleep tight.” You link your arm with Jeno’s. “Also, we’re taking the Queen, I’m afraid if we let you guys sleep next to each other someone is going to end up in a body bag.”
You drag Jeno out of the living room, down the hall and to the left, to a beautiful room that was nestled towards the back of the Airbnb. Walking into the simplistically decorated room you immediately hurl yourself onto the bed sighing in relief. The day of fun having you wiped out. Waking up at 9AM for go-karting, then heading out to brunch, from then going back to the Airbnb for a pool party/cookout and 6 hours of scary movies was a lot for one day.
“Are you that tired?” Jeno asks taking a seat on the other side of the bed.
“Exhausted,” you roll over onto your back. “You know I can’t believe it’s the first time we’ve ever bunked together.”
“Well, I normally room with Jaemin so,” he mumbles.
“I’m sorry about everything. I know it was an accident and so does Jaemin. He’s just in his feelings right now. He’ll forgive you,” you crawl over to him and sit next to him.
He holds out his hand and you slide your hand into his, something you’ve noticed he does when he wants a little affection. “I hope so. I just can’t believe how pissed he got. I’ve done much worse in the past.” He chuckles. “I mean one time I made out with his ex-girlfriend. Didn’t know they were together but he wasn’t even pissed because of that. He was pissed at her yes, but not me. You’d think that he would be up in arms over what I did but nope,” he squeezes your hand tightly.
You lay your head on his shoulder snuggling close to him. “Don’t worry about it right now. Just give him the night and I’m sure everything will be fine in the morning.”
He nods, “yeah you’re right.” He lays his head on yours. “What do you want to do about showering. Do you want to go first?”
Jumping up and scaring Jeno you grab your bag taking out your toiletries and your pajamas. “I’ll go first,” you giggle and run into the bathroom.
★- - - - - - - - - - - - ☆
After showering you come out in a matching t-shirt and pajama shorts. Normally you would wear a long-sleeved shirt but since you were going to be sleeping next to Jeno, you were for sure going to get hot overnight. When Jeno came out of the bathroom you fell over onto your side cracking up.
"Aren’t you going to be too hot?” You ask him.
Jeno looks down at his grey sweatpants and hoodie before shrugging. “If I do, I’ll take off the hoodie. I’ve got a t-shirt on underneath. Plus, I’ve heard about your weird sleep habits. Might as well dress warmly in case you steal all the covers.” He flicks your forehead lightly before sliding into bed.
“Who blabbed? Renjun or Haechan?” You think for a second. “It was Haechan wasn’t it? I haven’t slept side-by-side with Renjun yet. That asshole!” You grumble getting into bed on your side. “Remind me to beat him up later.”
“Will do. I’ll put my money on you since Haechan will just fall on his knees for you the moment you get mad at him.” He rolls over onto his side facing you.
Sighing, you move closer to Jeno. “He needs to stay on his best behavior for the rest of his life.”
“I don’t think I ever fully found out what happened between the two of you.” He wraps his arm around your waist laying his forehead against yours. “Do you want to talk about it?”
“He slept with my older sister,” you shrug. “It wasn’t like Haechan and I were dating or anything. We’ve never dated but I did like him. Now, all I see is him and my sister. I’ve forgiven both of them but I just can’t get that image out of my head.”
Jeno leans back gazing down at you, his brows furrowed and mouth in a hard line. “I’ll beat the shit out of him for you. How the hell do you go and sleep with your best friend’s sister when you yourself like the younger sister? He told us all to stay away from you because he likes you. Then to do that? Dudes an idiot.” He pulls you to his chest. “I’m sorry you have to deal with his idiocy.”
Snuggling close to Jeno you let his comforting arms lull you to sleep. It was strange. Normally you would be apprehensive to sleep with someone outside of Haechan and Renjun. The only time you slept next to Mark was when you were younger with Haechan. You were over at Mark’s house for a sleepover and all three of you camped out in the living room. Haechan on your right, Mark on your left. When you woke up both of them were entangled with each other’s arms and legs over you. It was the worst night of your life.
Jaemin, despite his sweetness, he was super hyper when it came to settling down. It seemed like a switch went off in his head that was keeping him docile for most of the day – to being hyperactive and talkative at night. The only person used to that and dealing with him, Jeno. Sleeping next to Jeno felt nice. He was always sweet to you and protected you from Jaemin’s flirtations and Haechan’s…well Haechan-ness. He was like your personal bodyguard.
“Sleep well,” Jeno kisses the top of your head.
“You too.” You reply.
★- - - - - - - - - - - - ☆
Feeling a sudden urge to go to the bathroom, and the heat radiating off both you and Jeno you peel yourself carefully out of his grasp. Somewhere during your slumber Jeno took off his hoodie and discarded in onto the floor. His looked positively adorable. His hair was messy sticking up at different angles, his mouth hanging open slightly but with a small smile. He looked like a kid fast asleep in his dream world. Trying to suppress a laugh, you scurry off to the bathroom. When you come back into the room you find Jeno sitting up in bed, eyes half open and hair even messier than when he was lying down.
“Oh, Jeno, did I wake you?” You walk over to your side.
“No, I normally wake up after a while.” He runs a hand through his messy hair. “It also felt like the bed was empty,” he chuckles.
Reaching over to him you mess up his hair. “Stop being super cute right now.”
Jeno smiles his beautiful and sweet eye smile before lifting the covers. You start to climb in when you notice something that was definitely not there when you and Jeno went to sleep – Jeno’s boner. Being bestie’s with Haechan you were accustomed to him freaking out in the early morning hours with his hard on. Telling you time and time again it wasn’t what you thought as he covered himself and tiptoed out of the room, but Jeno’s was…appetizing to say the least. You never saw someone that big before. Your bottom lip finding it’s way under your top teeth as you stared at him catching Jeno’s attention.
“Are you going to come back to bed?” He asks confused.
“Uh, y-yeah…” You shake your head getting yourself out of your lustful thoughts.
“Is everything alright,” he asks when you keep yourself on the edge of your side.
“Just a little hot is all. I’m fine.”
Jeno doesn’t say anything else. He keeps his distance as you both fall back to sleep. It was hard getting back to sleep with thoughts of what you saw filling your head. It had been a few months since you and your ex broke up, a few months of no sexual activity aside from watching porn and taking care of business for yourself. Pushing back all thoughts of Jeno you find yourself drifting off into a deep sleep.
Two more hours past when Jeno stirs in his sleep. He turns over to face the wall, his back against you when something gains his attention. Reaching down he almost groans out loud at his hardened length. Cursing lightly, he lays on his back staring up at the dark ceiling. This wasn’t happening. This couldn’t be happening. He did not have a boner while he was sharing a bed with you. Glancing your way, your back facing him images of your face from earlier springing to his mind.
“No, it couldn’t be…” he whispers.
Did you see him earlier? Was that the reason why you were practically clinging to the edge of the bed as far from him as possible. Were you disgusted by him? Did you not want to be anywhere near him now? All of these questions swarming around him, anxiety building up in his chest. This was the first time you two were this close without your other friends around and he had to get a boner and ruin things.
His hand slides down over his length, his hips bucking up into his hand. He had two options. Turn around and go back to sleep, or rub one out and try to be as quiet as possible – eliminating the problem completely. Thinking the best solution was to rub one out as discretely as possible, Jeno slides his pants down – taking his girth in his hands.
Slowly, he starts moving his hand trying his best not to moan out. Biting down on his bottom lip he thinks back onto the porn he’s watched before, images of beautiful women coming to mind. He was getting so close to coming when you moan out into the night, stopping him.
“Jeno...” You call.
His eyes wide, he turns his head in your direction fearful that he would see you staring at him but what he saw was your back. Were you dreaming? He calls to you but when he doesn’t hear you respond he sighs, his heart racing from thinking he was caught by you. He tries to focus on his throbbing cock in his hands but your breathy moan is all he can think of now.
Were you in fact dreaming? If you were…, were you dreaming about him? What was going on in your dream that made you moan out his name? His hand moves faster up and down his length. What would it feel like to have your lips wrapped around him instead of his hands? A whimper comes from his mouth. Covering his mouth with his other hand he tries to stop thinking about you but your presence next to him was making it impossible to not fantasize about what it would feel like to have your hand stroking him, your mouth around him and him inside of you. The mere thought of you wrapped around his cock has him bucking his hips high in the air, a deep moan coming from him.
“Ahh…shit!” Jeno moans out into the night. “Fuck!” The bed jostles from his spasm disturbing you from your sleep.
“J-Je-Jeno?” You call out to him.
His eyes go wide in fear, his hold on his cock stopping as he prays that you don’t turn around. “Shit! Sorry, no I’m okay. Go back to sleep.” He reassures.
Turning over he is shrouded in some darkness, but the silhouette that comes through puts you on high alert. “What are you doing?” You ask cautiously.
Jeno’s body stiffens, his throat growing dry and cottony. “Ugh,” was all he managed to say.
“Wait, are you…masturbating?” You shriek. “What the hel —"
Jeno’s hand goes from his cock to over your mouth. He rolls over, his body hovering over yours. This couldn’t be happening. You did not just wake up and catch him in the act. This wasn’t supposed to happen, why did he have to think about you? If he didn’t you wouldn’t have found out about this. His body starts shaking as panic settles in. He couldn’t lose you as a friend.
“Don’t freak, ok?” Jeno whispers. “It’s not what you think.”
You pull at his hand begging him to let you talk. When he finally complies, you try your best to keep your voice down.
“What do you mean it isn’t what I think?! Your dick is or was in your hand! And —" freaking out you wipe your mouth with the back of your hand. “You put your dick hand over my mouth!!” You squeak only to have your mouth covered again.
“Dick hand, really?” Jeno growls as you struggle to get him off you. “For fucks sake I wasn’t masturbating to you!” He lies. “I just thought I’d jerk one out before you woke up. I don’t want to have you screaming your ass off because my boner was pressed against you. That’s the last thing I need — Haechan and Renjun coming in here to see you freaking out and my dick being hard as fuck. I can’t help when it becomes hard, okay? Nine times out ten it’s in the early morning hours. I just…” he sighs defeated. “I didn’t want you to wake up and see me like that, okay?”
You stop struggling to see Jeno’s body hunched over in the sunlight coming through the room. He really was beating himself up for this and you didn’t help the situation either. Then again, it’s not every day one of your best friends decides to stroke his cock while lying next to you. He also seemed to be enjoying it a lot by the sound of the moans. Peering down for a second you find that Jeno’s legs are bare, his sweatpants gone. Was he…? Curious you reach down towards him only to earn a hiss when your hand graces over the tip of his cock that was pressed against your lower stomach.
“Stop!” He grabs your hands.
“What? I was curious,” you mumble turning your head to the side that was still covered in darkness to hide your face.
“Curious? What you want to see and touch my dick? Give me a break,” he rolls off of you and grabs his pants.
Silence covers both of you. This isn’t how things were supposed to be. Rooming with Jeno was the safest option outside of Renjun and possibly Mark. The problem with having Jaemin and Haechan and to a lesser extent Mark as a roommate is that they NEEDED to cuddle. To have their arms wrapped around someone or something. Jaemin starting things out as a joke but suddenly falling into a deep heavy sleep with your body engulfed in his arms — you like a trapped animal in a cage.
Haechan, he was a perv. The number of times he flirted, made innuendos and touched your arms and legs driving you insane. Haechan, however, was your real best friend out of the rest of the guys but he also flirted far too much. Was he cute? Absolutely. Was he charming? When you didn’t want to beat the shit out of him for driving you crazy. Would you have ever dated him? Yes…but he fucked up when he decided to fuck your big sis.
Ever since that moment you’ve been glued to Renjun. He was on your side from the beginning just as appalled at Haechan’s behavior as you were. During those dark times he was your saving grace and the two of you created such a beautiful friendship that had you wanting to be around him as much as possible. He kept you calm when your emotions ran wild. Then, there was Jeno.
Meeting both Jaemin and Jeno a few years back you felt that they were the perfect duo to join your friendship circle. They just fit in perfectly. Jeno the secretly funny guy whose humor was spot on only if you caught it. He reminded you of Renjun. When your feelings were flying rampant, he brought you back down before you beat the shit out of one of your other friends; mostly Haechan. Now, you don’t know where exactly this friendship will end up. How can you get over this? Is there even a friendship anymore? A single tear runs down your cheek at the thought of Jeno being out of your life.
“I’m sorry,” you whisper a sniffle following after.
“What?” Jeno turns in your direction.
“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to…I just…I don’t know,” you start crying.
“Whoa whoa whoa,” Jeno quickly sits next to you. “Don’t cry, please don’t cry. You have nothing to be sorry for. I should be the one apologizing. I should have just gone to the bathroom and fixed the problem instead of doing that here. Please, please, please don’t cry.” He wraps you in a tight hug.
Crying into his chest you take in the scent that is Jeno. A clean fresh soapy smell with a slight hint of muskiness at the end. It was actually calming and you wrapped your arms around him after your tears started to settle down, burying your face in the crook of his neck inhaling more of his scent. The whole time Jeno hugged you, he stroked up and down your back whispering ‘I’m sorry’ again and again. When you finally calmed down you pulled back just enough until you could see his face.
“Are we still friends?”
He lifts the bottom of his shirt up to wipe your eyes and your nose, squeezing your nose a little harder making you squeak — Jeno breaking out into a hardy laugh.
“Of course, we’re still friends. It’ll take a lot more than what happened to stop us being friends. Honestly, I was worried I fucked up big time. I mean I was, well, you know…next to you…” he looks away from you.
You don’t need a bright room to know that Jeno was blushing badly. The warmth that was radiating off his body was proof enough. Carefully, you raise your hands to his cheeks and feel them burning up; he was 100 % blushing right now.
“Blushing Jeno,” you giggle. “Never thought I’d see the day.”
He brings your hands down glaring playfully at you. “Shut it, missy!”
Falling onto your back you sigh out in relief. “I’m glad nothing’s changed at all. I thought when I touched you, I went and blew our friendship to smithereens.”
Jeno looks down at you. Your legs still crossed, your breasts up in the air, and your nipples peeking through your shirt – causes him to lick his lips. As you reach over your head stretching, your shirt lifts slightly, your stomach exposed. He looks over your body once more before seeing your hair splayed out onto the bed. How he would love to be on top of you kissing every inch of you. But what really got his attention was the gap between your legs. How easily it would be to touch you and feel the heat from your core.
“Fuck,” Jeno curses grabbing a pillow to cover his growing girth.
“What’s wrong?” You sit up to see Jeno now with a pillow over his lap. “Talk about raging hormones,” you whisper.
“Close your eyes, I’ll go to the bathroom.” He turns his body from you.
“Jeno,” he doesn’t turn around. “We’re both adults here, plus it’s not like I’m some virgin you need to shield yourself from. Not to mention I already saw the impression earlier, sooo…”
He chuckles, “so I just stand up and allow my dick to swing while you ogle me?”
“Ah, so you know it’s pretty big, huh?” You wink at him.
“Big?” He looks down at the pillow that’s covering his lap. “I wouldn’t say it’s —"
“You’re WAY bigger than my ex I’ll say that.” You lean forward on your hands and knees. “I don’t want this to get weird or anything but I can help you with your problem.”
Jeno leans back shaking his head. “Stop playing.”
“What if I’m not playing,” you remove the pillow from his lap.
“I wouldn’t believe you,” he gulps seeing the lust in your eyes.
Staring at him, your bottom lip gets caught between your top teeth. He really was much bigger than your ex. A million questions and images swirling around your mind making you lick your lips. “Can I touch you?”
Jeno doesn’t say a word. He just looks in your eyes searching for the joke, the punch line, for you to say ‘ha got’cha,’ but there was nothing there. Truth be told the moment you saw Jeno’s length you wanted to know what it looked like, what it would feel like, was the impression based solely on length or would it become bigger when fully hard.
“Uh,” Jeno turns his face from yours. “Ju-Just touching,” he mumbles.
“Are you sure?” You ask for confirmation before you touch him.
“Y-Yes, I’m sure.” He clears his throat still keeping his eyes off of you.
Slowly reaching out your palm it lands gently on Jeno’s upper thigh. Gauging his reaction he inhales deeply, holding his breath. What you were about to do would change the trajectory of your friendship. Feeling your own nerves kick in you look down onto the bed sheets, your heart pounding in your chest.
“Please,” Jeno calls out. “Just touch me already.”
Looking up at the sound of desperation in voice you see his dilated eyes, mouth open, and his chest heaving up and down. He took your hand in his and moved it over top of his groin, his eyes rolling to the back of his head when your hand makes contact with his girth.
“Jeno,” you whisper as your hand starts to move on its own. “Y-You’re huge!”
He chuckles through his heavy breathing. “I wouldn’t say huge,” he looks into your eyes. “But I will say out of all the guys I’m the biggest one here,” he winks before hissing as you slide your hand into his pants. “Fuck your hands are freezing.”
“I guess you’ll have to help warm them up,” you move closer to him. “Seriously you’re so long, Jeno.”
“I lied earlier,” he whispers close to your ear. “I was thinking about you.”
Heat pooled between your legs at his confession. The thought of him jerking off to you causes you to clench your legs together as your hand moves faster along his length.
“What were you thinking about?” You ask eager to hear what ran through his mind.
Another moan comes from him when your thumb skates across the tip of his cock. “Wh-What it would feel like if you were the one touching me.” You lean forward kissing his neck as he continued. “How your mouth would feel and –” he groans loudly as you sink your teeth into his neck. “Fuck, that feels good.”
Giggling you pull back looking at the mark now left behind, proof of your presence. Jeno uses this opportunity to take his pants off, throwing them off to the side. “I think we can get rid of that.”
His cock now on full display you take in his length. He was so much bigger than your ex, his length about half the distance from your wrist to your elbow. Licking your lips, you give him a small glance.
“Go ahead,” he says as if reading your mind.
You lower yourself down to his cock, his scent already filling your head. He had such a clean soapy smell to him but the muskiness is what started to make your mouth water. It was strong and manly. It was as if every logical thought fluttered out of your mind with one whiff of him. Sticking your tongue out you give him a little lap, licking at the precum that was glistening on top of his tip. Salty with a slight bitterness hit your taste buds and had your body curling in desire. You wanted to taste more of him. You wanted all of him, every last drop he could give you.
Wasting no more time you slide him into your mouth. Another hiss leaving Jeno’s mouth. Taking your time to get used to his length you keep one hand at the base of his cock, while your mouth works the upper half. Simultaneously sucking on him and stroking him, Jeno grips your hair leading you down farther onto him – the tip of his cock hitting the back of your throat making you gag.
Coming up for air, a trail of saliva hangs between your mouth and his girth. He takes one look at you before bringing your face up to his and crashing his lips to yours taking in his own essence. The kiss startles you. Never in your wildest dreams would you ever expect to kiss Jeno. He was absolutely gorgeous, strong, masculine, everything you loved in a man but at the same time – you were just two people who enjoyed their time together when the gang gets together. That was it. Kissing him now, however, is definitely making you rethink everything you thought about him.
Pulling back with a swipe of his tongue over your lips, Jeno takes his hand from your hair and gently wraps his hand around your neck. His eyes washing over you a tenderness to them. He then angles your face for him to explore your mouth deeper. His tongue rolls over your lips asking for permission to enter. Without a second thought you part your lips and he slides into your mouth, exploring every crevice – taking in the taste of his cock all the while. It was the hottest thing in the world. Battling against him for dominance, he won when he nipped your bottom lip making you moan out into the early morning.
“Fuck,” you hiss when his tongue skates over your lip.
“You taste so good,” he mumbles against your lips. “Did I hurt you?”
“No,” you giggle. “Not at all.”
“Good,” his hand grips your hair, yanking your head back. “Now why don’t you go back to sucking me off. I want to see how much you can take,” he pushes your head back down to his cock.
The sudden change from sweet, nervous, and caring Jeno to this domineering one has you feeling all sorts of sensations. Your mouth hungry, watering to take him in, your core burning with desire of what could possibly happen after you get him off – your heart and mind playing a dangerous tango of ‘what will come of you two afterwards?’ You loved every minute out of it.
Opening your mouth, you take him in again, this time trying to put more of him into your mouth. Holding your breath, you inch your way down his length.
“Oh, fuck, yes…” Jeno groans, his hand gripping your hair tighter.
Coming up for a breather, thick saliva dangles in the air. Jeno keeps his eyes on you while you kiss up and down his length, your tongue sliding all over his cock getting it nice and slippery. Heading back to the tip you suck around him as hard as you can, his hips bucking up making you choke when his cock is shoved into your mouth. Smirking, you slide down his length fast and shallow hoping to get another reaction out of him.
Jeno’s hand falls from your hair. His upper body falls back onto the bed giving you full range to do whatever you please to him. Staring at the man writhing in pleasure, you take his cock and slap it against your tongue a playful grin coming to your face. Kissing his cock, you rub the tip over your lips earning a few more groans from him.
“Don’t tease, please.” He fists the bed sheets. “I’m so fucking close.”
“Awe, but you sound so cute,” you kiss the tip again. “Can’t you hold out a little longer?”
You blow onto him causing him to shiver. “Shit,” he reaches out for your hand. “No, please don’t tease.”
Glancing at him, sweat having developed on his forehead, his eyes closed tight – his body starting to turn a light shade of pink from how hot he’s getting, and it was all because of you. Jeno the strong but cute masculine man was begging for you to make him feel good. A sense of pride washes over you as you take him back into your mouth.
Opening wider you gulp him down as far as you can, only a small bit of space between the base and his cock to his pelvis left untouched. Heeding his words, you bob your head up and down, gargling noises filling the room along with Jeno’s moans. Trying your best your body curls up as you finally make contact with the base of his cock, your tongue moving around coating the underside.
“Shit, yes!” Jeno grips your hair keeping you around him. “Don’t move, don’t move.” He orders.
Your jaw starts to ache, your lungs on fire as you desperately try not to breathe. Jeno’s hips moving slowly as he thrusts into your mouth. Tears started to pour from your eyes, as snot came from your nose. You didn’t know how much longer you were going to be able to keep Jeno’s cock deep in your throat when his ministrations stop, his hand leaves your hair as you pull up coughing and gasping for air.
Jeno sits up on his elbows taking a look at your disheveled appearance. Your hair a mess, your eyes red and teary. Your mouth hanging open as you take in as much oxygen as you can. To him you look amazing, but there was one thing missing.
“Get on your hands and knees,” he instructs as he stands up from the bed. Doing as instructed you watch him pump his cock through his fingers, his other hand running through his sweat drenched hair. “Open up,” he places himself against your lips. Slowly Jeno thrusts his cock into your mouth, his hand gently gripping your hair.
“Good girl,” he coos as he wipes some tears off your cheeks. “You’re such a… fucking… good girl for me.” His head falls back when his hips jerk forward. “So good…”
Hearing Jeno calling you good girl switches something in your mind. Wanting to please him more you reach out and pull him closer to you. He chuckles when you take him in one hand and use your mouth to suck him harder than you did before.
“S-Some…one is eager,” he grunts. As you take him fully in your mouth Jeno’s upper body curling forward, his hands entrapped in your hair. “Yes, fuck.”
He pulls back giving both of you a break. “You’re so big, Jeno.” You stroke your hand up and down his length looking into his eyes. You take him into your mouth keeping your eyes on him. “I love sucking your cock.” You moan as your tongue slides up and down his length.
Jeno’s eyes close, “fuck,” his hand cups your jaw as he pulls back from you. “Open your mouth for me.”
You open wide as he strokes his cock close to your lips. His moaning becoming louder. Sticking out your tongue you gently kitten lick his tip sending him over the edge.
“Ah! fuck!” His cum shoots out onto your tongue, hot white strands coating your mouth and lips. “Shit,” he continues to stroke his cock making sure every last drop comes out. When he slows down you take him in your mouth sucking out even more of his hot cum. “F-Fuck!” Jeno’s hands grip the side of your face. “O-Okay,” he chuckles.
Pulling back, you show him all of his cum in your mouth, swirling it around with your tongue. The act making Jeno’s chest heave in anticipation. With one final swirl of your tongue, you swallow ever last bit of him, licking your lips in satisfaction of his taste. Not overly bitter and not too salty. He was perfect.
“That was so fucking hot,” Jeno hovers over you. “You’re so hot,” he bends down kissing you gently. “I think it’s about time we take care of you next,” his lips move from yours down to your neck.
“EVERYONE GET UP!” Mark’s voice echoes out in the hall. “We need to get ready to leave!” He shouts his voice getting closer to the door of the room you and Jeno were sharing.
“Shit, get into the bathroom!” You shove Jeno away.
“Fuck, why does he have to wake up so fucking early?!” He scrambles to grab his pants before disappearing behind the bathroom door.
“Are you guys awake yet?” Mark opens the door to your room and sees you lying in bed. “J-Jeno?” He shouts.
“In the bathroom, we’re awake.” He shouts.
“Okay, breakfast will be ready in about an hour.”
“We’ll be out.”
Mark takes his leave and with the sound of the door closing both you and Jeno come out of hiding.
“Did he even knock?” He asks when he sees you getting out of bed.
“Nope, which is quite uncharacteristic of him. Normally, he does knock.”
Jeno’s eyes widen realization clicking in. “Y-You don’t think he heard…do you?”
Sauntering past him you start up the shower. “I don’t know, Jeno. You did get a little loud at the end of it.” You look over your shoulder winking.
Jeno takes off his t-shirt, his perfect body now on full display. Your bottom lip getting snagged by your teeth. There is no way a man should look this fine. God certainly does have his favorites.
“That’s because someone was pretty fucking amazing at what they were doing,” his arms wrap around your waist, pulling you closer to him. “How about we take care of you now?” He kisses your neck gently.
A knock rasps on the door causing you both to back away from each other. “Rain check?” You ask.
“Yeah,” he glares past you to whoever it was knocking on the door. “Fucking idiots can’t leave two people alone.”
Jeno gets into the shower, and you do your best to make yourself presentable for whoever disturbed you from getting off for the second time. Glancing back into the bathroom before leaving a smirk coming across your face. There will definitely be a rain check.
☆ PART 2 ☆
☆ please like, reblog, and interact if you enjoyed this story! i would love to hear how you guys liked it! ☆
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navybrat817 · 2 months ago
Navy! Stud knocking on the door to wake up Smartie from the alarm is so cute. What about when they're dating? 😏
I'm glad you think so, nonnie! And Bucky has ways to wake you up.
Sleeping Arrangements
Pairing: Roommate!Bucky Barnes x Female Reader Summary: You insist on sleeping in your room, but Bucky likes a challenge. Word Count: Over 1.5k Warnings: Explicit sexual content, oral sex (f. receiving), slight dirty talk, slight praise, swearing, implied unprotected sex (wrap it before you tap it), established relationship, roommate!Bucky Barnes (he’s a warning, okay?). A/N: Lovelies, I promise I will actually write how Stud and Smartie get together, but I couldn't pass this up. Partially inspired by a chat with @lookiamtrying (thank you!!!). Not beta read and written on my phone, so any and all mistakes are my own. Banners by @vase-of-lilies. and divider by @firefly-graphics. Please follow @navybrat817-sideblog for new fics and notifications. Please reblog or comment as it means the world!
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
It was your idea to keep your separate bedrooms once the two of you started dating. It was a way to maintain boundaries and a small sense of independence since you shared a living space. You didn’t always sleep alone. Some nights he slept in your room and vice versa. It was a good system.
Not that Bucky made it easy. He never did when it involved him wanting you. And you made the mistake of looking back last night as you went toward your bedroom door. You knew better and you did it anyway. All 6’3 of him with his messy hair and beefy frame bathed in the moonlight from the window was staring back at you and pouting. It didn't help that the sexy menace was only in his underwear.
And that your panties were wet just from his gaze.
"My bed is much warmer, Smartie, and I’ll get lonely."
Don’t give in. Admittedly, you always slept a bit better when he was beside you. Even though you were soaked as he slowly sauntered toward you, part of you said to stand your ground with the rules you set. Bucky made it fun to break them, but you would not let your body overrule your will tonight.
“I’m sleeping in my room,” you proudly managed to say, pressing your thighs together as if to silence your weeping pussy. Get it together. “And if you really get lonely, you can wake me up early.”
Bucky hummed as he stopped in front of you, grasping your chin. He smiled as you looked into your eyes and you swore your heart stopped. A second passed before he covered your lips with his, using his other hand to pull you closer by the small of your back. He worked his mouth against yours, spreading desire from your chest down between your thighs. How he managed to always kiss you breathless, you had no idea.
He took his time to pull away, his thumb brushing your trembling lip as he gazed at you. The look of affection in his eyes made you feel cherished and safe. You were proud your legs didn’t give out when he took a step back, his hands dropping to his sides. He spun around without another word and walked toward his door, only stopping when you began to follow him. The smug smirk on his face only turned you on more when he glanced over his shoulder. “Your bedroom is that way. Sweet dreams.”
“I beg your pardon?” was what came out because he wouldn’t really make you sleep alone after that, would he?
“I’ll see you in the morning,” he winked before he went into his room, quietly shutting the door behind him.
You tapped your finger against your thigh, trying to figure out how he turned this around on you. “Well. Fuck,” you said indignantly. You couldn’t be too annoyed with him since you set the rule, but he wasn’t playing fair. I don’t have to either. Smiling, you crept to his door, peeled your underwear off and hung it from the doorknob. Your boyfriend could be a light sleeper and sometimes got up in the middle of the night. So a gift wouldn't hurt.
At least he doesn’t have to steal this pair.
Tumblr media
You weren't exactly sure what time it was when you began to wake up, but you knew it was early from the lack of light coming in from the blinds. You hadn't even hit "snooze" on your first alarm. What you did know was that your legs were spread wide on your bed to accommodate the size of your boyfriend, who had already pushed his shirt up around your waist. When you actually wore something to bed, it was always something of his.
And you hadn't bothered to put on a new pair of underwear.
"Was kind of hoping you’d sneak into my room, but I should’ve known better after that stunt I pulled. Was also hoping I’d have my tongue buried in you before you stirred,” Bucky said when you tried to sit up. "Found your little gift, by the way. Could still smell how wet you were.”
“Your fault. You always get me wet,” you argued, blindly reaching for his hair as his breath ghosted over your folds.
“And you always get me hard, so all’s fair, doll,” he said with a drag of his tongue. “Did you have sweet dreams? You must have since you're still wet."
You lost your train of thought for a moment, a soft noise coming out as he brushed his nose against your bundle of nerves. "Yes," you whined as your head tipped back, feeling his grip tighten on your thighs to keep you in place. This is exactly how my dream started and it better end with his cock in me.
“Dream of me?” he asked and you felt him smirk as his mouth wrapped around your clit.
“Fuck, yes!” you shouted impressively considering he just woke you up. Part of you wondered if your neighbors heard you. If he was buried between their thighs, which will never happen, they’d be screaming, too.
“Dreamt about you, too. Woke up aching. I can’t get enough of you,” he groaned as he went back to licking your folds. "Fuck, always so sweet for me. Just lay back and let me keep tasting you."
Tugging a little on his hair in response, you gasped when his metal hand moved under your shirt. Your nipple was taut before he touched it, gently grazing it as he groped your breast. You wished you could see his hot gaze as you arched your back, but you knew you'd see ecstasy in his eyes after he got you off.
His tongue flicked over your clit again as he moaned, like he had all the time in the world to work you over. "You should just sleep in my bed. Let me wake you with my tongue and cock before you start your day. Love tasting you in my mouth before I go to work. Best breakfast I've ever had."
The breathless sounds you made blended together beautifully with his words, that familiar spark felt deep in your core when he suddenly pushed his tongue in deep. "Bucky, there! Please!"
He sighed as pulled out, making you whine. "You know what to call me," he reminded you, the touch of his teeth against your inner thigh making you tremble. "Just say it once."
"Stud, please," you begged. The nickname should've sounded ridiculous like this, but Bucky loved hearing it because you were the one saying it.
“Good girl.”
"Fuck!" you cried when he plunged his tongue back in, licking your walls like he wanted to taste every drop of your essence. The hand that occupied your breast moved to your stomach, keeping you as still as he could. Your legs began to shake as you teetered on the edge of your orgasm before he stopped. "Bucky!"
Your boyfriend simply slipped his tongue out again, the pool of heat in your gut still there. "You're sleeping in my bed tonight," he told you. It wasn't a question.
"Oh, my God! Fine! I will sleep in your bed tonight,” you groaned as he chuckled happily. I might smother him with a pillow. “Just get your tongue back in me before I-"
"I know what you need, Smartie. Let me give it to you."
You almost lost it completely when he did so, adding two fingers. He didn't thrust deep until he knew the stretch wouldn't hurt. How is he still gentle as he devours me? You tried to push your hips closer, needing a little more friction so you could let go.
"Come for me. Scream my name. Wake the neighbors. I don't give a fuck. Not when you taste this good."
The deep, dark command of his voice as he flicked his tongue once more made the coil finally snap. Your body exploded with your orgasm, screaming and sobbing his name as he worked you through it. Your walls continued to clench as his tongue and fingers slowed, lifting his head to watch. “Fucking beautiful,” you heard, your eyes half open as the world around you stopped spinning.
Bucky crawled over your body and you could make out a bit just how dark his eyes were before he kissed you. The mess you made on his tongue was put into your mouth as he licked into it, drawing another moan from you. That sound stretched on when you felt his hard cock trapped between your bodies.
“Morning,” he whispered, pressing a kiss to your forehead.
“Morning,” you replied, still catching your breath. “It’s early.”
“It is,” he agreed, dragging his lips to your nose. “We should go to bed early tonight.”
“Yes, we should.”
“And since you’re sleeping in my bed tonight,” he began triumphantly. “You should sleep in my room tomorrow night, too.”
Nice try. “No,” you smiled.
Bucky glanced quickly at your phone before he looked down at you. “I think I can convince you. But right now let’s see how many times I can fill you up before your first alarm goes off.”
More from Stud and Smartie soon. Love and thanks!
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myaheartsmarkie · a month ago
Tumblr media
addicted — chapter one
“you’re mine—all mine. nobody fucking else’s, you hear me?”
word count: 12.7k
genre: eventual smut, long ass plot, slowburn!, college/university au!, friends w benefits!, crude/crack humor!, student athletes! jeno + yn, baseball captain! jeno, volleyball player! yn, possesive! jeno.
synopsis: he had completely convinced his self that you were no more than a quick fuck. someone he called at 3am when he was hard, a booty call…nothing more. all that went out the window when he sees you out with another man.
playlist: deja vu by twenty88 (literally my main inspo for this chapter,,,chef's kiss!!) trust issues by drake, let me love you by ariana grande (ft. lil wayne), too much by loco (ft. dean), that's why i love you by sir (ft. sabrina claudio), think by reddy (ft. jay park), let me explain by bryson tiller, no love by summer walker (ft. sza), beware by big sean (ft. jhene aiko), can't get over you by joji. ( y'all...some of these songs i gate keep from my irl friends,,,do cherish my babies > < )
warning(s): 18+ only please!! heavy dialogue, possible errors bcs im not revising this shit, so. much. sexual. tension. jaehyun, sungchan, kevin, and eric (tbz) supporting roles!!, jae tries to keep yn out of trouble, kev encourages her to do stupid shit, some alcohol consumption, mentions of drugs, mild smut, public sex (jeno gives yn head in the locker room), mentions of alcohol, (lowk) toxic! jeno, slight size kink! (jeno is built af yall,,,whew!) ,,,lmk if i missed anything!
note from mya: hey guys,,,the wait is over!! she's here, slay <3 . if u didn't notice above, this is in fact a part one, a lot of people were on my ass about my other two one shots (mark + yuta fic) so i was like lemme split the next one up and give y'all a proper ending lolz. so this series isn't gonna be long at all — maybe like 2 or 3 chapters. like stated above !! minors !! do !! not !! interact !! please please please! if ur not a minor, thank you & enjoy. once again, everyone in the story is 21+ (idols are their real ages). heavy on this part, jeno is a bit toxic in this story, and it is not my intention to sexual this toxic behavior at all! as always, this is a work of fiction, i do not view him like this in real life. this is fake! likes, feedback, and reblogs are very very very much appreciated <3 . lmk if you guys wanna be added to my taglist here, enjoy !
© myaheartsmarkie 2022 — all rights reserved !
“but it’s so cute!!” you exclaimed.
jaehyun rolls his eyes, taking the cat from your arms. you pout but allow him to take the kitten away from your grasp. he places the small kitty back into the playpen as he shoots the older lady a small smile.
“you’re not gonna get him?” she asks, looking between the both of you.
jaehyun shakes his head no, grabbing your hand and dragging you away.
“you know we can’t keep a pet yn” jaehyun tells you and you sigh in response.
pulling your hand from his hold to fold them over your chest. you know he’s right, but it didn’t stop you from wanting one. you’re a student athlete, between homework, practice, games, and work you have no time to take care of a pet. with a huff, you reluctantly follow the taller boy into your shared apartment.
“i still wanted him though, he was so cute” you whine, throwing yourself face first onto the couch.
kevin eyed your position, looking at jaehyun for an answer.
“some lady is giving away her cat’s litter downstairs–she wants one” he informs his friend.
kevin nods in understanding, scooting closer to where you’re laid. he brings a hand up to your head, petting it lightly. you look up with an annoyed expression but it changes when you realize it’s kevin and not jaehyun. you flip over so your head lays on his lap, earning a small laugh from him. jaehyun is leaning against the wall, watching the both of you.
“jaehyun’s a traitor” you told kevin, pointing your index finger towards the brown haired boy.
jaehyun simply laughs, shrugging his shoulders.
“is he?” kevin asks, running a hand through your hair.
“mhm, we should kick him out” you suggest, crossing your arms.
jaehyun feigns shock, exaggeratedly gasping as he pushes himself off of the wall to go grab a drink from the fridge.
“if you kick me out, who’s gonna cook?” he snickers.
kevin covers his mouth as a snort escapes. you glare at him.
“fuck you, i don’t need you to cook for me” you huff angrily.
you know you’re lying, you can’t even make toast correctly. your pride was more important though!! plus, jae had already been right about the whole pet situation. he doesn’t need another ego boost.
“oh okay, so you can cook food all on your own now?” jae asks, taking a swig of his water.
you let your pride answer.
“yup, i don’t need you” you tell him, standing up to walk to your room.
jaehyun simply nods in response.
“don’t come begging me to make you something when you're hungry” he shouts just before you close your door.
you throw yourself onto your bed. way to go yn, you can’t admit your cooking is horrible now you’re gonna starve for life. you sigh into your pillows.
jaehyun and kevin are sat at the kitchen table when you wake up the next morning. kevin spots you first, sending a smile your way.
“how’d you sleep?” he asks, patting the seat next to his own.
you inch towards him but you’re looking at jaehyun. he’s being…weird. you sat down next to the taller boy, picking up his cup of orange juice. welcoming yourself to a few sips of his drink before you sit it back down.
“i slept well, what about you?” he nods, ruffling your already messy hair.
“do you work today?” he asks, taking a bite of the pancake on his plate.
you nod in response. peeking from around him to eye jaehyun. he has to know what you’re thinking right now. as if on cue he looks up at you, and you scowl. he laughs in response.
“you hungry?” he asks, tauntingly waving a piece of his food.
your scowl deepens at his actions. crossing your arms over your chest you turn away from him.
“come on, just say you need me and i’ll make you whatever you want” he tells you.
your interest is now piqued. you slowly turn back to the brown headed boy, eyeing him suspiciously.
“what’s the catch?” you ask, and he shakes his head.
“no catch, just say you need me” he answers, and you look up at kevin.
he shrugs his shoulders.
“fine, i need you” you mumble, looking down at your lap.
“sorry, what was that? i couldn’t hear you” jae says, standing from his seat.
you grumble.
“i said i need you,” you repeat yourself, a bit louder this time.
“good girl” he teases, pinching your cheek.
you push him away with an annoyed huff, he simply laughs.
“you want french toast?” he asks and you nod happily.
you watch excitedly as he cooks your breakfast, all the past annoyance leaving your system. you eye him intently as he whisks the eggs in the clear bowl and seasons it with cinnamon and vanilla extract. he dunks the piece of bread in the egg batter, coating both sides before he sits it in the frying pan. your head rests on the palms of your open hands, elbows atop the counter next to the stove. jaehyun looks over at you, poking your cheek. usually you’d do something about it but right now you’re too overjoyed to mind.
“cheesy ass grin” he says, laughing at your expression.
“what, french toast is good” you say, moving closer to watch him flip it over.
jaehyun doesn’t respond, he simply nudges you with his body.
“hey yn,” kevin calls, you turn around to face him.
“didn’t you used to fuck with jeno?” he asks, and you tilt your head in response.
“jeno? like, lee jeno?” you ask to make sure you heard correctly.
kevin nods in response, waving you over with his hand. you walk over to where he’s sat, sliding into the empty seat next to him. he turns the phone over to you and you look at the screen. you see jeno, he looks the same for the most part. he changed his hair color and you think he might be slightly bigger in the bicep area as well.
he’s sporting a sleeveless white shirt, a red cup in his left hand. your eyes trail to the other figure in the picture, it’s a girl. she’s dressed in a skimpy red dress. a familiar one at that..
your eyebrows crinkle as you look harder at the dress. where’ve you seen this dress before? your eyes move upwards towards the face of the girl jeno is holding and your eyes practically pop out of the sockets.
“i-is that jieun?!” you gape, looking at kevin for assurance.
“i think so..” he says slowly, locking the screen.
your mouth stays open as realization sinks in. you sit back in your chair. that dress was the one she borrowed from you last week. that’s why it looked so damn familiar.
“when was that posted?” you ask kevin.
“last weekend, his frat had a party,” he answers.
you nod curtly. you can’t believe this. she asked you for the dress and told you it was for a “special occasion”.
you assumed it was for a boy but you didn’t think it’d be to impress the boy you used to sleep with! you let out a groan, hands covering your face. you were exclusive friends with benefits with jeno for over half a year. half a year of you rambling to jieun about it over the phone. talking about everything, about how good this man was in bed, how attractive he was and even how you thought you were in too deep. she was the one you confided in and trusted with those secrets, and here she was hugging the man you were once ass over boobs for.
what. the. fuck.
“yn? you okay?” jaehyun asks, sitting your french toast in front of you.
yeah. you’re definitely ok. yup! absolutely fine!
no you’re not okay, what the fuck!
you just found out your now ex-best friend/emotional support partner was (possibly but you’re pretty sure) sleeping with lee jeno!! the man she knows you were in love with. and to put the cherry on top, you were the one who gave her that dress because (and you can quote!!) whoever she was trying to impress, wouldn’t be able to resist her in it.
you were about to rip your hair out. you stared blankly at the plate of food in front of you. all hunger dispersed due to the recent events. kevin rubs your back, looking at jaehyun for help. jae shrugs, pulling out a chair at the table.
“we have to let her deal with it–all we can do is be here for her.” he says wisely, looking at you.
you were recalling all the things you did with this girl. she was your best friend. or so you thought…but maybe there was more to it, right? there’s no way she would just stab you in the back, let alone over a boy...right? maybe, just maybe it was a friendly hug…?
oh who were you kidding, that was no friendly hug. something was going on between them and you were determined to find out what it was!
not right now though. right now all you wanted to do was go and cry by yourself in the bathtub. you shake your head and sit up straight, pushing all those thoughts away. you just hoped whatever was going on wasn’t what you thought it was deep down.
mental note: unfriend kevin moon.
you were currently sitting in the library with kevin. you both had exams coming up and you thought it’d be good to study together.
two brains are better than one after all, right?
problem being, neither of you were studying. i mean you were doing something, but it wasn’t in correlation with homework at all.
you were both hunched over kevin’s laptop, stalking lee jeno’s social platforms. maybe confiding in kevin wasn’t the brightest idea but you may or may not have been tipsy when you did so.
rambling on about how much you loathed seeing your best friend and ex fwb partner together and of course not leaving out how you were determined to find out what their relationship was. kevin was your ride or die, and he was always up for some tea or drama. so when you, his lovely little introvert that never seemed to be in any drama, was up for something completely out of character…he practically leaped at it.
that’s how you ended up in the situation you’re in now.
you were both dressed in all black, with a dad cap and sunglasses. you looked ridiculous.
“why the fuck are we dressed like this?” you whispered, nudging the taller boy.
kevin hissed, pinching your thigh in response. you frown, rubbing the spot on your leg.
“because, we’re on a mission dummy” he responded, peeking from behind the hand-held menu.
“we could’ve dressed normally, you’re acting like this is some action movie,” you grumble.
kevin ignores your smart remark. he was enjoying this, to him it felt like he was Liam Neeson in Taken. Scouring the city to find the bastard that kidnapped his daughter. In reality, they were (as he says) “closely following” jeno. yes, the two of you were in fact stalking the jock, but kevin says your reasons provide justice for your actions. this is why you need jaehyun. he was the responsible one. he kept the two of you out of trouble.
“how do you even know he’ll be here?” you ask the black haired boy.
“i have my ways,” he states, pushing his glasses down to wink at you.
you roll your eyes, head falling onto the table.
of course kevin was right. low and behold, in walks lee jeno. with a girl of course, what were you thinking? she’s clinging to his arm rather tightly, her skirt barely covering the back of her thighs. he looks good. his hair is blonde, and he’s clad in a gray pair of sweatpants and a black shirt. his muscles are quite evident in the short sleeve shirt.
“you’re gawking” kevin whispers, moving to turn your face.
you glare, attempting to pinch him but he slaps your hand away. he then kicks your ankle and you look at him with a shocked expression.
“12 o’clock, alert! alert!” he whispers, and your head whips forward.
you eye the pair stalking in your direction and you feel like you’re about to throw up. you look at the girl, a small feeling of content settling in your stomach when you realize it isn’t jieun. maybe they didn’t have a thing like you’d hoped.
“what the fuck do we do?!” you ask kevin, covering your mouth so jeno couldn’t read your lips.
“just be normal, don’t panic” he replies, sliding the glasses off his face.
he smiles at the blonde headed boy, extending his hand to dap the boy up. jeno returns the smile, slightly shaking the girl off his arm to pat kevin’s back. you don’t miss her faltering expression as she brings her arms to fold over her chest.
“fancy seeing you here” kevin jokes, and you chuckle under your breath.
you run a hand through your hair, curling a piece behind your ear before you pick up your phone. you had nothing to say to this man, so tuning out the conversation seemed best. you aimlessly scroll through social media as you wait for kevin to finish talking. your cheek is squished by your open palm, elbow resting on the brown table. your eyes drift towards the face that’s now behind your phone.
“jeno.” you say, voice monotone.
“princess.” he replies, a small smile crawling up his face.
you roll your eyes at the pet name, sitting up straight. you sit your phone down face first.
“how’ve you been?” he asks, inviting himself to sit down in front of you.
you shrug in response, nodding your head in his direction. silently asking ‘what about you?’. your hand moves to clutch the back of kevin’s shirt, tugging him down to sit next to you. the girl slowly takes the seat next to jeno, scooting the chair closer in his direction.
“same old, parties, sex, paractice–missing you” he shrugs, sitting back in his chair.
the way he’s looking at you, he more than likely didn’t miss the shock that crossed your features shortly. you clear your throat, looking over at kevin briefly. you want to leave so fucking bad, but you hold your composure.
“you’re a dick” you scoff, looking at the girl sitting next to him.
she’s obviously embarrassed and wants to leave. she’s not looking up, her eyes set on the floor. you feel bad for her.
“he’s not worth it, find someone better” you tell the girl, standing up.
kevin follows suite, standing up with you. jeno clicks his tongue, looking at you in amusement. he stands up, stuffing his hands in his pockets. you step back when he steps forward, but his legs are longer than yours. he bends down, now hovering over your ear. you can feel his breath, and it’s making your face hot.
“you know it doesn’t get any better than me, princess” he tells you, and you shiver at the pet name.
he pulls away from your ear, now face to face with you. his only mere centimeters away from you. you look over his features. he’s still so fucking handsome. you’d be lying if you said you didn’t miss him.
your mouth is slightly agape, and you can’t seem to find any words. all you know is you can’t kiss him. so you grab kevin’s hand and you make your way out of the eatery. kevin is stumbling after you, quietly cursing under his breath about creasing his shoes.
“we’re outside now yn, you can stop dragging me” he states and you let him go, sending a sheepish smile his way.
“so…that little moment?” he teases, wiggling his eyebrows at you.
you roll your eyes for the umpteenth time today. punching his arm, satisfied when he yelps in pain. you laugh, tossing the keys to him.
“don’t tell jae,” you point a finger at him, looking at him seriously.
he raises his hands, shaking his head.
“cross my heart and hope to die” he says, doing the gestures that go with it.
you chuckle, hopping into the passenger seat.
ever since you ran into jeno that day, you’ve literally seen him everywhere.
in class, in the hallways, cafeteria, even at practice!
you just can't seem to get away from him. currently you’re enjoying the comfortable silence in the cafe. you closed your eyes, resting your head on the back of the booth.
“come here often?” he jokes, sliding into the unoccupied seat next to you.
you open your eyes, looking at the owner of the voice with an annoyed expression. he raises his hands, silently apologizing. you just sigh, closing your eyes once more. you were too tired to argue with him right now.
“go away, jeno” you simply state.
you don’t see him but he feigns hurt, clutching his heart dramatically.
“you don’t want me here?” he asks, grabbing your smoothie off the table.
he brings the straw to his lips, sipping on the pink slushy substance.
“no, i don’t” you reply, opening your eyes to look at the man.
your eyebrows furrow when you realize he’s gulping down your drink. you snatch the drink away from him, sitting it back on the table.
“so hostile..” he tells you, grinning.
you roll your eyes, sitting up. you know now that he’s bothering you, he’s not going to let you relax.
“what do you want?” you ask.
“just wanted to talk,” he says, getting comfortable.
you nod, turning your body towards him. the least you could do was converse with the man. you’d be lying if you said you didn’t want to ask about him and jieun.
“anything in particular?” you ask, resting your head against your hand.
“why’d you ghost me?” he questioned, seriousness evident in his tone.
you weren't surprised. you didn’t have a true answer for him though. you knew why you ghosted him of course, but you couldn’t tell him that…you’d do anything other than admit you fell in love with your sneaky link.
“i don’t know actually…” you lied, looking down at your drink.
“i guess i just got…bored?” you continued, lying right through your teeth.
you miss the shock that crosses his features at your words. bored? of lee jeno? oh you were such a fucking liar. you didn’t care though. you’re okay with hurting his ego instead of admitting you fell in love. when you look back up at him he’s looking at you with a serious expression.
“you got bored of me?” he asked, tilting his head a bit.
you don’t respond, you just slightly nod eyes falling to your lap. jeno laughs lightly, a hand raking through his hair as he sits back. he looks up at the ceiling, his free hand blindly trying to find yours. when he does, he laces his fingers with yours.
“tell me the truth, yn” he tells you, turning his head to face you.
you stare at the blonde boy blankly. you didn’t know what to say.
“i’ve known you since our first year, i know when you’re lying” he states.
you shift in your seat, the wooden chair suddenly becoming uncomfortable. you quickly glance over at jeno, he's already looking at you. you sigh, eyeing your drink. you watch as the collected condensation on the outside of the cup drips down onto the table.
"i admit that i was lying, but i'm not telling you why" you grunt, stubbornness evident.
jeno just rolls his eyes at you, used to your stubborn behavior.
"we were friends for 3 years, and you just up and ghosted me...i deserve some kind sort of closure, don't i?" he asks you, his hand slipping out of yours.
he folds his arms over his chest, his biceps slightly flexing. you slightly pout, feeling bad. you know he's right.
"i wanna know something too, so if i tell you the truth i want the same from you, deal?" you pitch, and he agrees.
jeno sits up, attention all on you. with a soft sigh you cross your legs, looking straight at him.
"don't make fun of me either" you warn the blonde boy and he nods.
"i was starting to develop feelings for you, that's why i blocked you" you say, rather quickly.
you didn't wanna look at him, too scared to see his expression. you can feel his eyes on you, they were practically burning holes into you. the air was suddenly thick, it felt as if you could reach out and grab at the oxygen.
"so it's not because you got bored of my dick?" he asked, leaning down to be face to face with you.
your cheeks are on fire, they felt as if they were melting. jeno stares at you, waiting for a response. you can't form any words though, so you just slightly shake your head no.
"so shy.." he whispers, tilting your head up with his index finger.
his lips were so close to yours, and his fingers were soft against your face.
"s-shut the hell up" you mumble, pushing his hand away.
you rake a hand through your hair, attempting to bring yourself back to reality. jieun, you had to ask about jieun.
get over yourself yn.
"jieun, what's up with you and her?" you ask, looking back at jeno.
jeno ponders on your question for a little.
"who is that?" he asks, and astonished is an understatement.
"kim jieun? the girl you posted last week? my best friend?" you attempt to remind the man of the girl.
jeno just looks as if you're speaking french. you roll your eyes, grabbing your phone and pulling up the picture. you snort when you realize he's still blocked. jeno peeks over your shoulder, curious as to what you're doing. you look at him sheepishly, and he cocks an eyebrow at your expression.
"you're still blocked.." you say in between awkward laughs.
jeno rolls his eyes. you reach for his phone instead, turning the device towards his face to unlock it. he watches as you open instagram and tap his most recent post. you look up at him expectantly as he glances over the picture.
"i don't remember her" he tells you and you look at him confused.
"you literally posted this," you tell him and jeno shrugs.
"i remember her face, but that's about it...never asked her name" disgust boils in your stomach at his words.
"so you just...fucked her without knowing anything about her?" you say and jeno shrugs again.
"when you say it like that it makes me sound like a dick" he grimaces, his face contorting to a bit of a disgusted expression.
"it's not like that, i just—i dunno..she probably mentioned her name, just don't remember" he says blankly, as if it were normal.
well for him it was normal, not for you. jeno's mind was drifting towards that night though, there was something that happened he just couldn't put his finger on it.
"well, her name is jieun and she's my best friend" you huff, tossing his phone onto his lap.
jeno slightly pouts at your words. he didn't know that, how the fuck was he supposed to know that?!
best friend?
something clicked in him. memories of that night with her flooding into his head. he remembered seeing her from afar, the red dress she wore was familiar. really familiar.
like, you bent over in the backseat of his car in that red dress type of familiar. he remembered that dress, how could he forget it.
"i remember now, i didn't fuck her" your ears perked up at that.
"i-i was going to, but it was because i thought she was...you" you were confused but intrigued.
your face contorts to surprise at his words. why would he think it was you?
“what do you mean?” he asks, looking at you for an answer.
“the dress, it’s yours right?” he asks, and you nod.
“i let her borrow it that night..” you tell him, fiddling with your fingers.
jeno looks at you, taking in your appearance. he hasn’t seen you in your practice gear in a while, it was still one of his favorites. nothing is better than you dressed in his clothes in his opinion. your volleyball jersey and spandex shorts.
“i miss you,” he says, voice as light as a feather.
he cups your cheek and before you know it his lips are on yours. you gasp. you feel his arms snake around your waist, squeezing lightly. you wrap your arms around his neck kissing him back. you haven’t felt him against you in so long.
you grip the hair on the back of his neck as your tongues dance together, sighing when you feel his fingers slip under your jersey. his rings felt good against your hot skin. he dips down to leave open mouthed kisses against your neck.
“j-jeno” you stutter, squeezing his shoulders.
he pulls back to look at your flustered expression.
“bored of me my ass, look at you” he teases, brushing some of your hair away.
“yeah yeah, whatever” you roll your eyes again.
jeno snickers as he goes back to work on your neck. he sucks on your sensitive spots, only moving on to the next spot when he’s satisfied with the color. he stops when he notices the necklace you’re wearing. he furrowed his eyebrows, curling his finger around the piece of gold to pull it out. he audibly gasps when he realizes what necklace it is. the gold pendant staring right back at him, his initial dangling at the bottom. he runs his fingers over it, trailing over the gold letter.
you look at jeno, curious as to why he stopped. your eyes go wide when you realize what he’s looking at. you grab the chain from him, tucking it back into your jersey. you sit up straight, untangling yourself from him.
jeno slyly smiles, scooting closer to you. he slips his hand over the back of your chair, leaning into your side.
“you still wear it?” he chuckles, fingers toying with the fabric of your jersey.
you whine, kicking him from under the table. jeno winces in pain, gripping your leg to halt your movements.
“i just couldn’t bring myself to take it off, shut up,” you say blankly.
“i’m glad” he smiles, pinching your cheek.
you roll your eyes, standing to your feet. jeno does the same, grabbing your long forgotten smoothie and sipping on it. he holds a hand out for you as you grab your phone off the table. you look at his hand and back at him. with a shake of your head you push his hand away, slipping past him.
“just lemme walk you home, god, you’re so hard headed” he grunts, catching up to you.
“i’m fine, Jeno,” you sigh, reaching for the door.
jeno lightly smacks your hand away, pushing the door open for you. he slings an arm over your shoulder, both of you walking in the direction of your apartment. you gave up on shooing him away, he obviously wasn’t taking no for an answer.
you can’t get rid of him, and deep down inside…apart of you is content with that.
today was horrible.
you were running late so you didn’t eat before you clocked in, and of fucking course you left your lunch. all the customers were giving you a hard time, and two of your co-workers called off last minute so you’re stuck covering for them. you were so fucking close to putting your two weeks in. you’ve been looking for a new job, but you didn’t mind not having to come to this shitty ass job while you looked.
you rolled your eyes as you thought of what jaehyun would say when he finds out you quit. mumbling small profanities under your breath as you wiped the table rather aggressively.
“no yn, you should’ve stayed. what would your mom say if she found out you quit?!” you said in a deep joking voice, attempting to copy jaehyun’s.
you stood upright once you were done taking your anger out on the poor table. you turned around to go to the kitchen, but was instead faced with a figure. your eyebrows furrowed as you looked at the person standing not even a foot away from you. you didn’t know him. you glance over his figure, his outfit was laid back..comfortable. he had a bit of black stuff smudged on his light wash jeans.. your eyes trail up to his worn out white tee. the shirt was ragged–obviously old. he clutched a notebook in his left hand, his other was occupied – stuffed in his jeans pocket. his eyes were a pretty brown, eye bags underneath them.
he looked at you with a crooked grin, as if he was holding back a laugh. you thought it was a bit weird, but you assumed he was laughing at your overworked appearance. your hands flew to your hair, tightening your ponytail and brushing a few stray hairs away. you were suddenly too embarrassed to look up at the cute boy in front of you. looking down at your dirty converse as you try to avoid his gaze.
“a bad day today?” he spoke, referring to your mumbling a few seconds ago.
“uhm, yeah kind of..but did you want to buy something?” you mutter.
“well i’m sorry today was hard, and yes i would—thank you” he beams.
“okay, excuse me” you mumble, hands nervously gripping your black apron.
you heard the man mumble a small ‘sorry’ as he let you pass. you nod your head, quickly taking your place behind the counter. you finally look up properly at the boy and your throat goes dry.
this man was fucking beautiful.
the angle you saw him at just mere seconds ago couldn’t hold a candle to how he looks right now. the evening sun shone through the picture windows of the small cafe, and it illuminated his features. you were getting weak in the knees. he stalked towards the counter, a small smile adorning his face.
“what can i get for you?” you ask, silently celebrating because you didn’t stutter.
“a grande latte, please” he said politely, and you nod.
you punch his order in, grabbing the 10$ bill from him. you exchange it for the change you owe him and hand it back to him, your fingertips just barely brushing his open palm as you sit it in his hand.
“your order will be ready shortly, just give me a second” you smile sweetly at the brown headed man.
he nods his head, taking a seat at the back of the empty cafe. you turn around to start making his drink. once you're finished you bring it to him, sitting on his table with a tight lipped smile. you eye the notebook he’s writing in, so many words. you’re sure every page looks like this one. filled to the brim with what you suspect is his feelings, thoughts, and prophecies.
you stare in awe as he jots down whatever he’s thinking, but it dawns on you that you might be invading his personal space. you shake your head with a sigh, turning away from the table.
you tend to the other empty tables. picking up dirty plates and cups, mugs filled with wasted coffee. wiping down the table, as you hum along to the tune playing in your earphones. you only wore one just in case (you hoped) he called out to you.
“excuse me” your ears perk up at the two words.
your head whipped around, eyeing the brown headed boy sitting in the back. his hand is up, waving you over slightly. you smile to yourself, drying your hands before making your way to his table.
“need something?” you ask, hands neatly folded in front of you.
he smiles, pointing at the seat in front of him. you eye the seat, pointing at the chair. he nods.
“i figured since it’s empty, you could use some kind of company,” he states, spinning his pencil.
you nod, giving him a grateful smile.
“i appreciate it” you tuck some of your hair behind your ear.
“my names eric, by the way” he extends a hand to you.
“i’m yn, nice to meet you” you shake his hand with a small smile.
“what a pretty name..” he says rather low, obviously a thought that slipped out.
you blush, fidiling with the rings on your fingers.
“uhm, what are you writing…if you don’t mind sharing” you eye his open notebook.
eric looks down at the open notebook as well, pushing it your way. he nods his head towards you, silently giving you permission to invade his privacy. you nod curtly, picking up the black book. there’s so many pages. filled to the max with so many things. on some pages there’s pictures taped in them, small stanzas next to them describing the moments captured.
one picture catches your eye. it’s a picture of him and what you assume are his friends. they’re sitting on the back of a truck. the four boys arms around each other's shoulders, cheesing for the picture. there’s a black haired boy, a red head, eric, and a very very familiar blonde haired boy.
lee jeno.
you decide to not speak on knowing him. you slide the notebook back to eric. he shuts it, stuffing it into his bookbag.
“how long have you been working here?” he asks you.
“too damn long” you sigh, he laughs at your words.
“you make a mean latte, so at least that’s something” he pipes, taking a swig of the drink.
you laugh. he was funny, and it made you feel at ease. all the stress from today seemed to be leaving your body. a simple conversation with a man you’ve never met before, who would’ve thought.
you flick your wrist as you check the time. It read 12:48am.
you were home now, eric dropping you off. you told him it was only a 10 minute walk but of course he wasn’t going to let you walk home all alone. he had a nice car as well, an all black Mazda Rx-7. the black smudge on his jeans was from him wiping his hands on his pants. he said his car was his pride and joy, telling you that leading to him inviting you to come to the car meet next Friday. you agreed of course, wanting to see him again. you didn’t know much about cars but you knew what looked good and what didn’t. you wouldn’t mind seeing some souped up JDMs and SRTs in action though.
you made your way up the stairs, heading towards the front door of your apartment. kevin and jae should be home by now. well, jaehyun will be but kevin is probably out partying somewhere. it’s been about three hours since you clocked out. about ten minutes since you left eric’s presence. the brown headed boy insisted on keeping you company till you clocked out. even though you told him it was fine, he still stayed. you didn’t really want him to leave so you were glad he stayed. after you clocked out you walked around for a while with him. chatting about anything and everything. UFOs and aliens, to Disney princesses and Marvel storylines. you knew the two of you were destined to meet when you both agreed that the Prisoner of Azkaban is in fact the best Harry Potter film. The both of you talked for hours, lost in conversation as you both learned more and more about each other.
you push your key into the door, but before you could even turn the key the door flew open.
“YN!” you look up, eyes wide with shock.
“who the fuck took you home?” jaehyun asks, tugging you inside,
he shuts the door behind you, guiding you to sit down on the couch.
“eric took me home” you answer his question.
“oh? who’s that, new boyfriend?” kevin teases, smirking at you from across the room.
you glare at him, picking up a pillow from the couch to chuck at him. before you could jae takes it from you, hitting you with it instead.
“hey!” you yelp, holding the back of your head.
“what did i tell you about strangers?” jaehyhun sighs, putting the pillow down.
“i’m 21 jae, stop being such a dad” you huff, punching his leg.
“i swear you’re gonna be the death of me,” he mutters, pinching the bridge of his nose.
jae walks in the direction of his bedroom, shaking his head. once you hear his door shut you and kevin practically leap out of your seats. the two of you run straight for kevin’s room, plopping down onto his bed.
“tell me every fucking deatail! did you guys fuck? oh my god, did you suck his di–” kevin rambles, too loud for your liking.
“shhhh, oh my god” you slap a hand over his mouth.
“sorry, sorry i’m excited,” he whispers.
you roll your eyes, proceeding to get comfortable on his bed before you fill him in on today’s happenings.
you skipped down the hallway, clutching your book bag. today was Friday, aka the day you saw eric show off his car. eversince the two of you met, he’s been dropping you off and picking you up from school. the two of you going on dates after he picks you up.
you really really liked him, and it wasn’t just you that noticed. kevin is still the only person you’ve told, yes, but it doesn’t mean that he’s the only one that noticed. the extra pep in your step, recent effort in your outfits, and the obvious happy aura that now surrounds you. you admit you are in fact falling more and more for the man, but you didn’t think it was dead obvious.
yeah, thoughts come from not knowing.
you push open the front door, making your way down the steps. eric is leaning against his car, smiling prettily at you as you wave at him excitedly. a small ding makes a noise in your pocket and you pull it out, slowing down a bit to read the text message properly.
stupid jeno: wya??
you roll your eyes at the text message, continuing your way towards eric. you internally groan when you hear the familiar ding again.
stupid jeno: can we talk, it’s important.
you: 10 minutes only, wya?
stupid jeno: im in the bsb locker room, hurry up
eric looks at your expression as you glance over your phone screen. he bends down to get your attention.
“you good” he asks, waving a hand in front of your face.
“yeah, can you just give me like 5 minutes–i need to handle something” you slightly pout at the man.
eric nods, opening his hand for your bag. you sling it off your shoulder and hand it to him.
“i’ll be right here, princess” your tummy erupts into butterflies at the pet name.
you nod, smiling at him before you turn to go meet jeno.
you step out of the elevator, you haven't been to the baseball side in a long time. after you ghosted jeno there was no reason for you to come to this side of the athletic wing. occasionally you swing by the basketball court to watch some of jaehyun’s games when you can, but other than that you don't go past the volleyball side. yours and jaehyun’s game schedules conflicted, so the both of you have never really seen each other play outside of highlights that were recorded or practices.
you used to attend every single one of jeno’s games though, never missed one. rain or shine, day or night, long or short. you were there when he won, to celebrate and go drinking with him and some of his teammates. you were there when he lost, snuggled together on the couch watching a movie with ice cream. sometimes you would drop him off some lunch after practice, knowing how hungry a practice game could make you. after you ghosted him, he lost all of that though, and it hit home for him. no pun intended, but you didn’t know that…you thought he was just fine.
you turned the corner, already knowing where to go. you blush as you pass by the bathroom, remembering the numerous quickies you and jeno had in there. you walk towards the double doors, pushing one side open with your foot. you walk through the locker room, a few of his teammates that didn’t know you gave you weird looks, probably wondering why you were here.
“whew, look who it is” you turn your head towards the owner of the voice.
yuta nakamoto.
He was leaning on his locker, arms folded over his chest. before you could even open your mouth to say something an arm was slinged across your shoulders.
“if it isn’t my favorite girl,” you look up at the brown headed boy.
sungchan smiles at you, ruffling your hair.
“oh my god, when the hell did you get so…big?!” you exclaim, eyeing his arms and especially his height.
“oh fuck off, don’t boost his confidence anymore” haechan groans, walking up from behind yuta.
haechan throws a wink your way and you roll your eyes. none of these boys changed. well, personality wise at least…sungchan was another case. you missed them though, all of them.
“hey, you got yourself a new one?” sungchan whispers, nudging your side.
you smile automatically thinking of eric and all the boys erupt into loud cheers and ‘oohs’.
“who is it? do we know him?” haechan asks, leaning closer so he could hear you better.
you shake your head, acting as if you were zipping your mouth closed with your fingers.
“where is he?” you ask, and the boys all groan in unison.
yuta nods his head in the direction of the room jeno’s in.
“you just got here though,” sungchan says, leaning his body weight on you.
you slightly stumble, bringing an arm to his waist so you can steady yourself.
“oh, we’re having a party tonight! come to it, we miss you dude” yuta says, looking at the other boys for approval.
the others nod their heads, obviously agreeing with his statement.
“and bring your little boyfriend,” haechan teases, wiggling his fingers in your direction.
“okay, okay I will” you laugh, as you attempt to push away from the reluctant boy clinging onto you.
sungchan sighs, letting you go. he ruffles your hair again, before he bends down to say something in your ear.
“good luck sweetheart,” he whispers in your ear before brushing past you.
he walks backwards towards the exit, waving bye to you. you wave back and he turns around, pushing the exit door open with his shoulder. you watch as the boys walk together, talking to each other about whatever. you missed them, a lot…they became like brother’s to you.
you sigh as you turn to face the door yuta motioned at, slowly walking to it. pushing it open you peek inside, it’s pretty empty. the only things inside were a black backpack, a desk, and lee jeno. he’s stood above the desk, his fingers gripping the desk under him tightly. you eye the discoloration in his knuckles, your eyebrows furrowing in a mix of confusion and concern.
what’s got him so worked up?
“jeno?” you call out to him but he doesn’t respond.
you sigh, stepping into the room and closing the door behind yourself. you walk towards him, hand brushing against the small of his back. he cocks his head to look at you and you damn near fainted at his expression. his glare was ice cold, you remove your hand from his back.
“i fucking hate you” he says through gritted teeth.
“w-what? why, what did i do?” you look at him with wide eyes.
jeno stands up straight, towering over your figure now. you back up automatically, your back against the wall now. jeno is quick to close the space between the two of you. his hands slammed against the wall, one arm on each side of your head. your breath gets stuck in your throat as deja vu rushes over you due to the position. he fucked you in almost every position possible, but this one was one of his favorites so tons of your sexual escapades put you in this position. his hands gripping your hips as he pushed you against the wall, drilling into you as you held onto his shoulders.
“j-jeno” you call out, your voice barely above a whisper.
“what the fuck is wrong with you, huh?” he asked you, rage evident in his tone.
“nothing, what are you even talking about?” you ask, feigning confusion as to why he was so mad.
you weren’t sure if he was angry about eric, more so you didn’t know if he even knew about him. you were sure one of the boys (*cough* haechan *cough*) opened their big ass mouths and told him about it. then again, they were more than likely friends on social media, the picture you saw in his notebook making its way to the forefront of your mind. they were friends, you forgot about that.
“who is he? i swear, i’ll fucking kill him” he was so serious, staring at you intently.
“oh shut up, you won’t do shit,” you spat, looking at him with hooded eyes.
well, that did it.
his fingers wrapped around your throat, cutting off your breathing for a quick second. you gasp, hands going to grip his arm. you look up at him with a dazed look, you missed this and you couldn’t even deny it. jeno smirked down at you, enjoying the sight of you turning to putty in his hands. he barely even touched you yet, all he did was choke you.
“don’t test me, princess” he taunted, tongue wetting his lips.
“or what?” you replied, knowing all the right buttons to press.
his grip around your neck tightened, as he crashed his lips onto yours. he kissed you hungrily, wasting no time at all. he knew what he wanted and he was gonna get it. you kissed him back automatically, opening your mouth for him when he tapped your cheek. he craned your head back so he could kiss you easier, sucking on your tongue with his fingers still wrapped around your neck. you moan into his mouth at his actions, hands flying to wrap around his neck.
he pulls away from you, a string of saliva following. his forehead rested against yours, breathing ragged. his face was only centimeters away from yours, you felt every breath he let out and you were light in the head.
“you miss me, admit it” jeno sneers, not waiting for a response from you.
it was a statement. he knew you missed him, he knew you needed him and he knew you’d never get rid of him.
he gripped your chin, jerking it up so he could see your neck clearly. his other hand came down to trace over the marks on your neck. you watch his expression closely, wanting to see his reaction to your decorated neck.
“fucking disgusting” he spoke with so much hostility, obviously disapproving of the hickeys.
“he’s waiting for me, jeno” you choke out,
“who? the guy you’re trying to replace me with?” he asks, smiling down at you.
“he’s not me, and you fucking know it” he whispers in your ear, biting your earlobe before pulling away.
his hands trail down your body, now gripping your hips. he looks over your body, loving the way nothing has changed since the last time he held you like this. you look down at the blonde boy with admiration and excitement. nervous about what he was gonna do next. you watched as his fingers danced around your waistband, toying with it. he looks up at you, and you nod.
“i-im good, you’re good,” you tell him, giving him the green light.
he smirks, his hands pushing up your skirt to bunch up at your waist. his hands grip the skin of your thighs roughly, pushing them apart so he could have access to your heat.
“so wet for me..” he whispers, eyeing your soaked core.
you whine as he runs a finger across your clothed heat. he looks up at you excitedly, loving how you reacted to every little touch. he swiftly pushes the cloth to the side, pushing two fingers into you. you mewl, looking down at him with wide eyes. he pumps his fingers in and out of you at a quick pace, watching how your hole swallows up his fingers so easily. meanwhile, you were trying to keep your balance. you were sure to fall soon if he didn’t change positions soon, you in fact did not have megan knees.
“jeno, im gonna fall” before you could even finish your sentence, his unoccupied hand was gripping your hip.
he pushed your body against the wall, easily holding you in place with only one arm. you whine at the harsh grip on your hip, you were sure that spot was gonna bruise. he fingers didn’t stop moving once, still pumping in and out you. you gasp when his thumb comes in contact with your clit, rubbing circles. you look down at him through your eyelashes, loving how he looked.
all sweaty from practice and his current activities. his hair was messy, some strands sticking to his forehead. his jersey hung loosely on his body, the same number 5 on the back. you bit your lips when he curled his fingers in you, moaning out in pleasure. he still knew all your spots, you loved not having to walk him through what you liked and didn’t like. he took pride in knowing all your special spots and where to touch to get a reaction out of you.
“move to the desk” he told you, but as soon as he let your hip go you were being lifted.
he sat you on top of the desk, pushing your chest with his hand to make you lay down. before you allow him to push you down you tug on the hem of his jersey.
“take it off” you say with a small pout and jeno laughs.
raising one hand he brings it to the back of his collar, tugging the material over the top of his head in one swift motion. you look over his toned body, practically drooling at the sight in front of you. jeno looks at you his head tilted. your eyes move from his v-line to his abs, and his broad shoulders. you bit your lip as you remembered the marks you used to leave all over him. scratches, so many of them…hickeys, bite marks, you name it. jeno walks closer to you, hand going to grab the back of your neck. he kisses you, not as rough as earlier but he was still dominating the kiss. you pull away from him a few minutes later, out of breath.
“i want you,” you say in between breaths.
that’s all he needed to hear. with one hand he pushes your chest, making you law down on your back. he gets back down on his knees, propping your legs onto his shoulders. he loops a finger around the waistband of your panties, pulling them down and off of you. he licks his lips at the sight. he looks up at you, you were already looking down at him. propped up on your elbows as you watch him intently.
he leaves a trail of kisses from your ankle to your upper thigh. sucking and biting wherever he pleased. he left a few marks in between your thighs. a place he felt only he should touch.
“you guys fuck yet?” he asked, still marking you up.
you shake your head no in response, not trusting your voice right now.
“good, ‘cause you’re mine—all mine,” he said in between kisses.
he sinks his teeth into the supple skin of your thigh, loving the way you moan out for him. hovering over where you wanted him most he breathed over you, eyeing the slight shake in your thighs. he lays his tongue flat against you, lightly penetrating your entrance with the tip of his tongue. he smiles when he hears you moan. wrapping his lips around your clit, he sucks harshly at your ball of nerves. he holds contact with you the whole time, you look back at him with a glazed expression.
he shifts a bit, repositioning himself so he could eat you out better. his arms were tucked under the back of your knees, hands gripping your inner thighs. he spread your legs wider for him and in a millisecond his mouth was attached to your heat.
he ate you like a starved man, which in a way he was. you guys hadn’t had any contact in like three months. he’d been craving you, same as you for him but your guys’ pride stood in the way of your happiness.
“mm—fuck, jeno” you call out to him, fingers gripping his locks.
“hm?” he murmurs against you, sending vibrations through your body.
“you make me feel so g-good” you mewl, gripping his hair harder.
this urged him to do better. his thumb found your clit, rubbing circles atop the sensitive spot. you threw your head back, his name falling from your mouth. jeno grunts, loving how his name sounded coming from your mouth. he rubbed your clit faster, lapping at your slick folds. you were dripping for him and he fucking loved it. nothing but his hands and his mouth, he was convinced nobody could do you better than him.
“fuck! g-gonna cu–” your sentence was cut short when you heard a phone ring.
jeno’s movement came to a halt, disconnecting his mouth from your heat. the both of you looked for the ringing phone, it was yours. jeno handed it to you.
your eyes went wide, how long had you been up here? was he still here? was he looking for you?
“hello?” you spoke into the phone.
“where are you? are you ok?” your heart clenched in your chest at his worried tone.
“n-no i’m fine, i just got caught up with something…” you replied, locking eyes with jeno.
jeno rolled his eyes, running a hand through his hair. he averted his eyes, not wanting to look at you.
“b–-but you’re ok, right? you don’t need help?” he asked, and you nod your head with a small smile.
“no no, i’m ok...i’ll be down in a bit” you hear him let out a relieved sigh.
“ok princess..come quick, i miss you” you smile, hanging up the phone.
jeno was staring at you through the whole exchange. he walked up to you, closing the space in between the two of you. guiding your arms to wrap around his neck. you look up at him, confusion written on your face.
“i’m still yours yn, just come back to me” he whispers to you, caressing your cheek.
you look up at him, he was being so sincere and it made you sick. if he would’ve said this like four months ago you would’ve accepted him and his offer. now though? it was different…you weren’t head over heel for him anymore. you had eric. you liked eric, and you wanted to try with him. it wasn’t fair that when you offered your feelings to him he declined and now he’s doing the same but he wants a different outcome. that’s unfair, and you didn’t like it.
you can’t deny that you still had lingering feelings for jeno. the situation you were just in with the boy said enough, you really didn’t have to say much more. but eric wasn’t the same as jeno…he made you feel different. he was a breath of fresh air from jeno, he didn’t know you like the back of your hand like jeno did. he didn’t know how you felt by once glance, he didn’t know your favorite food or color and you were content with that. you spent so much time being in love with jeno that you forgot how it felt to learn a new person and vice versa.
eric was handsome, super sweet and he made butterflies erupt inside you in a way jeno never did. perhaps it’s because you’re in the so-called ‘honeymoon phase’ but you don't care. you wanted eric and you weren’t going to double back on it either.
you look up at the blonde boy with a solemn expression, a rush of emotions flowing through you. you shake your head, retracting your arms from him. jeno’s face shows his emotions, shocked at your disapproval. he doesn’t say anything, he doesn’t know what to say.
“i can’t, i have someone now…and i wanna try with him,” you say, finding his eyes again.
jeno scoffs, looking down at you mockingly.
“try with him? for what yn? you have me,” he tells you, holding your face in both of his hands.
“jeno, i’m trying to be civil right now and you’re making it difficult,” you say, pulling away from his touch.
you push away the man by his chest, standing up in the process. jeno laughs lightly as he watches you.
“i am sorry though…about this” you say, referring to the moment the two of you just shared.
“it won’t happen again,” you tell him, not once sparing him a glance.
you put your underwear back on, tugging your skirt back down. you overlook your appearance in the mirror, fixing your hair and smoothing out any wrinkles in your clothes. jeno is silent as he watches you, still shirtless. you lock eyes with him in the mirror, tilting your head as you both stare at each other. jeno’s expression is unreadable, you have never seen him look like this before. you sigh, turning around to face him. a small hope ignites in him but is diminished as soon as you open your mouth.
“friends?” you say, holding your hand out to him.
jeno scoffs, looking at you with a shocked expression. he turns away from you, picking up his shirt from the floor. he tugs it over his body, still not facing you. you let out yet another sigh, running a hand down his back smoothing out the wrinkles in his shirt.
“friends? are you deadass right now, yn?” you hear him mumble and you roll your eyes.
“it's not mandatory jeno, i was just trying to be cordial” you roll your eyes, starting towards the door.
your hand reaches out for the handle but jeno grabs your wrist. spinning you around and pinning you against the door. you look up at him with wide eyes.
“don’t play with me, you know we’re not friends yn” he speaks through gritted teeth.
you roll your eyes, trying to tug your wrists away from his grip.
“we were friends before we even started fucking jeno” you say matter of factly.
he rolls his eyes and you look up at him with an unwavering glare.
“i can make you cum in less than 2 minutes and you think we’re fucking friends?” he scoffs, letting your wrists go.
you don’t respond, you just rub your wrist.
“you’ll come back to me, don’t worry” he states, slinging his backpack over his shoulder.
“shut the hell up” you groan, opening the door.
“he won’t fuck you like i do, just watch” he shouts as you close the door.
you practically sprinted for the elevator. once you were inside you let out a groan, sliding down and covering your face with your hands.
“woah!” you exclaim looking up at eric.
he just laughs, tugging you closer to him. he rubs your arm, attempting to warm you up. you were wearing one of his sweaters, too big for you of course.
“glad you came?” he asked and you nod your head.
he smiled at you, kissing the top of your head. you guys watched as the person driving the charger stepped on his gas, flaunting his V8 engine. you watched in admiration, loving how all these cars here looked. your favorite was this similar duplicate of Suki’s car from Tokyo Drift. you absolutely lost your mind when the girl showed you the pink flames that erupted from the exhaust pipes just like in the movie.
“it’s almost my turn,” eric told you and you wrapped your arms around his waist.
“i’m so excited,” you tell him, squeezing his waist just a little.
“i’ll spin this baby out a few times, then we’ll hit up the party, ok?” you nod up at the blonde boy.
“that was so fucking cool!!” you tell him, running into his open arms.
“i’m glad you liked it baby,” he smiled down at you, wrapping his arms around your waist.
little sounds left your mouth as you (attempted to) mimic what he did in his car just mere minutes ago. waving your hands around and pretending as if you were behind the wheel of his Rx-7. Eric looked at you with nothing but fondness and adoration in his eyes. it’s been about a week and a half since he met you and his feelings were becoming more and more evident to him everyday. he walked up to you, wrapping you in his arms, holding you close to him.
“eric?” you squeak, peeking up at him through your eyelashes.
“stay with me, don’t leave me,” he whispered into your hair.
you look at the blonde headed boy, grabbing his face in your hands.
“why would i leave you?” you ask him, and he shrugs.
“just don’t, pinky swear” he tells you, holding up his pinky.
you laugh, intertwining your finger with his. eric smiles, kissing your forehead.
you clutch onto eric’s arm, pushing through the sweaty bodies surrounding the two of you. god you hated parties. well, not completely but you hated feeling so claustrophobic in these crowds. you would come to them, i mean who were you to turn down free food? you weren’t a complete buzzkill. you just..thought parties were kind of pointless. plus, you played sports, alcohol and drugs were the last of your desires. your main focus was keeping your scholarship. you had a full ride and you were not going t fuck it up because you wanted to get stupid drunk at a party and fuck off your opputunities.
you look around the room, eyeing the baseball team as eric drags you into the kitchen for a drink. you wave at haechan and you see him wave back at you before he disappears from your line of sight.
“what are you feeling for?” he asks and you shrug, getting comfortable on the counter.
“ok, i’ll surprise you with something” he smiles at you, turning to whip up a drink.
“but you’re cut off after the third one, ok?” he points a finger at you and you nod.
jokingly saluting him following a ‘yes sir!’. eric laughs, turning back to continue making the drinks.
“is this the special guy?” you don’t even need to turn your head to know who’s voice it is.
“hi sungchan,” you grin, opening your arms for your friend.
sungchan envelopes you in a hug, nuzzling his face into your hair. you laugh, hugging him back. eric turns around to see who joined the two of you in the kitchen. he looks at you silently asking who he was.
“eric, this is sungchan” you point at the boy, introducing him to eric.
sungchan stands up to his full height, bringing a hand up to stroke his chin. he glances over eric’s appearance with furrowed eyebrows.
“hm…do you have a job?” sungchan asks and eric laughs.
“love your mom?”
“very much so,”
“know how to drive?”
“gotta car?” eric eyes you with a smirk.
you laugh already knowing where this was heading. he reaches into his back pocket, pulling out his car keys. he spins them on his index finger before he tosses them to sungchan.
“mazda rx-7, matte black, year 2000” he winks at the boy, patting his shoulder before he turns to continue making the drinks.
sungchan turns to you with wide eyes.
“oh nah, fuck her, date me” sungchan jokes, handing the keys back to eric.
he turns to face you, pointing at eric and looking at you with his mouth wide. silently approving of the man, you just shake your head with a laugh. you loved sungchan, he was one of your three best friends. you haven’t known him longer than jaehyun but you loved him just as much.
believe it or not you guys matched on sme dumb online dating app kevin put you on three years ago now. the two of you met up but it didn’t work out…at all. so the two of you decided on becoming friends instead and here you are now. three years later, and now your guys bond was stronger than ever.
you looked at the pair as they talk about whatever. eric walks over to you, handing you a red cup. you smile, telling him thank you as you grab the cup from his hand. he holds his own cup in one hand, his other holding your bare thigh. he draws circles on your naked skin with his thumb mindlessly, paying attention to sungchan as they're still conversing. you lean onto his arm, taking small sips of the pepsi and malibu mixture in your cup.
a few moments later sungchan excuses himself from the kitchen, his phone ringing in his hand. the two of you nod at him, waving him off. eric looks down at you.
“sleepy?” he asks and you nod.
“mm..just a bit” you slur, looking up at him.
you smile when your eyes land on his face.
“you’re so handsome,” you whisper.
“you think so?” eric asks, sitting his cup down.
you nod your head, sitting up straight. eric stands in between your legs now. grabbing your cup from your hand and sitting it on the counter.
“the handsomest ever” you giggle, throwing your hands up.
eric laughs, grabbing your wrists softly. he guides them to rest on his shoulder, his hands moving to wrap around your middle. he brings his face closer to yours and a sense of familiarity rushes over your senses.
“pretty girl…” you close your eyes at the words, loving how it sounds from him.
“all mine, all for me” excitement courses through you at his words.
you open your eyes again when he squeezes your hip. eyeing his blonde hair, sharp eyes, perfect nose.
jeno…fucking lee jeno.
you keep your composure, squeezing your eyes shut to see if you could break yourself from the trance. memories flooding your head because of his words. why’d he have to sound so much like jeno now? all those times jeno called you his pretty girl, caressing you as he reminded you of who you belonged to. you were his, not eric’s. what the hell were you doing.
you open your eyes again and this time you do see eric. he’s close, very very close. he inches closer and closer to you, lips hovering over your own. he closes his eyes as soon as his lips touch yours. frozen. you couldn’t move.
guilt overwhelmed you as he kissed you. forcing yourself to kiss him back. your clutched the material of his shirt, same as earlier when you made out with jeno.god, you felt sick. you were such an asshole. why’d he have such a tight grip on you? you thought you were over him.
eric pulls away from you and you look at him, searching for any kind of discomfort. sighing silently when you don’t see any. he smiles at you, holding a hand out offering to help you down. you nod, taking his hand as you hop off the counter. you turn, grabbing your cup as you down the remaining liquid in one go. with a deep breath in and out you turn around to face eric. accepting his open hand, you hold his hand. allowing him to lead you out of the house.
you screamed into your pillow, kicking your feet. kevin groans for the umpteenth time this morning.
“yn…for the 10th time, please shut the fuck up!” he groans, looking at you with a tired expression.
ever since eric dropped you off you’d been awake. currently it’s 9am, he dropped you off at around 1 in the morning. you couldn’t sleep, how could you sleep? you kissed your boyfriend that’s not your boyfriend and thought it was jeno! you’d be insane if you could get a good night’s rest in this situation. kevin sadly had been woken up by you and been up since then. listening to you rant on and on about what you're going through. he suggested calling jeno and telling him and he earned a pillow to the head.
“yn, please…go to sleep” kevin pleaded and you sighed.
grabbing your phone to check the time, 9:49am.
you didn’t have class but you were tired. you nod, climbing under the sheets. kevin cries out in happiness, practically leaping into the bed sheets. he cuddles up under your covers, immediately falling asleep. you smile at your friend, pulling his glasses off his face and sitting them on your bedside table. shortly afterwards you do the same as him, falling asleep.
it’s been about two weeks since the part ordeal occurred. two weeks since you’ve spoken to jeno. you’ve seen him around, swinging by the baseball wing to say hi to the boys every now and then.
most of your time was given to eric though. he still hadn’t asked you out yet, which kind of bummed you out but on the other hand you were glad. you still weren’t completely sure you wanted to be with him 100%. yeah you had feelings for him, but apart of you still yearned for jeno. it was becoming more and more adamant to you every time you saw him.
seeing him all sweaty right after practice, or shirtless with a towel hanging loosely around him fresh out the shower. not to mention the deja vu from the locker room because of the multiple quickies you and him had here. he knew something was up with you too, noticing your little glances and lingering touches.
you were on your way to meet up with eric for lunch, already standing in the elevator. you press the number 1 and wait patiently, rocking back and forth on your heels. you watch as the numbers light up as you pass through the floors. watching the doors open before you step out of the elevator.
rounding the corner as you pull out your phone to text him.
you: where are you ?
eric: im in the parking garage, you out front?
you: yeah, i just got here.
eric: ok, im coming rn.
you nod, locking your phone and putting it away. you look around nervously before you flick your wrist to the time. 3 o’clock on the dot.
sungchan facetimed you earlier, so if sungchan was already out of practice you knew jeno was too. and you know he’s still here because you see his car parked across the street from you. you just hoped eric would beat him here.
“yn?” you hear, and you don’t even need to turn to know who it is.
fuck, fuck, fuck. you think to yourself.
you look up at the sky, cursing your bad luck. with a sigh you reluctantly turn to face him. locking eyes with him, he’s standing a few feet away, his arms crossed over his chest.
“can we talk?” he asks, and you wanna say no.
every bone in your body is telling you to say no. you inch towards him, taking the smallest steps ever known to man. once you’re not too far from him he turns, leading the way leaving you to follow awkwardly.
“were you waiting for someone?” you nod, tucking some stray hair behind your ear.
“yeah, eric.” you say blankly, not realizing you slipped up till after you said it.
“eric…sohn?” jeno asks, pulling his car door open.
you nod slowly, fingers toying with the hem of your jersey.
“you know him?” you ask, curious as to what his answer will be.
jeno laughs shortly, shaking his head no. he nods his head to you, followed by a short ‘get in’. the both of you are now sitting in his BMW, awkwardness and tension filling the air. the only sound coming from the AC.
“why’d you—”
“do you–”
the both of you start at the same time, both laughing now. you let him talk first.
“do you still have it on?” he asks and you roll your eyes.
you pull the chain from under your jersey, showing him the necklace he gifted you. he smiles, leaning in to touch the piece of jewelry. he eyes it, fiddling with the golden j dangling from it. he looks up at you and your breath gets stuck in your throat.
before you could even protest he presses his lips onto yours. you kiss him back, everything around the two of you disappearing as you continue to make out with the blonde boy. sighing when he grips your thigh, rubbing and squeezing at the skin sweetly. you missed his touch. the two of you exchanged spit for what seemed like hours…all worries leaving your body. this is what he did to you. he made you forget about anything and everyone. all stress, worries, problems, it didn’t matter when you were with him.
you pull away from him, wanting to look at his face. you caress his cheek, soaking up his features.
“i missed you…so fucking much” you sigh, leaning in to kiss him again.
you continue to kiss jeno, both of you unbeknownst to the gaze of a certain someone.
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suckerforsugawara · a month ago
Friends with benefits
Tumblr media
Messy, Messy collab for @sakukai 500 followers event.
Oikawa Tooru x female reader
cw: mdni - smut, friends with benefits, jealousy, little bit of angst.
word count: 1.3k
Tumblr media
You and Oikawa had an agreement - sex with no strings attached.
When all your friends were bragging about their boyfriends or latest hookups and you were left silent — and reminded of how painfully single you are — you had enough.
You texted Oikawa, your close friend since middle school. “Can you fuck me?” Your eyes widen as you watch the text get delivered. You had no excuse other than being jealous and, well, horny. You couldn’t blame alcohol or lie that someone else stole your phone, it was all pure desperation.
Oikawa calls you, “Hey. Um, what the fuck?”
“Just forget about that text okay.” Oikawa refuses to do so however.
“I’ll do it, love, just would like a please”, he taunts. “I can literally hear you rolling your eyes. Anyway, i’m home.” He informs you in a low voice that screams sexy. You never thought much of your best friend in this way but you’d be an idiot not to acknowledge his toned body and good looks. He tells you to come over and he’ll show you a good time. That was the start to your friends with benefits relationship.
While laying in bed, naked, processing the events that unfolded, Oikawa pulls out a notepad and pen from his nightstand drawer. He asked you if you wanted this to be a regular thing, you gave him a shy nod. He insisted that a few guidelines needed to be put into place to ensure no one got hurt and that you two were both being safe. The rules were decided and written down to make them more official. You two also decided as the arrangement continued more rules could be added or edited upon both of your consent.
1. No cumming inside :( (Oikawa drew the frowning face. As much as you’d personally love it, you didn’t want kids nor the side effects from birth control.)
2. This is strictly sexual. This agreement will cease in case of romantic feelings to spare them of potential heartbreak.
3. Sex with other people is allowed but keep the other person informed. (Oikawa confidently claimed this is fair but irrelevant because no one can fuck better than him. You had round two to test out that theory. More trials were deemed necessary to come to a proper conclusion).
It took about a week before one of you caved in to contact the other again. It was Oikawa who messaged you first this time: Need your pretty little mouth please. Since you asked so nicely, i’ll be right over, you text him back. You went to his place and did not waste any time removing his pants, that you could clearly see his bulge through, to take him fully in your throat. Nothing beat the look in his eyes as you stared up at him while he shot his cum down your throat. You proudly swallowed every drop, coming up to give him a kiss afterwards.
The next day you call him begging him to fuck you till all you could think about was how much his thick cock was stretching your tight pussy. He quickly drove to your place and did exactly that.
The exchanges became routine and occurred about twice a week, with frequent sexting in between. You enjoyed it, you truly did, but you desperately wanted intimate time with someone that wasn’t purely sexual, you wanted to cuddle and hold hands and laugh together. After a month of being friends with benefits, you decided to start putting yourself out there on dates.
You ended up getting set up on a date with Miya Atsumu, who you found out was a setter for the MSBY jackals. The date came up in conversation with Oikawa since he asked you to come over but you had plans. You told him you would make it up to him tomorrow.
“How was your date with Miya yesterday? Did he get lucky?” Oikawa asks while stripping.
“It was nice…maybe he did.” For some reason you didn’t want to give him the satisfaction of knowing you and Atsumu did nothing but cuddle.
Oikawa pouts before ripping your clothes off. “Careful you’re gonna break something” you warn.
“I’ll buy you a new whatever breaks kay? Just be a good girl for me.” He was being more rough than ever. He stared at your naked body biting his lip with pure lust in his eyes.
“Are you jealous?” you tease.
He didn’t answer but rather pressed his lips hard against yours. You moan through the kiss as he starts rubbing your clit. He fingers you gently with one finger at first before increasing his speed and inserting two more fingers.
“You’re soaked already. Can I put it in now love please? I don’t want to wait anymore,” he asks with his tip already lined up and ready, waiting for your answer. You nod. “Use your words,” he insists. You move your hips trying to bring yourself back in contact with him, trying to get him where you need him most. “Please fuck me,” you beg. He smirks, your wish is his command.
Usually he starts slow, taking his time to make sure you both are feeling good and riding out the high, orgasm after orgasm, but tonight he’s nonstop and merciless. Your nails are gripping on his shoulders and scratching at his back for some stability from his rough thrusts. He undoubtedly is leaving many marks on your neck and chest, kissing and sucking to earn your whimpers and whines.
“Who’s pussy is this?” he groans as he nears his climax.
“Yours. All yours Tooru,” you cry out as you cum with him.
He kisses your forehead, rolling off of you and goes to get a towel to clean you up. You lay there in bliss, ears ringing, covered in sweat, and very thirsty. Oikawa quickly comes back with a cold water bottle for you and wipes you up.
After you catch your breath, you comment on his behavior. “Geez. What got into you today? I probably can’t even walk to my car now” you laugh.
“Then stay the night,” he states seriously. It didn’t matter how late you two finished the other one always left home afterwards. It became almost an unspoken rule.
“Is that okay?” you ask hesitantly.
He wraps his arm around you, nuzzling his head on top of yours “Of course it’s okay love. Plus, I think you could use some aftercare huh?” He presses a soft kiss against your shoulder. You end up drifting off to sleep in his arms.
A few days later you spot Oikawa in public when you were out shopping with Iwaizumi. He comments on it later that day, “What were you doing with Iwa-chan? Are you fucking him too?”
His accusatory tone makes your blood boil and your stomach drop at how low he thought of you. “Hajime is my friend too ya know. I’m not sleeping with him although that is none of your business. How much of a slut do you think I am? I think-”
But he interrupts you “I’m sorry. You’re only my slut yeah?”
“As I was saying I think we should stop this whole friends with benefits thing for a while…or maybe completely.”
He looks at you with a confused look. “You’re too attached and jealous over little things. Plus, I want to see where things go with Atsumu.”
“You’re choosing him over me?” he scoffs.
“Tooru, this was only ever meant to be us hooking up and nothing more. I’m sorry but I can’t do this anymore.”
You meant what you said, you really did. He apologized a few days later, hoping you two can still be friends. But when you got texts from him about a week later that were so desperate: I need you love. Please. I’m so sorry. Let me make it up to you. Need you so so bad. You found yourself right back in his arms.
Tumblr media
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sakusins · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
the best way to show sakusa you’re mad at him is to revoke his hand-holding privileges. evidently, he takes hand holding quite seriously, and taking that right away from him is a quick indicator that you’re unhappy—and that he has some making up to do.
and now, sitting in the passenger seat of your car, arms crossed and lips jutted in a pout, sakusa kiyoomi is not pleased with the consequences you’re making him face. it’s not fair he has to suffer this—not before an important away game, and not before you’re about to drop him off at the airport. you don’t hold his hand while you drive him like usual, and you don’t offer him a small squeeze every now and then either, and he thinks that even despite this being his doing, you’re being rather harsh.
the argument—though he hates to admit it—was his fault, and swallowing his pride and apologizing would be a lot easier if you’d just let him grab your hand and hold it.
“we’re here.” your voice is flat.
“yeah, okay,” he mumbles. staring at him unimpressed, you exhale, and his lips curl further.
“well, aren’t you gonna get out? your flight’s soon.” sakusa uncrosses his arms, hands moving down to his lap as he fiddles with his fingers.
“c-can i…give me your hand.”
“no, kiyoomi.” pout deepening, he looks at you with furrowed eyebrows, and you have to resist the urge to kiss him senseless.
“because i’m mad at you.” and sakusa hadn’t meant to snap at you for forgetting something he didn’t add to the grocery list, but he’d had a rough day, he wasn’t thinking. mistakes happen, and being in a relationship as about forgiving and forgetting.
“‘m sorry,” he mumbles.
“it’s okay. now go get you luggage from the trunk and—”
“gimme your hand first… please?” he adds the last statement when he shrivels under your glare—he’s come to learn that you can be quite scary when you want to be. with a sigh, and very narrowed eyes, you cave and hold your hand out to him.
“what do you plan on doing with it?” he says nothing, simply grabbing it and lacing your fingers together slowly before giving it a soft squeeze. setting your connected hands onto his lap, he smiles in content, and your heart flutters, anger long forgotten.
“we can just sit like this for a bit.”
“you have to go,” you point out. his pout returns, and you stifle a giggle.
“you shouldn’t be so excited to see your husband off.”
husband. that has a nice ring to it, and despite it being months, it still never gets old hearing it. you think perhaps you can cut your husband some slack. you roll your eyes, but still, you indulge him in his desires as you check the time—you decide you can spare him a few minutes.
so you sit, quiet and comfortable, holding his hand and letting him hold yours.
“it’s time to go, omi,” you mumble, eyeing the clock, and his pout returns once more. this time, you do kiss it briefly.
“i gotta let go?”
“you gotta let go,” you nod, and he sighs in disappointment.
“you didn’t let me hold it long enough,” he grumbles, and you purse your lips at the way he hints that this is your fault and not his.
“you could’ve held it longer if you weren’t so mean to me,” you raise a brow. gently, he lifts your hand up, fiddling with the wedding band on your ring finger before placing a delicate kiss on it and planting another on the back of your hand. you fight back a smile, and he lets out a heavy exhale.
“said i was sorry. i’ll miss you,” he whispers.
“it’s three days, kiyoomi,” you snort.
“don’t forget me, please.” he’s always been one for theatrics, and you roll your eyes, leaning forward to cup his cheeks and pull him closer.
“you’re not as forgettable as a damn protein powder, i promise. call me when you land, okay? i love you, babe.” leaning in, you kiss him again, for longer this time, making his shoulders slack and his body subconsciously lean into yours. he pulls away with a soft smile, and you think the trials and tribulations of a grumpy husband might all be worth it in the end if you get to witness sakusa kiyoomi like this.
“i love you too.”
Tumblr media
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