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#please i have exams next week
hella197521 days ago
I鈥檓 gonna need chapter 34 now 馃様馃敨
it鈥檚 almost like i explicitly said no updates until may聽馃お馃お馃お
#i'm MAINLY joking here bc i know anon isn't like pushing me or anything#but i've had MULTIPLE聽asks badgering me about ch34 since the last upload and its literally been a week#like i hate to say it but when i'm doing exams that dictate my future for the next few months#i'm gonna prioritise them#and i shouldn't even be having to explain that here and the majority of you have been so supportive of that#and even sending me things daily wishing me luck on exams and such#and i really fucking appreciate that like it's small shit but it goes a long way#but a very small minority have completely ignored what i've said and i'm lashing out here#sorry anon <3 kinda <3#but yeah i care enough about taob and you guys that even small mentions of it like this that SEEM harmless to you#actually really grate me and make me start stressing over taob#and it's just not a distraction i can afford at the moment#so no anon you're not getting ch34 and in fact i haven't written a single word of it and you're not encouraging me to either#rant over but STOP BADGERING CONTENT CREATORS FOR CONTENT WHEN THEY LITERALLY DON'T OWE YOU SHIT#I DO THIS FOR FREE BECAUSE I LOVE IT AND BECAUSE YOU GUYS ARE VERY COOL#BUT IT'S NOT ACTUALLY SOMETHING IM REQUIRED TO DO JUST LIKE NO OTHER FIC WRITER IS#just think about your messages please#they seem harmless to you and i know you don't mean any harm by it#but if you consider that you're not the only one sending shit like this then it all builds up and becomes draining#ask#taob asks
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babymattsuna month ago
#tw: rant#the amount of stress school has given me this year isn鈥檛 even funny#i鈥檝e had 10+ assignments to do everyday#and i know people are gonna say that it鈥檚 my fault for taking ap; but when my schedule first came out i emailed my counselor and she#declined taking me out of my ap classes#and i probably should鈥檝e asked my parents to talk to her#but they pressure me with my grades and expect me to take over the top classes regardless of how hard it is#and i usually just keep my feelings to myself because i really don鈥檛 like putting any burdens onto people#but i鈥檝e cried a total of 5 times this week because of finals and exams#and i鈥檓 not asking for any sympathy because i do NOT want anyone to feel obligated to say anything to me#but i just need to say all of this somewhere#every time i try and talk to my irls about it; they either say 鈥榮ame鈥 or change the topic immediately and rant to me about their problems#instead and it makes me feel like i鈥檓 being dramatic about this whole situation:/#and lately i just haven鈥檛 had the motivation i usually have when it comes to school#idk if it鈥檚 because im online so i鈥檓 just lazy or because i just want to give up on school in general :(#i just really want to take a break#i can鈥檛 even be happy about my spring break being next week because i have 5 different tests i have to study for during break#and 2 of them are for my ap classes#i just really want this school year to be over#and please stop coming in my inbox asking me to post something#i don鈥檛 feel at my best rn; and i don鈥檛 want that to reflect in my writing#it makes me feel pressured#im sorry for the long rant; and if you read this all please don鈥檛 feel the need to check up on me or anything#i know i joke around a lot on here; but i just don鈥檛 feel happy with myself rn :/#i might take a small break :(#so if you see my randomly disappear; this is why#literally my only outlet for any kind of relief is talking to you guys on here#i mainly use tumblr to distract me; and i鈥檓 really grateful for everyone here#you guys have managed to make me feel better on my bad days :)#鈥攍exyrants鉁夛笍
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dirt-striderra month ago
my brain has completely stopped and the only things filling it are dirk jade and hs classpects.
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onceandfuturehimbo2 months ago
You have to let me know when exam season is over and you have time to binge read because I have a merthur fic rec that will change your life (if you haven't already read it)
ooooh gimme gimme gimme 馃ぉ聽
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onemorestarchild3 months ago
Today I woke up and my first thought was: 鈥渨hen this is over I鈥檓 gonne rename myself from 鈥榮tarchild鈥 to 鈥榮tarchilled鈥欌.
I think the exams are getting to me.
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honeyednights6 months ago
#hi and hello and welcome to another edition of anna鈥檚 having a breakdown!#honestly tho is it rly my blog if i don鈥檛 do one of these every other montg#although i think it鈥檚 been quite a while since the last one???#also like tw bad mental health talk so please stay away if that鈥檚 gonna affect you!!!馃挄#anyways tho i had a breakdown bc i had (have) a life crisis like last week bc i love what i鈥檓 studying but it wont exactly lead to a stable#job specifically in that area. and i鈥檇 kinda like to do it and be an academic but that basically consists of research (which i鈥檇 love) and#writing papers (which i HATE and i am so bad at it and 馃槶) so i鈥檓 kinda like maybe i should be more realistic#which lead me to rmr that after next semester i only have 3 years left of student loans :)) and if i want to change my studies i need to#retake some high school exams which is also a v stressful aspect bc i鈥檓 afraid of not being able to do that. and that would also affect my#studio flat bc it鈥檚 student housing and you need to be a student to be able to live here - which is another thing bc i have two friends who#live together with a third person and they鈥檙e moving out soon so they asked if i wanna move in#and logically and rationally it鈥檇 be the best solution bc i鈥檒l live with friends and it鈥檚 cheaper rent but the problem is i /need/ my space#and living with others is just not something i鈥檇 necessarily want to do or like and i鈥檓 also stressed abt moving in w them and then they鈥檒l#see me in a different light and think badly of me bc i do spend a lot of time at home doing nothing of importance#but at the same time a lil part of me is like thinking it might be the help i need to change my rutines the way i want#and then i鈥檓 also so stressed about everything else and i just feel like i need a mf break and another option (instead of retaking exams or#going straight to do a masters) would be to just. take a gap year. and the thought of that also stresses me tf out bc after high school i#took a gap year where i did absolutely NOTHING like i applied to jobs and didn鈥檛 get any so i tried a little bit. but i spent the entire#year just living at home being holed up in my room. and i鈥檓 scared that a new gap year would turn out the exact same way#(although also in that gap year i had like 2.5 friends and i didn鈥檛 even meet them almost at all?? which is different now thankfully)#idk i鈥檓 stressed out and i can鈥檛 even properly think about which options i have and how they would play out bc i just panic#and i talked to dad today and was like kinda hoping he鈥檇 give me some good advice and that i鈥檇 feel better#and he did like suggest something which might be a good idea. but also he said that i needed to stop looking backwards at what couldve been#and focus on here and now and what i can do now - which is to study all the time etcetcetc#and it鈥檚 just like..... both he and mum think that oh it鈥檚 mostly about deciding to do things and do them but neither of them seem to#comprehend the trauma of having been s******l for literally 2/3 of my life#if it was that easy to just move on and decide to get my life together dont you think i would鈥檅e done that already???????#so yeah these are like the Big Things i鈥檓 struggling w right now and i鈥檓 just all :////////////////#hope i figure it or at least something out soon so i can let go of the incredible amount of stress i鈥檓 feeling
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baebrants8 months ago
me: *works out for 3 hours*
me: *immediately eats chocolate afterwards*
me: where are my abs?????? this is so not fair >:(
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chlcalliope10 months ago
june is for atmospheric remus/sirius fics that exist in welsh gardens and fleeting glances on trains
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spiker3008a year ago
19, 33, 40, 58, 98?
Oh hello!
19. Sleeping position?
Well I toss and turn during the night but often end up on my back in summer and curled into a ball on my side in winter.
33. Most used phrase on your phone?
鈥淵eah鈥 鈥淥h鈥
40. Weirdest thing to ever happen to your school?
I can鈥檛 think of anything off the top of my head, but possibly the doors being broken in the boy鈥檚 bathroom or shadow complementing your cock in the girl鈥檚 bathroom.
58. Four talents you鈥檙e proud of having?
Being able to fall into a light sleep very quickly. Good for power naps during school assembly
Making my eyes vibrate
Not a talent but I haven鈥檛 cried in almost 7 weeks
I can鈥檛 think of a fourth one
98. Favourite historical era?
Can I do a time before people? I love the Cambrian explosion. They look neat. Life was simple back then. I鈥檓 not much of a history person.
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What about Yandere Look-see Who鈥檚 Obsessed With a female S/o?
Ooooh, my first yandere ask! Coming right up!
I wanna thank everyone who's been supporting this blog through the unplanned hiatus it's been going through. College is a bitch, but with exams starting to finish up, I'm in the home stretch! More asks will be completed soon!
Tumblr media
(Romantic) Yandere!Look-See/fem!reader
I feel like Look-See would slowly transition into being a lucid yandere. When he starts to realize how obsessed he is with you, and he doesn't understand. That effects his behavior, because if there's something else he doesn't stand, it's hypocrites. Is he a hypocrite? What is happening?
For a while, his inner turmnoil is going to effect his behavior towards you. One moment he'll be all sweet and snuggly, and the next he'll be mopey and sulking somewhere in a closet, and he'll snap at you if you get too close. He's brooding, human, leave him alone.
However, he soon starts to realize that he's not like those humans he kills. They hang onto things because they're selfish. He wants to hang onto you because he loves you and cares about you and wants to hold you and snuggle you and UGH! He's just so bursting with feelings about you, and they make him so happy! How can this be a bad thing?
Once he finally realizes how much he loves you, one can say that the real horror begins. He becomes clingy to the point of following you literally everywhere. And I mean everywhere. It's at least thirty-minute bitch fit when you ask him to please just stand outside the bathroom so you can take a piss.
He鈥檚 extremely adverse to leaving his proxies behind to help take care of you while he鈥檚 gone. What if you get to talking and find them more attractive than him? He鈥檚 not about to let that happen.
Any other entity he perceives as a threat is dealt with immediately. It doesn't matter if they're human or monster. Their heart or head or whatever organ he thinks is symbolic in this situation will be sitting on your bedside to terrify you when you wake up at some point this week.
Regular Look-See is a cuddle monster already, but yandere Look-See turns that shit up to eleven out of a possible five. He demands cuddles constantly, to the point where you need to set designated times through the day to cuddle because his constant demanding cuts into a lot of your daily routine. He will also worm his way into sleeping in your bed, with or without you. He's addicted to your scent, and your bed is the best place to get it.
The bed thing also has the added plus of spreading his scent in a place you're laying and tossing and turning in for a good amount of time a day, and it helps mark you in a way that he doesn't have to bite you. Not that he isn't partial to marking you in the traditional manner -- he just gets very excited and can't control how hard he bites down, and it hurts you. He doesn't want to hurt you.
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