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#please it needs to be halloween
spicy0pumpkin4 days ago
Tumblr media
Me noticing it鈥檚 half way through september and nearly October !!! 馃巸馃懟馃巸
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kstearba month ago
Tumblr media
Another Morticia - Here's the tag for all of them
Inspired loosely by Mainbocher's beautiful dress here
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spookynightdeancas11 days ago
alright yall, here are some possible halloween/fall urls that i could use for my blog. pick which one yall like the most!
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obeythedemons8 days ago
Tea Leaves [Obey Me! Barbatos/MC]
Obey Me! Masterlist
It was getting closer and closer to Halloween. Of course, living in Devildom was always a bit spooky. But it was going to be Halloween nonetheless, much to MC鈥檚 pleasure. Everyone had their own booths set up at the RAD鈥檚 Halloween Festival to raise funds for the student council. Some delivered tricks and others handed out treats. One booth, in particular, could hand out both.
MC paused at Barbatos鈥檚 booth. He gazed up at them with a soft smile and gestured for them to sit. They placed their bag of treats on the floor next to them as they slowly sat down. Teacups were lined up with various cartons of loose tea leaves. Behind the teacups was a teal cast iron teapot containing what MC presumed was hot water.
鈥淲ould you care to take a glimpse into your future?鈥 Barbatos questioned, his eyes shut as he smiled.
鈥淎re you actually using your powers or just using tea leaves?鈥 MC laughed lightly.
Barbatos opened his eyes and smirked at them. He raised a single finger to his lips. 鈥淔or you, I鈥檒l bend some rules.鈥 MC huffed and looked away, a light blush forming on their cheeks at his teasing. Barbatos chuckled lightly. 鈥淚鈥檓 not hearing a no.鈥 He gestured his hand towards the cups. 鈥淧ick on to determine what kind of fortune you鈥檒l get.鈥
MC looked at the teacups. Each one was a different color but had no indication of what kind of fortune they foretold. They looked up at Barbatos for guidance, but the small smirk on his face indicated he wouldn鈥檛 be of any help. With a sigh, MC picked a periwinkle-colored set with small white flowers painted across the cup.
鈥淎h, a love fortune!鈥 Barbatos hummed with amusement. MC鈥檚 face burned brilliantly, causing the butler to chuckle. 鈥淚t would have been a love fortune regardless of which set you chose.鈥
鈥淏arbatos!鈥 MC whined, attempting to hide their face with their hands.
He only laughed them off and scooped a teaspoon worth of loose black tea leaves before pouring in the hot water. The water slowly turned into a golden-brown color, just a touch darker than honey. Once it was cool enough to not burn MC鈥檚 tongue, Barbatos spoke.
鈥淭hink of the love that will come to you as you drink your tea until there鈥檚 a sip or two left. Then, holding the handle of the cup, swirl the liquid clockwise three times. Finally, tip the cup upside down onto the saucer.鈥
MC nodded and slowly drank the tea. It was slightly bitter, but not overly so. They kept their eyes off of Barbatos as they thought of the one that they loved. The heat in their face never really simmered down.
鈥淎re you thinking of the one you may love in the future?鈥 Barbatos questioned. He raised a hand to his chin as a sly smile formed. 鈥淥r perhaps you鈥檙e thinking of the one you currently love?鈥 The darkening of MC鈥檚 face caused Barbatos鈥檚 smile to falter ever so slightly. He cleared his throat to hid the fall of his carefully poised persona.
After a couple of minutes, MC carefully swirled the tea leaves in the cup and then placed it upside down. Once the excess liquid had drained, Barbatos flipped the teacup so that the handle was facing in his direction. Then, he carefully lifted it as to not disturb the settlement of the leaves.
鈥淥ne moment, please,鈥 he uttered quietly and concentrated. While his eyes were facing the tea leaves, he used his powers to take a glimmer into MC鈥檚 future.
His hand nearly lost their grip of the teacup. They shook as he struggled to place it down. His eyes widened and a faint dusting of pink coated his cheeks. His gaze drifted towards MC鈥檚 concerned look. His breathing staggered as he tried to take in everything he saw. The thumping of his heart danced with joy but made it difficult to form a coherent thought.
鈥淏arbatos? Are you alright?鈥 MC鈥檚 voice snapped him out of his trance.
He smiled softly and reached to envelope their hands with his own. 鈥淰ery much so. I see your fortune bringing us great joy.鈥
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1ddiscourseoftheday11 months ago
Mon 19 Oct聽鈥20
We鈥檝e got new LT Tour news and it miiight actually be realistic?? A Louis show has been added in Australia, just about the only place it's possible to imagine that a show might actually go forward as scheduled (June 2021) even if things don't change very much over the next months. LTHQ says he has 鈥渦pgraded his Sydney show [it was moved to a different venue] and added a second show in Melbourne for the 2021 world tour.鈥 Tickets for the added show go on sale Thursday. We'll see about the world part, but the idea that some shows might go forward is a win for us all! The whole world will be looking to you, Aussie livestreamers! And United By Pop posted a gushy compilation of fans sharing what Louis means to them, as collected on twitter by the author, who says she was inspired to move to London to become a music journalist by Louis.
Niall interviews continue to pop up-- today he publicly describes himself as being in a relationship for the first time ever (he's only confirmed relationships after the fact in the past, if that) and can we just appreciate that he does it in the weirdest possible way, maybe it's the lack of practice: 鈥淚'm gone, they took me away, the love angels,鈥 he says, complete with an arm gesture waving up at ...heaven? He and Amelia have been public already for months now so it's not any kind of surprise, it's just a layer of public discussion he doesn't usually do. He talks about the upcoming charity show, saying 鈥淚 think if the government are going to do nothing...the artists need to step up,鈥 and he and Australian singer/songwriter Sam Fischer had a long zoom musical session and shared pics (鈥渏ust a couple of stone cold studs having a cheeky laugh for 2 hours!鈥) The Men in Blazers spot didn't air in full yet, that'll be in a couple more hours, but we did get a clip of the announcer talking about fandom in these times: 鈥渋n our world right now where everything feels like it matters too much, it's amazing to have something in life鈥hat doesn't really matter at the end of the day, but it feels like it matters completely and you've got permission to act emotionally out of proportion to everything that's going on.鈥 Niall doesn't really pick up the thread the way I'd love him to, to make the connection between male driven fandoms and what he sees from his fans on his twitter every day, but who knows, maybe the full interview will have more such treasures. He also posted about golf.
Liam's Tings magazine cover will be out next Friday (Liam in a blazer with no shirt, leather pants, and a smoldering look), new Hugo ads are out in the world now (more smolder), and we see him with a MOUSTACHE in pictures posted today as part of Movember鈥攖he campaign encourages people to 'grow a mo'[ustache] during November to raise visibility for the charity, which works on awareness for men's mental and physical health issues. 鈥淒oing my bit by growing a MO this year,鈥 says Liam and 鈥渢hanks for capturing my moustache in all its glory!鈥 Does this mean we have to adjust our Liam Halloween costume predictions?
Meanwhile, reports of Harry going about his business in LA yesterday: he bought a camera strap and tried to buy the decorations off the wall of that shop, got some frozen yogurt, and he took some distanced fan pics (the video of him very politely running away is particularly funny.) His hair is cut and he's wearing a Friends shirt!! You can't really make out much about the haircut except that it's short on the sides and still basically the same color (who the hell started that blond Harry rumor??) but that was enough to get 'he cut his hair' trending on twitter, lol. The shirt is a reproduction of one Rachel wore on Friends, lips with 'save the drama for your mama' written inside, but not just any old redbubble knockoff, Gemma says she had it specially made (embroidered!) for Harry for his birthday, wow. I believe that Harry, unlike Niall, is self aware about the paralells between his own fanning and his fans' and reminders of the band's thing for Friends references always make me happy in that particular 'aww celebs they're just like us' way (even if the particulars of their fan merch are a reminder that they very much aren't). Anyway, Don't Worry Darling begins filming today, and in a Halloweeny twist the 'horror' tag has been added to its IMDB listing.
And finally, an ex of Briana's is suing her! He alleges that she borrowed $5000 from him to have her boobs done and never paid him back, and he's suing for the return of the loan. He says it's not so much about the money it's the principle and complains that because they broke up he 鈥渘ever even saw them鈥 lmaoooo. What a pair, and I don't mean the breasts.
#Niall Horan#Louis Tomlinson#Harry Styles#LIam Payne#IDK why people are saying that Niall 'slipped' and admitted he was in a relationship I... did we watch the same clip??#it's pretty straightfoward and also it's not like they haven't BEEN public about it#the person who titled the clip 'niall HINTS at new relationship' also didn't watch the same one as me I'm guessing lol what#I suspect the whole world will be counting on you aussie livestreamers for a lot more than 聽just Louis over the next year or so#please do us right! so far so good props to the DMAs fans for example (in every way tbh they're really a treasure)#soooo United by Pop really needs to invest in like.. a single proofreader??#or honestly even just let your word program make some grammar suggestions and accept them?#I can't believe people are out there getting paid for things they don't even appear to read over#I should unlarrie so I can get scooped up and actually make some money#look for my dramatic resignation from the fandom I'll be sure to write a manifesto and loudly denounce all my old friends#and then come back like two weeks later#I almost deleted these tags cause I started thinking about all the specific people folks were going to think#I was indirecting (I'm not specifically meaning anyone)#but simply the fact that I thought of so many and you probably are too means it stays in cause LMAO#the intern wants Liam to be Harry Potter for halloween but the moustache is more Harry Styles hmm?#niall#liam#friends reference#gemma#19 oct 20#briana jungwirth#louis#harry#michael strauss#boobiegate#lajdjdjjlk stealing that tag that's GOLDDDDD
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spicy0pumpkin11 days ago
Tumblr media
Me waiting patiently for Halloween 馃巸馃悎鈥嶁瑳馃巸
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nonetoon12 months ago
Listen they can change everything else about Halloween in the next AC update, but they BETTER still have the pumpkin head masks
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linkwithaflowercrowna month ago
I'm already making a halloween shirt. Should I make it:
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bluebellgrove5 days ago
Let's make the perfect horror movie! What do we need?
An old house/mansion
A raven sitting on the village sign
A big old forest
Ancient vintage furniture
Main character is new in town, at strange job and/or moving into new old spooky house
Creeky wooden floor and doors
Dogs barking at nothing
Cats hissing at nothing
Kids talking to nothing
bathroom mirror scare
Alphabet magnets on refregerator forming threatening words
Finding weird stuff in the walls so it wasn't any animals huh
It will be Halloween soon
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ladyofacherusa year ago
Hey beautiful people on the internet!
Tumblr media
Hey there! My name is Mara, I live in Venezuela, and I鈥檓 currently in a very hard situation. I don鈥檛 have a job (I live in a very small town, and there are not places asking for employees because the actual situation of the country and the pandemic). So, I鈥檓 taking commissions as crazy, because my house, my family, we all are in a very hard situation. In another addition, I need to buy a box of colour pencils so I can continue drawing stuff. So, if you want to contribute, you can ask me for commissions, donate in my Ko-Fi, or you can spread the word of this journal! Any help is welcomed! 聽For the drawings, I only have a fewer rules: For the drawings, I only have a fewer rules: - Commission for non-commercial purpose only - I retain the right to post images in my gallery and/or portfolio - Please don't claim the art as your own. 1 order = 1 portrait / 1 character All the drawings has $20聽as a base price +50% of the base price for an extra character. All of the portraits come with a transparent background. A colored background it'll be $1聽extra. I WILL DO: - Fantasy themes - Gothic/Dark themes - Gore (Blood, wounds, ect./but no physical acts of violence) - OC's - Fanarts (any kind of fanarts) - Soft nudity I WON'T DO: - Extreme nudity - Fetishes - Furrys - Pets - Mechas - Elderly Please include references, poses, colors, description of expression, and any details you want added! Any other thing you need to know, you can send me a PM and I will reply as soon as possible. Or, if you don't want to ask for a commission but want to donate, you can do it here: Thank you for reading!
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herbertbestboi10 months ago
Guys in currently in a meme war with a friend and I need all the Herbert West (or other horror) meme pictures you have?
(By meme I mean like reaction pictures, like the one of herbert holding a gun, which my friend stole from me!)
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