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#please know i am cracking the fuck up right now
i-am-robie · a month ago
robie, i had a dream last night that you changed your blog name to “robies-art” bc you decided to be a fan artist, but then within the same hour, you changed it to “kramby” or “karmby” or something similar, i forget. the “k” in the name stood for kara, and your pfp was a fan art of kara in a red pantsuit.
also you did a face reveal video where you talked about supercorp while sitting outside on a table. it was a very professional filming set up. you looked and sounded exactly like kristen wiig, and somebody asked you if you were secretly kristen wiig in like the live chat of the video or whatever, and you kept insisting “no my birth name is robie” and we were all like hmmmm.
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