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Not to have a breakdown right here on Tumblr Mobile TM but my family really does not care about this situation huh

My brother isnt washing his hands and has friends over despite being told not to, he genuinely doesnt seem to understand just what is going on.

My mother isn’t taking any of this as seriously as she should, (she licked a spoon clean yesterday and then put it into a full tub of icecream?? and laughed about it like she just forgot was gross?) Especially as someone who handles money constantly working at a bank.

My stepdad is talking about how he might be asked to self isolate on the estate he works at which leaves my brother and I alone with our mom, a genuinely abusive and manipulative woman who will not listen to us when we say this virus is serious.

I haven’t heard from my dad in weeks and I’m scared for him, I don’t even remember the last time to got to see him. I’m so so scared for him.

Both my mom and my stepdad are continuing to smoke inside and putting my brother and I at more risk, too.

I’m already immunocompromised from their smoking and undiagnosed issues I have, and the rest of my family isn’t exactly the fucking pinnacle of health either and it makes all of this so, so scary.

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Dear mutuals

Could you please tag posts showing or mentioning someone getting shot with an arrow with stuff like “arrow //” or “arrow tw” or something like that? Please like if you see. Thnx for reading, ily 💕

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Shiro’s Unplanned Nap

ok i made this before i watched season 2, i’m in season 3, no spoilers please. its not the best but i hope u like it.

P.S if i get like 5 likes on this i will make the next one.

(Reader X Paladins Of Voltron)

Y/n walked into the living area. You intended to read a book that you had picked up from the last trip to earth. The couch was covered in pillows and sheets of paper. Shiro was also there.

He sat there with his head lolling backwards, he had one of the papers in his hand. The angle of his head made him snore gently. You smiled to yourself and headed over to Shiro, he seemed peaceful.

“it was about time he got some rest” you thought.

“Shiro?” you asked, prodding him. All he did was stop snoring and his head rolled to a better position. He didn’t wake. Curious, You pulled the sheet of paper out of Shiro’s hands.

It was scattered with Galra words and arabic numerals. you sat down and studied more intensly.

“Why are there earth numbers with Galra letters?” you thought.

“Why do i recognise this hand writing?” you think again. You got up and collected the rest of the papers from the couch and examined them closely. Each sheet was translated to a certain extent, enough so you could put them all together and know what it said.

“Oh no” you say. You went back over to Shiro again.

“Shiro, Shiro wake up” you say urgently shaking him by the shoulders. He didn’t move. You looked about and found a drink that you hadn’t noticed earlier. You went over to it and smelt it. The room shook unpleasantly. You lost your balance and fell.

You got up quickly, the world around you giving a little dance, before you ran all the way to the control centre. Allura and Koran were there.

“Allura! Lock up the lions! there is an intruder in the castle!”

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hey friends! i know that’s a shocking title but it would help if you read this post all the way through I love fall out boy and I’ll probably always love them, but I’ve begun to outgrow Tumblr. the drama and stress doesn’t work for me. I made my blog during a bout of low self esteem and now that I’m on the road to recovery, I no longer need to rely on tumblr n stuff to keep me happy. which is actually pretty awesome. so I’ll be leaving my blog pretty soon.

a few more things to say: -i have a bunch of pretty good saved URLs. If you want my current URL or want some of my other URLs, please hit me up. I’ll probably give most of them away to mutuals -i have also a bunch of sideblogs so let me know if you want to be a mod for sapphic sideblogs or my ‘justbiracialthings’ sideblog -mutuals hmu if you want to still keep in touch! ily you all thanks for everything!
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So, turns out i’m back in the hospital.

I attempted again yesterday night and I spent the night in emergency services. (For once people were nice to me except this bitch nurse who hates me, she failed my perfusion and now I have a big arse bruise on my arm).

I feel… Lost. Lost and lonely. I don’t even know why i attempted when I knew it wouldn’t work. My friends came and called an ambulance when they saw I didn’t answer their texts anymore but now I feel like they’re mad at me. I feel like they hate me and I couldn’t blame them.

I’m so scared they do.

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