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#please stay
lucy dacus: quit your job. cut your hair. get a dog. change your name. change your mind. change your ways. give them time. go back to school, go back to sleep. tell the secret you can't keep. begin, be done. break a vow, make a new one. call me if you need a friend or never talk to me again
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niirumarin · 9 months ago
if you’re looking for a reason to stay alive today, just remember that you’d be depriving your future best friends, lovers and pets of the chance to meet you and fall in love with you.
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thestarsspeak-blog · 3 months ago
Quit your job Cut your hair Get a dog Change your name Change your mind Change your ways Give them time Go back to school, go back to sleep Tell the secret you can’t keep Begin, be done Break a vow, make a new one Call me if you need a friend or never talk to me again But please stay
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dontbeagrestive · a month ago
Life is shitty.
But I want you to breathe.
I want you to look around and remember that you’re not alone.
I want you to be here.
I need you to be here.
I don’t know you and I don’t know your story.
You don’t know me or my story.
Stay here.
You matter.
You’re loved.
Just take a step back and breathe.
Your story matters.
Your voice is heard.
Hold your head up.
Just don’t go.
Stay strong.
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mish-tique · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Lion, man. 27.8.2021
credits: 1. Little lion man – mumford & sons. 2. this post by @f1withpsd 3. original unknown, found on weheartit 4. The cave – mumford & sons
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abrighterspark · 2 months ago
i cannot keep this time
i cannot save this day
i cannot make you mine...
unless you want to stay?
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sarahpaulsonsoftie · 10 months ago
Hi, sweetheart. I know it hurts and I know you’ve been in a slump lately but I need you do something for me, please?
I need you to get out bed and brush your teeth and maybe have a shower. I know it hurts, I know. I’m so sorry you’re going through this but just brush your teeth? You an bring the tootthbrush into your room with some water and a cap, just for 2 minutes. Please.
You don’t even need to shower, maybe just get some deodorant and some dry shampoo and baby wipes. Just clean yourself, darling. I know how hard it is, but being clean will make you feel a tiny bit better.
I know it hurts and I know you need face to face talking, but trust me, if I could be there and take care of you, I would.
Please, just a small shower. Make sure you take your medication if you need to and have something to eat and drink. I know it’s hard and you probably don’t want to make anything, but just a glass of water and some crackers?
Maybe open your curtains and leave them open, and if not that then maybe just turn the light on. Being in the dark is not good you, sweetheart.
I know it’s painful and I wish I could take it all away, but just remember you are so strong and you’re a step further to feeling better, okay?
You are so strong, so beautiful and so loved. Please keep yourself safe and if you need to, just message me. I wish I could take it all away but all I can do is offer some comfort. I’m sorry, darling.
You strength is priceless and I love you. You are loved, safe, and strong. So please stay.
I love you and take care. 
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empty-meanings · 2 months ago
having me around hasn’t made you happy like you once told me it did. my heart breaks even more every time I’m reminded that I’ve never been enough and will never be enough. it doesn’t break because you don’t love me or because you didn’t want me. it breaks because I’ve never been enough to be wanted or loved. because no one loves me and because no one wants me. and who would?
— please just let me be enough.
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loveletterstotheliving · 4 months ago
i think i forwent any closure the moment i asked you to stay, even if that meant just your words
i’d make all of the same mistakes again if that meant i got to know you like this
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mariona-caldentey · 4 months ago
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