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my ideas of past Marko

unlike my post with david there is not another role by Alex that is creepily similar to my idea of him alive however Poli from the haunted summer allowed me to see him in a more period fashion. I think there would be the possibility for them to be similar, if Marko had been brought up in a rich home and his anger replaced with sorrow. I will be using images of him, as my idea of looks (aka period clothing, however marko wouldn’t have clothes nearly as nice- but the lower layers are near always the same no matter the class).


My idea of him/Headcannons- 

His pants would be patched, his money is spent more on food and the ocasional room for the night then it is getting a new pair of pants or fixing his suspenders. His hair is shorter , its not nearly as long as it is as a vampire, as he always kept it down around his shouders, a bit past. Dirty but not as much as you’d think 

He was this sort of naivety to him, what can almost be ignorance, he clings to David so hard because he seams to have a sense of how the world works. How to get by, whats good and what’s bad, Marko would just take from a baby if he could, if David didn’t outright tell him how wrong it is. He’s rough because he has to be he HAS to be. There is this anger to him stemming from a million different things at once, no one takes him god damn seriously. He has this cute innocent look to him this childs face that could do no wrong, have no dirty thought or sign of intelegence, everyone automatically babies him and he is SICK of it. Yet it is of use, if you can make a sweet face, work up tears it can do wonders.


love isnt something he takes nearly as seriously as david, he’d tease him for it as everyday it seamed to be some new gal….. or guy. He didnt take ‘love’ seriously as you could find it on the street corner, in nearly every other building and yet… here he is. wavelength, looks whatever it is, hell have a fling and become attached… then get freaked at the idea of that means marriage, tied down all these things. Somehow, he had a thing going on with paul that ended up a 80+ year strong relationship. 

he is needy almost obsessive for attention, friends, lovers , the law.. he just needs attention someone to look at him, be by him. he is like a candle he will literally burn your house down if ignored for to long. his liking for pigeons and birds stemmed from this, as they pay attention when others wont. This issue stems from a absent extremely wealthy mother he has no practical memory of.

He and David had known each other longest, he is the boss and the voice of reason. he is loyal, greatly loyal to the point of obedience(not without ignoring himself as he WILL tell David off if he needs to) he kind of… really looks up David, his smarts , his charisma and looks and morals that he struggles to maintain himself. His admiration for the other blends into ….attraction as well which had been taken advantage of in the past.

hsdkhfjkdskfhdshfjsdh ive been going on for to long, i just have alot to say about the living 1906 boys , idk if ill do this for the others but who knows

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“my child is fine” m'am your child carries a basketball to school at all times

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there’s some hos in this house

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was no one going to tell me cain was fucking lassie from psych?
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TIL that in Ecosia, if you get more than 100 tabs open, it just shows a :D instead of the number of tabs

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Someone stop me from writing a fic with achilles come down vibes I fucking beg of you don’t make me do this to myself

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so i went on instagram and long island’s two main pop stations were right next to each other so i did the dUMBEST thing

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you: my chemical romance

me, a communist: OUR chemical romance

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Someone please stop me from putting the Danganronpa execution music over Happy Tree Friends episodes

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I know Cryptor doesn’t even technically have a last name, so giving him a middle name is definitely a stretch, but like… idk

Cryptor Julien Borg has kinda a nice ring to it.

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I’m going to blend gifs and you can’t stop me.

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things that have double meanings

  • frogs
  • worm
  • cuffed jeans
  • “i like your style”
  • doc martens
  • thrifts items
  • ~to be continued
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Hello everyone I am once again thinking about how Tanu is a healer… I’m thinking about strong hands capable of being gentle, I’m thinking about kind eyes and warm smile and comfort he offers to those around him… I’m thinking about how, when Seth was feeling anxious and guilty Tanu explained potions to him to distract him, I’m thinking about him trying to help Dale to get Warren back, I’m thinking about Tanu being a healer and a protector…. Many thought head full….

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