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#please this isn’t even that funny
nerdycryptid · 7 months ago
3500 years ago a bunch of people decided to build a tower to the sky and now I have to worry about keeping up my Duolingo streak
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this little passage from Kaz’s POV is so funny-
Kaz had been standing next to Kuwei when the bullet struck and had been the first to his side. He heard a smattering of gunfire in the cathedral, most like panicked stadwatch officers with hasty trigger fingers. Kaz knelt over Kuwei’s body, hiding his left hand from view, and jabbed a stringed into the Shu boy’s arm. There was blood everywhere. Jellen Radmakker had fallen to the stage and was bellowing, “I’ve been shot!” He had not been shot.
- Crooked Kingdom, 472.
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latinposeidon · 25 days ago
I’m honestly kinda curious what the crowd at the HGC would be seeing during the start of Stand Tall. Like the guys were probably poofing in from the stage of the club, hence why Luke was having so much trouble appearing even to Julie and the other ghosts. So like,,,,, were they just watching the cool new band just dip one by one as Caleb absolutely seethes with each disappearance? Coz that would be so funny to see
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starfirexl · 5 months ago
Wally: You ever emotionally adopt someone, but like, completely unintentionally?
~ flashback ~
Damian: You fool, you ingrate, think carefully on the choice before you. Should you dare defy me I will drag you down to the pits of Hell and crush you to dust beneath my hee—
Dick: checkmate.
Damian: *unholy shrieking* RICHAAAAAAAAAARD!!!!
Damian: Tremble before me, you worthless imbecile. Suffer as I triumph over your pathetic soul. Cower, for victory is within reach—
Dick: checkmate.
Damian: *screams into a pillow* *loud crashing noises* *throws a chair across the room*
Damian: I hate you I hate you I hate you!!! How could you be so cruel and unjust and unrepentant—
Dick: checkmate.
Damian: >:(
Dick: :)
Damian: *flips the board*
~ present ~
Dick: yeah it might’ve happened once or twice
#batfam#what do you mean this isn’t their canon dynamic?#like bro i’ll be the first one to say that i adore it when they’re all lovey-dovey with each other#but you CANNOT tell me that dick doesn’t purposely get on damian’s nerves just to witness the subsequent meltdown#dami fucking rage-quitting chess is so funny to me lmaoooo#i can just imagine dick sitting there with a fond smile on his face as damian’s literally stomping on the chess board#damian: *breaks the table*#dick: is this parenthood :’)#for gods sake dickie you’re on your like...12th chess set please stop him before he sprains his ankle trying to stomp on the bishop#i dunno if this is like chess heresy or smth#but dami def wrecks the chess set when he loses#but only when it’s dick#like idk why but with everyone else he’s pretty chill with losing i mean he’ll stew over it but he’ll just brood silently#but dick is always so SMUG about it and it all branches from that first time they played chess together#when dami was all high-and-mighty and absolutely sure he’d win#but then he lost and he swore that he’d wipe that smirk off dick’s face one day#4 years and 16 chess sets later and we’re still waiting lmao#at this point dick doesn’t even care about winning he just wants to see damian freak out bc he thinks it’s cute#why anyone would find destruction of property cute i dunno but dick’s part of the batfam so the standard for ‘normal’ is wayyyy out there#like both dick and duke think they’re the ‘normal ones’ but it’s more like#dick: my kids so cute when he’s threatening to murder me :’)#wally: *nervous laughter* what the fuck#dick grayson#wally west#dc#dcu#damian wayne
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steveshine · 5 months ago
i know exactly which white man’s fanbase needs to hear this but taking Goofy pictures while making fun of someone else’s religious practices is not the move and neither is mocking their teachings or terms for a joke. i don’t care if you’re “playing a part” or “just kidding”; someone else’s culture is not your costume and none of their practices are something for you to play with.
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omside · 11 months ago
I like to think that the brothers avoid western culture and religion cuz it’s a sore subject and since christianity dominates the conversation they assume that other monotheistic religions are inherently similar when they aren’t
...mainly cuz how hype do you think satan would be that he exists in judaism and not only is Lucifer not a thing in judaism, but is also attributed to a mistranslation
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starbuck · 8 months ago
I wish I wasn’t so heavily convinced that everybody on here hates me and would hate me more if I talked about the things that truly interest me because I know in my logical mind that isn’t true and I would love to share my thoughts openly and honestly but I just haven’t figured out how to make myself do it yet.
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multiplefandomsblog · 8 months ago
TW; Kinda suggestive??? Boob grabbing lmfao
Okay this is something random I just thought of but-
imagine your s/o is just feeling you up, groping your boob whilst you both made out, and then they’re just like- “wait is that a bump??” And then they start to feel your breast even more, but thoroughly groping it; not thinking of how weird the situation was. They would start panicking, “WAIT DOES THIS MEAN YOU HAVE BREAST CANCER!?” Then they’d start crying like- “oh gOd YouRe goNNa DiE-“
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willasferreyra · 8 months ago
my boss wants me to post something abt booking us for spring/summer vacations and GOD im trying to word it so that it doesn’t sound like we’re encouraging traveling and i fucking feel like connor trying to give that fucking eulogy
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geothefafa · 6 months ago
I hate seeing my triggers pop up cus I feel like I can’t just ask ppl to tag their shitty jokes and the other half of the time it’s something so harmless I feel embarrassed asking for it to be tagged.
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randomfangirl82 · 9 months ago
The worst part of today is finding out aizawa x deku seems to be a semi popular ship to some of the fandom
Listen I’m not saying we should bully them into being ashamed of shipping a teacher and a 15 year old kid but,,,
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ezmarie · 10 months ago
hi pretty ezra ! i wish you all the luck and i hope you pass that test too <3 ilysm
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
aaaAAAHHH- pls i’m cRyiNg🥺 how are you so sweet it doesn’t make sense😭😔🧎‍♀️ thank you so much bb i’m pretty sure your good luck worked!! (idk yet tho🥲) i love you more😠😤🤍
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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