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#please   THAT SMILE
siins · 28 days ago
Tumblr media
some funny guy from funny dollhouse stream on twitch dot com
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muffinlance · 2 months ago
Hi so I had an idea for a fic that I’ll never write and wanted to share it! Basically zuko and the crew stop in a town where the avatar is supposed to be. Something happens that means the gaang is separated so sokka is there alone. With no money he decides to earn it by disguising himself as a therapist and helping the town with his wisdom. As you can guess, Iroh learns of him and decides it would be perfect for his troubled nephew and somehow convinces him to go. Sokka freaks out because this old man slides a ton of money to him so he’ll help his angry nephew (does iroh secretly recognise sokka? Up to you) Sokka realises he can get some super secret intel on the enemy to help the defeat the fire nation. Then Zuko starts talking (after lots of brooding and pouting and yelling) and sokka’s And sees zuko in a whole new light and just doesn’t know how to handle it but has a whole new slew of insults for ozai and becomes low-key protective of the fire hazard. Don’t know what would happen after that, but thought this was a fun idea! Love your works btw
Barely Undercover Therapist Sokka? YES PLEASE.
Like, you could play this straight as Zuko and Iroh not noticing... Or Iroh alone could notice... Or Zuko does notice and is using Sokka to get to the Avatar.
And the timeline possibilities!
Is it Season One, with shouty Zuko encountering his therapist across multiple towns along the coast, in a running gag a la Cabbage Man as Sokka learns more and more things he Did Not Want To Know?
Is it Season Two, and Iroh pushes his nephew into therapy just as soon as their tea shop starts making enough money?
Or is it Season Three, and the Gaang arrived to the capital ahead of the invasion schedule, and Sokka went undercover as a therapist to gather intel... and meets a Barely Undercover Fire Prince full of crippling anxiety about his upcoming treason, wait no he didn't mean to say treason, it's just that... uh. He's... going to talk to his dad. And then leave to find his friends. Who aren't his friends yet, actually they kind of hate him, and actually that's for a good reason, but he hopes that they won't Actually Kill Him On Sight--
Sokka Dr Wang Fire: Wow buddy you need a therapist
Zuko Li: That's... why I'm here?
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vicea · 3 months ago
dream’s whole fucking brand is a smile and how he has been such a positive force in so many people’s lives, how he’s always spreading love and reassurance every chance he gets to his community and friends. and then there’s these lines: “i’m okay-ish” and “why are you so sad kid?” and “you won’t see me crying, i’ll just keep on smiling, i’m good” like NO SHIT dream is not perfect, no shit dream is human no shit dream experiences sadness but fuck he does everything he can to really be positive and only show the positives because god this world needs that type of shit especially during these kinds of times- yeah. that’s the whole point of the song, mask.
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