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#pll theories

In ‘The Perfect Storm’ (1x09) towards the end of the episode, Lucas comes up to Hanna in the school hallway and states that Hanna’s leather jacket has been sold. In the -A ending, -A is seen watching a video of Alison and is wearing a leather jacket. The only characters in the series who do actually wear leather jackets are Aria and Toby. But Aria has indicated that Toby isn’t -A, but it doesn’t mean he isn’t a helper. As the scene ends, the camera lingers over the envelope. The handwriting is pretty much identical to Aria’s.


In ‘Keep Your Friends Close’ (1x10) the girls are introduced to FBI Agents, Cooper and Randall. The video of Alison that the girls are watching was sent to the Rosewood Police Department (most likely Wilden). After Agent Cooper introduces herself and her partner, Agent Randall, a small smirk had come across Aria’s lips. Aria is also seen sporting a black leather jacket and black leather high heel boots.  After Agent Cooper paused the video, she asked the girls what they could tell her about the video;

“They’re at the kissing rock. It’s in the woods behind the lake.” - Emily

‘I think this was taken the night that she died. She was wearing that yellow top.” - Aria

“But, that’s not her sweater. Ask what’s in our closets and I’ll give you an itemised list. I know clothes.” - Hanna

“I think she’s talking to the older boy.” - Spencer


About 21 minutes into the episode ‘Keep Your Friends Close’ (1x10), the girls are getting ready with their camping gear in the House of Hastings. After hearing that the blood stain on Toby’s sweater was confirmed as Alison’s blood. Aria says this;

“No, Alison wasn’t dating Toby. There’s no way that he’s the one in the video.” - Aria

How is Aria so certain? Well, maybe it’s because Aria knows Alison better than anyone else does. We know Pigtunia went missing the night Alison disappeared, so if Aria was following Alison around, then she would clearly know that neither Spencer, Toby, Ezra, Ian, Garrett or Byron killed her.  It means that she had a motive to date Ezra, because she knew that he was writing a book about Alison and it probably had incriminating evidence against her.


About 28 minutes and 45 seconds into the episode “Keep Your Friends Close’ (1x10), Toby is seen rocking a black leather jacket. Leather is most commonly made from cow skin. The name Byron means ‘cowshed’ in Old English. Is Byron Toby’s father? Toby comes clean and is completely honest with Emily;

“Jenna told me that she’d tell people that I forced myself on her. She didn’t want it to stop.” - Toby

“Jenna wanted to be with you?” - Emily

“Jenna was in love with me. She’s still in love with me.” - Toby

“I asked Alison to meet me so I could tell her she did me a favor. She got me away from Jenna.” - Toby

“Why did you give her your sweater? And why did she meet you at the kissing rock?” - Emily

“We didn’t go anywhere. We met right outside of Spencer’s barn. I gave her my sweater because it was cold. When I left her she was getting in the car with some guy. Still wearing my sweater. She was very much alive.” - Toby

Aria knew that Toby wasn’t dating Alison because of the fact that Spencer told the girls that she kissed Ian and how Alison reacted to it. Aria was the only one who was able to put two and two together. But then this proves that Ella is also Jenna’s Mom, which explains why Aria and Jenna seem to get along so well. Jenna also seems to trust Aria more than the other liars.

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In ‘The Perfect Storm’ (1x09) while the students are being moved to the locker rooms, Ella has come to the janitors closet and met Ezra Fitz.

We met at the theater. - Ezra

Of course we did. We practically met in the dark. - Ella

But, they met outside the theater and it wasn’t dark. However, it was dark inside the theater. They met in ‘The Jenna Thing’ (1x02) which was seven episodes ago. 

How do you like the weather? - Ezra

Oh, me. I love this weather, as long as I don’t have to fly through it. If we were on a plane right now, I’d probably be curled up on your lap. - Ella

That sounds like a cat reference to me. Ella in the scene seems like a totally different person. Forgetful, pretty much. What’s also weird… Is that she’s not wearing a scarf like she usually does. It also sounds like she has a fear of heights. 

Acrophobia is caused by a fear of falling or being injured. Dwelling on the pain inflicted by a fall from a high place also could contribute to the fear of heights.

Huh.. who do we know that has actually fallen from a height big enough to inflict injuries that are not survivable? Toby’s mother, Marion Cavanaugh. 

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In ‘The Homecoming Hangover’ (1x07) Hanna, Spencer and Aria are walking through the woods. Hanna said she wanted to burn the file because she doesn’t want anything traced back to her. Aria snatched the file and threw it into the river, as the girls walked back Aria received a text from Emily;


At the end of the episode, -A goes back to retrieve the file from the river. Since Aria’s the one who received the text from Emily and knew exactly where the file was. It’s safe to say the person who got the file from river is in fact Aria. 

The -A endings occur out of sequence, so usually you have to put the ending in the right spot during the show, and then you know who -A is.

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In ‘Reality Bites Me’ (1x05) Aria and Hanna have gotten into a bit of a spite. Aria is seen holding her phone under her arm and after Hanna agrees to help clean the mirror Hanna receives a text from -A.

“Ever wonder what’s going on when your back is turned? -A.”

They open the video file and Aria says it was shot from inside Spencer’s closet. They head to Spencer’s room and open the closet, a bag falls down and Aria’s the one who picks up the lipstick. Aria then tested it on her hand and it was perfect match to the one used to write the message on Spencer’s mirror.

Oh, Aria’s such a pretty little actress.

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The girls are walking through the woods to get to the shed in ‘To Kill A Mocking Girl’ (1x03) and when they come to a stop to talk about Alison, they hear a twig snap. Aria is totally unfazed by it, but everyone else is kind of creeped out. As soon as Emily said they should turn around, Aria nodded just a little and as soon as they turned, they all receive a text from –A.

“Heads up, BFFS. It’s open season on liars and I’m hunting. –A.”

The text was sent by Mona. So, it’s obvious that Mona knew she was working for Aria.

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Aria is dropped off at home by Ezra and is questioned by her father as soon as she walks inside. She then sits down on the armchair across from him and her mother and little brother walk in through the door. They both sit down and Ella says that she got Aria Kung Pow chicken. Byron was a little surprised that Aria was staying home since she’s been out every other night since they’ve been back in Rosewood. If Aria knew Mona was following her, then this was the perfect night to stay at home. She told them that she was going to go upstairs and change, and when she got to the seventh step, she received an anonymous text from Mona.

“When students kiss teachers. Someone gets hurt. That’s a promise I’ll keep. –A.” 

Also, her necklace is a soccer ball. Soccer is a type of sport that had it’s rules codified in England. Another hint at the fact that Aria and Wren could be connected, or possibly even related? Also, in this episode. It was revealed that Wren has the artistic gene, so it’s safe to assume that his mother is Ella Montgomery.

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Aria has just come out of a cafe with a soy cappuccino in her hand and it was pouring down with rain. She started walking and Ezra’s car had pulled up beside her. After Ezra parked his car, he opened the passenger side door. After the car stopped again, the song ‘Fresh Pair Of Eyes’ by Brooke Waggoner starts playing in the background as Ezra and Aria shared a rather passionate moment.

Cause I want to be seen
With a fresh pair of eyes

The single white tree
In a black hood of disguise

These lyrics are quite revealing, both to Ezra and Aria. Did Ezra’s loyalties change from Alison to Aria when he realised he was in love with Aria? It’s most likely. 

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After the girls have had their meeting with Detective Wilden in ‘The Jenna Thing’ (1x02) they are in the cafeteria having lunch. Jenna walks in and Aria walks over to her and invites Jenna to sit with them. They end up having a flashback and end up looking incredibly guilty and they receive a text from –A.

“If only she could see how guilty you look… –A.”

Since Aria’s the one that invited Jenna over. Is it possible Aria planned this little act with Mona and Jenna?

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While the girls are sitting in the Apple Rose Grille in ‘The Jenna Thing’ (1x02) Aria mentions that she has been having trouble sleeping. But, there’s a mix of paranoia in there too. That’s two symptoms of Multiple Personality Disorder at the same time. 

Oh Aria. Your friends are gonna catch on to you at some point.

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At Alison’s funeral in ‘Pilot’ (1x01) as Aria’s at the front and center of the Church. Everyone’s eyes are focused on her. Detective Wilden, Mona and Wren’s eyes were focused on Aria. As if waiting for some type of sign from her. A few seconds after she sits down, she receives a text from someone but we don’t see who the text is from.

Hanna; “Anyone we know?”

Aria; “No, it’s just my Mom sending me a text.”

Could this line have a double meaning? Implying that Ella is Aria’s surrogate mother, and that the egg could’ve been Mary Drake’s? She knows who it is, but the other girls don’t. Hence what her answer turned out to be.

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The Biggest Aria Is -A Clue From 1x01.

In the ‘Pilot’ (1x01) Detective Darren Wilden pays a visit and arrests Hanna for shoplifting. While Hanna is at the police station waiting for her Mom and Darren to stop talking, she receives a text from -A that reads;

“Be careful, Hanna. I hear prison food makes you fat. -A.”

After Hanna leaves with her Mom and goes back home, Aria arrives shortly after. Aria then gets out of her car and walks over to Spencer, the first thing she says to Spencer is;

“I heard the cops took Hanna to the police station today.”

Aria most likely knew this because she was following Hanna. That would also explain why Aria arrived back home shortly after Hanna did. Did Aria sent that message to Hanna?

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”In the ‘Pilot’ (1x01) Ella and Byron are unpacking the kitchen boxes. After filling their glasses with champagne they both sit down on the couch and talk about Iceland and Aria.

Ella; “Oh look what I’ve found.”

Byron; “She used to track that thing everywhere.”

Byron; “I think you’re happy to be back.”

Ella; “Well aren’t you?”

Byron; “Haven’t really decided yet.”

Ella; “You and Aria are so much alike. I don’t think she’s happy to be home either.”

Byron; “I know it was like, a vacation from our real life but… I feel like we really bonded when we were away.”

Ella; “Well we had to connect we didn’t know anybody else.”

Byron; “I don’t wanna lose that.”

Ella; “Are you really that worried that we will?”

Byron; “It’s just easy for… stuff to get in the way.”

Ella; “What do you mean? What kind of stuff?”

Byron; “I just get overly obsessed about work that’s all. You know, I’m really surprised she bought that with us.”

Ella; “She loves it because you gave it to her.”

So, Aria loves her puppets as declared by Ella. But, this conversation also confirms that she is a daddy’s girl since they have so much common. Ella then says that she drove passed Alison’s house and says she hasn’t missed it. But… how can Ella drive past Alison’s house when she lives right across the road from it?

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In the ‘Pilot’ (1x01) we see Aria walking to Ezra’s classroom. They talk for quite a while. But, Aria pursuing an illegal relationship without a second thought of the consequences. When Aria wants something, she goes for it. This is what we call peer pressure. Aria pressured him with this behaviour toward him in this episode, and to be honest… this could yet be the first symptom we see of Aria descending into her personality disorder, but it could have easily started at childhood.

-A only pressures Hanna, Spencer and Emily and Aria is seen doing the same thing to Ezra. What is it that she wants from him? Because, I’m starting to think that those feelings were a total act and completely fake, but that doesn’t mean that she didn’t grow to care for him. Could Aria have known about Ezra’s book and dated him to get her hands on it? 

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Aria and Emily are walking up to the school in ‘Pilot’ (1x01) and Emily states that she hadn’t seen Aria since she had the pink streaks in her hair. Aria then goes on to say;

“Yeah, well. When your parents want you to be yourself and you… don’t know who you are.” 

And she makes the signal for crazy in reference to herself indicating to the fans that she’s a little… loopy in the head. Perhaps this is the first clue that she has a personality disorder and doesn’t know who she truly is. The next part of the conversation struck me as weird as well;

Emily; “You should have called. It’s so weird just running into you here.”

Aria; “Well, we kind of lost touch, Emily, remember?”

Emily; “Maybe that’s… what we had to do.”

Had to do? The only time you’d lose phone privileges was if you were in Radley Sanitarium being treated for something. Was Aria sent to Radley Sanitarium after Alison’s disappearance instead of Iceland?

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In the ‘Pilot’ (1x01) Aria and Byron are having a conversation before Byron’s eyes fixate on the camera, telling the fans to pay attention and then Ella says;

“And they’re running off to practice. We are officially home.”

This quote from Ella stood out to me for some odd reason. She said they, and Aria doesn’t back home at all that night, but gets home at early hours in the morning. 

What is Aria doing all night? Practicing her spying skills?

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The girls are having sleep-over in Spencer’s barn in the ‘Pilot’ (1x01) and are drinking some alcohol, unaware that their friend Alison had given them sleeping pills. When the girls fell asleep, Pigtunia, Aria’s pig puppet was on a chair behind Aria, and when Aria wakes up to wake up Emily and Hanna, Pigtunia has gone missing.

Did Aria leave the barn ‘that night’? If so, what was she doing? 

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Let’s talk tv shows.

First, Pretty Little Liars.

I started watching the show after it was over and it took me like a year to finish because I have the attention span of a 2 year old. But it was so freakin good and so freakin worth it.

My personal favorite character was Spencer. I don’t exactly know what drew me into her, but I think it was primarily her relationship with Toby. I was a hardcore Spoby fan.

But I loved most of the characters. Of course there was one’s I hated such as Ian, Mary-Drake and Noel. But of course they were the villains. Not the liars.

The show gets looked down mostly for the fact that Hannah, Spencer, Alison, Emily, and Aria seemed to have a ‘toxic’ friendship. But they just had a rocky one in my own personal opinion. But honestly, it’s a matter of your taste if you like the show or not.

The only real complaint I have on the show is the ending. The finale killed me. For one (and here are some spoilers) Spoby wasn’t end game. Broke my whole heart because I rooted for them hard-core. And the whole Alex being Spencer’s long-lost win thing was just stupid and seemed as if it was thrown in.

But in all honesty I miss the show very much💕

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