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zayarzin · 14 hours ago
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Trying a new style
Plo Koon - Wolffe - Cad Bane - Maul - Luke Skywalker - Din Djarin
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swbumblebee · a day ago
Plo smiled to himself as he tread the familiar route towards his favourite place in the temple, clutching his alternate mask that allowed him to drink with his partner-in-time-travel, he was headed to Mace’s flat and his usual spot on the other man’s sofa that was calling his name.
It had been A Day, and he was looking forward to one of their, now rather frequent, evenings chatting and drinking together on the sofa.
Giving off a strong “Notice me not” in the force he was running the gauntlet trying to not to be waylaid by requests, well wishers or complaints that often followed council members around. Nearly there, he faltered when he felt the welcome presence of one Obi-Wan Kenobi, coming his way.
He was about to let down his own shields when he paused, taking note of Obi-Wan’s companion and remaining where he was.
“So you’re sure you’re not coming? It’ll be fuun” The voice was not one Plo was terribly familiar with, slightly coy in tone and raising at the end to a singsong, clearly trying to wheedle Plo’s boy into something.
“Oh I’m sure it will, but I can’t I’m afraid…I have Anakin now you know, and I just need to get a few things done”.
Obi-Wan’s polite reply was laced with the tiniest of tiny amounts of irritation, and Plo decided to make himself known.
Rounding the corner he was surprised to see Knight Amran was the speaker. The tall, built Zabrak was standing close to Obi-Wan, one arm leaning against the wall of the corridor over the young Jedi’s slightly shorter frame.
“ Aww really?”
“Yes I’m quite sure.” Came the short, firm reply as Obi-Wan straightened up and began walking again, forcing the other being to catch up. Plo smiled.
Nice try Amran.
“Master Plo!” he was startled out of his rather smug thoughts by the cheerful greeting of his young friend. Knight Amran took a few startled paces away from him, to Plo’s intense amusement.
“Good afternoon Obi-Wan, Knight Amran” he greeted with a smile and a bow.
“Obi-Wan, I believe Master Drallig is waiting for you for latemeal” he informed the pair. No harm in reminding the bold Zabrak who Obi-Wan’s friends were.
“Er…thank you Master, I had better get moving”. The young knight’s response was accompanied by a archly amused and knowing sense in the force as he bowed to his companions in goodbye. “Give my regards to Master Windu” he finished with a small knowing smirk.  
Cheeky brat.
Plo set his second glass down.
“You’ll never guess who I saw Obi-Wan with earlier.” He asked, without waiting for a response “Knight Amran, who was very keen to spend some time with him.”
Mace looked at him flatly.
“You really do need to stop eavesdropping.”
“I wasn’t! I was just walking!”
Plo received a dubious look from his partner, who took a thoughtful sip of his wine.
“Hmm yes I have noticed Amran sniffing around” the Korrun Master replied with a sniff of distain. “They're far too old for Obi-Wan. They should know better.”
Plo snorted at his friend’s overprotectiveness.
“Obi-Wan's only a few years younger. There’s no harm in it” he said, bemused. The other man simply frowned.
“Besides, we both know Obi-Wan can more than take care of himself in…that sort of department.” Plo finished, trying to find the words without scarring himself or his companion.
“Yes thank you I’d rather not think about that” Mace grumbled, taking a very large gulp of his wine whilst Plo laughed.
Padawan Kenobi had been ‘a bit of a go-er’ in his late teens. Much to his Master’s distress. Plo knew Qui-Gon endured many sleepless nights worrying about his precious Padawan’s evening companions.
“But it’s matters of the heart I worry about. You know what he’s like!” Mace continued, rubbing his hand over his bald head.
Plo could give him that. Their soft-hearted friend did tend to fall in love with his entire being. They both remembered the shattered pieces of Master Kenobi after the Mandalore Incident, that first time around.
“Yes well Padawan Tachi and the Duchess are well behind him now, that’ll of course be different this time as soon as we get rid of that damned Maul, and in a few years he’ll meet his Commander and that’ll be that.” Plo said confidently.
“Oh ‘that’ll be that’ will it?” Mace teased “Alright, they did make a nice couple” he conceded after a whack from his confidant.  
“You just liked Cody because he bullied Obi-Wan about staying safe” Plo retorted.
“I did” Mace admitted into his wine. “He was good for him. Much better than Vos, or Force forbid Amran, anyway.”
“I like Vos” Plo defended the cheerful Kiffar.
“He’s a troublemaker” Mace groused.
Plo privately thought there were very few people Mace deemed good enough for Obi-Wan, certainly nobody who could compare to the diligent, professional, practical standards of Commander Cody.
But then, they were both a bit biased towards the clones.
“Hopefully this time they’ll be able to settle down. It’ll be nice to have Cody and the vode in the family.”
“That would be nice” Mace murmured, cradling his glass. “But perhaps as far as romance goes, we’d better make sure Anakin pays more attention in his Health and Hygiene lectures this time around. At least emphasise the importance of basic pre-natal care!”
Plo groaned. To think that last time so much of the galaxy imploding was down to a naïve young couple who never thought to get reassurance from a trained healer, was incredibly frustrating.
“Young people are so stupid!” he sighed.
Mace laughed and raised his glass in a toast.
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fives-bf · 11 hours ago
POV: you're in a room full of star wars men and you feel safe
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Plo Koon: I just want a covered porch so I can sit outside in a thunderstorms like an old man with my tea and mumble, “We needed this”
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bevebee · a day ago
Daily Star Wars thoughts #4
Cody adores golf and when he gets time off goes to play golf with obi wan or bly and sometimes even plo koon.
Waxer and boil tease him all the time about it and call him and old man constantly.
Wolffe once went to play and got so competitive with Cody and Bly he snapped a putter in half ( just brother things) , Aayla once played as well and just completely dominated and she’s not allowed to play anymore because she’s too good.
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rain-sleet-snow · 2 days ago
Rescuing Cody from the Empire opens a lot of wounds: some old, some new.
"Look after Barriss for me, will you, Ayzee," Ahsoka croaks, and staggers to her feet and around the privacy screen, where she nearly collapses in Master Plo's arms.
"Little 'Soka," he repeats, patting her back gently, blunt keratinoid claws clicking softly against her reinforced backplate.
Ahsoka only cries harder, but he doesn’t let go, not till her painful, whistling breathing eases and she leans into his shoulder. "You can't call me that any more," she says, and sniffles. "I'm as tall as you are."
Taller, if you count the montrals. They work hard to supply themselves; Ahsoka’s had more fresh meat in the last year or so than since before the war, and it tells. She would be taller than Anakin now (if you counted the montrals, which he wouldn’t). She's certainly taller than Master Kenobi, but she hasn't seen him lately to check.
"You will always be little 'Soka to me," Master Plo rumbles. "Come. Let us sit down."
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cowboywizzard · 21 days ago
Tumblr media
i need to see more of lil soka and plo
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that-one-egomaniac · 2 months ago
I imagine Cody & Wolffe passively mentioning how Fox is way too overworked and this is the result: resigned mandatory tea time
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And Fox doesn’t know this and thinks it’s presumptuous that the Jedi keep delaying his work for some tea but it seems to be working
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rskacreates · 4 months ago
RIP to my home boy Wolffe
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amikoroyaiart · 10 months ago
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They’re playing Uno
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cobaltbeam · 5 months ago
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/gushing for hours on end over how cute their children are/
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lililibrik · 5 days ago
Pong krell, Wolfee and Plo koon
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letoscrawls · 3 months ago
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Happy Star Wars Day i'm legally allowed to repost my old SW art even though you have all seen it so many times (bc i keep reposting it instead of making new one) 😃😃
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muguathepapaya · 2 months ago
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If I did my math right, Wolffe and Ahsoka would have been eight years old at the same time. :’)
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comradewolfe · 4 months ago
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hellyeahpancakes · 9 months ago
'soka came home!
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in a better universe this could've happened
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tags: @vanilla-chip-101 @penguinkiwi @sleepdeprivedstuff
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welcome-to-the-holonet · 3 months ago
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