randomencounters · 9 months ago
Table of Rivals
I was just digging through “Xanathar’s Guide to Everything” for stuff to steal inspiration and I found the table of Rivals—not the real enemies of the campaign or assassins hired by the Big Bad, but an NPC that opposes the party for reasons of their own, like that shitty Lake-Town mayor in The Hobbit or Walter Peck in Ghostbusters. Roll d50:
Rival adventurer or party out for the same goal for different reasons
Rival adventurer or party that wants to steal something currently owned by the party
Politician that genuinely thinks adventuring parties in general cause more problems than they solve
Politician that genuinely thinks most adventurers are fine but the players’ party specifically causes more problems than they solve
Politician that claims the party causes more problems than they solve to try and hide the fact that they caused the problems in question themselves
Tax collector that thinks the party is evading
Wealthy idiot with no day job that believes some treasure held by the party is legally theirs by ancestral rights
Wealthy idiot with no day job trying to manipulate the party into a particular action to win a bet
Tradesperson whose livelihood was ruined by the party’s actions (e.g. a farmer whose fields were trampled, a fruit-cart owner whose cart was knocked over, an undertaker whose customers were revived by the party’s necromancer, etc.)
Wealthy landowner whose property was ruined by the party’s actions
Merchant or other public figure that thinks the party’s actions negatively affect “the economy”
Cleric that believes the party has offended their deity
Wizard that blames the party for some recent disruption to the magical or natural world
Sorcerer that believes the source of their magical blood was wronged by an ancestor of a party member
Warlock ordered by their fiendish patron to tempt a particular member of the party to evil
Barbarian upset over some trivial slight
Rogue that is just an asshole
Bard that says the party’s Bard stole a song/routine from them
Fighter that wants to prove they’re better than the party’s fighter
Ranger convinced the party magic-user cursed them
Druid concerned about the path of destruction left by the party, in particular to monster-based ecosystems
Assassin (any class) that was assigned the party not as a real contract but as a challenge to earn their guild membership
Adventurer (any class) whose sworn enemy was previously defeated by the party, out for revenge for denying their victory
Jilted lover of a party member
Jilted lover of the current lover of a party member
Jilted lover of a known enemy of the party that believes by capturing, disrupting, or killing the party they will win favor
Person that was arranged to be married to one party member that has no real interest in them but can’t get their inheritance until they do so
Adventurer that was kicked out of the party at some point in the past (if the party was only recently formed, they were kicked out of one of the members’ previous parties)
NPC that formed an unrequited para-social relationship with the party and wants them to stop adventuring and come hang out
Childhood rival or member of a rival clan from a particular party member
Person from a party member’s village/clan that wants them to come home to fulfill their destiny
Former employer or mentor of a party member that claims they left without completing their contract
Estranged sibling or parent of party member
Sibling or ally of defeated enemy
Ghost (or other undead version) of defeated enemy, out to kill the one that killed them
Ghost (or other undead version) of defeated enemy, out NOT to kill the one that killed them but to make their life as long and miserable as possible
Ghost (or other undead version) of a party member’s ancestor’s defeated enemy
Inventor of some spell or equipment being used by the party that thinks they aren’t worthy of it (or the ghost or an heir if the spell/equipment is too ancient)
Member of the same college or clan or whatever as one party member that believes they are unworthy of membership
Person that claims a member of the party is an imposter and they are the real one
Person that believes an item held by the party secretly contains the soul of their master or loved one
Time traveler trying to cause or prevent a certain chain of events (if this is too sci-fi for your setting call it “a magic-user trying to manipulate destiny” or “a seer that divined future events, out to re-weave the tapestry of fate” or something)
High-level adventurer of an opposing alignment that just wants to test out a new spell or piece of equipment
Beholder that was convinced by someone else that the party is out to get them, presumably as a distraction to get it out of the way while robbing its lair
Extraplanar, Fae, or other similarly otherworldly creature that has decided to test the world by placing trials before the party
Extraplanar, Fae, or other similarly otherworldly creature that thinks the party is fun to annoy
Conspiracy theorist that believes the party is in league with their enemies
Honest journalist that believes the party is up to something
Scandalmongering journalist out to make the party look bad
Cannibal/vampire that believes the party member with the rarest bloodline to be a rare and special delicacy
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leneemusing · 2 months ago
i know it’s such a cliche but two people who are friends and develop a pattern of platonic sex and providing affection when the other needs it and are always there for each other.  where no matter what they at least have each other to fall back on.  their relationships keep falling through and when things get bad they always call each other.  but they never try to move into romance because they don’t want to lose the significance of what they have and worry it would be unrequited if they let themselves feel that way but no one else feels quite like home 
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info-suvarnabhoomiinfra · a year ago
Tumblr media
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apinchofsanity · 5 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Sterek- The Witcher Au
The Witcher Derek of Rivia has many monikers... White Wolf, Butcher of Blaviken, White one etc. Personally, Stiles prefers the name Sourwolf, because in his eyes that is the most befitting of the grumpy mutant. It has yet to catch on however but do not worry! Stiles has sick ass lute and a stubborn streak more impressive than Derek's very very expressive brows. This skinny defenseless bard is going to fix Derek's Witcher's reputation or fall in love trying!! So sit back, relax and ...TOSS A COIN TO YOUR WITCHER O VALLEY OF PLENTY O VALLEY OF PLENTY O O O O!!  
Don’t JUDGE ME!!! >:( they’re basically the same fucking characters and this is completely self indulgent. I don’t have a talent with writing so this is all I can create with the little plot-fairies in my brain :( *sobbing uncontrollably in yearning*
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merrymusings · 8 months ago
plot idea:  i was just trying to have a one night stand with a stranger at the club/bar so i lied about my name and entire life when we met. but after we hooked up i kept thinking about you, so we ended up hooking up again another night and i kept lying. and it keeps happening and now i’m in too deep to tell you the truth so i’m just living this fake life whenever i see you but i really like you
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misterlone-lee · 5 months ago
admittedly, person a has extremely dry chapped lips. it's awful to even think about. person a claims it to be a defence mechanism to whoever wants to even try to kiss them. person b doesn't give a single fuck.
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bleeckerstreethoe · 9 days ago
Angst Prompts
1. “Don’t leave me.”
2. “You were always my favorite person, now I’m not sure.”
3. “Nothing works for us, and I don’t think it ever will.”
4. “You may have fallen for me but I don’t think I ever felt the same way.”
5. “You never talk anymore, it’s always me.”
6. “You’re not worth crying over, you never will be.”
7. “You’re not just hurting yourself, you’re hurting me too.”
8. “You always hurt me, I was just to blind to see it till now.”
9. “I always wanted to ask, but then I never got my chance.”
10. “Last night’s dream was real, it was all just memories, the terrible ones.”
11. “I need you to wake up.”
12. “You were always too late.”
13. “Just let me feel it, us. Just one last time.”
14. “You’re too good for me. I don’t deserve you.”
15. “It was all a waste of time.”
16. “If you turn away, I’ll forget everything.”
17. “I could never take off the ring, it hurt too much.”
18. “Give him/her a hug for me, I don’t think I can do it myself.”
19. “This wasn’t how it was supposed to go.”
20. “Why didn’t you listen? You could have been safe.”
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kruffles · 8 months ago
give me a plot where muse a is a celebrity tired of the drama, paparazzi, fake friends, and parties, so she packs her designer dresses and handbags up and flees to her grandfather’s ranch. she meets muse b, a dashing, charming cowboy, who lives on the ranch to help her grandfather out. he doesn’t know who she is, and she adores that. give me muse a wearing high heels to the horse stables, and muse b laughing at her when she sinks in the mud. give me muse b teaching her how to ride a horse at sunset. give me muse b giving muse a his cowboy hat at a bonfire. i want small town vibes! muse a isn’t a celebrity here, everyone only knows her as muse b’s little girlfriend! please! 
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wearyhands · 7 months ago
i really want the holiday plot cliches but specifically the angsty ones
i came home/came to visit you for the holidays from out of town a few days earlier than planned as a surprise only to find you in bed with someone else
we’re exes and our friend group is getting together to celebrate the holidays, either doing activities in our hometown or maybe taking a group trip to a ski resort or something — maybe there’s even new significant other(s) involved
i know we’re broken up but i haven’t told my parents yet and they still think you’re coming home with me for the holidays. please?
we’re broken up but we booked a vacation for the holidays before we ended things and it’s too late to cancel it, so we’re not letting it go to waste
i’m from the big city coming back to my small town for christmas and you hate everything that i embody, basically the plot of every hallmark christmas movie ever
you’re dating my sibling and you’ve come to stay with us for the holidays, but i have feelings for you
we’re both university students living in our dorms and i can’t afford/have no reason to go home for the holidays and neither do you, so we spend it together
and more to come ..
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eternalyouth · 8 months ago
siblings plots !! not intended to be romantic in any way so please don't use them as such .
TW : various dark subjects .
siblings who have to reconnect when their their other sibling is murdered or dies suddenly .
a sibling that must take care of another who is a recovering addict and is under court order to be under supervision .
a sibling offers to take care of another when they are recovering from an injury .
a sibling goes through divorce or breakup and moves in with another sibling until the other gets on their feet again .
a sibling tries to take their life and another steps in to take care of them .
a muse goes through a traumatic experience and asks their sibling to stay near them .
a muse loses their memory and their sibling moves in to take care of them .
a muse becomes a single parent and moves in with their sibling until they save up enough to move out .
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so-its-a-writblr · 5 months ago
People who outline:
Tumblr media
People who don’t:
Tumblr media
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annarts05 · 5 days ago
If your plot feels boring...
Does your plot feel boring, unoriginal, bland, lame, overused, basically any word that relates to these???
Do you feel frustrated that it’s not as creative as others’? Are you upset? Are you wallowing a little bit?
Okay, well stop it. Now. Don’t throw a pity party. Don’t lecture yourself. Don’t feel bad about your writing. Don’t get frustrated. Stay calm. We can fix this. 
That fact that you’re writing at all means you’re already made more progress than most people. A lot of people don’t make it past the idea phase. So be proud of the fact that you’re trying to come up with a plot at all. 
So here:
Reminder that the characters are what are interesting. Not the plot. Sure, if the plot is cool and original, great. But it’s not the be-all-end-all. Think of your favorite movie. 
One of my personal favorites is Spiderman: Into the Spider-verse. There are multiple different renditions of the Spiderman franchise. Multiple different actors, slightly different plots, and different characters. But the idea stays basically the same throughout them. And I love each one for multiple reasons, including plot variation. 
But the characters are what you get attached to. Okay? That’s why I love each one for itself. They have so many similarities to each other, but I don’t care because I love the characters. 
If people can love your characters, if they have a reason to read through the book and see the character come out changed from how they were at the beginning. Trust me. They will read through almost any plot. Doesn’t matter how boring it is, how common it is. 
Readers are in it for the characters. 
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kvrtcobains · 5 months ago
plot idea?? you’re one of my ballet students’ fathers that i sometimes get distracted by in the middle of teaching class, and tonight you found out about my second job where you’re paying for a vip room at the strip club. 
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chaoticmusing · 3 months ago
“So how did your mom and dad meet?”
“Oh. They tried to kill each other, and he... fell for her.”
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ntsukashii · 4 months ago
give me a plot where muse a & muse b were highschool sweethearts until muse a got mixed up with some bad things / people. they disappeared and muse b had moved on, but never forgotten them. after getting into a serious relationship, college aged or older, muse a turns up again and flips muse b’s life completely upside down. pls. i am begging.
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merrymusings · 8 months ago
spooky plot idea. our muses despise each other but are in the same friend group. the group decides to go on a haunted cabin trip for the weekend. our muses try to avoid each other or bicker the whole time. but then night comes. one of our muses is lowkey terrified of ghosts/supernatural things and is up all night. the other muse bumps into them at night because they’re kind of an insomniac. at first they’re kind of messing with them but it’s like, oh, you’re genuinely scared. never seen you vulnerable before. maybe they let down their guard. maybe they bond. or maybe they just explore the grounds and fight all night. 
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nealashitposts · a month ago
Love story idea: once the the love interests get to know one another, have love interest A get a little teary eyed whenever they meet up with B, but insist they're okay. This happens for a while until one greeting when A can't hide the tears when they greet B and B is like "My darling, please tell me what I'm doing that's hurting you? Everytime I see you, you, you start crying. Please, I promise I won't be upset," And when A calms down enough to talk they're like "have you ever had something really horrible happen to you but it's not safe so you can't like cry or be vulnerable?" And B is like "...." And A goes on " but then when you get to a safe place you fall apart and it feels like everything bad has happened again but you're safe so you can cry and like, process what happened and heal?" And B just states at them and A is like "I feel safe when I'm with you." And B is like 🥺🥺🥺
And the best part is this can happen before, after or during a love confession.
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whitneywrites · a year ago
muse a is a guardian angel that has been masquerading as a human for centuries. muse a’s mission is to infiltrate themselves into their assignment’s lives and keep them safe until their time is up. there are 3 rules that each guardian angel must follow. don’t harm your assignment, don’t tell them your true identity, and never fall in love with them. muse a has never broken a single rule, until they meet muse b, their newest assignment. muse a ends up falling in love with muse b and struggles with the decision to tell muse b the truth, or keep their secret to themselves.
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kruffles · 27 days ago
an enthusiastic virgin and an experienced, possessive male plot. give me muse a thigh riding muse b because she isn’t ready to fuck him yet. a lot of ’you’re doing so good, kitten’ and ’just like that baby.’ the slow burn surrounding muse a’s first time. muse b taking care of her the morning after, tracing her hickeys in front of the mirror while they’re both still nude. let me be muse a, i’ll love you forever!
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moonlightmuses · 4 months ago
I need a fxf thread based on ‘boyfriend’ by dove Cameron. Think about it- Muse A is in a relationship with a guy and Muse B shows up and is attracted to Muse A and one night the two were hanging out and drinking or getting high and start dancing and one thing leads to another and Muse B is telling Muse A how much better at everything she could be than Muse A’s boyfriend is and tries to convince Muse A to explore what could be.
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