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rgbyshipper101 · 26 days ago
Yo gonna do a cut for a few weeks because of spoilers
Tumblr media
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duraznogordo · 8 months ago
This is the cast for now:
Yax Nutcracker au!
Yakko as the tiny ballerina
Max as Jerry
Bradley Uppercrust III as Tom
King Salazar as King of Cats
Plotz as Lackey
Wakko as Nelly
Dot as Paulie
Either Scratchy or Brain as the toymaker
Thank as Butch Cat
Idk yet who Tuffy, Fluff Puff and Muff are gonna be, but suggestions are welcome 👀✨
Yax three musketeers au!
Yakko as Minnie
Max as Mickey
Roxanne as Goofy
Pj as Donald
Dot and Wakko as Daisy(ies) (They would serve the same purpose as Daisy but technically be royalty. )
Plotz as Pete
Beret Girl as Clarabelle
Good feather as the Beagle guys
Scratchy, Brain and Pinky would be some sort of parental figures towards the Warners
... as Troubadour
Troubadour suggestions are welcome too! ✨
One question, Wich ship do you like more? Pj x Beret Girl or Roxanne x Beret Girl?
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scribledon · 7 months ago
I propose a Animaniacs Princess Bride AU
Yakko, Wakko, and Dot are collectively Buttercup
Hello Nurse: Westley
Salazar: Humperdink
Vizzini: Pesto
Bobby: Inigo
Squit: Fezzik
Brain: Miracle Max
Pinky: Miracle Max's Wife
The Six Fingered Man: Plotz
And thats all I have so far :D
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Tumblr media
Today’s character of the day is: Thaddeus Plotz from Animaniacs
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novahrps · a year ago
Tumblr media
Inspiration: AriTheDon x MoneyBaggYo
“baby, can we get a girlfriend?”
Muse A and B have been together for 3 years and have recently decided to add a third-party into their mix. Muse A and B are both socialites, Muse B being a rapper and producer while Muse A is a social media entrepreneur. Freshly graduated from Morgan State University with a degree in Fashion and Business management, Muse C is focusing on stabilizing herself, paying off student debt and trying to stay afloat. Muse C finds herself meeting this couple one night whilst on a girls at 1Oak, a trendy New York night club Muse A was hosting. Muse C is thrown into a life of attention, fame and riches lets see if she swims or drowns.
*This plot requires three individual people - F/M/F
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claihn · a year ago
Colorless Dreams
What truly is a beautiful dream? 
Perhaps long ago they were a gentle sweetness fading away to morning’s light like a melting cube of sugar upon the tongue. They had watercolor splashes of fancy- bold strokes of teeming teals, creeping corals and bountiful blues. Or was it simply the wind’s whispers as enchanted eyes beheld an endless melting sky of sunfires challenging the violet horizon?  
Someone once said that dreams were floating pieces of a soul’s reflection. They could sometimes change, travel, fade, break, birth or even grow. It’s no wonder then why so many covet and cherish their beautiful dreams. 
Melancholy. That’s what I feel whenever I think of beautiful dreams. The memories have faded just like the pictures themselves, but I can’t help but wrack mind in questions. Was it when I earned my jewelry? When I was scarred first? Last? Were there never any blazing hues and some empty space inside of me believed a lie? Did I pretend once upon a time I was just like everyone else? 
Please tell me. 
When did my dreams bleed their colors dry? 
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pinkletterday · 3 years ago
Read on AO3
Been thinking about mature Westallen.
Iris is flabby around the middle after her pregnancy and that mid-thirties thickness that settles in. She's completely run off her feet between work deadlines, ferrying the twins, juggling STAR Labs and PTA meetings with Barry, vet appointments and, oh yes, saving the world. Some days she wakes up already exhausted. Her husband's morning energy is more obnoxious than ever, although him taking over the breakfast and kid-dressing duties allows her to take her time getting up. She still doesn't want Barry to let her slack too much because he needs rest too, super-metabolism or not.
Sometimes they go weeks without more than a peck on the lips, rushing to and fro almost zombified, the children's shrieking white noise around them that they only register anymore when it goes silent. Getting them to bed and then getting them to stay there is a team effort. They'll beg for bedtime stories and make Daddy sing for them over and over or Iris read the same story over and over (she's tempted to burn Llama Llama Red Pyjama) before they finally go down. Iris and Barry do a silly (very quiet) little victory dance outside their room when they do, but they have only won the battle, not the war. Dawn somehow manages to sleepily pad downstairs and ask for milk with puppy eyes and Don is eternally seeing monsters in the dark and crawling into bed with them at three am.
Iris loves her children, she really does, but nowadays when she sees herself in the mirror, she doesn't recognize who that is. She always wears sweats at home now, none of her lingerie fit and she hasn't bought anything new in ages. She doesn't feel sexy or even like a complete person sometimes, just a pair of hands to cook and clean and wash and write and direct; life a series of hurdle and hoops, some of them on fire. For a couple one half speedster, there is never enough time for anything. She loves Barry, she really does, but she can barely feel his presence anymore even when he's standing next to her. She wants to be touched and made love to and drown in his eyes the way they used to. But she also doesn't want anyone to touch her until she gathers every single piece she gets to keep for herself and feels her own shape again.
No one told her that being happy would take work. She sort of thought it'd just happen on its own. She married her best friend, the man who is everything she wants, had his babies, has remarkably few financial struggles, a beautiful home, a successful career and leads a superhero team that regularly saves the world. If anyone should be happy and fulfilled, its her.
She kind of wishes she didn't have quite so many things to be happy about. It's an awful thought that that makes her feel crushingly guilty, but there it is. It's all tiring.
One day she has to throw out her favourite pair of pants in the Goodwill box. She's kept them for two years, certain she will be able to drop those last stubborn few pounds and squeeze back into them, but it's time to face facts now.
It feels like giving up. Tears clog the back of her throat which makes her even more irritated because she hates self-pity and its just a stupid pair of pants, Jesus. But she can't help looking sadly at her young and svelte self in her wedding picture. Barry seems like he hasn't aged a day since, thanks to his speedster regeneration. Iris is suddenly struck by the mortal fear that he will remain ever-youthful and virile while she fades into decrepit old age by his side.
Barry finds her crying on their bed, surrounded by a closetful of haphazardly strewn clothes.
"Baby, what's wrong?" he kneels at her feet to search her face, alarmed. Iris so rarely cries. "Are you hurt?"
She makes to sniffle the tears back and wave him off but what bursts out of her is - "I'm fat!"
It all comes rushing out. "I'm fat, I'm beginning a double chin. I'm a slob, I'm sick of perming my hair, sick of wearing t-shirts with pepperoni stains on them, sick of nothing fitting me anymore! I'm just gonna get fatter and uglier and tireder and you're gonna stay looking stupidly handsome and I really really hate Llama Llama Red Pyjama!!"
There is a bewildered silence.
They look at each other and begin to laugh. She can't stop. There is an edge of hysteria to her giggling.
"Um. Okay," says Barry finally. "First of all, you're not fat."
She looks pointedly at their wedding picture on her lap. "I sure as hell don't look like that anymore."
"No, you don't," he agrees and a despondent hurt stabs her in the chest. "You're much more beautiful."
"That's sweet," she says with a half-hearted smile.
"I'm telling you the truth. Iris," he turns her to look at him, cradling her cheek. Those lovely blue eyes are so earnest. "When I met you in third grade, I thought you were the prettiest girl I'd ever seen. That never changed. On our wedding day," he draws his thumb over her younger, beaming face, "I wanted to die when I saw you. I thought, okay. This is it, there's no way you could be any more beautiful than this. But you keep proving me wrong."
There is that look that always makes her insides gooshy. God, she's missed it. "I forgot what a charmer you are, Barry Allen."
"It isn't charm," he snakes his hands deliberately under her t-shirt and husks against her ear, "I don't think you understand how much I love this body."
She melts under the possessive hands roaming under her clothes. "You do?"
"This made my children," his hands draw along the curve of her hips and soft rolls of flab at her stomach, "these fed them," one hand kneads her breast, pleasure pooling in her belly. "I felt it change in my arms, under my hands, my mouth," he flicks his tongue against her ear and oh, that is not playing fair at all. "I’ve tasted it. I know every inch of it. Held it against me every night. I've been inside it," his fingers slide under the band of her pants, "I'm the only one who gets to see it naked. I can never get enough of it. You drive me wild, Iris. You always have."
"Barry...," her breath catches as he lays her down on the bed.
He leans over her and all the world is the blue of his eyes, dark with lust and soft with love. "You're still the most beautiful woman in the world, Iris West."
She drowns in his kiss as he presses her down, drawing his hardness flush against the heat between her legs -
"Mooom! Donny won't give back my tablet!"
"It's mine! Daddy said you had to wait your turn!"
"It is my turn!"
Mood officially killed dead.
"Soo. Rain check?," mumbles Iris wryly into Barry's shoulder.
He sighs into her neck. "Tonight. I'm gonna ravish you," he promises, kissing her hard and quick. Then considers. "Right after we burn Llama Llama Red Pyjama."
"My hero," says Iris solemnly.
Late that night, they lie in bed finally sated. Iris traces the planes of Barry's face as he sleeps. She suddenly realizes that he no more resembles the man in their wedding picture than she does. The Speed Force keeps him looking young, but it's overlaid by an undefinable maturity. His shoulders and chest are broader, his arms bigger, his face more filled out. There is the gravitas of a father and superhero in his jawline, the burden of years has pulled a permanent furrow in his brow, weariness and patience lurk around his eyes and the lines of his mouth.
Maybe she's only seeing them because she knows they exist inside him, or maybe the shift in her perception has revealed what she has missed all this time. Either way, the years are as much stamped on him as they are on her.
They're growing older together. It's all Iris has ever wanted.
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hussyknee · 3 years ago
I'm sick of having to write everything myself. If you know a novel about a rich former playboy and absenteé dad having to share a house with his ex-girlfriend's husband after said ex dies to take care of his kids cause he has the money but the other guy has the child-rearing skills and an actual bond with them and the two of them can't stand each other at first cause they're all grieving the woman they loved in their own ways but overtime they become friends and then a family until the guys realize they're falling in love with each other, shenanigans abound, possible one night stand and regret until they finally come together as a family then please hit me up.
Anyone who mentions the Katherine Heigl romcom is immediately disqualifed. I came up with this long before I found out about that bland heteronormative side salad.
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cf56 · a month ago
Welcome to the final installation of "overanalyzing the Warners," at least for now. I present my ultimate Animaniacs fan theory: the Warners could have been dezanitized. In fact, they almost were.
This is going to be a very long post.
First, I want to talk about the fundamental nature of the Warner siblings as I see it. They are chaotic, they abide by only their own rules, they act as a painful check on society's uppity adults. Generally, the show presents it as if they are this way by default; that's just their character, and there's no changing it.
I have a different viewpoint. The Warners clearly have free will. Yes, they were created with certain fundamental character traits. That doesn't prevent them from changing, though. We all have fundamental personality traits we acquired at a very young age. Does that prevent us from changing our nature, or acting against it at times? Not at all. The Warners act the way they do because they choose to, not because they were pre-programmed to always be that way. Look at their origin: created to be zany cartoon stars, by an insane artist, which explains some of their more outlandish traits. However, they didn't rebel right away. For the first few years of their existence, they were mostly compliant, acting in company shorts and doing their best to play along. It was only five years later, after the company had enough of playing nice with them, that they began to run around acting crazy. This is all covered in the Warners' 65th Anniversary Special Episode, which I covered in my last big post. In that one, I talk about the events that led up to their contract's cancellation and their eventual capture in the tower. Is it possible that the cancellation, even after all of Wakko's hard work directing his own cartoon short, is what drove them to be so antagonistic to the studio? In any case, it's clear in my mind that this was a conscious choice on their part.
Tumblr media
"We're the Warner Brothers!"
"Like the studio?"
"Not very much, but we don't have a choice." -Yakko
(Also, look at how offended Wakko is at the mere mention of the studio. If you watch the clip, his expression changes from happy to this at the very instant Pfeiffer mentions the studio.)
That leads me to the episode I'll be focusing on today, "Taming of the Screwy," Episode 5 of the original series. It's appropriate, and perhaps not a coincidence, that this episode takes place so early on in the series. I believe it sets the foundation for everything that comes after.
At the beginning of the episode, we see Dr. Scratchansniff in Mr. Plotz's office. Plotz tells Scratchansniff about an important party they'll be having in honor of some rich foreign investors, who want to meet every employee of the studio- including the Warners. Plotz orders the doctor to teach the Warners good manners and appropriate behavior for the party, which is in 24 hours. Scratchansniff doesn't seem confident in his ability to do this.
In the next scene, the Warners are delivered to his office.
Tumblr media
I mostly posted this screenshot so I could point out the portrait of young Scratchansniff in the background there. Never noticed that before today.
The Warners start out with a nice little ditty about Scratchansniff, before he explains to them why they were brought in. They get very excited upon learning they've actually been invited to this big party with all the huge stars. Yakko wants to see Michelle Pfeiffer, Dot wants to see Mel Gibson (heh), and Wakko wants to see Don Knotz, of course. Scratchansniff then tells them that they have to be behaved, clean, and nice children if they want to go. He asks them if they're willing to abide by these terms, and, after discussion, they agree.
This is pretty interesting to me. The Warners can go anywhere they want. There's no doubt they could get into the party whether they were invited or not, and that does in fact happen in the last act of the episode. So, why agree to these terms that they're less than enthused about? It must be because they want to be included officially. They're willing to follow the normal rules and procedure, if they're given the opportunity to do so. The problem is, they're almost never given that opportunity by the studio, so they're forced to do it the chaotic and zany way instead. Their whole lives, the studio has deliberately barred them from feeling any sense of inclusion, making them feel like outsiders, and then gets upset when they act outside of the rules.
Moving on, Scratchansniff begins to teach the kids proper manners. I don't want to highlight every gag in this segment (I greatly recommend watching it for yourself- I think it's one of the funniest episodes), so I'll just summarize. In separate lessons, he tries to teach the Warners how to do a proper greeting, how to enunciate correctly, and how to eat politely. They fail at all of these tasks, but it's very clearly deliberate. They're actually listening to everything Scratchansniff says- they just wanted to have some fun in the process. At the end, when it seems like they're a lost cause, Scratchansniff disinvites them from the party, at which point they show him that they really have learned and perfected everything he's taught them. He asks them why they gave him such a hard time-
Tumblr media
"'Cause we love ya!"
Tumblr media
And he actually hugs them back!
Now understanding how they operate, Scratchansniff seems to be on their side. He proudly introduces them at the party, and the Warners perfectly follow the proper protocol.
Tumblr media
Yakko even cracks a joke in Japanese to the Japanese investors, getting them to laugh. So, not only are they acting politely, but they immediately prove that they can be a great asset to the company if the studio would just let them be on its side.
Of course, the company immediately does the opposite. Just as the Warners get into the party and are about to join the festivities, Plotz orders Scratchansniff to kick the Warners out, because he believes they'll ruin the party (even after having just witnessed Yakko having great chemistry with the investors). Scratchansniff tries to argue against it, but there's not much he can do to stand up to the CEO, so he has to walk over and break the news. The Warners' reaction is one of the most heartbreaking things I've ever seen, period.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
To his credit, Scratchansniff does actually explain why he had to kick them out.
Tumblr media
"But we behaved!"
Yakko never seems more like an actual child than right here. Scratchansniff apologizes and walks away.
This is the pivotal moment, not just in this episode, but the entire series. The Warners played along, did everything asked of them, only to be immediately betrayed, a promise broken. This is the moment any possibility of the Warners ever being dezanitized was shattered. They learned that if they try to play along with society's rules, that if they make an effort to be accepted, all they're gonna get is heartbreak. From this point on, they never genuinely try to be polite or "normal" ever again. To them, it's pointless. And it's hard to argue with them.
From the studio's perspective, Plotz dug his own grave, without ever realizing it. He had the Warners exactly where he wanted them. If he just let them stay at the party, prove that their efforts would be rewarded, it could have been the start of a new era. Maybe it wouldn't happen right away, but Scratchansniff would have had the ammunition he needed to work with them more, make real progress, and eventually teach them to control their zaniness. Plotz threw that all away, while continuing to solely blame the Warners for the way they act. These characters aren't even real, and it infuriates me.
The Warners predictably respond in the only way they know how, when they've been spurned by the studio once again. They go back to the party and cause chaos. They do whatever they want. Plotz tries to capture them, making things much worse. In the end, the investors are entertained by the Warners' antics and hand over the billion dollar check to them. Plotz then chases them in pursuit of the check, while Scratchansniff signals that the CEO has gone crazy himself. This ends the episode.
Tumblr media
So, I don't think I have to summarize much. The point was made pretty clearly already. I do want to look at this from the writers' perspective. Do I think they intended to put all this deep layered character building in this episode? No, not really, but there are a few subtle hints here and there that seem to work a little too well with my theory. I think it's a possibility that they deliberately structured the plot this way, though it's still unlikely.
I think what this episode is truly meant to be is an important lesson for adults. Most of us probably remember a childhood experience where an adult told us to do something in the promise of a reward, only for that promise to be broken once you go through with their demands. It's a very powerless feeling, because adults always tell children not to lie and make false promises, when many of them don't seem to have an issue doing those things to children. Animaniacs is a very child-oriented show. By that I don't mean that it's childish, but that it shows the world through a child's perspective. According to the show bible, the Warners are meant to do the things children wish they could do to mean and arrogant adults. This episode attempts to teach the lesson that breaking promises to children will only result in mistrust and heartbreak- that children recognize hypocrisy just as well as the rest of us. The Warners do what we wished we could do as children by going back to the adults and basically sticking their tongues out in their faces.
Focusing back on the plot of the show, if anyone ever feels like the Warners are in the wrong for how they act, just watch this episode and you'll understand their perspective a lot better. The studio deserves every torment the Warners can give, because the studio is the one that created not just the Warners, but the conditions that make them do what they do. The studio then hypocritically tries to blame it entirely on the children they've deliberately mistreated since birth. Animaniacs is quite unique in that regard, because the main antagonist of the whole series is actually the very studio that produced the show in real life. I wonder if they ever realized it.
That about wraps it up. This is the last deep analysis I'll do for a long time, since I'm sure almost all Animaniacs discussion for the next few months will be centered around season 2 of the reboot.
(I also don't have any more ideas.)
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00unstudied00 · a year ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
exhibition in Harbour city (HK)
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thatgirlandyboi · a month ago
HEY LOOK ITS PLOTZ! ft. awkward pose Yakko
Tumblr media
I hate him so much but I really really really wanna see him make a cameo in the new season so he can get his ass beat by the Warners 😌 be might even be one of the returning characters
Also if they end up being related to him I’m—
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urfaveisunfuckable · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
thaddeus plotz from animaniacs is unfuckable!
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novahrps · a year ago
Inspiration: Brent Faiyaz - First world Problemz/Nobody Carez
“I don’t give a damn ‘bout what they think, long as I pay my rent.”
Muse A is a drug-reliant nomadic, sex driven musician who finds Muse B at an unfortunate time in his life. Constantly battling hardships In life, he finds himself moving by his lonesome, affecting his friendship and relationship. Muse B is the opposite; She is smart, innocent and financially comfortable. Even her bubbly personality is contrasting to Muse A. Both these individuals stumble apon each other at their first day of work. Muse A as the lowly intern of a prominent producer and Muse B working the same title but the daughter of the CEO who owns the record company. Not only is Muse A fighting for the end position and job with Muse B but everyday conflicts begin to wear down on him. Muse B falls for Muse A but it isn’t easy, when they are from different worlds.
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My Animaniacs Headcanons
-The "What Are We?" song and Wakko's line about being "5% salamander" lead me to believe the Warners have some DNA from every animal. I like to think Wakko has more dog DNA, Dot has more cat DNA, and Yakko has more rabbit DNA.
-I know the show retconned the year the Warners were first drawn from 1930 to 1929 (and apparently back to 1930 according to the reboot's intro), but I head canon that in "real life" the Warners really were drawn in 1929, but for their fictional backstory for the in-universe show "Animaniacs" they made it so that they were drawn in 1930 and simplified the Warners' origin story so it would be easier for younger viewers in-universe to understand and remember.
-Skippy is half toon, half real squirrel (or half-human, who knows? Point is his other parent isn't a cartoon character in-universe), hence why Slappy often reminds him about cartoon logic:
Skippy: "Yeah but those were cartoons and this is real life!"
Slappy: "Don't tell him, he might crack."
Also Slappy in a later episode: "Skippy how many times do I have to tell ya, there's no dying in the in the world of cartoons!"
-Okay this one isn't really mine, but the cop and the judge from "La La Law" COULD be Nora Rita Norita's parents. You see the resemblance too right?
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tbh they have different surnames so they're probably not related (unless the judge's surname was Norita OR Nora is married but I doubt that) but it's fun to think about.
-The Warners don't have any blood in their bodies. They do have bones, but no blood. If they were cut open, they'd "bleed" ink.
-In public, the Warners have been mistaken for Mickey (Yakko), Minnie (Dot) and Oswald (Wakko) before. Whenever this happens, immediate mallet to the head. This is promptly followed by a "Would Mickey/Minnie/Oswald do that?". It's very effective for clearing up confusion.
-Yakko fears not being funny because he feels his ability to entertain others is the only thing preventing him from being locked up in the water tower again, possibly forever this time.
-The Warners and Slappy are the only full-time actors on the show. Other characters like Skippy (who's in school), Pinky and the Brain, Rita and Runt, etc are part-time actors.
-The Warners didn't always have that moral code they mentioned in The Sound of Warners:
When they were first drawn, they didn't really have any sense of morality, and due to one of the first humans they interacted with being their mean director, they assumed that all people (or at least everyone at the studio since they had yet to venture outside of it) were just as mean, so they took it out on everyone at the studio by playing pranks and just being annoying in general. Their role in the Buddy cartoons was to torment Buddy, and no one seemed to "get" their own cartoon shorts, so at the end of the day they were just doing what they were drawn to do right? It's what they knew best, apparently.
Eventually Plotz had enough and decided to lock them up in the water tower. Forever. However the water tower had to be fumigated for termites every few years or so, and whenever this occurred it was one of the only times the Warners got to escape the tower, so they wasted no time in exploring the world. During these brief escapes, they witnessed people struggling during times of war, now realising they weren't the only ones who had it bad. It was easy to forget when all their lives they were either surrounded by movie stars or completely alone. This realisation led to them gaining empathy for others, which grew to the point of them deciding to help out in taking down the Berlin Wall-in their own way (by the way I can't believe that's an actual canon thing that happened on the show).
After that day, whilst they still loved to mess around and cause some chaos, they decided to only go out of their way to torment people if and only if they were provoked first. Or even if those special friends were provoking others.
After decades of imprisonment, perhaps their newfound empathy is what gave them that final push needed to finally escape the water tower just a mere few years later.
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pinkletterday · 3 years ago
Brain: You can't write a fanfic about colonialism and war without killing some characters.
Me: But I don't wanna kill anyone! Aren't they sad enough on the show?
Brain: Then pick a different subject.
Me: Avatar dealt with it without killing anyone. All the massacres and genocides happened off-camera and in the backstory.
Brain: Avatar killed Jet.
Me: You have no proof!
Brain: You have to kill people in a war! JKR killed em left and right!
Me: Yeah but any death that would mean something would kill the joy of it. I can't kill this one because one of my points is not punishing the female character for being morally grey. I can't kill this one because she's one of the few WoC and that one is one of the only Latina WoC in the principal cast and this one already got fridged in the show and that one is a baby and and if I kill the other one I might as well just shoot a puppy. All the other characters are mostly just background or my OCs so killing only them feels like a cop-out.
Brain: You deliberately put together a large cast of PoC for this. PoC die in wars against their colonizers. It's not fridging.
Me: Well canon fridged them and I wanna be better than canon.
Brain: Then make it an original story.
Me: Too much work. Wanna write fanfic.
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