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In an interview with, David Karp (Tumblr's founder) admitted, "Being on computers all the time makes me feel gross."

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this is a psa !!! i am very single and i am looking for a partner that i can cuddle and take on picnics to watch the sunset and go to the butterfly sanctuary near me with and hold hands with and watch horror movies with until we fall alseep cuddled against eachother

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I’m so….I love Zee so much he’s such a sweetheart and always fighting for equality everywhere along w Bergy. They’re both such great leaders and I’m so glad we have them as our captains.

He’s so against hazing and bullying in the locker room, makes sure everyone is included. And when I met him he was so excited to meet every fan and sign all their stuff and talk to them. Not to mention how he advocates for veganism and how he promotes treating all animals with respect (even that pigeon do you guys remember that post??? He was feeding a pigeon out of his hand what kind of disney shit is that)

All the effort and hard work he puts in still at 42 is inspirational enough but combined with everything else he’s really just the best NHLer.

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Can someone find that post for me where one guy poses next to a car with a nice landscape and an Afghan reblogs it with his picture posing next to this old military tank in Afghanistan???

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lets talk about the group hug when they finished filming please 
and how happy eliott looked 
and how lola looked like she was gonna start crying
and how everyone was cheering
even maya even tho she had literally just shown up 
and lets talk about how many candles they had in the room 
and how cosy it was 
just them all chilling and vibing 
and now im even more emotional

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I already can’t wait for tomorrow’s episode. How am i going to survive a week for the final? Asdfghjkl. It has been years since a kdrama has had me this obsessed but no doubt about it, im ready to get hurt again.

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