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Can I be controversial?

I do and I don’t ship Harry and Nikki. I think they’re very well suited to each other, I won’t go as far as to say made for each other but they were definitely very cute and would’ve had an amazing relationship if the writers actually took it that way. And I’m in no way disregarding all those sweet moments between Harry and Nikki where you can clearly see that the love between them runs so deep because they did really love each other and I don’t dispute that.

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ok cool so it’s definitely bad on big storm days—idk if it’s the temp change or humidity change or pollen getting busted up smaller or mold and fungi going bananas, but there is something my lungs and eyes really hate bc they’re trying to kill me tonight even though I cut my jog short AND used my inhaler first and during it shdjfhfj im OFFENDED

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definitely to some extent!! there are some more ‘popular’ people on here who are genuinely v nice and kind but there’s a few who leave a bit of a bad taste in my mourh. i think it’s not as huge of an issue on tumblr as it is on twitter, but there is definitely a complex on here that ive noticed (after many, many years across all kinds of fandom on tumblr and as someone who was very popular on my other — now abandoned — blog) where if you get lots of anons or followers, you kinda get a bit inflated w yourself. popularity is a weird thing, man.

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the male protag and the female protag of a feel-good comedy show start out alone and lost while the audience knows they’ll always get together. one is taken, the other is sad. commence dramatic breakup. they’re together. they’re happy. oh look marriage. no, this show will be different. never mind, they have children. nuclear family accomplished. this has all happened in less than ten years. the end.

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Having a time limit on friendship is stupid, insulting, and degrading. I have seen countless times both done to myself and other individuals where they get dropped or ignored by online “friends” because they went on hiatus, got busy with work, had something terrible happen to them personally thus making their appearance online scare to none for some period of time. Acting like strangers to someone who thought you were their friend is so off putting. 

I legitimately think that mindset that you should have some “notice” due to their pause or disappearance, or priority over their life in order to keep your “interest” for them relevant is extremely awful and off putting. It is obvious that that person never cared about you as a friend anyhow. Because real friends don’t care about how much time there is between interactions because they understand life gets busy or hard and will welcome you with open arms when you are able to spare a moment to appear. 

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