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#pls help

YO I’m kinda panicking about my A&B workshop with Jeff this afternoon…

it’s only a few hours away but I’m supposed to have 45 seconds of a song prepared and I cannot decide which song! the trouble is that every song I want to do is either A) not in a comfortable range for me to sing in my tiny apartment that I share with my family, or B) written by Jeff… and I dunno it feels tacky to sing one of his songs, like “hey person I love and admire, listen to me butcher this song you wrote!” but like, black friday is so perfectly in my range but also I don’t wanna be THAT GUY, ya know? fuck, I dunno, any advice?

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Hey, quick quesh…

What if I posted a drawing of a hot man in a skirt? Is that allowed here? Would y'all like that?

Honestly, I just need even one person to do any action that so much as hints at affermation/approval and I’ll do it.

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any recs for rps? i’m very new and don’t know how to like. find good ones

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Question for all the writers out there

How do I freaking balance the point of view of the hero and the villain but have the reader kind of have a conflict of who is on the evil and who is on the good side?

Please and thank you.

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Heyy guys

I need your help, a friend of mine can’t find the name of a swanqueen fanfiction, could you help me?

The plot should something like this:

it starts with emma and others coming back from the under world without hook, and emma leaves the tow nothing happens to robin so regina is still with him. emma starts a new life and begin training to become a fire fighter

i remember the story starts with emma calling regina scared and telling that she killed someone and regina running to help her

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The fandom: Yassen is an emotionless, cold man

The books: Literally the first thing Yassen does is smile

The fandom: Like a block of ice.

The books: Alex literally threatens to murder him and he responds with a smile I mean fair he is still a baby

The fandom: Carved from granite. Hasn’t smiled in 19 years ain’t gonna start now.

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I would like some help to decide… I’m writing a Christmas letter to my best friend, who’s also my crush (we’re both female). I do not want to confess, that’s why I’m asking for help.

If I write ‘with you I feel like I could take up on the world’ would it feel like a confession?

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I am trying to learn how to use Tumblr, so here’s the shit that I am loving right now.

I’m about to nut, please help me out.


I forgot November is over.

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Writing some mistletoe drabbles for kiri, baku and kami and need a forth, send someone in pls 😳😳😳

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