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how to say i love you ✧ ransom drysdale
request: when you get the chance, pls write some fluffy Ransom writings, my heart can’t take all of this angst 🤣
pairing: ransom drysdale x reader
summary: ransom is a little unconventional in how he says “i love you”. 
word count: 3,232
warnings?: implied smut, fluffy
i DO NOT consent to my works being reposted, translated, or published on any third party site or app. if you see my work posted on any platform that is not my tumblr, my wattpad (starryevermore), or my ao3 (illiterate), it has been stolen and reposted without my permission.  
reblogs and feedback encouraged. 
my blog is strictly 18+. by clicking on the links or read more, you are agreeing that you are an adult. any minors found interacting with my blog will be blocked.
Tumblr media
Hugh Ransom Drysdale was neither easily lovable nor the kind of person who loved easily. He was rough around the edges, a result of his upbringing. For a long time, he didn’t even know about the word “love”, about the phrase “I love you”. It wasn’t until he was in school that he even heard it. Some kids on the schoolyard declaring their love and affection to whoever their significant other of the day was. And he didn’t understand the phrase. Not one bit. It was...confusing. He couldn’t wrap his mind around it. What was love, really? What kind of feeling was that? It was so far removed from his experience, that he just couldn’t figure it out. So he took that phrase, filed it away to deal with later, and...he never did. 
He didn’t love. He just wasn’t the kind of person who said “I love you”. It was a point of contention in many of his relationships. His girlfriends would always willingly declare their love for him. But when it came time for him to reciprocate? He just...couldn’t. Wouldn’t. The words just felt wrong in his mouth. Like they weren't his to say. He’d never felt loved. So why should he be saying it like it meant something to him? 
It didn’t.
It never had, and it never would. 
At least, that’s how he felt before he met you. 
He never meant to feel like that around you. It was a complete accident. When he first met you, it was at a book signing for Harlan. Apparently, you were a new author that Blood Like Wine had signed for their newly acquired young adult imprint. When he first saw you, all he could think of was your cute ass and your pretty little legs that he imagined would look so good wrapped around him. And then he spoke to you, catching your name, and remembering that Harlan had said something about you being a hidden gem for the company. That you had a lot of talent and, with the right marketing, you could dominate any and every bestseller’s lists. A talented, soon-to-be accomplished woman. Perfect for Ransom, and he said about as much. Asked you out on a date, said he could show you around Boston, and you...
Declined. Said no, that you weren’t looking for any sort of relationship. Not now, not for a long time. 
And that confused, irritated, and enticed him all at the same time. He wasn’t used to being told “no”. That word was almost as foreign as “love” to him. And it only drew him in further. When he found out that Harlan was planning on inviting you to family functions, Ransom found himself finding reasons to show up, to deal with his family’s obnoxious attitudes if only for a moment to speak with you. 
If you were just as frustrated with his family’s antics, you didn’t show it. No, you didn’t crack at all when attention would turn towards you, when someone would have some snide remark about how you were able to land the publishing deal you had. Hell, you didn’t even say anything. You would just laugh, a sort of “I’m better than you, and I don’t even have to say anything to prove it” kind of laugh, and take a sip of your wine before turning to talk to Harlan or Meg or...his mother? Fuck, why would you choose to talk to his mother of all people? 
He caught you later in the night, when he was one wrong move from going off on his family. You were looking out one of the large windows in Harlan’s home, still sipping on your wine. You looked almost at peace, even with his family going at each other’s throats in the next room. He almost didn’t want to disturb that peace. Almost. But he was Ransom fucking Drysdale, and he got what he wanted, and what he wanted in that moment was to talk to you. 
“You ready to go off running, find another publisher so you don’t have to deal with this shit?” he asked, standing beside you and looking out the window, too. 
You glanced at him, before turning your attention back to the starlit night. “S’gonna take more than a few catfights to scare me off, Drysdale.”
“I have to admit, I was impressed by the way you held your own in there. Don’t think I’ve ever seen someone just...not respond to all that bullshit.”
You smirked. “You should try it some time. There’s no greater satisfaction than looking at someone who’s trying to get a rise out of you dead in the eyes and not giving them the reaction they want. Their reaction to that? Oh, it’s borderline orgasmic.”
He looked over at you, trying to get a good look at your face as he delivered his next time with a shit-eating grin. “I can show a thing or two about orgasms.”
“That a promise?” you asked. “If it is, you gotta take me out to a nice restaurant first.”
He only choked on his drink. He wasn’t expecting that. After the way you blew him off at Harlan’s book signing, he was expecting you to be more difficult to catch. “That easy, huh? Just a little dinner and a few orgasms and you’re mine?”
“Never said I’d be yours, Drysdale,” you said. “But a girl’s got needs. If I can kill two birds with one stones, then I gotta take it when I can.”
“Well, why’s now different than before?”
You tore your eyes away from the night sky to look around the room. You pursed your lips before admitting, “Harlan said something about how you need someone headstrong to go toe-to-toe with, thought I could be the one to do that. And, well, I didn’t give much of a shit about what he was saying. Still don’t, if I'm being honest. But you offered me an orgasm, and goddammit I'm gonna get it.”
“And it’ll get him off your back,” he chuckled. 
“Perhaps. Or it’ll make it worse. We’ll just have to burn that bridge when we get there.”
“What, we gonna just run off together if he gets on our case even more than before?”
“Never said together, Drysdale. That’s wholly dependent on how good you are in bed.”
“Well, I can promise you that you’re not gonna want to leave my bed when I get my hands on you.”
That Friday night, he took you out to this upscale restaurant that had just opened. It had good reviews, looked just impressive enough that would keep you enticed, and he got the chance to display his superior tastes in, well, everything. And yet, you looked at the restaurant, its menu, like he’d taken you to a lowly McDonald’s. Sipped your wine like it wasn’t anything better than grape juice. Didn’t seem at all impressed with his choice. 
When he got you in his Beemer, he was on edge. Whether it was at you for not caring where he took you or at himself for not finding a place you would actually enjoy, he didn’t know. But he was pissed, and he needed to release that energy fast. By the time he got to his house, he was ready to throw you on the nearest surface and fuck you so hard that you would have no choice to stay with him, if just for how he could make you come undone. 
Instead, the moment you walked through the door, you’d grabbed him by the scarf, practically pulling him on top of you. He braced himself against the wall, his question dying before it could even pass by his lips when you pressed your pretty little lips against his, nipping at his bottom lip. And, though he didn’t want to pull away, he still had to say his piece. 
“And here I thought you didn’t enjoy the night, petal,” he said, before connecting your lips to his once more.
“Gotta keep you on your toes,” you mumbled between kisses. “Didn’t want you to think this was gonna be easy, but just lost my will to fight as soon as I saw how worked up you got.”
“Yeah? Well that’s all you, petal. Think it’s only right you help me wind down.” He hands slipped to the underside of your thighs, hoisting you in the air as your legs wrapped around his legs. 
“Shit, if that’s my punishment, you knew I gotta accept.”
“Oh, no, your punishment’s gonna be a lot worse than that, petal. I’ll make sure of that.”
He made sure to keep his earlier promise of making you not want to leave his bed once he got a hold of you. And you didn’t. Stayed with him the whole weekend, waltzing around his home like you owned it all but a pair of clothes. He was sure that there wasn’t a single surface that he hadn’t taken you on by the time Monday rolled around. But, on Monday, you slipped on the clothes you long since abandoned, gave him a kiss on the cheek and went on your merry little way. 
He didn’t hear from you for a while after that. Honestly, he wasn’t expecting much from that date. He certainly didn’t expect anything, any semblance of feelings, to come from it. And yet, when you never called him again, he found it hard to just get you off his mind. Even when he went through his list of girls, he just couldn’t let you go. Something about you, your dismissive attitude, just drew him in. And he wasn’t going to let that pass him by. 
After finding out about a meeting you’d had with your publishers, he waited outside of the building until you came down, practically throwing you in his car before he demanded to know why you’d been dodging his calls. 
“Careful, Drysdale, or someone might think you care,” you teased, your pretty little smirk dancing across your face. 
“Is it a crime if I do?”
You paused, as though you hadn’t expected that. “Well, if you do care,” you finally said, “then I gotta be your only one. None of your other girls can fall back into your rotation. Just me or not at all.”
“How do you know I got other girls?”
“A guy like you doesn’t exactly settle,” you said. “And I’m not about that life. So it’s either me, or I get out of this car and leave, making that weekend just a one time thing. What do you want?”
He froze, unsure if he was ready for such a commitment, even if it wasn’t a relationship. But, then he remembered how no one else made him feel seen the way you made him feel, no one made him...feel quite the way you did. And so he said, “I’m all yours. And I can promise you that.”
The two of you existed like that for three months, all sex and dates and feelings, but no label. No label. And Ransom didn’t like that. He wasn’t quite sure why, but he fucking hated it. 
Maybe it was because there was a chance that you could end it as quickly as you started it. Turn around, say that you wanted something else, and leave. You weren’t his, after all. You were just a girl he was having fun with, nothing more, nothing less. And he really didn’t like that. 
One day, as he sat in the bathtub, covered in bubbles with your back pressed against his chest, he couldn’t stop himself from asking the question he hadn’t asked in a long time. Not since, his college days, he realized. 
“Be my girl?”
“Aren’t I already?”
“No, for real this time. None of this unlabelled shit anymore,” he said. “Be my girl, officially.”
You turned your head to look back at him, wearing that little smirk he wanted to just kiss away. “You mean you want me to be your girlfriend?”
“Took you longer to ask than I thought,” you mused. “But I would love to be your girlfriend.”
The knot he hadn’t realized was being tied up in his stomach untangled itself. “Good. Because I wasn’t gonna let you go if you said no.”
“Yeah? And why’s that?”
“You are my treasure,” he murmured, his lips brushing against your temple. “I’m never letting you go.”
He kept that promise, too. Most days, you didn’t leave his house. You’d stay wrapped up in one of his sweaters, tucked away in the corner of his big couch, typing away as you worked on your next novel. Or you’d be in his kitchen, insisting that he was gonna love that new recipe you were trying, only for it all to go up in smoke and you’d have to order pizza lest you go to bed without a proper dinner. Or you’d be spinning around his bathroom, singing along to some Harry Styles song as you got ready in the morning. 
Or, it’d be like now, with you tucked away in his arms, the sunlight streaming through his big windows, pulling the two of you out of sleep.
“I want to spend every morning waking up like this,” he murmured, nuzzling his nose in your hair. “All I want is you in my arms.”
“Yeah? Don’t you already have that?” you asked.
“Not officially,” he said. “You can still leave if you want. All your stuff’s still in your place. Want it here. With me.”
“...are you asking me to move in?”
“Well, you’re the one asking. I’m just saying what I want.”
“And what Ransom wants, Ransom gets,” you teased. 
He kissed the corner of your smirk. “Now you’re speaking my language. So, what do you say? Wanna be my roommate?”
You laughed loudly, burying your face in his chest as your shoulders shook. “I mean, if this is the kinda treatment I get as a guest, I’d better be getting first class treatment as your roommate.”
He laughed, too, pulling your face away so you’d look at him as he pressed soft kisses around your face. “Whatever you want, petal. Whatever you want, I’ll give it to you.”  
The only downside that came from you moving in with him was that he got to see all your bad sides. The bad days. The ugly moments. The moments where you’d bury yourself in your work, pretend that everything was fine when it really wasn’t. It was hard to navigate those moments. He was used to fights, not kindness. He didn’t know what to do when things like that happened. But he...He didn’t want to ruin this. He’s ruined a lot of things in his life, a lot of those things being intentionally fucked up, but this wasn’t one of those things.
He meant what he said when he said he never wanted to let you go. 
He got better at telling the good days from the bad days. And he got good about knowing how to pull you out of those bad moments. Figured out how to make you feel loved, even if he couldn’t say the words. 
It was a bad day, and he knew it from the moment he left the house. He hadn’t wanted to leave, but he needed to drop off some paperwork with Harlan. It was supposed to be quick, done and over with in a span of a few minutes. And yet, it felt like a century he was away. He didn't like leaving you on the bad days, and he knew you didn’t either. But, at least while he was gone, he could get something to make you feel better.
“Hey, petal. I picked up your favorite from that little Chinese place you like so much,” he said, getting in his car, dropping the takeout bag in his passenger seat. He switched his phone to his other ear as he started his car. “I’ll be home soon.”
“I’ll be waiting,” you said, before the two of you said your goodbyes and ended the call.
When he got home, you practically threw yourself in his arms. “Missed you,” you mumbled against his chest. 
“Missed you too, petal, but I’m here now.” He held up the takeout bag. “And look! I even made sure they threw in extra fortune cookies.”
Your eyes lit up. “Extra fortune cookies? Oh, Ran, you spoil me.”
“What can I say? I’ll do anything to make you feel good.” He leant down and kissed the top of your head. “Promise.”
In spite of all of the ups and downs that came in a relationship, Ransom knew that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with you. You were a diamond in a sea of coal. He wasn’t stupid enough to let someone like you pass him by. He wanted you to be his, now and forevermore. 
He planned a little dinner in his backyard. Had a cute little set up, with a pretty little gazebo and fairy lights and a little table. Brought in a professional chef, had all of your favorite foods made. Imported the best wine. Made sure that everything you loved was incorporated in some capacity. And, God, when he saw the way your face lit up when you saw everything he did for you? He wanted to see that everyday for the rest of his life. 
He could hardly wait for dessert to be finished. He was buzzing with excitement, ready to hear you say “yes” to the only question he’d ask that would really matter. By the time you took the last bite of the tiramisu, he was already reaching across the table to grab at your hand. 
“Yeah?” you asked as you swallowed your dessert.
“I want to be your future,” he declared, sliding out of his seat and falling down to one knee. He reached into his pocket, pulling out the small velvet box and popping it open. Your hand flew to your mouth, and he could see the tears welling up in your eyes. “Petal, you’re all I want. I’m the kind of man who’s had everything I could ask for. But all the riches in the world couldn’t amount to you. You are the most amazing person I’ve ever met, and I can’t ever let you go. Not when you made my life so much richer with you as my girl. I want to spend the rest of my life with you, if you’ll let me.” “Oh, Ransom,” you cried.
“So, what do you say? Will you be Mrs. Drysdale?”
“Baby, you didn’t even have to ask. Of course I’ll be your wife. Of course I’ll be,” you sobbed as he slid the diamond engagement ring onto your finger. He stood, and so did you, him taking your face in his hands and pressing a kiss to your lips. “God, I love you so much, Ran.”
And though he wanted to say it back, his chest felt tight when he tried to form the word around his lips. Instead—
“You do know that I...” He paused, the word feeling foreign in his mouth, like it wasn’t his to say. “...care about you a lot, right?”
“Oh, baby,” you cooed, cradling his face in your hands. “I know that you love me. I do. You tell me everyday in your own way.”
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vbecker10 · a day ago
I hope you don't mind that  I'm taking my reply here. I'm glad you enjoyed my micro-micro fic. I just want to say thanks for reblogging. Sorry for the oncoming too long message for Tumblr. I'm still new here and have yet to learn to abide by the site's etiquette, which seems to be, "not too long messages, pls." :))
Being in a phase of neither reviewing/commenting on other people's fics on a spree, nor posting my own fanfics (currently working on a very long, bromance heavy Loki fic, so I can't read what others write; that's how I function), I realised just how important it is to give people who support other authors credit for what they do. 
And I've seen you reblogging fics on a whim, and that's just freaking amazing! I mean, you're amazing for doing that — for giving others who write visibility and praise for it. For any author (and in the Loki fandom, I'm not one yet) that's just incommensurately valuable.
I guess from my end (knowing from both the supporter's and the author's — albeit in another fandom — side what it means) this is simply a shout out to you and others like you who actively support and uplift fanfic writers. You're fantastic and awesome and absolutely insanely amazing for doing this. It's just unbelievable, and I hope every author you reblog knows just how amazing you are for doing that. 
Feel free to never answer this ask publicly; I know it's too long (and maybe I have typos. It's late for proper English on my CET  side of the world. :)) But you know, the main idea here is, I guess, just a huge collective THANKS! ♥️
Aww! This is way too sweet! 💚💚💚
Your little fic was fantastic so of course i was gonna share it 😁 I really do appreciate everything people post on here. I know how much time and energy some of my friends on here put into their fics or answering prompts, it seems rude not to reblog after they do all that. I have no idea how you all seem to constantly be coming up with new stories or making what amounts to a novel.
And I definitely don't mind the long message (it's longer than you micro fic hahaha) if you want to tag me in other stuff you write that would be awesome so I don't miss anything 💚
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that-tall-queer-bassist · 7 months ago
My personal Pros and Cons of my ADHD
-noticing all the little details and appreciating them in the fullest
-Emotional Dysregulation, because when I get a new plant, or find that one oddly shaped metal marble I lost a while ago, I am so excited it’s pathetic, but I love that feeling of pure joy.
-hyperfixation of the week/day/hour (i know some people describe it differently, let me be pls) . I usually switch between art mediums, and/or a few video games/social media sites. for example, I’ve been on tumblr for 3 hours as i write this, after not touching it for, i think a month?
-nuerodivergent friends. They’re just better.
-the ability to completely drown myself in information to ignore reality. Is it healthy? no. But i simply cannot handle another existiential crissi rn, so i will instead play minecraft while listening to alt rock playlists on youtube because getting spotify sounds like a lot of work.
-my ability to retain absolutely useless information, from either my, or my other nuerodivergent friends hyperfixations/special interests. I can explain to you in terrible formatting if it’s out loud, the evolution, history, training, anatomy and roles of the horse in our world, and how ao3 works, and what makes or breaks a fanfiction.
-Object Impermanence. When i literally hide myself a treat or surprise and forget about it, then get so excited when i do find/discover it again. I hide google questions, and/or song lyrics in my tabs :) its so fun. Also, hiding away stressors. Again, healthy? no, but i don’t feel like having anxiety all day, so whatever.
-Emotional Dysregulation, again. I can switch from sad or angry to happy and excited/content in a few seconds. It’s also great for getting my siblings out of their funk. ex., my sister is mad at me. I make a silly voice repeating what she said or cross my eyes at her. she laughs, then we can talk and have constructive conversation about why she shouldn’t get that upset about me “cutting off her reading time” when we share a room and I want to sleep, and know that she will be very tired tomorrow if she doesn’t also go to sleep. (We have this conversation almost every single night, i’m not even joking)
-Emotional Dysregulation. When i get upset, I’m Upset. Like, big time, ruining friendships and familial ties if i let it get out of hand, Upset. Yeah.
-Time Blindness. Constantly late, or early, or under or over estimating the amount of time it takes to do a thing, not eating til 4 because you forgot but you also should just wait til dinner, but now its 9 and I still haven’t eaten-
-Executive Dysfunction. I can’t do the things needed to function. Don’t have the mental energy to explain this one, so google it i guess? There’s a whole checklist of things you need to be able to do to function, and i can do like, three on a good day.
-Sleeping Trouble. People with adhd have trouble falling asleep, staying asleep, and waking up. So, sleeping trouble. So I’m constantly tired.
-Internal Clock is SLIGHTLY OFF. Nuerotypicals have that normal sleep schedule. Adhd ers have it shifted forward by, i think, 2, 3 hours. So we go to sleep later, and wake up later, and that’s the only way to get a healthy amount of sleep. My entire family also eats dinner super late, which might be because we’re weird, but I suspect the inner clock thing cuz we all got adhd.
-Object Impermanance. I hid my math homework one time. I failed that class. 
-Rejection Sensitive Dysphoria. Never trying, or starting cuz I’m so terrified to get a bad reaction. Constantly masking around certain people to appeal to the few of my Nuerotypical friends. Or, y’know, majority of my extended family. They’re ableist. and homophobic. And transphobic. And racist. and sexist. The list goes on, but, yeah. Never coming out to them! :D
-Masking. It’s exhausting and I can only handle so much of it.
-Not Masking around nuerotypicals. The shoot down after finally revealing my true thoughts, urges, feelings, stims, etc. just sucks. Super disheartening. 
-Squirrel or shiny jokes when they’re made by people without adhd. Yes, I do get distracted by squirrels, and shiny things, and dice. Stop pointing it out, and/or putting me into yet another box of your labeling. 
-saying that I’m lazy, worthless, or a disaster when really it’s not helping. I already have that internal monologue, you adding to it and giving it some truth/extra ammunition is not. helping.
-Emotional Dysregulation. Again, because mood swings. like, I’m trying to be rightfully angry with you. Stop making me laugh with you’re silly faces or pointing out of a weird face someone made in a picture you took. 
-the stigma about the hyperactive subtype. I’m inattentive. I have No Energy. Ever. Sometimes i have restlessness, but there is still no energy. Stop portraying me as bouncing off the walls, especially with caffeine. Caffeine just catches my body speed up to my brain speed, settling me down a bit, at least mentally. 
-people not getting when i say I’m overstimulated, or need some time alone to process or re-energize, and following me, or continuing to do the overstimulating thing. I will literally. lose. my. mind.
-when people shut me down after I share something that is really important to me, or make fun of me for liking something an “abnormal” amount. Flashbacks to overnight camp, when whenever I said anything about horses, they said I had to do five squats, and when i got really excited about discussing the differences in riding styles/types with another person who really liked horses, but rode english, they said that it was obnoxious, when i was just.. excited to finally find someone to talk to and who felt the same way after, basically, years and years of no one getting it or wanting to listen or talking with me about the thing. To this day I don’t discuss horses with anyone, cuz it hurts so much remembering that, and the fear of it happening again is still there. 
-seeing other people be ashamed about their adhd and hesitant to mention until i talk, like, super openly about having it, in like, the first 5 minutes of knowing each other. It just.. hurts.
-I’m super empathetic, not in a way that’s helpful though. Like, wincing, or limping myself because I saw you drop something on your foot, and am imagining it so vividly that it feels like it happened to me. Reading a fic about abuse or depression, and it hitting too hard and hurting me almost physically, and on a personal level because I simply cannot handle it. Feeling someone else’s pain so vividly that i can’t comfort or help them in any way, because I am so preoccupied with  feeling their pain. 
-never being able to finish things without starting something else. All the WIPs in my google docs, istg, i will be driven insane by it. 
(y’know, this was kinda fun. As a rant, but also as a way for me to identify things about myself and my adhd that i like. Like, I know its so much shorter, but I have a hard time with positive self affirmation, so it was kinda nice. I might do it again, but just the pros part cuz the cons are kinda depressing ngl.)
(OH, Y’all should reblog with your own personal pros added on! You can add cons if you’d like to :) I’m just interested in seeing how your experiences/feeling differ from mine :) )
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shufire · 16 days ago
Tumblr media
( OOC ) : hi. so here is what i currently have for those present here today: - desperately trying to get my life together. puppy has vet appts, i have very crunch deadline for the 15th & i’m sweatin bullets abt it, work is super inconsistent with my schedule & insomnia has me by the throat. 
- smth about tumblr right now is giving me some super bad vibes. y’all good? i hope you’re good. bc i feel the bad coming & it’s wigging me out. if you ever need someone to vent to, my dm’s are open fam.
- i have. too many drafts. i think. i’m going to go through them more thoroughly & pick ones i have a lot of muse for. the rest will likely be temporarily or perm dropped idk yet. brain has yet to commit to a decision. 
- im re doing all my carrds across the board. i’d like to do more kuwei art for this but im struggling so if offer ideas then i will love you.
- i really want to redo tags as well but my god tumblr is not a functioning site & im afraid to touch them.
- i can now rap successfully JID’s ft in enemy by imagine dragons without error. pls be proud of me. if not at least i am proud of myself.
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lhaewiel · 5 months ago
I was tagged by my bestie @the-nonchalance-draws , thank you <3
1. Why did you choose your URL?
The reason is very silly. Basically when I was a teen I used to roam whatever the internet had to offer on The Lord of the Ring, because I was and still am a big fan. I am an Elder and I was on those unofficial websites, because at the time the internet was a free landscape of anything possible and I found this "put your name and I'll give you the elvish equivalent"... And thus Lhaewiel became my nickname.
2. Any side blogs?
A few actually. @japaneselanguagestudentghost is a studyblr on Japanese language and literature. @lhaewielsfanmixes is my sideblog with my playlists. @lhaewielslovenikkithings is my sideblog for the game "Love Nikki Dressup Queen". @easystitchesdesigns is the sideblog for my cross-stitching works. @caduceusnocassandra is my Saint Seiya roleplay blog. @parole-di-carta is the sideblog for my writing community.
3. How long have you been on Tumblr?
Since 2012. Yes. Yes, I have seen things.
4. Do you have a queue tag?
No. I tried, but I keep forgetting the queue function.
5. Why did you start your blog in the first place?
I think that at the beginning was a thing like "It's fun, it's free, everyone has it", then I grew to love this site in all its glitchy hellscape glory.
6. Why did you choose you icon/pfp?
My most current hyperfixation is "The Untamed/Mo Dao Zu Shi". Jiang Cheng is my problematic fave.
7. Why did you choose your header?
Lotus Pier for the win, again, because I have hyperfixated on MDZS/CQL
8. What's your post with the most notes?
... This is going to take a while, bear with.
... Pls don't lynch me, 2012 Tumblr was really different from 2021 tumblr: https://lhaewiel.tumblr.com/post/23681468295/doctor-who-by-spookychan
Amounting at 1280 notes.
9. How many mutuals do you have?
I have no idea.
10. How many followers do you have?
412, which is way more than what I expected and I am happy for every single one of them <3 I love you guys, thank you for bearing with me through a million <3
11. How many people do you follow?
12. Have you ever made a shit post?
Old grandma voice: "Back in the days we called it nightblogging and blamed the Australians for it" - joking aside, I most likely have, but I have nearly 75K posts on my blog and I am going to give myself the benefit of the doubt.
13. How often do you use tumblr?
Quite a lot. I like the fact that it is anonymous, doesn't collect data and I can vent on it without being under the eye of celebrities/workplaces. Discourse aside, there are a lot of good educational posts. And art.
14. Did you ever have a fight/argument with another blog?
Again, I have nearly 75K posts, I most likely have, but I can't remember. It was probably not that deep, or important.
15. How do you feel about "you need to reblog" posts?
Meh. If you nag me, I will not do that 100%, but I can see for myself which ones are important and which ones are not.
16. Do you like tag game?
17. Do you like ask games?
18. Which of your mutuals do you think is tumblr famous?
I am 100% @everkings should be, they are an amazing artist and I think they deserve it.
I will tag anyone who wants to do this!
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stillness138 · 8 months ago
i got tagged by @moonwich and as always i thank + can’t resist
1. why did you choose your url?
stillnesofacorpse (with one s bc i’m dumdum) is the main, it comes from this song (flashing images warning!) because when Moonwich had a czech rap phase, i had a metalcore phase... the music video with Chris performing in a miniskirt is kinda iconic tho
2. side blogs?
other than this one, paleness-i-adore is the only interesting one (nsfw warning! it’s the titties and vampires sideblog)
3. how long have you been on tumblr?
think i said it somewhere already but i must’ve made my main sometime in 2013?
4. do you have a queue tag?
nope, i do use the function in rare instances but if i rb ‘30 posts of absolute jackshit’, i do it at once
5. why did you start your blog?
the main is more or less an aesthetic blog for vibin and i wanted a place to scream about the witcher
6. why did you choose your icon?
it’s by Alfons Mucha - one of my faves, more so since he was Czech - it’s a blonde lady sitting behind a drawing...yeah
i just made it green in photoshop
7. why did you choose your header?
5 minute craft project in illustrator, originally it had logos for the franchises i’m interested in it, but i like the witcher school medallions more. left is my birb and right is bf’s wild boar
8. post with the most notes?
i think that would be the Vesemir seasonal lore from January ('#vesemir FUCKS' kinda tags still crack me up)
9. how many mutuals do you have?
like 10? idk whom i can really call a mutual
10. how many followers do you have?
nearly 500 on this blog
11. how many people do you follow?
12. ever made a shitpost?
i like to think shitpost is my middle name
13. how often do you use tumblr each day?
idk i click every once in a while to check notes, scroll a lil if i’m taking a small pause between working on something
14. did you ever have a fight/argument with another blog?
yeah there were a few
last time i was like this fictional relationship is actually toxic, i gave examples, and they told me ‘nah being emotionally dragged back and forth and getting shit thrown at you is no proof of an abusive dynamic’. they blocked me before i could respond :D...
imagine telling that to an abuse survivor. god i love tumblr
15. How do you feel about ‘you need to reblog this’ posts?
i think i reblogged a few, like recently the one about skin condition positivity. Because I have a skin condition 😅 and because I genuinely think people like that are underrepresented in media... And if for example acne does show up in like a teen movie, a lot of the times it’s for laughs/obviously framed as ugly and undesireable (especially in girls, yikes)
Ok that aside it really depends. Like I rb stuff like the polish protests from last year because this site is very us-centric and...europe isn’t just paris and holidays in the mediterranean
but the guilt-trippy kinda calls for reblogging are not how i want to be persuaded
16. do you like tag games?
17. do you like ask games?
also ye but i don’t get asks ever so i haven’t posted a list of questions in forever...pls ask me things i like typing
18. which of your tumblr friends/mutuals do you think is famous?
TC/dukeofdogs, Thirsty, Moonwich! and this-is-a-job, tho we haven’t talked in a while... idk if i can call abi-kamikakushi a mutual but if you’re reading this Abi i lov your art sm, thanks for talking in tags 🌼💚
19. do you have a crush on a mutual?
nay i’m in a happy long distance/long wait for covid to be over relationship with the best gwent player in the world ❤️😊👌
tagging @tcustodis, @thirstyforred and @abi-kamikakushi of course!
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mortior · 11 months ago
Ask answers below! Some are heckin’ old. As always, I sometimes forget which ones I’ve already answered, so if I missed any, please feel free to send me a reminder poke!
Anonymous said: Do you still like dirkhal? And are you still planning on putting out a sequel to endangered?
I tell you what, DirkHal is my Homestuck perma-ship. I think every fandom I’ve ever had comes with that one ship I will forever love. I’ve been a Link/Sheik shipper since childhood. ANYways yes the sequel, which is basically a bridge to the actual novel-length sequel, will happen one way or another. If not a VN then as a text adventure thing, because it wasn’t designed to be a fic, if that makes sense. Like I’ve mentioned before, if I ever give up on it, you’ll see me post a synopsis of the plot.
Anonymous said: Read Endangered and honestly my mind is blown! It fun to read stories like this one that was so vastly interesting and stand out. I really hope to read more of your work in the future.
Oh wow, it blows my mind that folks are still reading it for the first time! :0c Thank you!!
Anonymous said: Hi. Thank you for sharing your amazing writing with us, they are providing me with needed distraction right now. Good luck with your program :)
Thank you v much =u= honestly it’s been super rough lately and I’m barely keeping my life together atm, but I realized that taking a hiatus from fandom stuff wasn’t doing me any favors. If all goes well I’ll be graduating at the end of the year tho!
Anonymous said: Hey, weird question but do you know what happened to RedLament? They were one of the more active DirkDave artists for awhile and I come back to tumblr and they're gone?
Ooh that username looked familiar and then I looked up their art and I THINK they actually moved to pillowfort. Looks like the site is down r/n tho, but if you remind me later and/or message me off anon I can try to get that link for you. They might be on twitter too but I’ve recently repurposed mine into a mostly non-fandom nsfw space.
bloominghearts said: Sorry to add to the message count, but it's good to hear from you. ♡ I'm working through my thesis atm as well and it's pretty rough and time consuming, so I totally get that. Take care, Mort! 🤘🏻
Ahh thank you, yeah I’m in that final year and it’s a real beast. Gotta keep remembering that I chose this / did this to myself. :’)
cryptid-with-no-forest said: Hey man you do what you gotta do Hope life is goin well Ngl i did miss ya
Ngl I missed y’all too ;-; thank u for the kind message.
Anonymous said: I may or may not have made fanart of Endangered fairly recently but I think Tumblr is hiding it from you :y
Oooh I’ll look for it, yeah occasionally things just don’t show up in my searched tags / notifications, tumblr is a rotten old potato sometimes.
Anonymous said: im so happy to hear youre still working on the endangered vn, kudos for sticking it out!! i dont think ive ever finished a vn before lol. you and a couple other ao3 writers are whats kept me in the fandom this long, and endangered is genuinely one of my favorite fanworks of all time (i love murderbots So Much.) are you still using renpy for the vn? pls send help if so its hard to get the hang of ;n;
Hhh thank you ;u; oof YEAH there was a big learning curve with renpy, I think I spent most of the first month in the forums trying to troubleshoot and figure out how to do stuff. The functions are so complicated I don’t know what 75% of the code does now, despite writing it myself. orz But if I can do it, anyone can do it! I had never touched a line of code in my life before learning the basics of renpy which is like code lite but still!
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storyscapefanficarchive · 2 years ago
Storyscape FanFic Archive - How To Get Listed (and other important stuff)
Hi! This is the Storyscape FanFic Archive. 
Tag @storyscapefanficarchive or @storyscaped in your fics if you'd like it to be added 😀
If your fic hasn’t been added within a week, tumblr’s tag notification possibly malfunctioned so send a message instead.
I use #long post for any fics that don't have the read more *
I will tag #TW or #lemon, #erotica for anything nsfw but I rely on the writer's tag to warn me since I don't have time to read each and every fic (the irony, I'm so sorry!). Pls tag or DM me if a fic needs a tag!
* the read more/ keep reading function only works on desktop site. Type [[ MORE ]] (remove spaces).
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honeyfreckled · a year ago
hey hoes im back
i know i haven’t been on here and the queue just been posting for me for the last week so that’s what you been seeing
im sorry if it felt like i was ignoring u promise i wasnt
some of yall may already be aware- but
 i have a chronic illness and had to go a week w/out the only medicine that allows me to get out of pain enough to live like a normal human basically. albeit still in major pain, but way more functional. able get out of bed, do my chores, wash myself, eat (like i havent eaten in a week bc of the pain and nausea and vomiting from severe pain, i just drank water), the meds allow me to use my words better (when im chatting/messaging/texting while im not on the meds i have to use autoguess and autocorrect and also read it aloud and concentrate pretty hard so thats why i’ll have been not talking much to u guys), the meds help me play w my dog, hang out w my bf, feel up to doin’ some toe curlin’ w my bf lol, feel up to watching even a youtube video bc otherwise not on meds i cant focus on anything longer than like a music video. tv shows and movies are pert near impossible bc my focus just isnt quick enough so i stay off anything besides like instagram and mainly talking to the one person on here who always checks on me and gets all my drama and pain and to that person- jenny i love u dearly and cant thank u enough for all the friendship, support, love, understanding and care u give me daily even when im failing hard to return it. @junk-food-forever
obviously this means for the past week i wasn’t working on requests and patreon stuff. also just to let everyone know-
any and every request i get on here will strictly go to patreon only. the only creations of mine you may find on here will be old posts, textposts of just like opinions and not actual “content content”, and TEASERS FOR PATREON WORKS. so if u have sent me any requests and are wondering where they are, u can pls remind me to and I’ll publish a teaser on here w a link to my patreon if u are inclined to check it out further. the price breakdowns are featured there as well. patreon is a well trusted site and many creators are moving over there due to tumblr followers/readers lack of support w reblogs and feedback and comments and their entitlement when it comes to feeling like the writers aren’t owed those simple things. i have a feeling eventually tumblr won’t be the hot spot for fic writers at all anymore, it’s already going that way by the dozens. 
my prices range from $4, $7, and $10 per month. and I feel like i offer a good amount of perks in each of those tiers. if u have further inquiries send em to me via an ask  on here (i cannot view any replies) and i can help u figure things out if money is an issue or confusion or anything.
anyway just a lil update from yr resident weirdo. promise im not begging for money, just a disabled artist out here, trying to make what i can when my mind/body allows me to and i appreciate you all for understanding. 
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archadespirate-aa · a year ago
baajisms replied to your post: Is tumblr fucking up not only xkit but...
Sessionbox has been playing up for me as well. It won’t let me sign in to any of my other accounts. I’ve just resorted to creating another Chrome profile for each tumblr account that I regularly log into.
I just switched over to firefox- i read something that clearing the cache might work, but it didn’t for me
it’s a little annoying that the updates they’re doing are fucking up add ons like pls i rely on those two things to make your site function the way I enjoy it- do not take that away from me
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wincore · a month ago
can i be 👻 anon?! (dfhg i jus realized that it's shorter than 'same as prev anon')
IKR !! fiction smh makes getting bitten by a vampire sound like a 'hawt' ordeal it barely feels like a humanoid mosquito is drinking your blood
also humour is v underrated at times; i grew up reading this comic in a kids mag where a fangless vampire kid has a series of the adventures trying to find a proper pair of fangs so that he can fit in w the vampire society (spoiler alert: he never gets it) so reading twilight later on was a whole new experience by itself like whoa how did they just go from a 0-100 😬 (i prefer cassandra clare)
twilight au w hyuck 👀 idk the last time i read a miss.lana hyuck fic (i become attracted to seaweed), i stared at the wall grinning like an idiot for 15 mins straight (my tsundere part's ego was crushed)
yes hq the same lovely fandom where the shipping gets soo out of control that you forget that it's your fav emotional support volleyboys they're still talking about 😔 (lowkey only talk ab anime to my irls the toxicity here is overwhelming)
i learnt ab smut the hard way (13 yr old me + drarry smut without warnings = me not reading ff for the next few months out of fear; this goes without saying but smut writers who don't add warnings to their works are the worst of the worst) and NO YOU DON'T SOUND LIKE AN ASSHOLE everyday in tumblr dot com is an obstacle course bc the tag blocking function smh never blocks the smut <//3
this was the hq fic i was talking about.. op is no longer active but i love their fics sm !! and this grim reaper! taeil au by @/naptaemed is great !!
p.s. moon i've read sweet tooth pls it's one of my fave vamp aus here <33 the idea of a low-alcohol tolerance vamp sicheng is jus super cute kay 🤧also your grim reaper tyong! au no, maybe, yes fdgkdh my heart skipped a beat every time mc almost died and ridiculously sweet boy taeyong saves them (he better set up a profile on linkedin, this grim reaper thing is so not his thing)
ofc you can!!!
also, sorry for the late response moonpie :( got a little busy with my weekend plans and finals crashing on me right after but i guess i like to live dangerously 🤪
djshghds the only vampire media i liked was castlevania (the show, i haven't played the game) bc there's nothing sexy about the vampires there (except carmilla bc we love ambitious women) and they're treated as the violent predators they really are. (gore tw// like, every time a vampire bit into a human neck in the show, the neck was already getting torn off the shoulders 😬)
omg i never got around to reading cassandra clare, my friends recommended her all the time! also plsss what comic is that it sounds right up my alley (does it make me childish if i like stuff from a kids magazine??)
miss lana does produce masterpiece after masterpiece also she graduated so it is my time to pester her for some god tier fics every day 😌her fics make me 😩😩😩
SAME like i only discuss anime with my friends bc. if i experience the anime side of the internet for longer than 30 seconds, my internal organs will combust and i will be reduced to ashes immediately after. the hq fandom is honestly terrifying which is such a sharp contrast to the anime content dsjdhsdh
NAURRRR that would scar me too. i stumbled onto smut on wattpad i think?? bc back then i thought it was a site for legitimate books 🥴and. ended up reading some gay pirate sex (not one piece). anyway, it's all in the past now.
AHHH!!! i get so happy to see semi fics thank you for blessing me with that, love!!! this fic is going to make me cry, isn't it 🥲i'll check out the grim reaper fic too!! i think that au really suits taeil somehow 🤔
THANK YOU SO MUCH, DEARIE!!!! sweet tooth is honestly a fav of mine bc it's mindless fluff and i do believe that if vampires have no blood,,, won't their blood alcohol content be 100% if they drink?? dshjksdh poor taeyong, only the grim reaper has luck terrible enough to fall for someone that accident prone 😩(and yes, he did set up his linked in profile for reaping but they mistook it for farming so i guess he's in the agriculture industry now.)
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vorpalgirl · 4 years ago
Things that really bug me about tumblr (especially lately):
1. why the fuck do I have to go to “edit appearance” to BLOCK someone? That makes no goddamn sense, why isn’t it in normal “Settings”?? If people can’t find the Block feature just by poking around in LOGICAL PLACES, then it’s not in a good place 2. why does “blocking” someone barely do anything?? They can still access your blog, they can still reblog your posts. Why?? This doesn’t help anybody who is being harassed or stalked badly. It’d be one thing if it was just them being logged out that helped them get around this, but it’s not. It just...barely does anything.
3. why the fuck do I have to block them on EVERY SINGLE BLOG, why can’t I just blanket block them from contacting ANY of my blogs?? Do you know how many fucking pornbots follow any reasonably active blog trying to use tumblr to game google’s algorithms?? A LOT. And yet, apparently you have to block them on any given blog you have, or just hope they don’t find all your sideblogs too
4. WHY DOES TUMBLR KEEP SUGGESTING “POSTS I MIGHT LIKE” THAT ARE THE ANTITHESIS OF WHAT I WOULD LIKE. I don’t just mean like, suggesting Disney fanart when I click “like” on a Sailor Moon fanart, where it’s just “oh, not completely antithetical but not my thing”, I mean e.g. what happened just now, where I clicked “Like” on a post warning people about a filmmaker who ripped off a black trans woman’s work to make his documentary, and tumblr’s stupid algorithm suggested I “might like” a post where if I clicked through it was not only anti-feminist but explicitly hosted on a blog run by some dude who literally believes women are “biologically inferior” and should have less rights than men, and also is a lesbophobe and probably general homophobe to boot. WHY THE FUCK WOULD YOU THINK SOMEONE WHO REBLOGS FEMINISM-POSITIVE AND LGBTQ- POSITIVE THINGS ALL THE FUCKING TIME, TAGGING THEM AS SUCH, WOULD EVER IN A MILLION YEARS WANT TO LOOK AT THAT BLOG OR THAT POST, LET ALONE BECAUSE THEY CLICKED “LIKE” ON A POST CALLING ATTENTION TO A BLACK TRANS WOMAN’S STRUGGLES? Why??? There is??? no reason at all for tumblr’s algorithms to make the assumption that that post, that blogger, or their garbage opinions, would at all be appealing to me. NONE. The guy literally tags shit “anti-feminism”, not even “feminism”, anti! And it would be one thing if you could like, tell it “Oh, no, you made a mistake, I don’t like that and don’t want to see it” - because then you could teach it to better gauge what posts you might actually be interested in. But you can’t. And worse, why do I suspect that by clicking it, I “confirmed” to tumblr’s algorithms that I “did like” the post, when I absolutely opposite of liked it?? Oh and the same holds true of Sponsored Posts - I haven’t reinstalled Xkit again so I’m stuck viewing them and a good third of the time it’s stuff that grosses me out or isn’t relevant and for some damn reason tumblr hasn’t come up with the brilliant concept that even Facebook (which is also pretty garbage) has, where you can tell them “this ad is not relevant to my interests, please don’t show it on my dash again”?? You’d think they’d LOVE to give you that option since it would help make their ad targeting BETTER and therefore make them more money, but apparently even monetizing this hellsite is done badly. Why do we even use this anymore. Why. This site is so garbage, it’s barely even functional at ALL and mostly just serves to be frustrating. When is the next Killer App replacement gonna finally take hold, pls, because clearly tumblr isn’t actually going to fix any of this shit at this rate, so I am so fucking ready for it. >_>
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starchild--27 · 7 months ago
i was tagged by sweet Feli @myeonplane for this sort of check in-tag game ~ thank youu <3
1. why did you choose your url? the initial thought was "when there's the term "moonchild" why shouldn't there be "starchild" as well?" so i just went with that concept xD the 27 is just my favourite number for no real reason other than it's like... re-appearing in my life occasionally.
2. any side blogs? not really a side blog, but i'm an admin at @wolveswithblackpearls and as we quite recently deleted the original blog by accident, we are still trying to collect our followers again so.... self-promo i guess? we do moodboards and we try to post regularly and it's mainly exo as we are reposting our old work but we try to be more multifandom in the future so yeah... pls check us out if you read this and haven't already? anyway, i have another sideblog but nobody shall ever know about it so 🤫
3. how long have you been on tumblr? since 2016-ish ?? so 5 years.
4. do you have a queue tag? no xD i rarely use the queue function with this blog lol. i just save everything in my drafts if "i don't feel like reblogging" (pls don't ask, i can't explain, it's a gut feeling or maybe laziness) and then i just spam post these posts at some point xD
5. why did you start your blog in the first place? one of my favourite youtube creators was quite active here back in 2016 so she brought this social media to my attention and i really fell in love with the way this site functions (or malfunctions xD)
6. why did you choose your icon/pfp? it's an edit of a pic a friend took sort of accidently but it was aesthetic so i made my pfp basically everywhere lol but ngl... with all the new exo pics that came out i really feel the urge to change my theme again xD
7. why did you choose your header? bc it states the truth :c
8. what’s your post with the most notes? umm... I think it was the "no thoughts. only jekyll by exo." post and it is still a mood 😌
9. how many mutuals do you have? i don't even know how to define mutual, really 😅🥲 always insecure about my relationship with people
10. how many followers do you have? 233 (hello y'all I hope your doing fine~)
11. how many people do you follow? 413 but I feel like I only see max 20 on my dash 🙊
12. have you ever made a shitpost? yes i have. multiple xD
13. how often do you use tumblr each day? ... :) a lot.
14. did you have a fight/argument with another blog once? not really a fight, but somebody was pretty rude towards me after i reblogged a moodboard or sth and tumblr deleted the caption. it probably happend a lot before so they were really pissed about that. i didn't intend this to happen though, i didn't even know it was possible, but yeah that person who gave me shit for it wasn't even the original poster?? i apologized anyway, explained that i didn't know and even reblogged it again with the caption (ironically i really liked the caption, so i really didn't want it deleted) and they never said anything to me again so... rude but nothing heartcrushing. i felt bad about it tho
15. how do you feel about “you need to reblog this” posts? i don't need to do anything thank you :)
16. do you like tag games? alwayyys ^^
17. do you like ask games? they satisfy my oversharing tedencies when they bubble up, so yes, of course :D i also like to read other people's answers <3 getting to know a mutual better is the best thinggg~
18. which of your mutuals do you think is tumblr famous? i have literally no feeling for who's famous and who's not xD i feel like i'm caught in a huge tumblr family here where everyone somehow knows everybody. i'm always like "oH you know each other too???" in my head xD
19. do you have a crush on a mutual? all of them. you are all so lovely and for real, i get so excited when i'm texting with any of you, if we ever met irl i'd probably lose my ability to speak and be very embarrassing xD typical crush behaviour.
20. tags? @byuns-coco @heartcravings @guardians-of-exo @his-mochi-cheeks @xiu-bee @artemiss-moonchild @kkoongiees @saintloey @ouvuo @changshapatrol (only if you want to, of course) and everybody else who's up to this ^-^
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