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eeveecraft · 8 hours ago
Why do you capitalise "Tulpamancy"? /gen
I mean... it’s a practice and it’s how my friend spelled it to me when he introduced me to it. As such, we’ve spelled it like that ever since, which is basically forever. It’s not super deep or complicated reason.
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plural-culture-is · 18 hours ago
Sorry about asking another question so soon after my last ones were answered, but I’ve seen the terms “persecutor” and “protector” used to describe head mates a couple of times and am curious as to what that means. Also thanks for answering my other questions from before!
Hello again!
A protector is usually a system member that protects the system and/or body from harm or uncomfortable situations, so this could mean fronting to protect the body from anything from a physically dangerous situation, to a social situation, depending on the specific role of the protector (if they have one), or some protectors just help out in the innerworld.
And I think there are different definitions for persecutors, but the main one is a system member who purposefully harms the system and/or body.
Sometimes persecutors are seen as a type of protector though, and sometimes a system member can be both! I've also seen many cases of persecutors no longer being persecutors, and becoming protectors.
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kagesystem · a day ago
Honestly, possibly controversial take incoming, but no space that professes in any way to welcome systems is actually welcoming to them if it requires some level of disclosure as to whether they’re traumagenic or not, or whether they have any kind of diagnosis. Even if the system in question fits that criteria, you don’t have the right to know whether they’ve been traumatized or how. If they want to volunteer that information, then they should be allowed to do so on their own terms. If you don’t want to give anyone that kind of sensitive information, then you shouldn’t have to be pressured into it. Forcing someone to disclose either trauma or medical history (which, let’s face it, could be more trauma) is arrogant and rude at best and actively malicious at worst.
Part of the reason we have such strong feelings on this is because our system has mixed origins- and we don’t even know where some folks came from. We also don’t really have a “host” anymore since she just stopped fronting and disappeared from the headspace about seven or eight years ago. Everything from before that point is extremely fuzzy because the only person left with that knowledge is the result of two very unlike alters merging. We don’t know when exactly Gigi (the original host) split or why. Based on what we know about her, we’ve guessed it was traumatic incidents, but the bottom line is we just don’t know. She’s not here to tell us anymore, and Faolan can’t clearly remember much before the merge anyway.
We also haven’t been able to find a medical professional willing to listen to us. Every one we’ve tried to broach the subject of plurality with has either called it Multiple Personality Disorder or told us that they had no experience with the concept but it “sounded like it might be DID”. Getting a depression diagnosis and treatment plan took ten fucking years of Gigi and Faolan nagging our primary care provider. Living in a rural area and being unable to access reliable transportation regularly, it’s not as if we have the ability to find a better one. We can’t get diagnosed, evaluated, or any of that unless the people doing the diagnosing or evaluating actually know what they’re looking at.
In conclusion, there are a lot of factors that can bar systems from being able to meet the criteria set by gatekeepers. Even if they can and do meet that criteria, they may not want to reveal that simply because that’s sensitive information and frankly nobody’s business but the system’s.
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therianimal · a day ago
Subjective Experiences: an essay
Over the past few years I have developed a certain mindset that has helped me make sense of my nonhuman and plural experiences. This mindset is founded on labeling my alterhuman feelings as "subjective experiences". In the case "subjective" is not meant to diminish the realness of the experiences - quite the opposite, actually. The way I define "subjective experiences" is anything that isn't scientifically measurable, external and material, perceivable by more than one person, or able to be agreed upon collectively.
"The Earth is a sphere" is a concept that can be mathematically calculated as well as viewed from space, so I would consider it objective rather than subjective. "The sky is blue" may be a perception based on fallible human senses, but due to the universiality of the perception I would consider it to be relatively objective - at the very least it can be collectively agreed upon.
But "On an emotional level, I am an animal" is a subjective experience. According to this definition, "subjective" may mean unquantifiable, unproveable, not externally perceivable, or unable to be directly confirmed by others. Subjective experiences, as I define them, are contained within the confines of one's mind. Because no one can truly step into your shoes and feel *exactly* what you feel, no one can confirm or deny those experiences. Because science is limited to physical testing and external observations, it cannot truly measure the "realness" of such an internal reality.
The most important thing about subjective experiences is this: They validate themselves. There are only two ways for a subjective experience to be untrue: either they directly contradict an objective truth, or the person claiming those experiences is purposely lying. For the first case, "I have the body of a nonhuman animal" may be the subjective experience of a delusional person, but it is provably untrue based on both observation and biology. For the second case, if a person were to claim "I have multiple personalities" as a lie purposely told for sympathy, personal benefit, or forgiveness of a crime, then that statement would be untrue.
However, statements like "I emotionally feel like a dragon" and "On a psychological level, I have multiple people sharing my body" are not provably untrue, and (assuming they are honest claims) these experiences validate themselves. They are real BECAUSE they are experienced. Since they cannot be measured or confirmed as objectively true or untrue, their only proof is the fact that they feel real to the people who experience them.
This is why the arguments of "anti-kin" and other skeptics don't hold any weight. It is impossible to prove or disprove a subjective experience, and the experiences of alterhumans *are* real based on the very fact that we experience them. When it comes down to whether or not a subjective experience is real, the only question that can be asked is "Is this an experience that some people have?" If the answer is "Yes", then that's your answer.
This mindset has helped me immensely with combating my self doubt. There have been times throughout the years where I've been worried that my alterhuman feelings are objectively wrong; reminding myself that they are inherently subjective and using the phrase "These experiences are real simply because I experience them" as an affirmation has helped me put aside my self doubt and anxiety. Because subjective experiences validate themselves, I don't have to obsess about proving them. I can relax and allow myself to enjoy what I'm feeling without endlessly pursuing "objective" validation.
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crossoverepisode · a day ago
Fandoms need to care about fictives
By: Dave
I think a lot about our time in the Homestuck fandom. About the ships, the fic tropes, the general fan attitudes. I could fill a book with all my opinions on it, but this ain’t about that specific fandom. This is about the fact that fictives exist in fandom spaces, and y’all need to keep us in mind. Cause if you’re not a fictive, or you don’t share a system with fictives, you probably don’t
I mean be honest, do you ever think about us? When you’re constantly making jokes about Nightwing’s ass, are you thinking about how that might affect Dick Grayson fictives? When you’re arguing that Endeavor isn’t abusive, are you thinking about what that sounds like to fictives of the Todoroki kids? When you decide it’s fine to depict Bro as a totally cool guardian and not a fucking monster, do you stop and consider how you’re making Dave Strider fictives feel?
I’m guessing not
We probably never cross your minds. Maybe you don’t think it’s a big deal. Maybe you think there aren’t enough of us for it to really matter. Or maybe you don’t care because “it’s just fiction”
Fact is, it’s not fiction to us. We’re real, and we’re not going away any time soon, so y’all better accept that and figure out how to accommodate us. I can’t tell you how to do that, cause frankly I don’t know. It’s a complicated fucking issue, and I don’t think there’s ever gonna be a way to set rules about it. Y’all can come to your own conclusions about how much you care about how your fandoms impact fictives. I can’t tell you what those conclusions should be, but you need to think about us
We deserve that much, at least
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merc--ury · a day ago
Hey y’all, we opened a server to coordinate the effort to get Discord to accommodate systems! It’s open to all plural folks, systems of all origins, and singlet allies
This is an inclusive space, so please leave your syscourse at the door
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kagesystem · a day ago
This is such a small thing to be happy about, but the fact that we can refer to ourselves as “we” and actually talk about the things affecting our lives as affecting all of us on this blog is so incredibly goddamn freeing.    In every other area of our lives, we essentially have to pretend to be a singlet for fear of the backlash we’ll get for existing as a system.   As a result of that, some of us often feel like we have to take a backseat or pretend to be somebody we’re not.   Getting to make our own posts in our own individual tags and have others respect that we’re seven different people is unlike anything we’ve ever experienced before, and it feels so validating.
Being allowed to talk about ourselves as a group of people and have others respect us as individuals should be the baseline for acceptance of systems, but the fact that it’s a novelty really says a lot about how little plurality is understood. 
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abyssalsun · a day ago
the "Persistent I versus Actually Me" thing is really trippy in general, particularly when you live in a world where that's all supposed to be the same thing (the vast majority of people are just. one single unified self, or whatever. which, like, weird, but okay! :p)
like the day-to-day experience of it isn't all that trippy because it fits perfectly with my understanding of existence but the fact that I am constantly aware that my experience is technically "abnormal" by the rules of this world and I'm constantly having to talk about my experiences using really inconvenient human language that isn't built for talking about this is what makes it trippy and what makes me entirely incoherent lmao
but there is a marked difference between the Persistent I (who We sometimes call "Noah" just for ease of conversation -- "Persistent I" has an abysmal flow), the "sense of self" that is embedded into this brainbody based upon, you know, genetics and outworld experience, and Me, Mordred. I embody the Persistent I so I can... you know, live on earth and do shit. but it's like piloting a jaeger, not like... being Noah. I've integrated with this brainbody as best as I can, and honestly the fact that we've had similar experiences (trauma, mainly, lmfao) has eased that integration, but... man, sometimes I really hate the fact that I can't just be Myself because the brainbody operates under a completely different set of rules
it is like piloting a jaeger because jaegers are unwieldy and feel unnatural and take a lot of focus and coordination to operate. and because you need two (sometimes three) people to even operate one, and Can Calah has definitely been functioning as a copilot because Noah really be on some goddamn shit sometimes
it's also like being behind a one-way mirror. no one can see Me back here, but I can see all of you and everything that's happening and trust me, sometimes I don't want Noah to be doing what it's doing either, but unfortunately I just work here
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pluralanomaly · a day ago
Our system is interested in doing a panel for Othercon about collective alterhuman identities as a system (such as a system which are collectively nonhuman, share a kintype, have shared copinglinks etc), would anyone be interested in helping us with that?
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nihilgenous · a day ago
hey psychotic systems pspspsps i love u all ur doing amazing /p /gen
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osdd-1bitch · 2 days ago
I hope all factives who hate their source have a wonderful day! I hope all factives of bad or problematic people take care of themselves today! All factives who get harassed for their source should get $40 from every singlet starting now
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nihilgenous · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
(image description & explanation under the cut)
ID: A four panel comic. Each panel has a yellow text box, and the comic is meant to be read left to right.
The first panel shows a green grassy hill with two moons in the sky. The sky has a gradient of dark red, bright pink, and light purple. The larger moon has a blue purple pink gradient, and the smaller moon has a yellow orange red gradient. Both moons are in the top right corner of the panel, and in the bottom left of the panel is a text box reading "I sometimes wonder if things would be any different for us if we only lived in our homeworld."
The second panel shows a birds eye view of a room. The panel is mostly taken up by a white bed with a forest green blanket partially covering it. At the bottom of the panel there is a blue rug with pink tennis shoes partially on it. At the top right corner of the panel, a text box reads "would we still live the same lives?".
The third panel, bottom left of the comic, shows someone sitting behind a counter and speaking to someone offscreen. The background is a mauve color, and the counter is dark red, though the countertop is an off white. The faery sitting behind the counter is turned towards the right side of the screen. He has pale skin, curly orange hair pulled into a short ponytail, and pointed ears. He is wearing a light green t-shirt and is smiling. There is two text bubbles in the panel, one from the fae shown, and one from offscreen on the right side. Both text bubbles have scribbles inside, indicating talking. There is a text box in the bottom right of the screen, reading "Or still have the same families? Would we still care about each other as deeply?"
The last panel shows a sky and sun. The sky has a gradient of blue at the top, purple in the middle, bright pink at the bottom. In the top right of the panel is a golden sun, shown as a circle. There is a text box in the middle of the panel, reading "Would we still appreciate everything that our inner world gives to us?"
WOOOH WE SPENT ALL OUR SPOONS ON THIS. anyway, something we think about a lot. we cherish our innerworld and the lives we can live in it when the outer world isn’t exactly the best. but we ? wonder a lot if we’d still appreciate it and each other as much if we only lives on the innerworld and weren’t a system.
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osdd-1bitch · 3 days ago
If your source is "problematic" or "too popular" or "too obscure" or "bad" or "weird" or hated in any way ilysm. 
Please stand by "problematic" introjects, they get far tpo much sht hurled at them.
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extranth · 3 days ago
Hey!! I just made something called The Plural Code, which was inspired a lot by the multiple code/MuC. I wanted to make something similar, but more simplified, and with emojis :3
Feel free to spread this around! :D
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osdd-1bitch · 3 days ago
If you are a introject that deviates from source, you are valid.
If you are a introject that is really similar to source, you are valid.
If you are a introject that identifies with your source, you are valid.
If you are a introject that doesnt identify with your source, you are valid.
If you are a introject that loves your canon, you are valid.
If you are a introject that hates your canon, you are valid.
If you are a introject with mixed feelings about your source, you are valid.
You are valid, no matter what your relationship with your source. No matter how you want to be treated, if you interact with it or not, if you are openly an introject online, even if you only have the barest fractions of introject in you from apperance to name to whatever
You are so valid. Period.
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alaneiii · 3 days ago
that system accessibility thing
a organization post
here's the current main post to reblog
here's the forum post to upvote
( + leave positive comments on, about how you want this, and that it would be good !! )
and here's an ask i answered about proof
new addition:
here's a post about the connected discord server + a link to join it!
everything (these posts, anything i've reblogged, etcetera) related to this should be under the tag "System Accessibility Project" on my tumblr. the link is here, if it doesn't work, this post will be tagged with it
i'll keep this pinned on my blog, and add links as they become relevant
but please - send me asks, tell me what you'd like addressed, or any questions y'all have! i'll make a post to reply to all of them in a while (reblogging with each new question)
note - i'll answer, unless it's not my place to speak. i definitely try to step up and handle some things so that systems don't have to deal with them, but that doesn't mean it's always appropriate for me to do so. feel free to let me know if you ever feel i'm overstepping
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plurgai · 4 days ago
New system term!
A suffix for subsystems (cluster/any other groups in system) origins, whether an exo/introjected origin (introjecting a system with an origin), or an endo/inside origin (a subsystem being caused while inside the system).
Tumblr media
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