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#plus size!reader

20. You walk out of a dressing room asking if the outfit suits you, but it’s not your friend waiting outside the room like you thought.

thank u angel 🥺if you’d like some more with cal, my beautiful friend @irwinkitten has a whole plus size!reader series you can enjoy! i’m gonna link the masterlist for it here so you can read if you’d like ❤️❤️


The air conditioning of Torrid smacked you in the face as you stepped inside, your best friend’s grip on your hand tugging you along as she started browsing the selections. 

“Why Torrid?” You asked, groaning slightly as she immediately grabbed a top and held it up to you. 

She smiled, setting the top back on the rack she grabbed it from before she turned to you. “Babes,” she said sweetly, putting her hands on your shoulders. “I love you so much, but your wardrobe is outdated!” 

You rolled your eyes, a pout appearing on your lips. “Says you!” 

“Listen to me, Sassy Sally,” she teased, turning back to the racks as you followed her. “Just humor me, then, okay? I only need an hour or two, then if you still think this is ridiculous, we’ll get the hell out. Deal?” 

You sighed but nodded, knowing there was nothing you could do when your stubborn best friend put her mind to something. The two of you started making your way through the racks, your usual banter and giggles following you as you quickly started to have fun. 

By the end of the first hour you were sent away, a decent amount of hangers in your hand as you approached the dressing room attendant. She gave you a smile and lead you away, your best friend patting the door to let you know she was out there as you started getting changed. 

You first pulled on a pretty navy blue blouse and a pair of black pants, tugging them on and then inspecting yourself in the mirror, turning every possible way to get every angle before you placed a hand on the doorknob, stepping out as you still inspected the outfit. 

“So I like this one,” you started immediately, unaware that your best friend wasn’t the one sitting in the chair. “I like the pants mostly, they’re really comfortable and they-”

“That’s a nice color on you.” 

The man’s voice made you freeze, a blush rushing to your cheeks as you slowly looked up, meeting the brown eyes of a stranger. 

Mortified, you glanced around, unable to find your best friend in the fitting area. “Oh my god,” you said, covering your face with your hands. “I’m so sorry, I thought you were someone else-”

The man laughed lightly, obviously brushing off your embarrassment. “Don’t worry about it, doll,” he said sweetly, standing as his eyes took in the outfit you had on. “You look lovely in this, by the way. The color brings out your pretty eyes.” 

If you were blushing before, you were practically on fire now, cheeks a bright red as the man chuckled again. 

“I’m Calum,” he said, holding out a hand. You took it and introduced yourself, giving it a good shake. He looked around for a second, his hands going into his pockets as he rocked back on his heels. “Listen, I don’t normally do this, but could I get your phone number? Maybe help with future fashion choices?” 

Embarrassment was aside now, replaced with intrigue and a bit of joy as the man slid his phone out of his pocket, unlocking it and pulling up the keypad before he handed it to you. 

“I’ll do it, but only if you put my name as fitting room girl in your contacts.”

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Gotham Preferences | Liking You Despite Being A Cop

Characters: Bruce Wayne, Selena Kyle, Jerome Valeska, Jeremiah Valeska, Oswald Cobblepot, Ed Nygma

Bruce Wayne


Originally posted by riddlersriddlet

Wanting to help better his city and fix his family’s wrongs, he strongly admired how you would try your best to do the same. He loved how you gave your position good use and would often go to you if he ever needed help at all, in decoding a computer to finding his friends. You two would confide in each other, you about how sometimes you feel insecure and him about how he still feels scared despite trying his best not to be. Sometimes he would worry about you if he found you being threatened by an enemy during your job. Sometimes he would try to help you out but the other officers would try to keep him away. If anyone trusts you the most though, he does. In fact, you are usually the first to know what he is doing. Bruce eventually asks you out as he sees you are the only who could possibly understand him.

Selena Kyle


Originally posted by backwardabyss

Being on the other side of the tracks, she loves to tease you about being a goodie two shoes. You’d get tired and try to take her up on a challenge, to measure how bad you can possibly be. Usually, you don’t get too far but she applauds you nonetheless. Because of your background, she tries to keep her activities hidden or at least distant from you. Eventually, she would see your soft spot for her and she’d give in. She would purposely get caught when stealing so she can bring you out as she loves when you lecture her. She finds it cute and fun at the same time. Sometimes when things in Gotham get intense and the crimes start to skyrocket, she would follow you on your job, ready to defend you if need be.

Jerome Valeska


Originally posted by jokerasylum91

Jerome always found your uniform to be so flattering on you. He loved it on you more than off. Whenever he set out to put his plan to action, he would try to get you involved by either calling 911 or just calling you from the station himself. Sometimes, he would put in the spotlight as well. He was convinced that you have a dark side to you, and he wanted nothing more than to bring that out of you. At times, he would feel jealousy over Jim Gordon as you two were close in terms of work partners. When he would get out of Arkham, he’d break into your apartment and give you a show himself. Most times when he actually gets apprehended, he would do anything to have you be the one putting him in handcuffs.

Jeremiah Valeska



Originally posted by jeromewalds

When he first saw you, he instantly felt a range of emotions. He didn’t mean to but his feelings just snuck onto him. You being a cop just made him feel safer and as if nothing could harm him, a feeling that he lacked nowadays. Everytime he saw you in your uniform and how it fit so well to your curves, he’d be breathless and a bit starstruck. At times during a panic attack, he would ask you about his brother but you would always calm him down and reassure that nothing would happen. If Jeremiah asked, you would sneak some documents and files from your workplace when he wanted to help strengthen his false identity, Xander Wilde, or if he ever wanted to keep tabs on his brother so he can hide easier. If you don’t come to the cabin by your usual times, he’d worry that you might have gotten hurt and would send Ecco out to find you, relieved when the two of you came back together.

Post spray:


Originally posted by inappropriatefangirlneeds

He was fond of you before the spray came in but didn’t actually make a real move. Once he went insane and became more “out there”, he didn’t hesitate to make his feelings more known. You felt betrayed and didn’t feel so easy with him after he killed Bruce. He ended up sneaking notes in your office and asked you to meet up with him. He tried to make you see his side but whether you would forgive and trust him again or not didn’t matter to how he would treat you later on. He still highly respected how well you did your job, even giving you clues and hints if he ever had any entail on how to handle your criminal. If he was able to, he would wait at the scene and guide you to what you could do. If he couldn’t, he would either leave a sticky note or even leave the writing onto one of the victims if he didn’t have any paper nearby. Jeremiah would also sometimes stalk you, you being unaware, so that he’d be able to watch out for you easier.

Oswald Cobblepot


Originally posted by cmssmith

Similarly to Jeremiah, Oswald would also try to scrap entail for you. However, he usually did it whenever either you asked for help or when he needed to get this particular person off his tail. At times, he would pay you visits at the station, eventually leading to him asking you out. Whether you accepted or declined, he still treated you with high respect. He admired how well you did your job and how easy it wad for you to figure things out, even without his help. Though he has been the culprit of your scenes many times, he would fail as he tried to take advantage of the soft spot you grew for him. He hated it but he accepted it. If he was able to, he would try to use his power to promote you and give you a higher raise in your paycheck, trying his best to spoil you in small ways so you wouldn’t notice it was ever him.

Ed Nygma


Originally posted by honestmrdual

You two were friends before he became The Riddler. You were one of the very few who treated him with respect and kindness, which he took personally. Before he ever actually presented what he found to the detectives and commissioner, he would show you first so that he can impress you. Sometimes he would be violent on accident and he once almost tried to actually murder you but he snapped out of it before serious physical harm was done. When it happened, you wanted nothing more than to get him real help. He would try but The Riddler would always come out and sabotage it. After he turned into one of the bad guys, he would try to avoid you as best he can. He did not want to potentially hurt you as well as The Riddler didn’t want to risk bring Ed back around, knowing that you would most likely be able to bring him back. If you ever got a moment with the actual Ed, you would try to help and he would pull you back in. The Riddler would eventually warm up to you and sometimes even try to find ways to take advantage of your connection to the GCPD. Even though he changed drastically, you never doubted Ed, because despite The Riddler, you still trusted him.

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Jerome Valeska X Plus Size! Reader Headcanon | Being Bestfriends But Not Being Able To Be Together


Originally posted by crmonaghan

  • Meeting Jerome while he was still in highschool
  • You two were always getting picked on by the other kids
  • Jerome got picked on because he was poor
  • You because you were plus sized
  • People often like to criticize what isn’t familiar to them and their standards
  • That is what Jerome always reminded you after they left
  • No one could have thought you two would end up as bestfriends
  • You two were vastly different from each other that even the kids that picked on you didn’t even think you knew each other at all
  • You actually wanted more than a bestfriend from him
  • You actually wanted to date him but you were afraid that he wouldn’t be the same way and it’d ruin your friendship
  • He always confided in you about his mother and even his brother whenever he felt that it was too much
  • After that, you two would cuddle and he would hold you
  • Despite never meeting him, you grew a distaste for his twin, wondering how someone could ruin another person with no remorse
  • Years later when Jerome got arrested and his whole crime spree, you had a job as an accountant
  • When he finally came back from the dead the first time, he decided to pay you a visit first
  • He thought you could help him with his face until he snuck into your apartment and opened the door into your room
  • He saw you crying into your pillow, turning the fresh white material into a drenched gray
  • Jerome decided to postpone his plans and stay with you instead
  • After all, you needed it more
  • He laid next to you and despite you being surprised and shocked that he is in your room and the condition he was in, he wrapped his arms around you
  • “I’ll explain later”
  • You chuckled at his little response and just let the moment soak in
  • He knew what the tears were about, he knew you long enough to know the issues you deal with
  • He kept complimenting you, reminding you that you are a unique person and that you are beautiful as well
  • A part of you felt like he wanted to say something else thar he couldn’t but you always tried to ignore it and always have mistaken it for false hope
  • When he finally left though, he made a promise to come back soon
  • He would have asked for help with his face but figured that you’d be better worrying about yourself instead of him
  • Then he quickly realized that you were probably confused and already worried since his face is full of bandages
  • So he went back and asked for your help since there is no point in not asking for help
  • When he got caught, he played as if you were a hostage so you didn’t get in trouble
  • Visiting Jerome in Arkham every other day
  • Him always reassuring you that he is fine and okay
  • Except he actually wasn’t
  • Not because of the horrid living conditions Arkham makes him live in but because he wants something that he cant have
  • That something being you, which he knows would be in danger if he ever made a move on you
  • So he hid those feelings and just played as the best friend
  • Before his concert scheme, he gave you a quick visit
  • He told you to take care of yourself and to treat yourself the way you deserve to be treated
  • Before he turned around to exit the door, left a quick kiss on your lips, leaving before you could say anything
  • After Jerome died, you took those words even more personal
  • Because you knew that he somehow predicted his own death
  • And that he took time out of his last remaining hours to tell you he cared about you and even showed you that he loved you
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slim ➳ tony stark

pairing: tony stark x plus size!reader

word count: 316

requested: @lilacprincessofrecovery. thanks for requesting!

author’s note: hi. I have never, in my life, written for a plus size!reader. I’m sorry if I get things wrong, I’m sorry if I accidentally romanticise anything. I don’t know what it’s like at all, and I’m bound to get things wrong. so I apologise. that being said—no one should ever be bullied for being “fat”, nor should you put yourselves down. ladies of all shapes and sizes, you are beautiful and stunning and more than worthy of love. I hope you girls always feel this way.

Silk wrapped around their slim waists, falling around their bare legs. Thin arms twirled around their partners, slender fingers caressing cheeks, circling necks, running through strands of hair. Neither thigh shook as they danced. And oh, how you would give anything just to be like them. To have their waists, their fingers, their confidence, the cute guy asking for a dance. But your breath instead was caught in your throat, the sharp bodice of your dress digging into your rib. Your hair in frizzy curls behind your ears, no thanks to all those hours with the damned hair straightener. You wanted to be like them, yes. It was everything. But that wasn’t what Tony saw.

He knew all the dresses you tried on at the store, all your tears as nothing fit quite right, all the comforts he whispered to you. He knew all the infamous fad diets you tried in vain, your suffering as nothing ever flattened your stomach and nothing ever slimmed your thighs. He knew the mornings you stared into the mirror and bullied yourself into tears, the days all you needed was a hot chocolate to be granted and 13 Going On 30. You found it embarrassing, shameful, yourself vulnerable. But it was never a burden to him.

You watch the girls and you watch their ease and you wonder why you weren’t designed in their image. But he’s watching you, and he’s watching your internal trash talk. ‘Why can’t I look like that?’ ‘Why isn’t my stomach as flat as theirs?’ ‘Why can’t I wear that dress?’ ‘No, I really shouldn’t pick up another appetiser—Tony doesn’t want a fat girl.’

It hurts, and you tug on a lock of your hair to make it real. But Tony’s arm curls around your waist, pulling you into his side to murmur, “You look beautiful.”

And all you can give is a soft smile.

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Pairing: Michael B Jordan x Actress!reader

Word count: 1k

Summary: You and Michael B Jordan do the GQ Couples Quiz..

Warnings: Nothing, it’s all fluff.

A/N: Hey everyone, I’ve been watching some couples quizzes like the GQ ones, and they inspired me to write this one and to find a boyfriend; I hope you guys like it .. BTW GIF IS NOT MINE.


Originally posted by fandomnom

“Hey guys. It’s Y/N L/N, sitting here with the very handsome Michael B Jordan..” You started as Michael smirks at your little compliment. “And this is the GQ Couples Quiz.”

“Are you ready?” You asked as you turned to Michael.

“Let’s do it.”

“It’s gonna be a little hard though since we’ve only been dating for six months.” You smiled.

“Babe, I probably know you better than you know yourself at this point.” Michael said with a challenging look on his face.

“We’ll see.” You responded as you started shuffling the little cards -the producer gave you- before you read the first question.

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Here is another quarantine drabble for @the-ss-horniest-book-club this prompt was sent in by @randomfandompenguin As a plus size reader/writer myself, I jumped on the opportunity to write this!

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: Fat shaming (though Bucky and Reader shut that down)


“Remind me why we have to go to this again, Bucky?” You fiddle with your swimsuit as you try to figure out any way to get out of this party. Normally, if you were invited to a poolside barbeque, you’d jump at the chance. But this time, you’re not feeling that confident, and it has nothing to do with being on a mission.

“Because Y/N! They invited us and we have a cover to keep.” Bucky snakes his arms around you and pulls you close to his chest. “Plus, baby, you look so fucking gorgeous, I gotta show my baby girl off.” Bucky all but growls as he showers your neck with kisses.

“Bucky-” his beard hair causing you to giggle. “You gotta, stop, or I don’t think we’ll ever make it to that party, and you know how mad Sam would get.” Bucky lets out a frustrated groan. “But, later, baby, you’re all mine.” He whispers into the shell of your ear, with such animalistic desire and want.

What Sam and Bucky failed to mention to you about this party, was that it was going to be filled with plastics! The sheer amount of plastic surgery and makeup was astonishing! Like who wears a full face of makeup to a swim party? Aren’t they going to swim? But their makeup isn’t what caught your attention. What caught your attention, was the fact that you were the only person that was bigger than a size 6. Normally, you are fairly confident in your own skin. Bucky doesn’t have any complaints, and you’ve embodied the message of Lizzo, that thick thighs, do indeed save lives. But here? Surrounded by blondes, with itty bitty waists, and even bigger chests, your arms slowly creep forward until they are covering your midsection. Bucky sees this, and he’s having none of it. Not only were you loving, kind, and selfless, you had a sexy body to match your attractive inside. To see you feel self-conscious about your own body, made him hurt. You are a goddess, and you deserved to be treated and feel like one.

“Baby, why don’t you get us some drinks, I’ll get set up, and then we can have some fun. How does that sound?” Bucky asks you as he drapes his arm over your shoulders.

“I guess,” you say as you roll your eyes at him. This gets Bucky to smile, as he sees you coming out of your shell. You leave Bucky’s side, and that’s when the queen of the plastics decided to pounce.

“I see you’ve finally ditched Shamu. I’m Samantha.” The fake blond pulls Bucky into her side, despite his protests.

“I’m sorry? What’s a Shamu?” Bucky asks, confused. Out of all of the media references he caught up on, Shamu was not one of them.

“That lardass that you ditched. I really hope she’s not your girlfriend, cause you can do a lot better,” Samantha says while running her hands up and down Bucky’s exposed torso.

“I’ll have you know that the person you’re calling a “lardass” is my girlfriend, who I love very much. She’s twice the person you’ll ever be. In looks and personality.” Bucky angrily defends you. Body-shaming is perhaps the thing that confuses him the most about this century. Since when was it deemed acceptable to ridicule and question someone’s worth by their waist size?

You make your way when you hear Samantha’s response. “Really? You have a body like a god, and you’ve settled for that? She’s covered in stretch marks and cellulite! How can you even stand her? Like just look at her boobs.” Samantha quips off. Before Bucky has a chance to respond, it’s your turn to respond.

“Yeah, look at my boobs! And unlike yours, they’re all natural! And you know, I’m actually quite glad that I’m fat. Because I’m not a skinny, miserable, bitch like you.” You spit back as you push Samantha into the pool. It was glorious. Her full face of makeup was destroyed. She looked more like a clown. Her hair was a mess. It was fun for everyone.

“You bitch! How dare you do this? Do you know who I am?” Samantha yelled as she floundered in the pool, grabbing on to one of the inflatable swans.

“No! I don’t know who you are. And frankly, I don’t give a damn! Eat a burger and stop being a bitch!”

You turn to Bucky, who’s staring, mouth agape. “Close your mouth, Buck. You’re going to catch flies.”

Bucky continues to stare with a primal desire. “Sorry, doll. It’s just- Damn that was hot! Let’s get home, so I can get you out of that pretty number you have on.”

“But Bucky, what about the mission?” You whisper in his ear, playing all coy. You know damn well that Bucky isn’t going to continue the mission. Not when he wants you so badly.

“Screw the mission. If Sam wants this intel so much, he can get it himself. Right now, the only mission I have is you.”


Ps: This is the swimsuit I had in mind, just cause I love it so much


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Pairing: Erik Stevens x plus size!reader

Word count: 2 192

Summary: Owning a company and working for it is not easy, but with a special someone by your side, it can become bearable. But what if that special someone ends up making it harder than it already is ?

Warnings: A little bit of Angst and then more fluff.

A/N: Hey guys, ever since I started reading fanfic, I’d rarely find any fanfic where the reader is the ceo, and those are actually some of my favourites to read. I’ve always wanted to write a fic where the reader is a strong independent woman, not that those don’t exist I actually read plenty of them, and I got recently inspired by @jalapenobarnes​ ‘ amazing series Sweet Life, except that I wrote this one-shot for Erik Killmonger instead of Bucky Barnes. I hope you guys like this one, and I recommend you read Sweet Life because it’s honestly one of my favourites.


Originally posted by sadandinplaid

The light of your laptop in front of you just blended with the sunlight breaking through your curtains. It’s a normal office day, except, it wasn’t so normal..

Keep reading

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Pairing: Michael B Jordan x Actress!reader

Word count : 1417

Summary : This is the aftermath of Y/N’s little incident …

A/N : Thank you so much to everyone who read the first part, and since a lot of people liked it I decided to try and write a second part..Hopefully you guys enjoy this one, and i am open for requests if you have any.. GIF IS NOT MINE. -N



Originally posted by love-music-fashion-flawless

“.. Well, that took an unexpected turn !”Those words were the host’s desperate way to break the tension between his two guests. At thankfully, they were enough to pull you and Michael from the staring contest you two found yourselves in. In your embarrassed state, you looked down at your high heeled shoes trying to, not only hide your face from the hysterically laughing audience but also to get over how crazy the butterflies in your stomach feel right now. And as cliché as it sounds, you couldn’t stop your brain from playing and replaying his exact words to you … Just to see you ..


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BTS Chubby Girlfriend:



Originally posted by nochuie

Your boobs 😍😍😍

He is so fascinated by them.

When cuddling, he loves to grab them and “accidentally” brush his thumb over your sensitive nipples.

He gets super shy when you catch him staring, but he can’t help himself.

“You know we have pillows for a reason right?”

“Yeah…but these are more comfortable” he mumbles with his face between your breast.

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BTS chubby girlfriend: Taehyung


-Your tummy 😍

Cuddling is a must for him

Your soft body is a great pillow to hug at night

He loves to wrap his arms around your soft waist and

gently squeeze your little rolls or love handles.

-Your booty😍😍

The way your ass fills out a pair of pants or a dress drives him crazy and he doesn’t try to hide it.

He just loves how your soft peach feels in his large hands when he grabs it.

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A scream ripped its way out of you as you fell on your front and proceeded to be dragged backward. The cold hardwood grazing your naked body. Strong hands gripped your ankles and flipped you over. “Baby girl, I thought I told you there was no running from me?” He spread your legs and pressed your knees to your chest, “All that chasin’ has Daddy hungry.” With that, his head disappeared between your legs.


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☆ FOUND ☆ Thank you to @dowdee1982 💗

Fic is “We’re All Horrible and Wonderful and Figuring it Out Series” by @simonssnarl

This is so adorable, and I’m devastated I don’t know what it is! I love plus size reader fics. 🥺

Please comment below if You Know the fic 💗

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Rejected no more

Werewolf! Duncan Shepherd X plus size shy! reader


Summary: Rejected all your life but what happens when the alpha, Duncan Shepherd finds you as his mate?

Warning: Past Rejection, comfort, fluff, smut, breast play, Cunnilingus(female receiving)

Y/n P.O.V

You’re too thick

Your eyes are two different colors freak

I don’t dig shy girls

Let me know when you’ve changed your appearance to a Kardashian then maybe I’ll mate with you.

Lose the gut

Imagine someone telling you that you’re imperfect. I have been told these shameful words all my life when ever I sense him, my mate. The beast to my moon. My grandma told me one day the right mate will find me and accept me for who I am. I tried to believe my dear grandmother’s words but it just hurt so much that I couldn’t think about it anymore. My inner wolf talks to me when I’m in my deepest sad thoughts. It kinda helps when I’m talking to her. I’ve worked at my grandma’s diner as a waitress and yes I have to wear the pink and white dress, one of her dress codes. She also says I look cute in it. Please, I look like a fat gumball. I walked over to a table of two ready to take their order until I noticed a familiar kind welcoming face.

“(Y/n)!” Anette exclaimed as she got up from the booth giving me a warm welcoming hug. Anette Shepherd and her tribe have been great allies to the (y/l/n) tribe. Eversince the Underwoods slaughtered my family as I was about to join them when I was nine years old, Anette took Frank’s life before he could take mine.

“Hello Anette, how are you?” I asked.

“Oh fine, just spending the day with my son. You’ve met Duncan yes?” Yes I have. Duncan Shepherd, the alpha of the Shepherd tribe. I very rarely talk to Duncan because when I’m around him and when grandma and Anette encourage me to talk to him it’s always awkward between us, him being the alpha. He’s staring up at me, he probably wants me to stop chatting with his mom and take their order. Annette took her seat.

“Okay umm, would you like anything to drink or ready to-” I felt a hand on my wrist it was Duncan . `Oh no, I hope I didn’t do anything wrong’ I thought to myself as Duncan stood up above me leaning in too close for my comfort.

Is he sniffing me? Oh my moon please not again please don’t tell me he’s my-

“Mate” he finished my sentence of thought .

“Wow you are so-" 

"Ugly? Fat? Freak?Shy?” I cut him off not looking at him.

“I was actually going to say-”

“I know what you were going to say” I yanked my hand away from him still not looking up at him. “ you don’t want to have a fat girl as your mate. I don’t I want to hear it from you” I cried, taking off running out of the diner. I ignored the calls from my grandma and Annette as I got into my car and drove away to my quiet place.


The Forest has always calmed me down when I’m upset, the lake makes it feel more calmer when I look at it’s beauty. Grandma and Anette tried calling me like a hundred times. Right now I just want to stay here for a bit and then I’ll go back to my sad life. I don’t know how long I’ve been here do to my crying on the hood of my car.

“He’s here”  my inner wolf told me. I don’t know what she’s talking about until I smelled the scent of…MY MATE?!?.

I turned around to see him. Duncan fucking Shepherd. He still looked the same when I left the diner in a panic. Blue-grey jacket and wearing all black. “Go ahead” I whispered, still looking down. “ Say that I’m not your mate”. Duncan walks up to me and did something that none of my ungrateful mates had done. He pulls me off the hood and wraps me in his warm embrace, petting my (y/c/h). I wanted to push away and drive away from him but all I did caved into his embrace and let the tears fall down my cheeks. “ My Moon, why would you think I’d reject something so beautiful?” He asked. I was too scared to look at him, afraid he’ll disappear and I’ll be left alone with no mate. He lifted my chin up, still having my eyes shut.

“Look at me” he pleaded, I shook my head.

“As your mate I am asking you to let me see your eyes. Now” he growled at the last part. 

“Trust him, he’s the right one I know it” I listened to my inner wolf’s thoughts and slowly opened my eyes to reveal my natural eye and my (y/f/c) eye. He examined both of my eyes and said “beautiful”. Then he leaned his lips on my own as I was taken aback but I start to melt in his kiss. I couldn’t believe Duncan Shepherd, The Duncan Shepherd is kissing me for the first time. I’m having my first kiss with Duncan fucking Shepherd. This kiss feels so real like an electrical force going through my body. We both pulled back as we placed our heads together.

“My precious mate, allow me to show you how beautiful you truly are to me” he husked. He picks me up, setting me on the hood of my car and pushing me down where I lay looking up at the sky.

“Duncan, please be gentle. I’m still a virgin” I confessed. He stopped what he was doing and placed a gentle peck on the cheek. 

“My Moon, I would have to take your virginity another time. Right now I want to pleasure your breasts” he places a hand on my right one “and” he trails his hand down and placing it on my sensitive part where I gasped. “Your pussy with my fingers ,” he whispered seductively into my ear. He starts to remove his jacket then his shirt revealing his toned body as my cheeks turned red at the sight of his glories. No wonder he’s the alpha. “You like what you see baby” he said smirking.

“Sorry” I looked away and turned my face towards his and began to kiss me. He gently nipped at my lip, perfect time to stick his tongue in my mouth then I pulled back gently. “I’ve never done a French kiss before ” I shyly said.

“You kiss the top of the lips, the bottom of the lips” he showed me by doing how it’s done. “Then graze your tongue between the lips and slowly add a little tongue” he grazed his tongue and slides it in my mouth, this time I don’t pull back. He lays me down on the hood with his lips still pressed on mine then trails down my neck to my cleavage with his tongue. He looked up with his ocean blue eyes giving me this devilish grin and rips open my dress. I was wearing a strapless bra and he slowly start to slide down my bra.

“Your tits are so” he growled at the last part as he kissed his way to my left breast licking around the nipple then starts to suck on it while his other hand tweaks my right nipple. 

“Oh my God, Duncan more” I breathed, running my fingers through his golden-brown hair giving it a small tug. He tugged my nipple lightly letting it go and  starts to give the same treatment to my right breast. My pussy was aching for him, I could feel my panties getting wet. He abandoned my breast, sliding his hand down to lift my dress up touching my soaked panties. He hummed in approval.

“Tell me what you want, goddess. Say it and I’m all yours”.

“Please Duncan, please make me feel good” I pleaded, biting my lip. Duncan pushed up my dress to my hips. Revealing my baby pink panties to him. He looked up at me licking his lips as he pulled down my with his teeth dragging them down my legs. Once he takes them off he pressed the pink fabric to his nose inhaling them like it had febreeze on them and groaned in response then tucks them in his pocket . “I’m gonna make you mine, (y/n). My mate forever."  After he pecked me on the lips he went down to give a kiss on pussy and swirls his tongue around like I’m the sweetest lollipop from the candy store. Duncan spreads my folds and starts to suck on clit, making my back arched up.

"Holy fuck Duncan” I moaned.

“Fuck you taste like the forbidden fruit, baby” he moaned at the taste of my juices flowing.

I moaned as I ground my pussy against his mouth. He smiled and kept eye contact with me, and then plunged his tongue inside me and lapped up my juices and then slid his tongue up to flick at my clit. After plunging his tongue in my pussy, Duncan slides one finger inside me and pumped his index finger slowly.

“ You want more, baby” he looked up at me, his mouth glistening with my juices. I shook my head yes and adds a second finger. My pussy clenched around his wonderful fingers, and that made him smile.  He curled it upward and found my g-spot and I gasped. He speeded up his movements and sucking on my clit at the same time. If there is a God, then Duncan Shepherd is definitely a God. And I’m getting finger-fucked by one. I could feel my orgasm building up and Duncan can sense it. 

“You ready to cum for me, sweetheart huh" 

"Yes Duncan yes, please make me cum!” I said out loud for the whole forest to hear.

“Go ahead baby, cum for me. I wanna taste you. Now” he groaned and that’s all I needed to make me cum and I screamed his name, shaking from the pleasure I was given. Duncan made sure no drop of juice on my area was left behind. Duncan pulls me up wrapping his arms around me as I tried to breath. “Breath my love, you did so well. You are so special to me beautiful” and placed his lips on my own, tasting myself on him.


“Yes, Duncan”.

“Umm you might wanna take your car to get it washed,” he said. I gave him a quizzical look until I looked down and my car was stained with my cum then laughed. Duncan takes the rest of my clothing off and he does the same as he picks me up from the hood of my car bridal style taking me towards the lake.  He puts me down gently, guiding me with his hand on my own to the water. As the water touches our waist and Duncan cups my face.

“I promise my moon goddess, to always be loyal to you, trustworthy and a great mate to you. Your grandma had told me about all your past mates who rejected your true beauty. I promise to love you for who you are” I almost tear up at his speech then kisses me again. I’m really lucky for Duncan to have found me and accepted me as his mate.

A/n: here’s another one shot after I posted the other one-shot of Duncan. I want to thank @emmyrosee for encouraging me to do this one-shot and @dyns33 for encouraging me to do one-shots and thank you all for your support. I’m staying at my dad’s and grandma’s house with my brother and won’t come home until labor day so I’m taking a 3 day writing break. Thank you love you all😘😘😘😘😘.



















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Summary: You’re trying on jeans and can’t seem to find a pair that fit just right. You get discouraged but Bucky helps you feel better. 

Warnings: Maybe a little angst? Mostly fluff. Reader being self-conscious of her body

This is my first story so I hope you guys enjoy it:) tell me what you think <3

Bucky sat on a couch outside of the dressing room waiting for you to come out. You really enjoyed shopping but it had always been a bit of a struggle. You had a curvier figure than most women, and on top of that, you were short, standing at only 5’2. It made finding clothes a bit of a struggle. If it wasn’t one thing it was another. Maybe the pant fit just right at the top but were too long at the bottom, or it was the other way around. While you were used to this it still caused you to get a little discouraged.

After trying on what seemed like the millionth pair of pants your eyes started to burn from tears you were trying to hold back from the sheer frustration of not being able to find one pair of jeans that fit nicely. Not wanting to cry over something like this and worry Bucky you breathed in and out to try and calm yourself. 

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I don’t know why I do this to myself but whatever

New College!CEvans x Plus Size!POC reader.

My friend made a joke request based on a picture she sent of Chris and it actually kind of slapped so I asked if she reeeeally wanted me to write it and she demanded I do it.

Not sure if anyone will read it… seems like… I don’t get many reads these days… BUT it’s cute and I want to post it. Let me know if you care or not idk!!!

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