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The name Tumblr is derived from "Tumblelogs", which were hand coded multimedia blogs.

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You know what it is…the thought of things not going well in this relationship scare the shit out of me… more so now then ever before. Coming out of a 10 year relationship with someone I thought I was going to spend the rest of my life with really fucked me up and has truly giving me relationship anxiety. After being single for 2 years I’m in a new relationship with this new guy and I find myself overthinking EVERYTHING and wondering if he still likes me the next day, not because he makes me feel that way but because I need the constant reassurance, and just playing the worst scenarios in my head and hurting my own feelings… the thought of this not working out scares me and I hate it because I’m happy I really am and I miss him like crazy right now…but as much as I want to be open and trusting… there’s this damn fear that this will somehow go terribly wrong….

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People calling me a “fat pig”, “not curvy, just fat” and “ugly” really need to up their game a bit. YouTube, for example, already blocks basic insults like that automatically. You gotta be more creative! Also, if you’re trying to get me to hate myself for being fat, you’re wasting your time, man. I got more issues than Vogue and let me tell you, being fat is the least of my worries. But you got my attention now, and guess what that is going to get you? Just more of me. More bodycon dresses, more cellulite flaunting, more saggy boobs and no bra, more “unflattering” outfits. I thought we had moved past fat shaming in 2020, but if you’re pushing for me to become an activist, boy, you will get your wish. Mic drop, f*ckers.

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