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#plus size representation
ilovefandoms102 · 8 months ago
Rough Love
Pairing: Chris Evans x Plus Size Reader
Summary: Chris notices bruises he left...
Note: AHHHH OMGOMG i got such a good response on my Chris blurb which you can find here, that I decided to make a sort of series with Plus Size Reader! I hope you guys enjoy this and let me know what you think!🥰
I’m also going to start adding warnings on my posts that contain smut just in case anyone is triggered by certain sexual acts.
Warnings🛑: smut(choking, hair pulling, scratching, bruising, spanking, degradation, dom Chris, oral(m/f receiving), penetration, unprotected sex)
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Parts in bold italics are flash backs!
Tumblr media
Chris stared down at his beautiful girl, absolutely horrified. His memories of last night came flooding to the front of his brain, starting at the finger shaped bruises on your jaw…
Chris had a hold of your jaw, forcing you to keep your eyes on him as he pounded into you. You had been mouthing off to him all night, and he had enough of it. He had your legs over his shoulders, forcing you to take every inch of him. “You’re quiet now my love, can’t talk full of my cock can you baby?” Chris taunted, smiling even more when you shook your head no. He smacked your ass hard, adding to the already existing handprints that would more than likely bruise.You loved it though, and you let him know by cumming around him. “Baby fuck!” you screamed, legs shaking as Chris kept at you. He suddenly pulled out, his grip on your jaw leaving as he crawled up your body. You scooted down the bed as he straddled you, knowing what was about to come. “Gonna fuck your face just like your pussy baby,” he growled, shoving his cock down your throat. You moaned around him, relaxing your throat as much as you could. He groaned as your tongue flicked around his tip, his hands going on either side of your head before he started thrusting almost at the same speed he would if he was fucking you. “My princess loves having her throat fucked doesn’t she?” Chris questioned, but he already knew the answer. He smiled wide as you tried to nod. Chris grabbed a hold of your hair, forcing your head back into the bed as he went faster to chase his release. Spit was flying everywhere, tears were flowing from the corners of your eyes as you gagged around his enormous cock. “Fuck, ‘m gonna cum down your pretty throat baby.” Chris moaned, his eyes closing. His cum shot down your throat, coating it as you sucked to get every last drop. =====================================
The both of you loved it rough, you had even admitted to him once that you loved the bruises he left. But, he felt something different this time. He felt like a monster, gawking at the darker bruises around your neck.
=====================================   He had you on your hands and knees before yanking on your hair so your back was against his chest as he railed you. His hands were gripped tightly around your throat, cutting off your air supply. Your moans came out as mere squeaks, Chris grunted in your ear as you squeezed tighter around his cock. You had one hand on his ass, leaving crescent shapes as your orgasm approached. Your other hand kept a hold on his forearm, a safety measure for both of you in case you needed to have him let up a little. “Gonna cum for me my pretty girl? Hmmm?” Chris moaned, moving one of his hands to spank your clit which had you bucking against him. “Again,” you whimpered, feeling so close but just wanted that extra push. “My dirty slut likes her pussy spanked doesn’t she?” Chris asked, doing it again and again. “FUCK!” you shouted, coming undone as Chris restlessly spanked your pussy until you squirted everywhere. Chris rubbed your clit hard, causing your orgasm to intensify. He hammered into you, holding on for dear life as you started shaking. “My dirty girl, you made a mess.” Chris growled in your ear, biting your shoulder as he came inside you. Another orgasm hit you like a tidal wave, having to tap Chris to move his hand because you were so sensitive. =====================================
Chris moved the sheet that covered the two of you, looking down your body absolutely disgusted with himself. He stopped on the teeth marks that littered your thighs and the ones he could see on your ass, gulping as more flashbacks came.
=====================================   You were perched up on his face, the man eating you out like he needed it to survive. He stopped only for a minute to leave bites on the insides of your thighs which he knew you loved seeing. Chris pushed down on your back, throwing your upper body down towards his hard dick. Your mouth immediately watered, tongue poking out and licking all around the tip. You squealed when a harsh smack came down on your ass. “No teasing my love, you know the rules.” Chris growled, scratching down where his handprint had formed. Your moan was sinful, so pathetic even Chris chuckled. “My dirty, dirty little girl.” he smiled, shoving you back down on his face. He pushed you further to leave more teeth marks on your ass cheeks, his favorite part of you. You sucked him off faster, trying to get him as close as you were to cumming all over his face. Chris had his hands clamped around you, burying his face to taste every last drop. He could tell you were close by the way you were grinding down on him, so his focus moved to your clit. He sucked hard, his tongue flicking it rapidly. You did the same with his cock, both of you moaning into each other. Both your orgasms hit at the same time, Chris moving down to slurp up your cum as you took every drop he gave you of his cum. Chris pulled you off of him, spanking your ass a few times in the process. “My good slut,” he praised, your shutter causing him to chuckle. =====================================
“Why are you staring at me?” you asked sleepily, kissing his cheek softly. “Do they hurt?” Chris asked, a crack in his voice made your eyes shoot open. “What?” you questioned, looking down at your body which he was staring at in horror. “I’m so so sorry my love.” Chris whispered, his fingers shaking as they barely glided over his markings. “Chris why are you sorry? I told you I wanted it like that.” you spoke so softly it was barely above a whisper. “I know but I-I feel like a monster.” he stammered, eyes never leaving your body. You pulled the covers back up over yourself, bringing Chris’s arm around you over the sheets. Your hand pulled his chin up to look at you, his eyes glistening with tears. “You didn’t hurt me, and I know you’ll never hurt me. I loved every second of last night, and I love every mark I have from you.” you spoke softly, yet firmly hoping your message got through to him. His head went into your neck, his tears splashing against your skin. You wrapped your arms around his shoulders, rubbing up and down his back as you soothed him. It broke your heart to see him like this, but at the same time it fluttered because you knew how much you meant to him now. “I’m ok my love,” you whispered, leaving gentle kisses across his collar bone. “Don’t leave me, please.” he begged. “Never ever, I love you and you mean the world to me.” you professed, your hands pulling his cheeks back to look into his eyes. You wiped under them with your thumbs, leaning and kissing his lips softly. “I love you more,” he whispered as he fell into your touch easily.
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jellybeannnn · 5 months ago
Mid-guardian Traditions
Pairing: Loki x Plus Size Reader (All of my fics are Black but mostly neutral)
Summary: The reader is doing a cleanse and Loki isn't very fond of it.
Warnings: Body Image. Light swearing. Thats it I think.
"Pet?" Loki peeked into the small bathroom. You had been in there for about an hour before he just had to come see what was going on. "You've been in here for eternity, are you okay?"
You bought some detox tea and it was getting the job done and it was only day one of seven. "I'm fine Lo."
"You don't sound fine, I would equate the sounds you're making in here with severe pain." You rolled your eyes at his response.
"I'm doing a cleanse, you get seven days of me barely leaving this poorly decorated box." He was coming in ignoring the deathly smell and the sounds coming from your stomach.
"Why on gods green earth would you be 'cleansing'?" This curious etch in his brow only seemed to deepen.
"I want to lose weight." The urge to abandon the conversation was creeping up on you. You had never discussed your weight with him, but he seemed to understand you had some turmoil within yourself when it came to your body.
He shook his head still looking as if he was waiting for more. "Are you unhealthy?"
"Um, no? I don't think so? I uh, could we talk about this later? Preferably when I am not on the toilet?"
"No." No? Now your brows were frowned and you looked to loki with a stunned look on your face.
"No?" He just shook his head.
"You heard me, you want to change the subject. I want you taking care of yourself. The sounds your stomach is making now isn't right. Who is this doctor? How dare they shame you. There is nothing wrong with you."
"Loki." You finished your business and squeezed past him to wash your hands. " I am not happy with myself."
You made eye contact with him though the mirror and he looked as if your words hurt him.
"Your midgardian traditions are stupid. You are kind, beautiful, smart, healthy, funny, and yet you let your vessel crush your confidence, although it too is beautiful. Look at your self. What is there not to love?" He waved his hands and suddenly you stood in a dark room with a single mirror in front of your and there you stood naked. "Go on pet, tell me what you are unhappy with."
Your eyes raked over the figure in the mirror. Your thighs and hips were wide and thick, while your waist was not as wide as the rest of your body it wasn't what your would call small. Your stomach was soft and squishy as was the rest of your body. Stretch marks covered your body almost everywhere hips, arms, thighs, lower back, between your breast, your ass, almost the entirety of your stomach.
You couldn't find words to respond to Lokis request. You hadn't noticed him walking behind you.
"You're soft, and sweet. I come home everyday to a woman that has somehow in heart found a way to love someone undeserving. Yet she hugs and kisses me when I walk in. She cleans me up as she scolds me for doing the things I do. I cherish each mark on your body, when we sleep I am reminded just how real your are by them.
So what you have a stomach? Me too? I mean have you seen Thor lately? People gain weight, they lose weight, the numbers of a scale don't matter. You do. Your body is great look." His hands moved with the mention of each body part. "Your hips are wide to bare our children, Your thighs and stomach keeps me warm just as my body. keeps yours cool. I find each bit of you attractive and you would be a fool not to think the same. If you really want to do it we can do it the right way. No laxatives or teas. We eat clean and work out."
"Thank you Lo." He shook his head.
"Don't thank me and you're going to beat yourself up about it when you get the chance. Thank me when we both see the same thing."
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artisreallyhardactually · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
“Sweet Girl…”
y’all ever work on an art piece so long that you just… just stop after a while lol? This took my the better part of 12+ hours to finish and I’m still not completely satisfied with with end result 😅 Thank you to @fatimaisabelpascal for serving as my reference for sweet girl! 💕
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black-is-beautiful18 · 5 months ago
Lizzo is so amazing and if you say you don’t like her, outside of music, we cannot be friends. If your excuse for not liking her is “She shouldn’t be doing all that. She’s too big” then goodbye. I am a big girl so if that’s why you don’t like her, which is what a majority of her hate boils down to, then imma assume you talk behind my back and that you don’t really like me either. Lizzo is who I WISH I could be and she’s a huge inspiration to fat Black women and girls. She literally loves herself, has her own garden, works out, makes music, and is just a bad bitch. How can you seriously not like her?
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blossominglark · 4 months ago
heya! same anon w the request here! my second time writing this bc tumblr crashed and it’s gonna be a little all over the place so bear w me here akdjk <3
first and foremost, i LOVEEEEED it and tysm for writing it 🥺 i could tell you had fun writing it so it was a win-win <3 hope it was able to bring somebody else as much joy as it did to me 🥰 now onto where things get a lil messy~
since my post notifs are literally broken- I realized you had finished writing when going thru the “shinsou x reader” tag bc im such a simp KDJSJD. when i first started reading yesterday night, i had a breakdown. NOT BECAUSE OF YOU AND U DIDNT DO ANYTHING WRONG. i requested and you wrote it, and that’s on that. i was a bit tired tho so i couldn’t really comprehend everything in my tiny simp brain so when i saw stuff like “broad shoulders” and “chubby face” and stuff, it felt like a slap to the face bc ig it made me realize that i actually have those things and it was also the things i was trying to get rid of.
and some of those descriptions weren’t me or i didn’t really have those things (love handles, big chest, etc) and i started feeling terrible because i realized I wasn’t as specific as I wanted to be w my request (mainly bc it was like midnight when I typed it and I was half asleep and I didn’t really know how to describe it skfjsk 💀) and I felt like I had wasted your time bc I was a,,, fraud?* although some of those things weren’t exactly me, those things are what other people have and it could make those people happy. i started panicking and wasn’t really sure what to do (whether reaching out in dms bc i am a minor so I wasn’t sure if you were comfortable-) and also upset bc i was also conveniently exposed to some spoilers so i figured I needed to take a break and hyperfixate on a different fandom or two, to take some time.
it’s the day after as I’m writing this and I reread everything like three times and I’m feeling a lot better than I did before. After reading what you went through in the beginning of your insecurities (which a lot of them i could relate to, especially the curly hair one as a black girl myself-), I realized that hey! it’s okay to have these things! It’s okay to not have the most narrow shoulders, perfect neck, slim arms, and visible collarbones! it’s okay to not have the slimmest face and defined jawline! It’s okay to not have the smallest waist or perfectly rounded hips! It’s okay to not have the biggest chest and skinny calves and slim hands! It’s okay, to just be me <3 bc honestly? who tf cares akdjsjfk
I definitely should’ve included this part in my request but here’s a lil thing abt me~ as a 4’10 curvy (*I wouldn’t consider myself plus sized in the slightest and yk what? That’s okay! It’s okay to be curvy and a lil chubby <3) black girl with 3 type black curly hair with broad shoulders, not the most hollowed cheeks, uplifted cheekbones, slightly hip dipped, baby hands and small feet i kinda have a baby face too akdjk, medium chested, prominent stomach that doesn’t seem to go away, stretch marks and not the most ideal hourglass figure, I want to say,,,, thank you for making me realize, it’s okay to be myself. 💝✨✨✨✨
Hola anon💗! First and for most, I apologize of the way I wrote the request, because in all honesty I was brainstorming of what the overall ‘common’ norm of a chubby woman is and went from that perspective, along with including the chubby women I see in my daily life to get the overall general audience and to make sure to add in as much detail and inclusion.
I added in my own insecurities for other readers to be able to relate to some or all of them if they have went through the same experience and for them to also understand that they are not alone.
I understand that not everyone is able to relate to a certain body type, which is why I tried my best to include different features a chubby woman tend to have in order for the reader to piece out the parts they are able to relate to, because again, one may not have all those features, but others do. But again, it is hard to make sure that the way you explain how someone looks like, is able to be relatable to the general audience.
I comprehend that the stuff I wrote about like the “broad shoulders” and the “chubby face” for instance is something very common that many chubby woman ( myself included) have and I apologize for triggering you and I should have been more conscious when I would label the warnings, but I believed the title of it was self-explanatory, and I will make sure to add in more detailed warnings in the future.
Also, my blog is SFW, so it is safe for everyone, but it is also your responsibility to read the warnings and all the things before you click on the “read more”.
You are not a fraud anon. I want you to understand that you are important and deserve to also be respected and feel loved, and I try my very best to be inclusive in my writing for the general audience to enjoy too. Please understand that you didn’t do anything wrong, there is no need for you to apologize.
As I grew up to be the woman I am now, I learned to love myself. It was hard, and in many moments I would break down crying because I wasn’t born with the “ideal beauty standards” society has and also by the amount of bullying I would go through growing up in middle and high school. I then fell into depression and I would cry myself to sleep because I never saw any type of validation, respect, nor love towards the Plus-Sized/ Chubby/ Curvy/ Thick Community as I grew up, until now recently I began seeing the body positivity movement going on and it was a “light of hope” moment for me and I began on seeing women who may not look exactly like me, but they were women that I saw and felt represent and validated.
I also try my very best to also be a little role model for my followers and the readers who come to my blog to seek some sort of comfort and love or whatever the case maybe, overall for them to feel represented and validated, and to understand that my blog is a safe place for them to come visit and interact with me.
Anon, I am happy that you began to accept yourself for who you are, and that it is ok to be you! Because there is only one you in this world, and you are unique in your own manner along with the rest of the world. Also, you have officially begun your journey of self-love. I am happy that you began to accept yourself, and understand that you are not alone in this journey, because others are also going through their own journey. I am still going through it myself.
Anon, please, you forgot your crown, I have come here to give it to you 👑 please don’t drop it again and remember that you are an absolute Queen and deserve all the love in the world, and once again, I apologize, and I thank you for supporting my work and blog, *gives you virtual hugs*.💗
-Alo / Blossom☀️
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breelynsbookshelf · a month ago
I’m reading crooked kingdom and I’d just like to pause and say Matthias’ appreciation of Nina’s thighs is definitely top-tier for me, especially while he’s trying to be all proper and modest, I love it
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ilovefandoms102 · 5 months ago
Love in the Outer Banks
Pairing: JJ Maybank x Plus Size Reader
Summary: Requested-jj x plus size reader! friends to lovers like him trying to continuously ask her out but he always gets interrupted until he finally gets her alone 🥺, jj x plus rise reader! first i love you 🥺to one another
Note: I fell in love with these ideas and I’m so sorry it took me so long to get this out.
Click here to be added to my taglist!
Tumblr media
JJ Maybank is in love…
He never thought he’d fall in love, ever. But you…you were different. You weren’t like the people on the island, you had a unique presence that JJ was so drawn to. He knows you, but you still had that mysterious aspect that made him even more obsessed with you.
JJ wanted to make you his, he wanted to hold you, and never let you go. He had fantasies of holding your voluptuous figure against him, feeling your warm skin against his. He thought about how it would feel to kiss you, to worship you until you were whimpering his name.
You deserved to be treated like a queen, and JJ planned on doing exactly that.
JJ was having the worst of luck trying to ask you out. Anytime he went to do it, something happened. Either you or him got pulled away, or the Pogues wanted to go off and do something.
He was getting more frustrated by the second, but still, he was determined to make you his. He needed to get you alone somehow, and he had just the idea.
You loved going to the beach, so JJ used this to his advantage. He would never miss an opportunity to see you in a bikini either. He thought he was slick when he checked you out, but you always caught him. It warmed your heart how much adoration was in his eyes when he looked at you.
The two of you were sitting on an old bed sheet you had brought to lay on, soaking in the summer sun. You were laying on your stomach, JJ on his back, and he had the perfect view of your ass which he unashamedly stared at.
“J, if you stare at my ass any harder, your eyes are going to fall out.” you teased, giggling when he smiled at you.
“Sorry gorgeous, can’t help myself.” he smirked, ending with a subtle wink.
You felt your cheeks flush, thankful that it was hot enough you could use that as an excuse. You wanted to just lean over and kiss him so bad, but you were scared because you couldn’t ever read if JJ was actually flirting with you or if he was just being JJ.
“You surfing today?” you asked, secretly hoping he would stay.
“No, but I um…I do need to ask you something.” he said hesitantly, turning on his side to face you.
“Yeah?” you asked, leaning up on your elbows.
“We’ve been friends for a long time…” he mumbled, nervously ruffling his hair.
“Yes we have J, you’re starting to kinda scare me” you laughed, sending JJ’s heart in an uproar.
“And-um, you know I care about you…a lot.” he continued, his baby blue eyes searching into yours for any sign of discomfort.
“Yes I do J, and I care about you.” you smiled kindly.
“I-I care about you as in more than friends y/n.” JJ blurted, his breath hitching as he waited for your response.
“Really?” you asked quietly.
“Yes baby, really.” JJ mumbled, nodding his head.
“I like you too…more than friends.” you confessed, cheeks burning which JJ found adorable.
JJ smiled, leaning over and kissing the red skin of your cheek, chuckling as you pushed him away playfully. You giggled, glancing over at him. You couldn’t help but getting lost in his eyes. You both froze as you stared at one another.
It seemed both of you wanted the same thing as you two leaned in quickly to attach to each other’s lips in a passionate, sweet kiss.
Five months was all it took for you and JJ to fall in love. Those months were the happiest the both of you had ever been. The two of you were like two puzzle pieces that just fit, you two were perfect for the other.
JJ had wanted to tell you he loved you for a while, but he feared rejection. He knew he shouldn’t, but at the same time, his relationship with you still felt too good to be true. He knew you were the one for him, at 17 he knew he wanted you forever.
The Pogues were throwing one of their infamous keggers at the bone yard, and JJ felt this was the just the thing he needed to get the extra boost of confidence. He drank until he got that buzzing feeling, waiting for you to arrive.
JJ found you with Kie, his hands wrapping themselves around you from behind. He lazily leaned down and planted a kiss on your jaw, nibbling lightly. He couldn’t help himself, the buzz from the liquor made him even more affectionate towards you.
“Well hi there,” you greeted, turning around in your boyfriends arms to face him. His eyes were a bit glazed over, so you knew he was a bit tipsy.
“Hi beautiful,” JJ grinned, his rings chilled your hot skin as one of his hands found their way to your cheek.
He leaned down, kissing you slowly. The Pogues made noises of disgust, but the two of you didn’t care. You giggled as JJ made a show of it, dramatically moving his head as he kissed you. His hands even moved to grab two handfuls of your ass, making sure to give it a nice squeeze.
“JJ!” you squealed, but couldn’t contain your laughter.
The Pogues dispersed after that, leaving just the two of you. JJ happily whisked you away, walking down the beach hand in hand with you.
“Baby?” JJ questioned, his heart hammering in his chest.
“Yes?” you hummed.
“I love you,” JJ murmured, and you stopped walking.
JJ’s breath stopped in his throat, his feet halting with yours. His eyes frantically searched yours, his nerves growing the longer your silence lasted.
“I love you too JJ,” you whispered, a smile so wide it hurt your cheeks appearing.
JJ let out a breath of relief, grabbing your cheeks again and kissing you hard. His lips tasted like whiskey, weed, and cigarettes. Something before you thought was gross, but JJ tasted so good, so good it was addicting. You could kiss him for hours, days even.
Reluctantly, JJ had to pull away for the two of you to breathe.
“I’m so happy now.” JJ revealed, keeping you as close as possible.
“Me too baby, me too.” you sighed, snuggling into him as you turned to watch the sunset.
Life was good…
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jellybeannnn · 4 months ago
can i please make a request of steve rogers with a plus size girl and she's insecure about her size and then she compares herself to not only other girls but to steve himself? it would mean alot hun.
Tumblr media
"You've been in there for about 2 hours now Doll. Do you need help with anything?" You sat in the middle of Steves bathroom nothing out of place but your peace of mind. You chewed at your lip hoping that maybe he'd just walk away. But, you heard the door squeak open and he was coming in clad in his black suit and a wide smile on his face.
"You've been in here doing-" When he looked around his smile vanished and was replaced with confusion. "Nothing? Where are your clothes?"
"I'm sorry Steve." You weren't sure what your apology was for. He didn't either and his face reflected that.
"What's wrong?" Soon he was sitting beside you. He looked so prefect and you were just. You.
"Have you seen the girls? Nat, Wanda, Pepper, Jane, they all look so pretty." And slim. 'Stop shutting me out.' Steves words from earlier echoed in your head.
"I've been waiting to see my girl in her dress. While I'm sure they look nice, I don't care what they have on."
"I won't look like them."
"Of course you won-" His frown deepened. "You're the most beautiful woman across the 9 realms. Of course you wouldn't look like them. C'mere."
He beckoned you toward him and pulled the blue dress from the marble counter and laid it across both of you legs.
"You're an Avenger, you look prefect, you're poster boy material and I'm just-" You trailed off now knowing exactly what to say.
"You're just what? Beautiful, smart, kind, scared of spiders?" You could tell he was trying to lift the dark conversation that's settled in the room.
"Fat." He was biting his lip in order to not cut you off. "They're all desirable, I'm not. I've seen how Nat looks at you Steve, I've seen woman more eye catching break their necks to be with you. I've seen you with more eye catching women. I don't think you deserve to be with someone, not to your stature."
You could feel his eyes boring into you with a white hot fire.
"You are nothing less than desirable, your weight is nothing to me. People who define you on how much you weigh don't deserve a place in your life. So what if you have stretch marks and rolls, I do too. As for Natasha, it's one sided. She knows it. You know it. I am not interested in anyone but the wonderful person sitting right next to me. I will talk to her about it, I've noticed too and it's disrespectful. Now let me see you in that dress. You went on and on about it and I can't wait to see you."
You looked at Steve and smiled, the doubts were scrubbed clean from your mind as he sealed your lips in a kiss.
He got up from the floor and held a hand out to you.
"That really is America's ass." You chuckled as her pulled you up.
"Language Y/N, and it's your ass." He winked.
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bunnyhoney111 · 5 months ago
hey obx writers, you know what would be so cute?
like maybe some plus size representation? in season 2? idk just a thought...
but like fr
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lokiblackfatkink · 2 days ago
Hi everyone hope you all enjoy my short story part 2 tomorrow if you like more comment below will write Chapter 7💋🌹
🌹Daddy’s Home 🌹Part 1
It’s been two months since you have seen Loki thinking about him on your mind wondering when he’s coming back to Asgard. So lonely you needed him so badly missing his strong hands all over your body kissing you giving you the pleasure you needed. You couldn't eat or sleep Loki on your mind day by day. You enjoyed your time with your family and friends but without Loki, it wasn’t the same you just needed him only. Later on that night you were sleeping having a wonderful dream with Loki you didn’t know Loki was there he appeared just standing around the corner of the bedroom looking at you he knew you were fantasizing about him a smirk on his face while you were touching your own body with your hands. Loki was turned on by this he didn’t want to wake you up ahh darling will be back tomorrow will give you want your body craving for Loki said and disappear. You wake up in the middle of the night called Loki’s name over and over there was no answer in your mind you heard Loki’s voice because of the dream you just had but no Loki was there watching you didn’t know it. You said Loki I love and miss my darling you lay down back to sleep. Later that day to keep your mind off Loki you decided to relax outside in the backyard reading a book so calming you enjoy yourself. After that, you clean all around the house because you were bored still thinking about Loki you decided to take a long hot bath. It felt so good to relax again after cleaning up the house you heard a noise but you paid no attention to the sound another noise sounded this it was louder than before you got out of the tub to dry off quickly. Looked around the house didn’t see anything you walked inside the kitchen to drink some water Loki appeared again this time it was him for real finally back home to Asgard the way he was looking at you was so intense all he wanted was you, hello darling daddy’s home you froze for a couple of seconds turned around there he was staring at you Loki darling is that you. Yes, it’s me my pet Loki said you ran to Loki your hair so long and beautiful you said thank you not beautiful as you Loki said he slowly kisses your lips I miss you so much darling how you been good you said couldn’t stop thinking about you same here all the time Loki said now I’m back home want to spend this whole weekend with you my kink no interruption just us. There was a knock on the door Loki opened the door there was a guard he said you are both invited to Asgard celebration tonight for winning the battle with Thor Loki laughed told the guard that won’t be necessary I have other plans already talk to him earlier today he will understand no interruptions this weekend tell Thor will talk to him later the guard bow his head and left Loki close the door. Why didn’t you want to go celebrate with your family and friends my love you said Loki looked and smile you are a part of me now have not touched you in two months not getting away from you tonight I want to give you pleasure. Yes been watching you ever since I left touching your body all over moaning my name in your sleep didn’t want to disturb you I was loving every bit of it my pet Loki walk slowly to you I want to give every inch of what you been craving for while I was away daddy miss that beautiful fat black pussy of mines love tasting your body with my lips squeezing your beautiful fat tights with my big hands especially my head between your legs giving you pleasure nobody can’t do I want you now in my bed. Loki kisses you touching your body in all the right places come with me Loki grabs your hand took you into the bedroom started kissing you again ahh your lips are so soft want to taste you more darling. Loki slowly took off your nightgown fell to the floor you started at Loki wanted him so badly you look so beautiful lay down my queen spread your legs look at daddy while doing it yes daddy anything for you my king you said.
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black-is-beautiful18 · 4 months ago
Can we talk about how plus size people will be super duper talented and yet won’t be given a chance because of their weight??? Especially if they aren’t white. Sounds dumb right? That’s the world we live in tho which is why I’m glad to see the Lizzo’s and the Amber Riley’s out here thriving and doing their thing. It’s a proven fact that the views on body shape and weight come from white people. Cuz what does my weight have anything to do with me singing my heart out or following my dreams? You’re telling me I can’t live simply cuz I’m bigger and curvier than you want me to be??? If you don’t get out of my face.
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blossominglark · 4 months ago
Alo’s Rambles☀️
Okkkieeeee soooooo something happened to me today at my local 99 cents store that made me really flustered. 💗
Tumblr media
I went to do groceries with my family to my local 99 cents store ( I brought y’all Caprisun so here ya go!)
Anywho, this same cashier who is my age, cute guy, tan skin, 6’1” and I have noticed a repetitive pattern.
Every time, a girl of my age and/or “Señoras” ( Mrs.) go pay with him, he is neutral, calm, and collected.
HOWEVER when I am the one up to pay, he gets so flustered that his cheeks begin to turn into a pink hue and then the crimson color that EVEN escapes from his face mask.
I was standing next to my Mamá as she was getting ready to pay. He kept looking at me but every time I returned the eye contact he would look down and begin to blush. Then he forgot to pay for the balloons I was carrying and my Mamá pointed it out and he got more flustered as he began trying to scan them, as he was hesitant in grabbing the balloon as I brought it closer to him, and that when our hands touched his blush became more dominate and I was freaking out by how fucking cute he was acting.
And then he ran out of bags, as he took out the box and he was FLEXING OMG THIS SKINNY MAN WAS FLEXING AT ME. Like he didn’t use the knife to cut the tape no, he used his ✨hands✨.
And then he gave us the bag on the house and a discount…. As I thanked him and he stuttered out a thank you instead of a “you’re welcome” as he stuttered again to fix himself to say “you’re welcome”.
After this analysis, I can confirm, that this cute man, has a crush on this woman!
Like, him, having a crush on me?! I’m still processing it because it’s still shocking to me, but the important things is that:
Chubby Women are winning y’all!!! 🥺🤧💜💜💜
Also, I have seen that Skinny Tall Guys and Chubby Women make a cute couple and ughhhh my heart can only take so much cuteness😖💞
But yeah, I hope this small rambles cheers you up or learn something from it! And I think I’m going to make a move on him…. changing things up a bit ya know? Beginning to make the first move by getting to know him and stuff. But yeah, that’s my ramble💜
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theemittenprincess · 6 months ago
I’m confused, people are sharing but nobody is actually checking out my content or donating like at all.. I appreciate the repost but there’s only so much I can do with a repost when people aren’t checking out Phatty Cakkes I have a goal I need Phatty Cakkes at 1K before the month ends. Can you guys please show out for me?! I’m also trying to raise at the bare minimum $300 for production costs & event planning. I have a lot to offer I just need a chance.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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yuuyux · 7 months ago
OK just a quick thought,,,,,, imagine felix dating a plus size person and they dress for Halloween as Kat and Ethan from Euphoria ,,,, thanks
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