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Okay admittingly this plush looks weird as heck, but was a very good learning experience especially for pattern making in hindsight.
I still wanted to see some aspects even though I knew they wouldn’t look that great, I just had to see it for myself and not just the theory of it.
In short I got to test stuff out I was too afraid to do before this plush  

Anyway this plush took 4 days about 20-40 h, I didn’t count, but considering one day was about 11h just sewing, the are others are likely the same.
It’s handmade! Also based on my OC Latte, mainly because I didn’t want a plain looking plush for my project.
Also it is made with different colors of high quality fleece, polyester yarn and polyester filling/stuffing.
The eyebrowns are sewn or embroidered with simple yarn, same goes for the paw details and mouth.
Unlike my previous plushies I have sewn the eyes together instead of on. (meaning I sewn the pupil on a white eye before, now I cut it and sewn it, if that makes sense)
I sometimes forget how the ladder stitch works woops, therefore some parts are more visible than others.
Unfortunaly this plush cannot stand on its own. It also still needs a wash for the markings to disappear :’D

I made this plush for a school project! For Psychology! We were supposed to make something on our own that could be used in the systemic therapy(-> Virginia Satir).
I the smarta## that I am thought I’ll just make a plushy and explain it via Roleplay/trust earning and demonstration purposes. (therefore joining, reframing and some others)
I think it is a great idea. I made the plushy like this so this “roleplay” point would be easier, bei moving the limps around and so on.
I made a picture about almost every progress I made so I got about a hundred+ pictures of the process of this plushy.
I put a lot of time and effort into this, but I did rush the pattern, though I’m still happy with this weird looking result.
(I mean considering I had a deadline and my grade was at stake, meh I was bound to rush things )

I’ll edit later what grade I got, I barely managed to make it in time (just a few hours left before I had/have to submit it, already done so I submitted early yay).
At least I now can go back to studying, this took way to much time up from my studying schedule.

(Anyone else gets super frustrated when in the middle of handsewing you get a knot and have to unknot it and it takes forever? I hate it so much, so many hours spent just unknoting knots ;w; In some cases I gave up and redid the stitches, which was a pain. I also prick my fingers way to often :’D)

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got another squishable

i had to choose between 3 that i wanted because of price and it was so hard but i decided to get this one, hopefully ill get the other 2 eventually as well (ghost and pumpkin spice latte)

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I’m gonna Start a comic with the new Dragon ball fan saga 

and yes I Stole Bardock armor 

If anyone wants to help me and donate for it as well just DM me and i’ll send over my paypal <3

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Helluva Boss Moxxie Stacking Plush for sale


made of fleece

if interested or want something different feel free to message me or go to my etsy (roxychancrafts)

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bunny ears n a onesie that reads “let’s taco bout it”

i love her!!

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bug and i are having a lazy day today. weve been having too much anxiety so theyre helping me out today.

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