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In my high school creative writing class we did a character exchange exercise and the dude reviewing my piece looked me in the eye and said it didn't seem realistic for my main character to be black, queer, and autistic
I'm black, queer, and autistic
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
Jada Alberts
Gender: Non binary (they/them)
Sexuality: Queer
Ethnicity: Aboriginal Australian (Larrakia, Yanuwa, Bardi and Wardaman)
Occupation: Actor, playwright, director
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Milk & Honey - Ch. 11
Austin!Elvis x Black!OC
Tumblr media
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Summary: Honey’s new guests cause her to seek Elvis’ support.
Warning: Swearing, racial issues
Note: Happy Birthday Austin!
The man quickly stands up, amazed, unable to take his eyes off me.
I study him. Tall, blonde, about in his 40’s, clean but not necessarily rich looking, though the woman with him looked as if she had no problem taking care of herself.
My mom jolts up simultaneously, walking over to me. “Honey,” She says softly, taking my arm. “This is Charles Beau.”
My neck cranes back in confusion. 
Charles Beau? I am supposed to know who that is? Why does that sound so familiar though? Beau. Beau? Wasn’t Ma just talking about a Beau?
Then my heart sinks.
Oh my God
It couldn’t be. But how? After all this time?
I feel my body begin to shake and I can’t stop tears from burning in my eyes.
“Could you give us a minute, please?”
“We’ll wait outside.”
My breathing quickens as thought after thought comes racing through my head.
“How did he find us?” I whisper.
She gulps, going silent for a moment. “I had to put the house under his name.”
I close my eyes tight letting tears push past my lids. I grimace at the tears, feeling anger bubble up inside me. I push away from her, pacing across the living room.
“I used to tell myself he died as an excuse. I came up with every possible reason to make it hurt less. But now you’re telling me this whole time he’s known exactly where we live and not once did the fucker think to stop by!?”
“Who’s the girl, huh? The reason he stayed? Your replacement?” I spit out.
“Honey, watch your mouth!” She shouts at me sternly.
I stop in the middle of the living room, breath hitching against my chest as I finally face my weakness. “My daddy’s name is Charles?” A sob escapes my lips as tears roll down my cheeks.
Tears form in her eyes watching me break down in front of her. She cautiously stands in front of me. 
“Why didn’t you ever tell me?”
She holds me tight. “I’m so sorry, baby.”
She cries into my shoulder as I do to hers.
“I ain’t seen him in 20 years. I didn’t know what kind of a person he was no more or if he even wanted to speak to us. I didn’t want you gettin your hopes up, tryna find him only to come out disappointed with what you got.”
She pulls away holding onto my arms for strength. She takes a deep breath. “But, don’t go gettin all mad at him now, okay, baby? He has his reasons, and I still ain’t tell him you're his baby yet, but by the looks of it he done already figured that out on his own.”
I close my eyes, trying to tuck away my anger.
The door creaks open behind us. I turn my neck to look at them, not yet having the strength to face him with my whole body.
“Can we come in?”
Just then he starts walking towards me. I gulp, fighting the urge to whimper while I search my mind for the right thing to say.
He stands beside me.
“How much did you hear of that?” I ask, unable to think up anything else to say that wouldn’t be laced in pure rage.
“Enough,” He gulps, looking at the floor shamefully. “and I’m sorry.”
I scoff, pouting and crossing my arms like a child.
“I promise I’ll do whatever it takes to make it up to you. I swear I never knew about ya. I wanna be in your life. Please.”
Without my consent, tears burst from my eyes.
Ever since I was little I thought of all the things I’d say to him. I’d go off on him about not searching the country for us. I’d be strong and show him how rich and successful of a daughter he had no thanks to him. But it seems my plans are now ruined. Despite the powerful anger my inner child had towards him, she was also equally as weak and wanted nothing more than to finally run into her daddy’s arms.
I cover my face with my palms, embarrassed I couldn’t keep a collected demeanor in front of him like I had been practicing my whole life.
I feel his large arms wrap around me, comforting me while I lose myself.
I don’t know how long we stay like this, but I don’t pull away until my sobs fade away and I can maintain a straight face.
I apologize, wiping my tears away.
“Please. It’s more than alright.” He pats my shoulder, but quickly retreats, providing me with any space I may need. “I never properly introduced myself. I, um, I’m Charles.” He holds out his hand.
I sniffle, looking at it cautiously before finally deciding to take it. “Honey.” I say from the depths of my stuffy nose.
“Honey.” He repeated with a smile.
A weak smile manages to creep onto my face, but it’s short lived when I’m reminded there’s still one other problem sitting at the table waiting to be deciphered. Turns out the woman with him wasn’t Ma’s replacement, but mine.
“I have someone else I want you to meet.” He holds his hand out presenting the woman, who clearly did not want to be here. “This is Pearl. She’s my other daughter.”
I almost choke on air. “You- You have another daughter?”
“She’s my sister!?” The woman, Pearl, bolts up from her chair.
We glare at each other, looking the other up and down. She looked like the epitome of the color white. She’s dressed in pastels with a fluffy, white coat, neck adorned with a shiny jewel. Her hair is perfectly styled and her skin looks as though it’s washed in only the freshest of holy water every morning and powdered by angels.
We look like complete opposites just each with blonde hair, though hers is much more lighter than mine.
OUR dad notices the tension. “Well, perhaps, I best go check the Motels. See if they got any rooms left.”
But Ma stops him. “Why don’t you just stay here the night? I can make room.” I look at her like she’s insane, but she ignores me.
“We couldn’t.” He insists.
Please, just let him leave.
“Really, it’s no trouble.”
I groan on the inside.
“I think it’s best we all get to know each other better.”
Please, I’m gonna barf.
Pearl gets up on her toes to whisper in his ear, “Daddy, I ain’t stayin in no colored neighborhood.”
I scoff, disgusted with her. I’ve had enough.
I walk my way into the kitchen while they discuss new living arrangements or whatever. I pick up the phone, dialing the only number I know by heart.
He answers the phone with a yawn. I instantly feel guilty.
“Elvis?” I ask quietly so no one but him hears.
“Honey? Thought you’d be asleep by now.”
“Can I, um- Can I spend the night with you? I know you probably just got back home and I hate to burden you, but I really don’t wanna be home right now.”
His tone changes instantly. “Honey, what happened? Was it that car outside? You started actin all fidgety when you saw it.”
“I’ll explain later. Can you pick me up?”
“Yeah, of course, Bumble. I’ll be right over.”
I hang up, feeling a knot in my stomach. I should have just let him sleep. What if he hurts himself driving all tired like that?
I sigh, heading upstairs to grab a bag of things before walking past the circus in my living room. “I’m leaving.” I say, putting on my shoes.
Ma puts her hands on her hips. “And just where do you think you’re going?”
“You know where.” And like that, I’m out the door. Elvis isn’t going to be here for at least another 5 to 10 minutes, but I sure as hell ain’t waiting inside.
I wait at the end of the block, wrapping my arms around me to shield me from the night winds, dress blowing behind me.
Soon enough I see a pink blur, swish around the bend. He comes to a quick halt in front of me, face angry upon seeing me outside, alone in the cold.
“The hell you doin outside?” He shouts, putting the car in park and jumping over his door to run to me. “Are you alright?”
“Yeah, I’m fine.” I say brushing him off, impatiently walking around the car to my side.
“Hey!” He takes my hand, spinning me to face him just before I can reach the door. He holds my face in his hands, looking me in the eye sternly. “Are you alright?” He asks once more, demanding an answer.
I sigh. “Yes, Elvis. I’ll find a way to get by. I just need to get my mind far away from this house right now.”
He drives us to his house while I pretend like everything is fine, but it’s not fine. I couldn’t believe it. It can’t be true. My dad? A new sister? In my house? The whole drive I sit there with a burning lump in my throat.
When we arrive, I find myself dumbfounded. Graceland. It was easy to forget about your troubles in a place like this. He had only talked about it a few times, but seeing it in person was something different. Columns, a front gate, an acre of lawn littered with Cadillacs and other toys. It’s the biggest house I have ever seen.
He laughs at my amazement. I couldn’t take my eyes off it, so much so that I nearly tripped on the stairs getting distracted by the stone tiger statues. 
“Darlin’, I know it’s a real nice house, but you’re gonna get yourself hurt walkin straight into cement like that.” He chuckles.
He walks me to the front door, taking a key out from his pant pocket.
“Everyone’s asleep right now, so Imma need you to keep it down til we get to my room, alright?”
I nod.
He takes my hand, sneaking me through the house and up the stairs. He quietly shuts his bedroom door behind me, telling me to make myself comfortable. I tell him I’m going to get changed and bring my bag into his bathroom. His own personal bathroom. I wish.
Once behind closed doors, I dig through my bag for that babydoll nightgown I brought with. I smile, finding it and slipping it on.
I peek outside the bathroom, finding him already in his ‘pajamas’, which from what I can see just means shirtless. He’s occupied with something on his nightstand, not noticing I’ve come out already. I creep out, tiptoeing over to him before suddenly bouncing on the bed.
He whips around to face me in shock until getting choked up seeing what I’m wearing. “Well God damn. And to think I used to daydream bout you in a moo moo.”
I giggle, crawling over to him to plant a kiss on him.
He secretly eyes the short dress while he shakes his head. “I hate to put your teasin to an end, but I am real tired, Bumble.”
I nod, backing away to get under the covers. “That’s okay, baby, I know.”
He reaches over to the light on the nightstand, switching it off before getting settled on his side.
I cuddle up against him, embracing his warmth. He accepts me with open arms.
“I’ve always wanted to sleep with you.” I whisper.
“Now, don’t go getting all dirty on me, Honey. We talked about this.”
“No!” I laugh. “Just sleeping, cuddling, your heartbeat signin me a lullaby, that whole thing.
He hums amused but tired.
I decide to quiet and let him get his rest. I press my head against his chest, that heartbeat I was talking about soothing me off into dream world.
I wake up the next morning to the sound of the bedroom door shutting. I rub my eyes, groaning. I open them seeing unfamiliar sheets and panic for a moment, before remembering I’m not at home.
A blur of Elvis walks to me. “Mornin’, Bumble. Went downstairs to warn everyone that you’re here. Didn’t need Mama getting all surprised about it. Got you some breakfast too.”
He places a plate on the nightstand, the glass clinks against the wood.
I groan, burying my face into the soft pillow again.
He laughs, climbing over me to kiss at my ear. “Now, come on, baby. I wanna introduce you to my family. Mama’s been askin bout you.”
I giggle at his tickling touches, shielding my ear from any more kisses. “Okay, okay. I’ll get up.” I flip over facing him, letting my eyes get adjusted to the light. He watches me with a smile while I surrender to awakeness.
We share a sentimental look, before he quickly gets up off the bed and throws me over his shoulder. “Alright, you’re takin too long. I’m bringin you down myself.” I scream out a laugh, telling him to put me down.
Once dressed and having eaten breakfast, Elvis ushers me downstairs.
The bottom half of the house is much more lively than his bedroom was a few seconds ago. Boys and roosters are running wildly through the house.
Elvis laughs at my bewildered expression. “Yep, that’s how things go around here.” He places a hand on my back, gently pushing me in the direction of the dining room. “Here, come over to Mama first.”
I gulp, nervously.
She used to be like a second mama to me, but it had still been nearly 10 years since I last seen her. She was the only white woman that ever gave me the time of day and I couldn’t be more grateful for her acts of courage to go against the norm.
Her and Elvis’ father, Vernon, sit at the dining table. 
“Honey.” His mom stands from her spot, coming over to me with wide arms. “Oh, sweetie. How you been? How’s Loretta?”
I smile. “Ma and I are fine.”
She pulls away, examining my face. “Well, ain’t that good to hear. Come on over, have a seat.”
She pulls out a chair for me. I thank her, Elvis and I sitting down next to each other.
His father looks at me in silence from across the table.
I never knew much about Vernon, but something always told me to keep my distance. He seemed rather…detached emotionally. Seemed like the more logical, political type and let me tell you, Elvis ain’t with me for any of those reasons, so I had my doubts Vernon would favor me over any other girl his son could bring home though he was never the worst person I had met.
“So, what news do you bear, booby?” Gladys asks Elvis, sitting back down in her spot.
“Well, obviously I can’t do the show anymore or much anything else for that matter. Damn Senator’s been ridin my career like hell in a handbasket.”
“What say that Colonel man?”
“Colonel says he’s lookin to get me into films. Says takin a break from music might be best for me right now.”
I look at him in disbelief. Quit music?
“Sounds like a bunch of banana oil to me, all this TV and movie bushwa.” His mom responds.
He sighs, “Look Mama, Colonel knows a lot about this stuff. I promise, once this is all over, we’ll be ridin in high cotton, you’ll see. I’ll getcha anything you want.”
She eyes him suspiciously. “I just don’t trust him, baby.”
He leans forward on the table. “Ain’t you happy, Satnin? Look at all this stuff he brought us. You ‘memeber when I’d have to put my first suits on layaway? You wanna go back to all that?”
“Atleast, I knew you’d be back home for dinner.” She sighs in defeat.
Listening to this whole conversation pan out, I couldn’t help but feel small and unworthy. Elvis has a whole ‘nother side of him that I’d never seen before. All this Colonel, Senator, movie, and money stuff. I had no clue what to make of all of it. I only knew the poor Tupelo boy that would purposely sneak away from his best friends to go watch congregations with me.
Maybe Ma was right. Maybe all this fame and publicity is something beyond what I’m ready for. Clearly my vision couldn’t see anything past the Mississippi border.
“Come on, Honey. I wanna show you the rest of the family.” Elvis says, grabbing my hand.
I follow him to the front of the house. We walk past the living room where an old woman is seated. Grandma Minnie, sweet old thing she is.
“You ‘member Dogger?” He gestures towards her.
I wave and she greets me with a kind smile.
We walk outside to where all those boys from earlier are now tossing a pigskin around.
“These are the cousins, Red, Junior, George, Billy, and all the rest of the hillbillies.”
Billy jumps on George’s back causing him to stumble over in my direction. “Giddy on up, now!” He shouts.
I step out of the way as they tumble to the ground, barely missing me
Elvis pushes on them, angrily. “Come on, Billy! Whatcha doin?”
He laughs, getting up from the ground before freezing once making eye contact with me. “Woah! Who’s the girl?”
Elvis pushes his shoulder once again. “Now, quit your lookin’ before I make your teeth rattle.”
Billy huffs, stomping away. Elvis lifts his leg as he walks past, pretending to kick him.
The other shyly comes up to us. “We’re real sorry for bumpin into ya and roughin you up and all,” Then he quickly runs after Billy to escape his older cousins' wrath.
“I’m real sorry bout them.” Elvis says, still glaring at them.
“S’alright, baby. It’s cute seein you with everyone.”
I stayed outside til the sun got low, watching Elvis play football with his family, thinking about what I’d do with mine. I dreaded going home that night, but Elvis insisted that whatever was worrying me, I should just face head on.
He drops me off at home, that same green Chevy still parked outside. I walk inside, finding everyone crammed in the living room. Mom and Dad turn to look at me, instantly huddling over me the second I enter the house.
“There you are, baby. I was wonderin when you’d come home.” My mom says.
“I told you where I was going.” I sigh. “Gladys says hello.”
“Well, at least I know you were in good hands, but that don’t mean you can just run off without callin.”
My dad buds in next to her. “Your mama’s right. I know we just met but I’d still hate to see sum’n happen to ya. You never know what kinds of people you’ll run into out-”
A knock comes from the front door.
I look over my shoulder, trying to peek out the window to see who it could be. I excuse myself to go open it, seeing a familiar face in the peephole.
“You left your bag.” Elvis smiles at me, handing the item over.
I thank him, kissing him on the cheek, but before I can quickly shut the door on him, my father’s attention is caught.
“Who is that?” His booming voice calls from behind.
Elvis freezes, noticing the strangers in my house, looking to me for help.
I gulp, opening the door wider to allow him in. “He’s a friend of mine, Dad.”
Elvis looks at me with wide eyes. ‘Dad?’ he mouths. I nod. He turns back, staring at my father in awe, now understanding why I ran out of my house so quick last night. “H-Hello, sir.”
My dad stands with his arms crossed, giving him the evil eye.
“Okay! He really needs to go back home to his mama, so I think it’s time to say goodbye.” I place my hands on his chest, pushing him to walk backwards.
“Well, Honey, I-”
“Goodbye, Elvis!” I say forcing him outside. ‘Sorry. Love you.’ I mouth, before slamming the door. I huff, turning back to my parents.
“You- You’re seein a white man?” My father asks.
Ugh! Man, my parents can be real hypocrates about this stuff.
“Frankly, I think it’s none of your business.”
Then a loud gasp comes from the top of the stairs. Pearl stands with her jaw dropped to the floor.
“Was that Elvis Presley?”
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system-of-a-feather · 2 days ago
Curious - and this isn't meant to be shade or anything negative - but are there other POC systems / POC with PTSD who have kinda just stopped talking about their trauma in white prominent environments just because they never get it and in an attempt to help tend to just do microaggressions?
Cause honestly we largely don't bother trying at this point because we've pretty heavily come to terms that most white people simply do not have the breath and awareness of cultural differences to not only understand the trauma but to even respect it properly.
Curious if there were other POC that shared this experience / fatigue / general sense of 'not worth it'.
It's especially bad in my experience with a lot of people unintentionally screaming their lack of awareness over Model Minority and shit and its so fucking not worth explaining or even bringing up. And no, I probably won't explain it here unless I'm in a good chatty mood cause I'm really over trying to explain that to white people and its not my responsibility to educate them.
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A very important reminder that the Bison Genocide was a very real thing that happened and not just a shock factor thing for the Prey movie. (Predator series film that came out this year). Bison fur was sought after and their tongues were considered a delicacy by the colonizers.
But they also knew they were a main source of food for plains indigenous people. Plains Indigenous tribes would follow the herds over the year to be able to hunt when needed. Bison were quickly hunted to near extinction so that natives would be forced to depend on the colonizers for food and aid.
Tumblr media
After the children were taken and forced into residential schools that were intended to "Kill the indian save the man." They cut our hair, made it illegal to speak out languages, made us catholic and kept the children at these "schools". Any surviving adults were sold into slavery and put into Ghettos. Many of which we still live on. Babies were sold as property. For a long while killing and keeping native scalps, yes their scalps, was done for sport some generals buying them for money.
Tumblr media
This was one of many reasons on top of disease that nearly wiped us all out. The last residential school closed in 1997 the year I was born. My parents and grandparents all attended them. Bodies of children that were killed in the schools are still being found and we'll never really know how many there were.
I say all of this because the amount of people that aren't taught this is horrifying. Natives are treated like mystical story pieces or like we simply don't exist anymore. It couldn't be further from the truth.
If you take anything from this film please start by being educated since most of the land you stand on was taken. Your home, school, job. Everything around you exists because of this.
Only just now in 2022 are indigenous actors and media finally starting to get taken seriously. Our stories are finally mattering and not just dismissed. We're finally allowed to create our own worlds and stories that people actually like. It's so important that if you like these stories you get educated. You listen and donate. Share. Educate. Speak up for us when other white people try to silence us. Give reparations and actively try to unlearn your stigmas.
I'm so happy this film exists because I finally feel pride in a native role and like people are finally maybe going to listen.
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Tumblr media
Reblog if you hate picrews with no dark skin options (yes even the ones where the shade of white is even a little darker, and yes ashy tones too bc there SUPER annoying, and the ones with no curly or protective hair like braids)
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Tumblr media
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yourdailyqueer · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Carmela Tunay
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Lesbian
DOB: 8 June 1995
Ethnicity: Filipino
Occupation: Prof volleyball player, actress, presenter
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
✨🧚‍♀️ Women as fairies 🧚‍♀️✨
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Art thief Jeff Dieschburg plagiarised the work of Jingna Zhang and presented it as his own version of Turandot. Even winning prize money for it.
When confronted, he claimed he was “inspired” by her work even though it’s obviously just her work but flipped and recoloured.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
In other news, Jingna is not the only artist he has chosen to steal from.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Here is his lovely responses when questioned. “I don’t understand why you have to make such a scene”, “I didn’t represent this woman from Japan (or wherever she is from)”. Smells like white bullshit.
Tumblr media
And here is a snippet of a message he sent to Jingna trying to cover his ass after she found out about his plagiarism. Btw the person he “stumbled upon” is another plagiariser, birds of a feather something something.
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
te amo
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