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I’ve written and rewritten this post a thousand times and I can’t seem to fully express what I want to say. So I’ll just write my main points here:

  • The police brutality that has been happening are hate crimes. They are murder. These criminals masquerading as policemen need to be brought to justice.
  • People who are not black have to recognize their privilege, and that includes both white people and non-black POC. I recognize my privilege as a non-black POC and a mixed-race POC, and I will not speak over black voices or tell them what they should and shouldn’t do, how they should and shouldn’t feel, how they should and shouldn’t react.
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America has, and likely will forever be, completely divided despite all of its people seeking to take advantage of the promises it makes. The freedoms, the peace, the unity (which is in our name), the never ending opportunity and so on and so forth. And yet, headlines and articles are riddled day in and day out with news of our black citizens being murdered, mishandled, mistreated and silenced.

Many of these stories bring about horrifying arguments when we find out the hand that deals such torture belongs to our police officers. In 1963, the Los Angeles Police Academy adopted the motto “To Protect and Serve.” That is their duty and what they instill into their trainees. Now, that has become the mantra for American Police in general (I would venture to guess the reason that motto has made it through the grapevine is likely because throughout time, police officers in America have had to defend their questionable behavior, it’s easier to do so when it sounds like you’re doing your job, but I’ll save the analysis of the nuances of a 4 word sentence for another post).

Now, this begs the question, what do police protect and serve? 

The words “policy” and “police” both come from the medieval Latin word “politia” which means citizenship or government. As language has evolved and developed, globalization takes place and modernity rears its head- Policy becomes another word for rules or laws and police becomes the term for a person whose job it is to protect us. But they are, originally, the same word.

Here is my point: The police do not protect and serve the American people. The police protect and serve the policies they are employed to enforce. The policies put in place by old, racist, white American leaders of yesterday. How could ANY person enforcing laws in a country that was not created for people of color to succeed possibly be morally just? 

By what moral code do we employ these people? There is no argument to be made that a cop is ever justified for shooting and killing a person without reason. Period. But, whether inadvertently or purposefully they’re fulfilling their duties of enforcing policies and laws that are meant to oppress populations of our American people. At the end of the day police answer to people the same way a cashier answers to their manager. Police are not autonomous, they do not govern themselves. They may not be told to go out and shoot a person at the start of every day, but they do report back to higher ups and they are employees of their states. 

I’m not urging anyone to stop protesting or to change their feelings about police in any capacity, that is everyone’s right and I am with you. But, their is a bigger picture here and there are many, many more people responsible who should also be protested against and the political system in general will need to be upended and changed in order for EVERYONE to flourish in the freedoms of America, as promised. 

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Gonna do my part here and open some DONATION commissions, DM me a SCREENSHOT of ur donation to the following foundations –>

- minnesota freedom fund

- national bail out fund - free black mamas and caregivers

- minnesota aclu

- George Floyd’s memorial fund

-offer available till end of July (31)

-no nsfw/furries/very dark themes/hardcore gore

-good with portraits tho

-digital art only

-all commissions (unless stated otherwise) will be posted with consent

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hello fellas,,

so with everything going on right now, i find myself writing a lot about my experience about a black girl in north america, and i thought it’d be a good idea to compile young black people’s writings about the situation in america right now. i’m not sure what the compilation would be exactly (be it a magazine, or a blog, or something like that), but i was wondering if anyone would be interested in participating?

(if not rbs are still appreciated :) )

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You guys (white people like myself) do know that you don’t have to be black to support ACAB right?? You should 100% support ACAB because of the disgusting things that are happening to people of colour, especially innocent black individuals, but there are a lot of fucked up things the police do that may involve you as well. While we acknowledge that of course not every single cop is a bad person, they are still willingly part of a violent gang that enforces discriminatory regulations for a fucked justice system that relies on oppressing the disadvantaged.

For the LGBTQIA+ community, it is completely legal to use the Gay Trans Panic Defence in 47 states of the US (as of 2019). For those of you who don’t know, that means you can get a lighter sentence for killing a gay or trans person by claiming they were hitting on you. A 2013 Williams Institute survey discovered that 48% of LGBTQIA+ victims of violence had experience police misconduct. A US Transgender survey in 2015 found that 58% of Transgender respondents who had come into contact with police officers who knew they were transgender had experienced misgendering, verbal harassment, physical and/or sexual assault as well as being forced to perform sexual acts in order to avoid arrest.

For women, Australian police rejected almost 12,000 reports of rape and sexual assault on the basis that they did not believe that any sexual assault occurred. Australian police “cleared” more than 25% of sexual assault investigations without making an arrest or any further legal action. Because of statistics like these across multiple countries, out of 1000 rape cases in the US, only 230 will be reported, 46 of those reports will lead to an arrest, 9 will be referred to a prosecutor, 5 of those will result in a felony conviction with only 4.6 rapists being incarcerated. 

These are only a few cases for two disadvantaged groups. The list goes on and on. I don’t care how many cops you are related to. If this offends you, you need to educate yourself

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