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#pocket monsters

Since I probably won’t be finished with my drawing for the 25th anniversary, enjoy this dumb video of me comparing the Aipom arm to a Shuckle after my brother and I agreed it looks like a Shuckle.

In case anyone is curious, I am drawing my favorite gym leaders (and a trial captain) for the 25th anniversary of Pokemon.

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Happy 25th Birthday To Pokemon (1996-2021)

If you’re one of the readers of the website who enjoys everything about the Pokemon franchise, let me be one of the first to wish you a “Happy Pokemon Day” as believe it or not, today is the 25th Anniversary of the property. Nintendo launched this game in February 1996 and since then its become an almost indelible part of the Pop Culture of Gaming. Now I must admit that gaming is not my strongest…


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WIP for Pokemon’s 25th anniversary. Honestly it would’ve been done by now if I haven’t been trying to defeat the elite four on Pokémon masters ex. (Lance has been seriously driving me crazy!) I’m hoping to get this colored completely by tomorrow, but who knows when it’ll actually be done.

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Today is the 25th anniversary of Pokemon. People did different things in the age of Pokemon Red, and lived different lives. This reminiscipackage is a remake of one I made for the 20th, featuring the three trainers from a time when a minigame where you play with Pokemon was the stuff of a madman’s dreams.

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Poor Mimikyu worked so hard on its costume but wasn’t invited. 😞

Anyways, Happy Pokemon day everyone!!!!

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I asked my doctor about a cure for depression.

She said watching this video at least 3 times a day will be a good start:

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