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#pocket talks to people

He does! He has “my hero” from Rei and “the best hero ever” from Natsuo 🙃

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Didn’t Hawks too? Look I think just based on it being nationally televised, izuku just has to have “the bone kid” on him somewhere to his confusion and disturbance

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Lopsided Loyalty… A subtrope of False Reassurance and Dermatextual Drama, compare with Loophole Abuse and Exact Words. If the traitor was unaware they would switch sides too, it’s Prophecy Twist. If they keep switching and no one is quite sure who that loyalty refers to, it’s the Heel-Face Revolving Door and the Ironically Inked Individual

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The spy absolutely has “loyal to the end” written where it can be seen- hand, neck, titty window, wherever- and must be accused by the betrayed person of writing it in themselves to gain more trust before laughing evilly and saying “loyal to who?” then like shooting the betrayed person

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Bakugo: because obviously no one can beat All Might expect me when I become number one hero!

His possey: oooh ur so cool

Bakugo, approx 10 yrs later, in Kamino: no no no no no go back it wasn’t supposed to mean this noooo nope no

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you…. made the count…. who is a vampire… a zombie instead

actually that probably shouldn’t be the most concerning thing in this ask to me but um. my brain is censoring Ov*rlord *lmo for my own protection i think. ngl tho zombie snuffeluphagus IS very 😶

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Truuuuuu yeah there’s really only so much you can trust the names on a good day, let alone times of trouble

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… no, I have created many cursed aus but none for sesame street and certainly none for school… What did you do??

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At least one. He’s got lots of iterations of “hero”…. And of “villain”, too.

Imagine growing up with ‘the reason All Might fell’ huh

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Honestly yeah if it is a deliberate intent thing, and even if it’s not… I can see many a cruel child chanting different insults just to see when izuku flinches and jumping on it because that one, that’s the one he got on his skin

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Cause chaos my little hell classes

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