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Hey Jupeter fans 👋 I have a fun little game to play with y’all.

Step 1: listen to Rose-colored Boy but imagine it from Juno’s POV @ Nureyev at the end of season 1

Step 2: listen to The Only Exception but imagine it from Nureyevs POV @ Juno

Step 3: listen to Still into You but imagine it in the context of them reuniting in season 3

Step 4: cry

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Ok, but why do the ending songs in welcome to night vale slap so hard? That’s the real mystery here

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Well hello there! Welcome to the My Almost Midlife Crisis, I’m your host Jennifer Mathis. Today is our first Side Note. What is a side note? So right now I’m planning on doing a full episode once per month. But there’s a lot to talk about around each of those topics because they’re broad topics. In between the full episodes, I’ll be releasing side notes which are shorter five to ten minute conversations each Monday.

In today’s side note, we’ll be talking about The Purge. I’m not referring to the movie The Purge, which was terrifying! Retinol has a ton of perks like reducing or even eliminating adult acne or zits. It also helps prevent fine lines and wrinkles. Now that all sounds great. I’m sure when I said that you were like “Oh, reducing fine lines and wrinkles? I no longer have zits? Sign me up!”

I do feel like it helped and I would advocate for it but the piece we’re going to talk about today is not the benefits. It’s the downside and what they call The Retinol Purge. It’s just as terrifying as the movie, except it’s on your face.

When my dermatologist prescribed Retinol for me, they always go through things to watch out for, potential side effects and I will say sometimes the side effects make you not even want to take a prescription drug cuz you’re like maybe I’ll sleep better but I may die in the process so maybe I shouldn’t take it.

That’s why I love those prescription TV commercials cuz they go through “oh this is wonderful and it will solve all your problems but hey, fine print – you’ll get a heart attack, blood clots, death and potential suicide.” It’s like, um, maybe I’ll just live with the current condition I have. It’s not as drastic. You aren’t going to die from using Retinol. Your skin purging out anything that’s in there for an entire four to six to maybe eight weeks at the most.

So, what that means is when you start using it, your skin looks horrendous. There are black heads, white-heads and zits. You start questioning all of your previous skincare choices up until that point. So, you look like an acned-14-year-old kid for almost eight weeks. No makeup will cover it up. You’re just going to have to walk around in public looking like your worst nightmare as a teenager.

Once you get through that though, it’s amazing. But you just have to suck it up. We’re the suck it up generation. Our parents would be like “Suck it up!” all the time. If anything’s wrong. You fall down? “You’re not hurt, suck it up.” Or maybe that was just my parents.

And then you get out of that and you’re good! I mean I barely even get pre-period zits anymore. Maybe one or two.

Net/Net, Retinol Pro: I recommend using it. It does a great job. Con: You gotta suck it up and you just have to get through the purge. It will be ok, I promise, on the other end.

So that was our first side note. Hopefully you enjoyed it. A little snackable treat, a little laugh I could give you on a Monday morning.

If you haven’t listening to episode one yet, I would encourage you to go back and listen to episode one for more context around anti-aging, Botox, Retinol, skin regimens and grey hair. I’m very excited to announce the podcast is now available on most platforms from Apple to Google to Spotify and some I’ve never heard of. I encourage you to listen and share with your friends that you think would enjoy as well and of course don’t forget to follow and review.

You can also find me on Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr and Twitter. I hope to hear from you soon. Until next week!

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Ep42: Betty Crocker’s Box

Ep42: Betty Crocker’s Box

Welcome to Ep42, where we talk about this history of pizza. Melissa continues her journey into the world of Campari, Aimee gets real defensive about Lunchables, and Kate tells us about a truly disgusting pizza with an all-meat crust!

The featured drink this episode is the Cardinale.

Music by Andrew Huang.



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First Cow

Siraj and Aaron discuss First Cow, the newest A24 film, directed by Kelly Reichardt. Starring John Magaro and Orion Lee. Have a listen to see what we say about the movie and how we score the film.

Siraj & Aaron discuss First Cow (2019).Directed by Kelly Reichardt, starring John Magaro & Orion Lee, with Toby Jones and Scott Shepherd.A skilled cook has traveled west and joined a group of fur trappers in Oregon, though he only finds true connection with a Chinese immigrant also seeking his fortune. Soon the two collaborate on a successful business.


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Die Liebende

“Potrei persino contenere

in me le stelle; tanto grande

sembra il mio cuore, e come

vorrebbe restituire libertà

a colui che forse incominciai

ad amare”

Su Spreaker, Youtube e Soundcloud

#rainermariarilke #innamorata #vienna #poesia #arte #poems #art #podcasting #podcast #podcastersofinstagram #girlinlove #books #libri #culture #cultura

#spreaker #youtubechannel

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I really wanna write something for sasha week………..but writer brain won’t work……..

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Does Teaching White Fragility Hurt Black Children?

Does Teaching White Fragility Hurt Black Children?

On January 2, 2021, the New York Post published an article by freelance opinion writer Rav Arora titled, “Teaching ‘White Fragility’ Is Bad For Kids Of Color.” Arora appeared on BackTalk, Successful Black Parenting’s syndicated podcast and webcast for parents, along with Dr. Nakia Hamlett, a psychologist whose research focuses on mental health and trauma in Black children, and Lauryn Whitney, a…


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Rob Marr pays tribute to his father and his story with “Death and Comfort”

Rob Marr pays tribute to his father and his story with “Death and Comfort”

I want the last of your heat while you’re warmI sometimes wish I had given you moreLight any-angled or darkness unfoldI want the last of your heat while you’re warm

Every one of us has our own way of sharing our story. Sometimes, art…


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Episode 11: I’m Sorry, Mr. Fierstein! is now available to stream!

This episode takes us all over the world! From Armie Hammer’s Instagram DMs to the fungal spores inside of a man’s veins. We then travel to Scotland to reminisce about the Ice Cream War. Our journey concludes in a Los Angeles apartment, where Elliott Smith allegedly died of alleged causes. What a ride!


TRIGGER WARNINGS: This episode talks about suicide and suicidal ideation from the timestamp 36:36 to 54:00. There is also a possible Emetophobia trigger from 59:30 to 59:35.

If you are struggling with thoughts of self harm or suicide, help is available. Please call the Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 800-273-8255, or text the Crisis Text Line at 741741.


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Whoops! Our hands slipped and we accidentally made a new Minisode. Ha, ha; this is so not like us. Anyway, we’ll get this cleaned up… unless you want to listen to it?

Link in the reblog.

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BumbleKast Q&A - For January 18th, 2021

BumbleKast Q&A – For January 18th, 2021

What the heck? It’s the BumbleKast!
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Of Dice and Dens - 039 - Between a Roc and a Dark Place In which our heroes explore the lost city of Daoine Gloine and get more than they bargained for! Module: Lost Laboratory of Kwalish View Original Post and Listen to the Episode Here: Click here for the RSS Feed.

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