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Furby, that creepy 1990's doll, has a tumblr page.

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“Kekurangan dan Pembentukan Allah”
Seri yang membahas perikop “Roti Hidup”, disampaikan oleh Pdt. Johanis Putratama Kamuri (MRII Depok).

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#Repost @thecreepery
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TONIGHT: E4 + BONUS CONTENT! Tonight’s Episode: Table Reading - Clifford Dimsdorp says he has been ripped off at a popular theatre workshop. If he can’t get his money back, he’ll take his refund in BLOOD.

Watch the Postmortem commentary from the cast and the creator himself, Richard Curtis as they discuss their most terrifying career nightmares! ⁣
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#ECDQEMSD #Podcast Show 4861 - Dificultad De Comprensión


Estamos en tiempos de gobiernos comentaristas. No hacen; comentan, opinan, dicen lo que estaría bueno, lo que está feo y cómo deberíamos pensar para no deprimirnos viendo la realidad.

Noticias Del Mundo:
La respuesta del Papa a AMLO - Chile eligió cambiar - Ronaldinho tiene Covid - Murió el Presidente de Samsung.

Historias Desintegradas:
División del trabajo - Tareas Hogareñas - La lógica interna de cada casa - La música es vida - Sistemas de amplificación - La flauta dulce - Patos y gansos - La Sierra Gorda en Querétaro - Mole original - El Huey Tlatoani - Clase de Odontología - Clases de saxofón - El nombre del padre - El libro de Shakespeare - El codex Leicester y Más…

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Day 21, “chef”. There was no choice other than Taako from TV/the Adventure Zone. And Kravitz. Naturally. Taako loves his boyfriend, even if he’s a better grim reaper than a baking assistant. Hey the Adventure Zone is pretty dang good and I miss these boys (and everyone else from Balance) every day

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Listen, going into a horror podcasts you come to expect a certain amount of plot twists and surprises. But hearing THAT voice at the end of The White Vault Ep. 3.5 made me lose my shit. UNBELIEVABLE. My brain stopped working. All I could do was sit there and go “what the fuck was that”

Like, I won’t spoil anything. But I will say that whatever thing you predict I’m reacting to, you’re wrong. You could not predict this.

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This is for podcast listeners because I need to know

Does anyone else go through a podcast and add up all the episode times to see how long it will take you to finish it? Or is that just me…

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Submitted for your approval are THREE CASES OF MURDER (1955, Toye, Eady, More O'Ferrall, Welles), an anthology film from Britain featuring Alan Badel and Orson Welles. Some segments are better than others, but all are restrained in that British sort of way… are they thrilling enough to be horror?

Context setting 00:00; First segment synopsis 32:04 and discussion 37:45; Second segment synopsis 45:33 and discussion 52:08; Third segment synopsis 1:03:13 and discussion 1:07:42; Ranking 1:14:47

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