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REAL ONES with JON BERNTHAL episode 15
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deathbydyingpod · 2 days ago
Twitter doesn’t know Blorbo
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kwistowee · a day ago
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plumpitlouder · 21 hours ago
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Thinking about him 💕 (little Jon living at his grandma's house and reading his little books)
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nightvale-outofcontext · a day ago
The obelisk has always behaved benevolently, but so has the sun, and we don’t trust that thing fully, either. Past performance is not an indicator of future results.
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podcastbrainrotdad · 2 days ago
I personally think Nicholas is still wearing khakis.
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codotafterdark · 2 days ago
Hi Codot, I’m a big fan of your voice acting. I love that you’ve put so much beautiful work and effort into bringing these characters to life. And I love that you’ve made such complex stories with them. I’ve mostly listened to your shorter voice skits, and I really want to get into your podcast, but then I remember that things like your Riddler blog, Scarecrow blog, GCPD blog, and waitingforcanon blog also exist. It’s a little intimidating trying to get into it. Like there’s so much, it’s overwhelming, and I’m scared I’ll do it in the wrong order. Do you think you could make a masterpost with all the important posts and audios in order so I know which ones to listen to and in what order? I’ve heard little bits and pieces for the overarching story, and I want to do it justice by consuming it properly.
I can do you one better.
ROGUES! is now available, in order, in its entirety, on RSS and can be enjoyed either from the actual site, or using the RSS Feed link.
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monstrousagonies · 2 days ago
Episode Sixty Eight is now available!
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[Image: The Monstrous Agonies logo, teal against a black background. The logo is a complex puzzle cube with M on one face and A on another in a gothic font. End description.]
This week, a listener feeling insulted after a dinner party; and a listener conflicted about their community...
Listen on our website, on Spotify, on iTunes, or wherever you get your podcasts. Full transcript available online.
This episode's second letter was based on a submission from Peter, and this week's advert came from Rockdog85. Thanks, friends! 💖
Today's episode features the ever-glorious vocal stylings of Elizabeth Plant, and if you'll excuse me gushing slightly, she absolutely knocked it out of the park this week 🤩 Elizabeth is a game designer, voice actress, writer and audio engineer, and has a wealth of work for you to check out and enjoy. See more of her work at her website, at www.elizabethplant.com, and find her on Twitter @CelestielleVA!
If you're enjoying the show and want to prove your devotion with financial cash money moolah gifts, you can sign up for a monthly pledge on Patreon or can make a one-off donation at www.ko-fi.com/hrowen 💸
Submissions are now closed for Season Two, but will be reopening ahead of Season Three. Watch this space for news.
Finally, and as always, the single best thing you can do for the show is to share it! However you want to help - writing posts on social media, making fanart, leaving reviews, starting fights with local packs of feral dogs and spelling out our name in your entrails as you're eviscerated by hundreds of snarling jaws - it all helps! 😍
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fnife · 2 days ago
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Fr fr
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romcomathon2016 · 2 days ago
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This month on Romcomathon, we’re charmed by Gen Z!
Download the episode here on Apple Podcasts! We are also available on Spotify, Stitcher, and Google Play!
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bernthalized · 2 days ago
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REAL ONES with JON BERNTHAL episode 15
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deathbydyingpod · 2 days ago
Today on “Somehow this came out of the Death by Dying tumblr”: Blorbo + Obituary Writer = Obworbo. That is all, good day.
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starsquadcast · a day ago
Coming this Thursday, May 26, wherever you get your podcasts!
With your hosts @gertstarlight, @hournites, and @bluevalleybreakingnews!!!
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rollofthedicepod · 2 days ago
Episode one is out!!! We're playing PITCRAWLER this week where you can meet Rocks McGee! An engineer by profession and acrobat at heart, who embarks on an adventure with their best friend Turnip in a quest to retrieve their 15 lost pennies to be able to get into wizard school. (Don't tell them it's impossible.) You can find us on Acast, Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, iHeart Radio and PlayerFM or search for Roll of the Dice on your podcatcher of choice!
We hope you enjoy! <3
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natandwandaseries · 2 days ago
Nat and Wanda Series Characters if they had podcasts:
Natasha: Fictitious Kills: Best Murders and Deaths in Literature
Wanda: Just for Laughs: Sitcom Reviews and Interviews
Yelena: Pop Culture of the 2010s, Live Reactions and Reviews (rated E for explicit)
Steve: The 40’s vs. Today
Clint: I Can’t Hear You: a Video Podcast
Peter: How Spider-Man Would React in Different Star Wars Movies
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lemon-and-lead · a month ago
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relistened to mag 200. time to bring the pain, babies!
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mcworm · 3 months ago
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into the spotlight with you, little spider
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fandom-oldpodcast · 27 days ago
About the Podcast
Fandom Old is meant to be a fun, conversational podcast about fandom from the perspective of folks who’ve been here a while (or from folks who feel like old fannish souls). We’ll rant, trade wisdom, and reminisce about times gone by.
I’m personally a history nerd, so I’m especially interested in uncovering and recording fandom history as experienced by you (and really any fan in any historical fannish spaces, especially ones I didn’t experience personally because of my age, identity, or chosen fandoms). Fans (and fandom) are endlessly interesting to me, and I’d like to capture and share the parts that might have been forgotten or overlooked.
Main Themes / Topics
Below is a non-exhaustive list of topics I and others have suggested for the main theme of an episode. If you’d like to be a guest to talk about one (or more!) of these topics (or about something not listed here), please let me know so I can send you info!
Aside from the first topic, these are in no specific order:
What does it mean to be Fandom Old? (Episode 1)
Dana Scully, MSR vs. No Romo Usenet Wars, Chris Carter is Trash
The Gossamer Archive
Webrings (AKA The Era of Chaotic Fandom)
Portmanteau Ship Names
Our Fandom Lexicon / Our Favorite Fannish Terms
Character/Reader POV fics
Mary Sues
“Problematic” ships / fandom / purity culture
Tumblr Dashcon 2014 (and the Ball Pit)
Fan-written Alternate Seasons
MsScribe Saga
Fanfic Disclaimers (and why we don’t need them anymore, AKA AO3 rocks)
Anne Rice, Diana Gabaldon, and The Era of Vindictive Canon Owners
How discovering a fandom real-time v later changes understanding of canon
ALSO: please spread the word! I obviously have my fannish spaces here and on Twitter, but I'd love to chat with people outside those bubbles, especially folks that have been around fandom for a while and have stories to tell.
Hey y’all — especially to the trans men who’ve rightly commented on this — I need to apologize to you. The original post had a screenshot of the convo that spurred the idea for the podcast in my group chat in which I mentioned just women and non-binary folks.
I wanted to share where the idea came from, and I didn’t consider that it would exclude folks who I definitely don’t want to exclude. I’ve removed the screenshot. Thank you very much for pointing this out, although I’m very sorry you had to.
I hope you’ll forgive my thoughtlessness — I understand it didn’t feel good to see that and I really regret that I caused those feelings, because I absolutely welcome you.
To be absolutely clear: I’d love for all genders to be guests or listeners (or to contribute however you like)!
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suroshimi · 25 days ago
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A colorless, pungent gas used in aqueous solution as a disinfectant and for preserving dead bodies and body parts
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lamaery · 5 months ago
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From the Magnus Archives Episode 154 The character designs for these two are based on the ones by @thirdchildart who introduced me to the podcast in the first place and who is storyboarding a big part of episode 159 'The Last' as a fan-project at the moment (It is going to be amazinG!!!) I binged through four seasons in the last month and it was the perfect mix of horror and mystery to listen to for the autumn season. Now I still have the final season in front of me and man, have I grown fond of these voices, these characters, the story and the makers of the show as well. Just great stuff.
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