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chalkbird · 2 months ago
happy pride month to this conversation
Tumblr media
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shitty-eyepocalypse-domains · 2 months ago
Corruption/Spiral domain that’s just you going about your life but with mosquitoes buzzing RIGHT in your ear at completely unpredictable intervals
As someone who viciously hates insect buzzing FUCK YOU.
Jk but also I have pulled myself out of a deep sleep at least twice because of an insect buzzing and ran half asleep out of my room in panic incase you doubted my phobia strength lmao.
So, in the spirit of I'm half convinced you guys are aiming to freak me out specifically at this point, good fucking domain 10/10
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girlwithouthands · 7 months ago
You really don’t know what you look like do you? A field of red poppies. A sky full of gold and gore. The blackest part of the sweet ocean. Inscrutable. Inexplicable.
Mabel, Episode Thirty-Six: Rendering written by Becca de la Rosa and Mabel Martin
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ingravinoveritas · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
The way Michael looks at David here, as he’s talking about what a sweet demon Crowley is in the show. I can’t...
(The interview this is from is also beyond adorable. Michael and David are being interviewed by a kid and they are giving off total “two dads talking to their daughter” vibes. So precious...)
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nausiccaa · 10 months ago
jon says in season three “i listen to all the tapes” so if we assume that all of them make it into his hands in some way (supernatural or otherwise) then the start of season four is just… so devastating. jon waking up after six months and listening to all of the tapes…
first of all the utterly heartbreaking tape of martin’s plan where jon would not only learn of martin’s painful past and have to hear him be actively tortured by elias, but also get explicit confirmation of martin’s feelings for him with “you’ll have to do better than that pathetic dig at my feelings for jon” so that’s quite a lot to process already
him listening to tim’s final tape after learning he’s dead and Then listening to the tape from the unknowing, hearing him sacrifice himself for the world like that… not to mention “i don’t forgive you, but thank you for this”
and then after all that the tape from the season four trailer in which martin literally begs him to wake up, saying “please jon” and “i need you” and then “i’m sorry. goodbye jon, sleep well” like holy shit
then returning to the archives where everyone hates him or thinks he should be dead and the one person he knows cares about him, who begged him to wake up, who loves him is nowhere to be found…
all of that before season four even really starts… oh jon. poor little meow meow extraordinaire
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motziedapul · 2 months ago
See you at TCAF - The Toronto Comic Arts Festival!
We're releasing Filipino komiks in English with LGBTQ+ themes, by amazing Filipino artists: 🏳️‍🌈Pinoy Monster Boyfriend Anthology V2 debut with new cover and story! 🏳️‍🌈 Pinoy Monster Girlfriend Anthology reprint
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
We're also releasing the Filipino political horror komik, Aswang At Berdugo, and selling stickers and other small merch of the Hi Nay Podcast!
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Fans of the Hi Nay Podcast can come and meet myself, Motzie Dapul, and the amazing Abigayle, who plays Laura!
🏳️‍🌈The Pinoy Monster Anthologies were created by amazing Filipino/Filipina/Filipinx artists, with LGBTQ+ themes and Filipino folklore & mythology.
🇵🇭Aswang At Berdugo is a political horror in which a young superhero meets an Aswang who kills murderous Manila police.
Pinoy Monster Boyfriend Anthology V2 has most of the same stories as the original copy, apart from a brand new story by Nowherebear, "First Sacrament", and a brand new cover and interior art by Defenestratin!
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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withbellzon · a year ago
when DMX realized dogs > people
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sophsun1 · 6 months ago
Charlie Day announcing he washed the glue off the fur of a rat he caught in his house and released into his garden. Only for it to return, so he caught it again and drove it far out into the wild. Released it into a garbage can so it could live a happy rat existence, is something that is very personal to me.
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thekeptkitten · a year ago
we all want new beginnings but we rarely talk about what has to end and be left behind to make room for bigger and better. ​
this is the thought i had yesterday.. i was excited and amazed to finally be on the brink of this new chapter (“book” really) but it struck me that i’d really have to leave all of this behind. this is the wobbliness that we experience with manifesting, succeeding and growing that can sometimes sabotage us. we want better but we also loved/felt comfort in what was.
when you’re standing in the point between the old and new, remember that the old is already gone. staying won’t guarantee it’s survival, it’s already dead. don’t stay. don’t stagnate. just like anything else, you will weaken and you will decompose. move forward scared and unsure. it’s okay to just be able to see your own feet in the beginning. it’s a process. think of your path being lit by motion sensing lights. you gotta walk out in faith before more will be revealed.
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tilynation · 6 months ago
I’m back on the @whatiwillsay podcast (link) this week to discuss songs on Lover about Lily, as well as all things gay 🌈 on the album.
Tumblr media
The Rolling Stone Article
Let’s start with Taylor’s Rolling Stone article about Lover in September 2019. The interview was conducted August 4-5, 2019. This was rumored to be the article she was planning to come out in. That did not happen, but she did describe the album as “very, very autobiographical” with “moments of extreme personal confession.” (Link) So the gay moments cannot be explained away here as “fiction” like with Folklore/Evermore. Importantly also, the breakup moments cannot be explained away here as fiction either. We know Taylor did not break up with Joe, so that leaves someone else, most likely Lily, since Karlie has been in a long-term relationship which included her marriage during the Lover era.
“Singing about something helps you express it in a way that feels more accurate . . . there is that weird conflict in being a confessional songwriter and then also having my life . . . be catapulted into this strange pop culture thing.”
Me! Out Now on Lesbian Visibility Day
Lesbian visibility day is April 26. Taylor did a countdown to this day on social media. She did an interview with Robin Roberts for the NFL Draft the day before where she got emotional. Read more about this here.
The Lover Diary
Next let’s look at Taylor’s diary which was published as part of Lover promo. It’s interesting to note for a diary published with the Lover album in 2019, there are no entries from 2018 or 2019. The only entry from 2017 is the final entry in the diary, January 3, 2017, where we learn that Taylor is essentially based in London as of that time and has been dating her London lover in secret for “three months,” i.e. early October 2016 (or possibly September 28). We know October-December 2016 has a lot of Taylor/Lily.
The City of Lover Concert
Interestingly, Taylor did not choose any of the upbeat “Joe” songs for this concert filmed on September 9, 2019 in Paris. “I Think He Knows,” “Paper Rings,” and “Cruel Summer” did not make the cut. The Lover album songs chosen for the concert (originally aired on ABC in May 2020 then sent to Hulu for a limited time) were the sad, heartfelt songs like “Cornelia Street,” “Death By a Thousand Cuts,” and “The Archer,” along with the “getting bitches and models” anthem “The Man” and the singles “ME!” and “You Need to Calm Down.” Taylor was papped with Joe in Paris a few months earlier while in the city for promo appearances. Joe wore a New York Yankees hat (as he sometimes does), potentially attempting a visual cue that he is the “NY” referenced in the songs.
Cornelia Street
While leased from June 2016 until April 2017, Taylor was only living in this three-story West Village townhouse from September to November 2016 while her Tribeca home was being renovated before she moved to London. Three months. So the “Cornelia Street” muse options are pretty limited given the time limitations and the fact that the song is about a new love during the time Taylor lived there. I feel like we’ve covered “Cornelia Street” and Lily’s connections to the townhouse and time period a lot on the blog already so I won’t fully rehash it here. Lily was there a lot, especially in October 2016, the month Taylor said in the Lover diary she started to date her London lover - posting Taylor’s cats, spending the night/being photographed the morning after by a fan, wearing the gold heart choker, filming a video on the roof, etc. The reference in the song to “autumn air” also helps place this song in the Autumn of 2016. “Sacred new beginnings that became my religion” help tie the song to False God and the NYC/West Village references in that song. Cornelia Street is located in the West Village.
Taylor’s performance of the song at the City of Lover concert in Paris was emotional, especially her words introducing the song - “You know, I use songs almost like photographs so that I can go back and remember a time and exactly what it was like to experience it . . . (starts to get a little choked up) . . . um . . . and . . . uh . . . this is definitely one of those nostalgic ones.” (Link)
She also mentioned that “Cornelia Street,” “for me is probably the one that hits my heart the most” at a fan event in Tokyo in November 2019 (a year from when she and Lily were last in Tokyo together). (Link) (around 21:00).
Tumblr media
“Cornelia Street: Live from Paris,” released in 2020 before Folklore, was Taylor’s last single of the Lover era.
Is “Cornelia Street” about Karlie or Joe? Karlie was papped outside the townhouse a few times. She doesn’t fit the new relationship in Autumn 2016 that the song describes though. I don’t think Joe was ever officially spotted at the townhouse. I don’t think Joe was proven to be in NYC during the Cornelia Street months other than when he was in town for Billy Lynn promo (Bowery night). I also don’t think the breakup vibes of the song fit Joe.
Doesn’t “the city scream” Karlie’s name though? The NYC references in Lover (and afterwards) are a strong argument for Kaylors because the city is a better fit for Karlie than Lily or Joe. An argument can be made that the NYC references are about the start of Taylor’s relationship with Lily or Joe because that seems to be where both relationships got started in earnest. For the “Cornelia Street” song, I think Taylor is relating the beginning of the relationship to NYC since that’s where the relationship started. So I don’t think Karlie having more ties to NYC than Lily or Joe is necessarily dispositive here. Of the three of them, I think NYC fits Joe the least because Lily lived there for years and loved her East Village (“Dive bar on the East Side, where you at”) per many interviews. (Link)
The Man
This song was released on Lily’s birthday, January 27, 2020. Lily famously attended Leo’s gala in Saint Tropez in July 2016 before the Tily Autumn.
Tumblr media
Taylor enjoyed herself singing “The Man” at the NPR Tiny Desk concert for Lover. Look at her body language when she sings she’d be “just like Leo in Saint Tropez!” (Link)
For the official “Storyline” on the Spotify Lover Enhanced Album, Taylor said, “I’ve wondered several times, ‘If I had been a man instead of a woman and had lived my life exactly the same way, what would people have said about me?’ It’s about perception. It’s not ‘what would I do if were a man?’ It’s about how I’d be seen if I did exactly the same stuff.” She said the same thing during her introduction of the song at the NPR Tiny Desk concert starting at 1:44 - link.
I’ve seen Kaylors say the song could be about Karlie because she’s a model too (the “getting bitches and models” line is probably about several women, as Taylor has probably been with several beyond just Karlie and Lily), or Karlie once attended a yacht thing Leo was at, or Leo dated Toni Garrn who some Kaylors think had a thing with Karlie. Given that the song was released on Lily’s birthday and Lily was papped extensively at Leo’s Saint Tropez gala a few months before Tily seemed to get started, Lily makes the most sense here to me.
The Archer
The track 5 song on the album seems to be a coming out song. Out lesbian artist Hayley Kiyoko played the role of the archer in the “You Need to Calm Down” music video. See here for more analysis - link.
During the City of Lover concert, Taylor introduced the song by saying it’s about “the feeling of falling in love and the feeling of fear that goes along with finding something really good in your life.”
Several lines in the song seem to have queer themes:
“I’ve got a hundred thrown out speeches I almost said to you.”
“I ride off alone, I never grew up, it’s getting so old.”
“I cut off my nose just to spite my face then I hate my reflection for years and years.”
“All of my heroes die all alone.”
She told Rolling Stone that the song shows “a different side of the album.”
London Boy
Per Lily’s interviews, she is a proper Londoner. Born in Hackney (“so please show me Hackney”), raised in Kentish Town (“End Game” music video), schooled at the Camden School for Girls, and discovered as a model at the Camden Market (“I enjoy walking Camden Market in the afternoon”). (Elle interview)
Tumblr media
In this article, Lily talked about what she missed about London when she was living in NYC - Hampstead Heath (Taylor moved to Hampstead at the end of 2016. The Hampstead rental house is in the Rep magazine photos and was where Taylor had Lily, et al. over) (“like a Tennessee Stella McCartney on the Heath”), Primrose Hill (where Taylor currently rents a house), and pubs (“you can find me in the pub, we are watching rugby.”) (Link)
Lily told Grazia Daily that she took the Victoria’s Secret models to Bond Street in 2014 when the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show was in London. Taylor performed at this show. Bond Street was specially closed just for the VS girls. “So please show me Hackney, doesn’t have to be Louis V up on Bond Street.” Lily mentioned her mom and 8 year-old brother (who live in England) coming to visit her on this trip. (Link)
See here for more analysis - link and link. This song seems like it’s half about Lily and half about Joe.
False God
“We were stupid to jump in the ocean separating us, remember how I’d fly to you?”
One of many London / New York references on the album.
“I’m New York City, I still do it for you, babe.”
Taylor is referring to herself as NYC here, not someone else being NYC who Taylor is flying to. This sets up Taylor being NYC and someone else being her London lover.
“They all warned us about times like this.”
Trying times like in “Renegade” and “Miss Americana & The Heartbreak Prince.”
This song includes an ode to the most common and commonly-associated wlw sex act - “Religion’s in your lips . . . the altar is my hips.”
Fun fact, Lily’s butterfly angel outfit for the 2014 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show that Taylor also performed at was part of the “Take Me to Church” segment.
So who is the “West Village” that Taylor refers to in the song? The West Village references can either be her Cornelia Street lover since the townhouse is in the West Village, or could be Karlie since she lived there before getting married. The song seems to be one of the series of “relationship on the rocks” songs on the Lover album.
It’s Nice to Have a Friend
There are a lot of Reputation album callbacks in this song.
“Video games, you pass me a note” (End Game / Delicate)
“Sleeping in tents”
Could be “I’m laughing with my lover, making forts under covers” from “Call It What You Want.”
“Light pink sky up on the roof”
Could be the roof from “King of My Heart” and “Cornelia Street.” The roof has been discussed a lot on the blog, including here and here.
“Something gave you the nerve to touch my hand”
Could be “touching my hand in the darkened room” from “Gorgeous.”
“Call my bluff, call you ‘babe’”
A card-playing reference like in “Cornelia Street” (“back when we were card sharks, playing games”) and “calling my bluff on my usual tricks” from “End Game.”
Kaylors have pointed out that Karlie gave an interview in 2014 about Taylor where she said “it’s good to have a friend” in New York. There are also potential references to the movie “Carol” in this song, especially the “lost my glove” line.
Paper Rings
This song could reference Joe, but I noticed recently some Lily possibilities here. As always, songs could be about more than one person.
“The wine is cold like the shoulder I gave you in the street, cat and mouse for a month or two or three.”
After the Vanity Fair party in LA in early 2016, Taylor and Lily seemed to go their separate ways but could have been playing cat and mouse because both were in LA a lot that Spring, including at Coachella, and Lily ended up in Nashville in June while Taylor was there and tagged her in a post about “Wildest Dreams.”
“ . . . the night that we first met, I stalked you on the internet” could be the night of the Fund Fair in 2015 because Taylor went online after the event and followed Lily on Twitter. Then “cat and mouse for a month, or two, or three” could be when Taylor had Lily walk the stage during the 1989 tour a few months later. But all in all, from a Tily perspective, 2016 fits the song better than 2015.
“I hate accidents except when we went from friends to this.”
This could easily fit Tily.
“In the winter, in the icy outdoor pool when you jumped in first, I went in too.”
Some fans think this refers to Joe because he mentioned his family jumping into the Hampstead Heath lake in an interview. The lake isn’t the same as a pool. Of course Joe could have jumped in the pool too. But from a Tily perspective, Lily was at Taylor’s London rental house in December 2016 (“in the winter”) where the icy outdoor pool was located.
Tumblr media
We know the photo of Lily (and Cara and Suki) was taken in December 2016 because Taylor posted it shortly after New Year’s in January 2017 for Suki’s birthday. The earliest all four of them were in London at the same time appears to be December 2016 and this would match the time Taylor got the Hampstead rental in London and the “Call It What You Want” lyrics. Taylor’s birthday was also celebrated in London in December 2016 per the bakery who made the cake and Lily is in a photo from the birthday party at the house (see above). (Link)
Death By a Thousand Cuts
Taylor told the Elvis Duran show that this song was inspired by the movie “Someone Great.” Taylor mentioned this when Lover was released and the story got picked up by the media. (Billboard article). Taylor described the song and movie as “she has to end this relationship she didn’t want to end because she’s still in love with the person but they just grew apart. . . It’s just sad because it’s just realistic, time passed and now we’re different people and that is the most devastating thing.” If I had to guess, I’d say that Taylor wrote the song she wanted to write and went through something similar (remember the album is “very, very autobiographical” and “I’m a confessional songwriter”). She may have realized this movie had a similar-ish theme and it made a cute story because the director said she was inspired by 1989 and now Taylor was saying she was inspired by “Someone Great.” People who have seen the movie say DBATC is not about the movie at all because the storylines are very different.
“I looked through the windows of this love even though we boarded them up”
The windows boarded up motif from CIWYW and Renegade.
“If the story’s over, why am I still writing pages?”
Is this a reference to the “fresh page on the desk” in Cornelia Street? Or “don’t read the last page” from New Year’s Day? All three songs may potentially be tied to the same muse/relationship.
“Paper cuts sting from our paper thin plans”
Seems like a reference to “Paper Rings.” In DBATC it’s revealed that Taylor didn’t actually marry her someone special that she sung about in “Paper Rings” (“I would marry you with paper rings”).
Kaylors have pointed out that the line “death by a thousand cuts” is stated in the Evelyn Hugo book, but it’s a fairly common phrase. I recognize this could be a Karlie reference.
Another song on the album about a big fight.
“I blew things out of proportion, now you’re blue. Put you in jail for something you didn’t do.”
“I pinned your hands behind your back, thought I had a reason to attack, but no”
“Fighting with a true love is boxing with no gloves”
Is this a reference to the “Bad Blood” music video or just a common phrase that fits the fighting motif of the song?
“Why did I have to break what I love so much? It’s on your face, and I am to blame, I need to say hey, it’s all me, in my head I am the one who burned us down”
Past tense, they are already over and burnt down. Similar to “Miss Americana & The Heartbreak Prince” and the “Can’t Stop Loving You” cover.
“Meet me in the afterglow… This ultraviolet morning light below… Went off like sirens”
After the missiles went off in Renegade and there was an explosion. The sirens in Renegade start at 1:27 in the song (January 27 is Lily’s birthday) and are not anywhere else in the song.

Written in early 2019, the crack theory I mentioned on the pod is that when Taylor was known to be recording the album at Electric Lady Studios in NYC in January 2019 (per pap photos), Lily was papped the same day walking nearby with a friend. Lily was not papped often and she appeared to be pretty nondescript on the day in question to be noticed by the paps organically. Also paps aren’t just randomly walking around the streets, they are usually called, unless it’s a big event or a popular celeb hangout. I think the person Lily was walking with was her ex-bf Brett. Taylor may have been surprised to see this, hence a fight ensued. This could all be total crack but the timing fits the song and the January 2019 pap shots in NYC were the last time Taylor/Lily were photographed anywhere near each other. Lily wasn’t in NYC for a known modeling gig. My best guess is she was there with Taylor while Taylor was recording the album.
This is another song with upbeat production that makes it seem happy and positive but reveals a fracturing relationship.
In the making of a song part of the Miss Americana documentary, Taylor says . . .
“Gay pride makes me, me”
Tumblr media
Cruel Summer
For analysis of this song, see here.
Taylor told Spotify for the Lover enhanced album the song is “about a doomed summer relationship.”
“I’ve loved you three summers now, honey, but I want them all.”
Taylor said the album was written late 2018 through early 2019. In her video interview for the New York Times about the album, Taylor said this song was written one night in Nashville then recorded the next day at Electric Lady Studios in NYC. Taylor was papped at Electric Lady Studios in July 2018 and January 2019. Lily was papped near the studio on the same day in 2019. Some people also think this song was written in November 2018 just before the end of the Rep tour in Tokyo because of Taylor’s Instagram post at the time with the “Lover” heart sign/paint on her cheek and her shirt with the cat on the left side (see below). CBS Sunday Morning confirmed the first photo below was from when Taylor was recording the song in NYC. (Link) Lily was papped in NYC at the same time (November 2018) before they both left for Tokyo at the end of the Rep tour. Lily liked Taylor’s Instagram post, the one and only post Lily liked in 2018.
Tumblr media
The “three summers” in question are likely 2016-2018 and fit Lily or Joe better than Karlie here whose summers would have started in 2014.
“My heart’s been borrowed and yours has been blue.”
Taylor’s heart was borrowed to Joe and Lily was sad about it? Could explain a lot of things. Taylor’s heart was borrowed to Lily and Joe or Karlie was sad about it? Taylor’s heart was borrowed to Karlie in 2018 (Nashville Rep tour?) and Lily was sad about it? Lots of possibilities here for what is otherwise a fairly generic song.
“At every table, I’ll save you a seat”
This lyric always reminds me of the scene in Miss Americana where Taylor has Abigail over for dinner and has seat at the table left open with a British flag 🇬🇧 on it.
Is “We could let our friends crash in the living room this is our place, we make the call” a reference to the Kaylor blind item about Karlie inviting friends over to Taylor’s apartment?
Miss Americana & The Heartbreak Prince
Taylor told Spotify that this song is about “finding someone who cares about you through all the noise.” Set in a metaphorical high school like “Betty,” I think this song relates to Taylor in 2016 and can be seen as the aftermath of “Call It What You Want.” The upbeat production masks a sad breakup song and fits the Tily timeline and situation well. For full analysis of this song, see here.
“American stories burning before me”
Taylor told Rolling Stone, “it’s also the idea of people who live in America, who just want to live their lives, make a living, have a family, love who they love (🌈), and watching those people lose their rights, or watching those people feel not at home in their home.” Taylor told Rolling Stone the song was written “a couple months after midterm elections” (which were held in early November 2018), so January-ish 2019.
“It’s you and me, there’s nothing like this, Miss Americana and The Heartbreak Prince”
The “you” can be seen as “Miss Americana” and “me” can be seen as “The Heartbreak Prince.” Could Karlie be Miss Americana and Taylor be the Heartbreak Prince? It’s possible. Could Taylor be both Miss Americana (like her Netflix documentary title) and the Heartbreak Prince? It’s possible, with “Miss Americana” being who she is to the public and “The Heartbreak Prince” being her true self. Could Taylor be “Miss Americana” and Lily be “The Heartbreak Prince” or Taylor is both since she ultimately was the “The Heartbreak Prince” to Lily given when the song was written? The connection to Lily here is possible considering the rest of the song lyrics, especially the references to the person who ran away with Taylor.
The song seems to start in 2016 (references to the 2016 election and “bad guys” like Trump and Kanye), with Taylor running away with her someone special (“Call It What You Want”) and ultimately asking that person to come back home after their breakup.
“Voted most likely to run away with you,” “leave with my head hung, you are the only one who seems to care,” “no cameras catch my muffled cries . . . and now the storm is coming (“windows boarded up after the storm” from CIWYW and Renegade). More of the running away theme. Taylor ran away to London with her London lover at the end of 2016.
“The whole school is rolling fake dice, you play stupid games, you win stupid prizes”
Is this reference to rolling the dice similar to “Cruel Summer” where the “devils roll the dice, angels roll their eyes?” Is Lily the “Angel” who rolled their eyes when Taylor rolled the dice? The devil rolling the dice is female per the board game in the “Lover” music video.
“I don’t want you to go, I don’t really wanna fight ‘cause nobody’s going to win, I think you should come home.”
This sounds very much like “Afterglow.” Taylor is trying to get the person who is leaving or already left (“Cornelia Street”) to come home. These lyrics are repeated four times throughout the song, the last time followed by “And I’ll never let you go ‘cause I know this is a fight that someday we’re gonna win,” which sounds a lot like what Taylor said about Betty and James in the Long Pond Studio Sessions and the introduction to the “Can’t Stop Loving You” cover performed during Lover era. These sad breakup lyrics are masked in the song by the high school cheerleading chant “Go, Fight, Win!” tying the song again to the metaphorical high school.
“I just thought you should know, you should know” is repeated twice in different parts of the song. This sounds like “I just wanted you to know” from “This Is Me Trying.” TIMT could easily be a post-breakup Tily song.
Did Taylor and Karlie go into hiding after the 2016 election or run away together? I don’t think they did, especially not together. The going into hiding / running away together lyrics in the song match Lily better based on Lily moving back to London after Thanksgiving 2016.
You Need to Calm Down
Taylor told Rolling Stone about the song, “‘You Need to Calm Down’ can make sense within the theme of the album (Lover versus Daylight) - one of the things it addresses is how certain people are not allowed to live their lives without discrimination just based on who they love.”
The music video had heavy queer imagery, including Taylor herself with bi-pride hair, gay pride rings, and living in the gay community, among other things.
Promo imagery for the song show two snakes mating then turning into butterflies. I’ve pointed out several times on the blog how Taylor and Lily were the two snakes throughout the Rep era who turned into the butterflies.
Tumblr media
Taylor played this song on the piano at her Nashville home for CBS Sunday Morning in August 2019. (Link) She told the interviewer that she has “not serenaded anyone in a while” and seemed introspective about that. This is interesting considering she was publicly in a relationship with Joe for three years by that point. Is this evidence that the Tily relationship was over for a while by August 2019? I think so.
Tumblr media
Taylor told Rolling Stone that “Daylight” was almost the title of the album, but she thought “it might be a little bit too sentimental” and “way too on-the-nose.” Is this evidence that the Lover era was supposed to include coming out and stepping into the daylight? “I was kind of in my head referring to the album as Daylight for a while.”
Outro - more proof the song is about coming out.
“I want to be known for what I love, not what I’m afraid of, not what haunts me at night. I feel like you are what you love.”
“Back and forth from New York sneaking in your bed.”
The “you” is not New York. The “you” here is most likely London. Is Karlie NY and Lily or Joe is London? Is Lily NY and Joe is London? There are multiple possibilities here. Given the song and album as a whole, and given the timeframe it was written, Karlie being NY and Lily being London makes the most sense to me.
“So many lines I’ve crossed unforgiven.”
Taylor told Rolling Stone about this line, “Sometimes there are people that were in your life and they’re not anymore - and there’s nothing you can do about it. You can’t fix it, you can’t change it . . . a lot of times you make the wrong call, make the wrong decision. Say the wrong thing. Hurt people, even if you didn’t mean to. You don’t really know how to fix all of that.” This seems similar to the imagery in “Afterglow,” the fight in “ME!,” and later on “This Is Me Trying” with “my words shoot to kill when I’m mad, I have a lot of regrets about that.”
While I can see this song being about Joe and a potential calming presence he is in Taylor’s life, I think the “golden” reference here is Lily, like it was on the Rep album, and the daylight is Taylor’s potential coming out.
Kaylors point out that Taylor has called Karlie “sunshine” (in addition to posting the same thing about Martha and others) and that Kaylor (and Halston Sage, etc.) wore gold tattoos for Drake’s birthday party in 2016. To me the “golden” and “golden tattoo” references fit Lily better because Taylor wore the golden heart choker tattoo in the “Delicate” making of video, as well as on her painting date night with Lily (birthday post) and at one of the Bowery nights in 2016. Lily was at both Bowery Nights and was at each location Taylor went to during those nights, including Cornelia Street (link), while Karlie was only present for the Eliot Sumner concert. Joe was only present at Lovers of Today. Lily also wore the golden heart choker for Halloween at Cornelia Street. And, of course, Lily has an actual tattoo of the word “golden” in Latin on her wrist.
I think the subject of “Daylight” is a woman because of the “maybe you ran with the wolves and refused to settle down” lyric and reference. “Women Who Run With Wolves” is a best-selling book and popular amongst celebrities. “Refused to settle down” sounds more like Lily than Karlie who did settle down (got engaged/married) during the Lover era.
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zannolin · 29 days ago
shes a 10 but shes lying in bed thinking about how cwilbur would love back to the future and frances ha while ctommy would be more of a wall-e enjoyer
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julesdap · a year ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
hold still, love
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girlwithouthands · 7 months ago
Sometimes I think I would eat you if I could. There is a witch in a story who ate a girl she loved, and always afterwards when she spoke, flowers fell out of her open mouth. I would swallow you up, and you would be lobelia on my tongue for the rest of my life. This is what they say: it is not uncommon for us to want to eat what we love.
Mabel, Episode Eight Point Five: Letter from Juniper written by Becca de la Rosa and Mabel Martin
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ihopeicanchangemyusername · 4 months ago
TMA au where Jon is French and Martin is Italian and that's the whole reason Jon initially doesn't like him. Except both of them have grown up in London and can cancel out the accent, so it's really just. Instinct. Martin uses his hands while talking, is way too honest and drinks strangely small amounts of tea (bonus points if we actually just have him drink coffee), and it weirds Jon out. Though he never asks questions because he's an antisocial little bitch.
Also it would make that one scene in S1 go like this
Jon: You didn't die here, did you?
Martin: ...What? NO, what??
Jon: I know, I know, I'm sorry!
Martin: That is the LAST thing this Institute would need. A wandering Italian ghost. Do you even hear yourself?
Jon: ...You're Italian?
Martin: Ma porca di quella- Jon, how did you not know that?
Jon: I don't know, we never talk!
Martin: No, you never talk to me! (Scoff) French...
Jon: Excuse me?
Martin: No. No I don't think I will.
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inklingofadream · 10 days ago
WAIT wait wait John/Arthur as an Eros/Psyche au...
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backagainpodcast · 16 days ago
Fitting that The Longest BABA Episode By A Metric Fuckton is a history of Rhia. I like this one a lot :)
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ghostzvne · a year ago
my partner recently pointed out that there’s a brand of motor scooter called “buddy” and we all know about vespas so what i’m proposing is a vesbud college au (solely because college kids on big campuses own scooters) where vespa owns a buddy scooter and buddy owns a vespa and they meet ugly crash into each other on their way to class and they think the other is pulling an insurance scam when they give their names because it’s just the names of the bikes! so they part ways bitterly
but it turns out that they’re both in the same first year class (whatever the class you’re required to take your freshman year is called at cerberus university or whatever) and when the professor calls roll they realize neither of them gave a fake name and they confront each other after class like
vespa: your name is actually buddy
buddy: and your name is vespa
vespa: hey, i chose that name, watch what you say about it
buddy: why on earth did you name yourself after a scooter
and then buddy is incredibly charmed and they end up getting coffee together and fall in love the end
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