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#poe dameron

Author’s note: This is a songfic request for @wowjeena. I listened to three songs and took excerpts from the lyrics which inspired me (see excerpts below). I then inputted that into the random fic generator which is my brain, and this is what it churned out! I hope you like it. I wanted it to be fluffy but turns out I don’t do romance all that well without a side dollop of angst, so here we are! The song references are subtle but I hope the inspiration comes across.

  • Something happened / To this heart of mine / When I saw you standing / In the sun. (Something Happened by Paul Anka)
  • The moon above is sayin’ / It’s love, it’s love, I know, I know it’s love / Kiss me, kiss me, kiss me warm / Make me feel like I’ve been born / Hold me, hold me, hold me right / Tonight, tonight my love, tonight. (Tonight, my love, Tonight by Paul Anka)
  • Give me your lips for just a moment / and my imagination will make that moment live / Give me what you alone can give / A kiss to build a dream on. (A Kiss to Build a Dream On by Louis Armstrong)

Summary: Poe loves you. He knows this to be true. He just never expected to let you know over the comms during a dogfight.

Warnings: mild angst, peril (dogfighting, crashing).


Originally posted by poewingsdameron

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Less than one month ago, I started posting on Tumblr.

10 days ago, I started my 100 follower celebration.

Today, I woke up to 300 of you lovely people 💕

I’m overwhelmed with all of the love I’ve received on this platform. Seriously, I haven’t gotten a single negative message in my time on here (not that I’m complaining!)

So, to celebrate a whole ‘other HUNDRED of you, I’m gonna do 3 things!

1) SONG DRABBLES!!! I literally love writing these for all of you, and it gives me a unique way to find new music. Please keep sending me songs and characters! If you’ve already sent one or two, feel free to send another! I’d love to get them. Send literally as many as you want.

2) I’m discontinuing prompt drabbles for the time being because it’s a little hard to do both at the same time, but FEAR NOT! If you’ve sent me a number, I will write it.

3) I’m starting a tag list! Message me and tell me if you’d like to be added. I’m thinking about starting a permanent tag list (E.G. you’ll be tagged every time I post something) AND series tag lists (E.G. you’ll only be tagged when I update Blinding Lights or another series–just make sure you specify which series) so message me and I’ll get that started!

As a side note, please don’t worry if your request takes forever to get written! I’m trying to write them in the order I receive them out of fairness to all of you, and some are a bit harder to write than others so please don’t panic if it takes me a little while. I love writing these and I have yet to skip one :)

For real, I’m so psyched to have such lovely followers. I truly couldn’t ask for a better group of people to spend my time with (and with this whole quarantine mess, I feel we’ll be stuck together for a while).

Thank you so much to each and every one of you for being here. It means the world to me that you’ve enjoyed my writing enough to follow me, and I hope to get to know all of you better :)

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I have Disney+ now so I thought it could be nice to make my favourite characters’ aes.

So here we go ✨

Disney: Esmeralda

Pixar: Ellie Fredricksen

Lucasfilm: Poe Dameron

MCU: Peter Parker

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A/N: And we’re back! After a long bought of writers block, I am back in the game. Tonight’s fic is a smutty, Poe Dameron, X-Wing imagine that came to me about 4 hours ago while I was trying to fall asleep. When inspiration strikes, sometimes you just gotta go with it! This one is a bit dirtier than some of my others, so you have been warned! While I know X-Wings are small and probably not too practical to have sex in, I decided to just go with it. Hope you guys enjoy and as always, thank you for reading!

Word Count: 2,061

Summary: You and Poe have always made bets with one another and always had the winner pick what they wanted their prize to be. It was always just for fun. Just some friendly competition to make the time pas by. But this time, things feel different..


Poe Dameron was a man that possessed many redeeming qualities. He was handsome, kind, brave to a fault, and just an overall good guy. He loved his friends and would do anything and everything to protect them, including giving his own life in favor of their own. People loved him and seemed absolutely enraptured by him, yourself included. Which is why you found yourself in your current predicament. You never could say “no” to the man. Especially when he challenged you to a bet.

Since the war had ended, life on the Resistance base had gotten a bit monotonous. That wasn’t to say that you were unhappy with the outcome. You were over the moon(s) that the First Order had officially been defeated. All of the hard work and countless lives lost had been for a purpose. Peace was welcome, but you missed the excitement. Never having been someone who was content with just sitting around. Poe was the same way, so when he approached you asking if you wanted to race, you had jumped at the idea. 

And it had started off innocent enough. Winner gets to make the other person do whatever they want (within reason of course). You had placed little bets like this before. Poe having to do your laundry for a week once, you having to clean his X-Wing after a particularly nasty mission another time. It was normal between you two. Two best friends constantly in friendly competition with one another, especially since you were the only person who could rival him in the art of flying, having been his right hand woman from the beginning. 

This was the norm for you two, which is why you thought nothing of it when Poe’s eyes seemed to linger on you a bit more than normal while you put your flight suit on. Or why it didn’t seem to cross your mind as strange when he hadn’t sent a witty remark your way before getting in his own X-Wing. This was just for fun. Just two best friends placing a silly little bet to pass the time. Maker, you couldn’t have been more wrong.

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getting drunk w/ poe and you two have completely different vibes

poe is so romantic saying stuff like “i love you y/n. so much. you’re the best person in the galaxy. idk what’d i do without you.”

then you’re just laying on his lap saying “i could really go for some cheese right now. like mozarella or the ones with holes in them”

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Originally posted by qvicksilversass

Word Count: 3250

Pairing: Poe Dameron x Reader

Summary: About a year after The Rise of Skywalker, the Knights of Ren have once more gathered against the Rebellion. You were once an apprentice to Kylo Ren but after the events on Exegol, you were forced into hiding. With some of the remaining Knights of Ren, you work to rebuild what Kylo Ren was fighting to build. Yet, what happens when you are taken by the Rebellion and interrogated by the Best Pilot in the Galaxy turned General? 

Genre: Adventure / Angst / Fluff

Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3

Tag List: @fanboyswhereare-you @pandacookieowo @pinkisokay @roserrys@commondazy@katshrev​ 

The sound of Vicrul’s laugh was not what you wanted to wake up to. There was a conversation nearby, but as you sat up, the world began to spin around you. The bed under you seemed to be swinging back and forth. A hand pressed against your back in an attempt to steady you. You leaned into the touch.

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can I request Conversations in the Dark by John Legend with Poe? Thank youu!!!

(UPDATED) 300 Follower Celebration

Thank you for sending this! This was such a cute song I can’t breathe omg

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Originally posted by laufeysons

Nicknames for Poe: Flyboy

Poe Dameron x Mechanic! Reader 

Word Count: 1975

Summary: Your first impression of Poe is intense to say the least. This explains the first time you call Poe by this nickname. Reader is concerned for the safety of the Rebel Pilots, but Poe says they worry too much. Angst and the beginning of a rocky relationship ensues. This takes place sometime in The Force Awakens.

Author’s Notes: Sorry, if there was too much technical talk in this! I felt as though I had to be technically thorough in order to get the conflict of the story across. This was actually kind of stressful to write because of the research I put into it. I didn’t want to get anything wrong.  Since this is based off of a headcanon I have, I think I’m going to make this Mechanic! Reader/self-insert a recurring thing. I love them (edit: forgot to mention this is also gender neutral!). But anyways, I hope you enjoy it, nonetheless. 

Lingo to know!

S-foil servo actuator: part of an X-Wing that controls the opening and closing of the wings, either putting them in flight or attack mode (Feel free to correct me if I’m wrong.)

L/N: Last name

Warnings: None, unless you count Poe being a bit of a jerk. 

When you first meet Poe, all you know is that he has this slightly…arrogant air to him. You nervously made your way to the control room to discuss the problem of X-Wing parts that were alarmingly out of date with General Organa. You brought the particular part with you to serve as visual aid, an S-foil servo actuator to be exact. Not only were these pieces of junk an obstacle for the Resistance mechanics-having to add the extra, laborious step of welding the old parts to fit with newer ones which hindered productivity-it was also a danger to the Rebel pilots. You needed to bring this to light as soon as possible- maybe even propose funding for newer parts to save the skins of both mechanics and pilots alike. You silently prayed for this proposal to go well. The last thing you wanted to do was appear incompetent in front of your superior. When the doors to the control room opened, you see General Organa in her grey uniform with a neat, intricate braid atop her head. But to your surprise, she’s not alone. A man with a mop of black curls on his head stands with his back to you, an orange-flight jumpsuit hugs his broad set of shoulders. He seems to be arguing with General Organa, but you’re not quite sure about what. Swallowing your nerves, you knock on the doorway to make your presence known. The last thing you hear the man say is, “We are this close to finding your brother.” General Organa had a brother? Gears start to wind up in your brain, but you shake the thought from your mind as you try to focus on the task at hand.

Your awkward rapping at the doorway draws two pairs of eyes your way. Besides Leia’s, there were the broad-shouldered man’s deep-set, brown eyes. They were also intense. They looked as if he had seen his fair share of messed up, sinister things. His furrowed, thick brows seemed to accentuate the stress he was under. And he looked tired-tired of arguing and tired of trying to prove himself about whatever he was arguing about to his higher-up. His hazelnut-toned skin somehow managed to pull off a soft, but aged look. The things war could do to the body.

“Good Evening, General Organa. A word, please? It’s about the out of date X-Wing parts.”

The stressed man sighs and looks you up and down. Not as if he’s checking you out, but as if he’s getting a read on you. At least that’s what you think…

“Of course, Y/N. What’s on your mind?” General asks. Poe looks at her then at you then sighs again out of annoyance, but takes a few steps back to give you the floor.

“We need new X-Wing parts,” you start.

You try to say your piece about the dilemma, explaining why you think some funding should be allotted to new S-foil servo actuators- for the sake of pilots, mechanics, and productive efficiency. Yet, you don’t even get to your most important points because the tired man interrupts you with a stern, gruff voice.

“With all due respect, why can’t you just weld the older ones?” You sense hints of a condescending tone in his voice.

“Commander Dameron,” Leia berates him for interrupting you.

“It’s not that easy,” you shake your head. “There are less mechanics than there are pilots who are on-call almost 24/7. If we got newer S-foil servo actuators, it would be one, safer and two, more time-efficient. And welding the parts without giving them the proper time to cool could result in faulty system and it could be potentially dangerous.”

“Sweetheart, we’re soldiers. We’re in danger all the time,” he laughs. The nerve of this guy. You begin to see red and don’t even notice that your body is willing yourself to approach him.

“We’re talking about our ability to avoid fatal mistakes before they happen. This isn’t a problem you can just eject yourself out of. Pilots would spiral out of control of their ships before they even got the chance to. And don’t ever call me sweetheart. ” Now, you realize you’re in his face. He doesn’t look phased. As a matter of fact, he almost seemed impressed. And honestly, you were too. Not once did you stutter nor did your voice waver. Nobody expects a lowly mechanic to speak up for themselves.

“And I’m sorry,” you continue, “but who are you?”. Leia’s face twists into one of amusement.

Poe’s impressed look falls as he tries not to lose his composure. You were the first person on this Resistance base who didn’t know who he was. It was actually a little exciting to Poe, but at the same time disheartening to know that the most beautiful person he has ever laid eyes on had no idea who he was.

“Poe Dameron. Black Squadron Leader,” he says as he puffs his chest.

You cross your arms and size him up, mockingly imitating his body language, “Y/N L/N. Mechanic.” You punctuate your introduction with a sarcastic, tight-lipped smile.

You and Poe both take a good look at each other. You were so close to him, you were able to notice a faint scar under his right eye. You’ve never been intimidated by anyone and Poe was no exception. The only intimidating thing about this exchange was the silence that seemed to hang in the air. Poe notices the clench in your jaw and the fire in your eyes. It was refreshing to see somebody as compassionate about the Resistance as he was. Not only were you compassionate about the Resistance, but concerned for the pilots’ safety. To him, that meant everything.

“As fun as this has been,” General Organa speaks up, “ I’m going to have to agree with Y/N on this one. Y/N, we will have those parts in by this weekend. Thank you for bringing this to our attention. For now, hang tight while working with those older parts.” You sigh at relief at this and nod.

“Thank you, General.” She nods.

“Poe, we will continue this conversation later,” Leia looks at him like a concerned mother scolding her son.

“You’re both dismissed.” Both of you nod. You grab your old X-wing part and leave the control room as if a weight had been lifted off your shoulders.

Your mind no longer harbored the worries of the Rebel pilots’ safety. But just as you felt like you were on top of the world, you hear a too familiar voice call from behind you.

“L/N! Wait up a sec.” You inhale deeply trying to keep your cool and slowly turn around to see Poe make his way towards you. You run your fingers through your hair out of stress because you already know Poe was going to try to get the last word in. You didn’t have to know this guy for a while to figure out that he is without a doubt, one of the most stubborn people you have ever met. He crosses his arms defensively when he stands before you.

“You know, we would be just fine without those new X-Wing Parts,” he laughs, but there’s little humor in it. “I don’t know why you worry so much.” You grit your teeth at this and your mouth almost twists into a snarl.

“You don’t know why I worry so much? Okay, Commander Dameron,” your voice is toxic with fake politeness, “Why don’t you stop piloting and do my job for a day?” His brows furrow again, and it’s hard not to find it a little endearing. You’re sure he’s not used to people talking to him like this. You get in his face again. This time, it’s of sound mind and body.

“Answer me this, Commander. If something in the mechanics of the X-Wings that you and your pilots fly goes wrong, who takes the fall for it?” He doesn’t say anything. He just looks you, but you know that deep down, he knows the answer.

“It’s on US,” you press your index finger to your chest to emphasize your point, “On the mechanics,” your voice low and threatening, but Poe doesn’t bat an eye.

“I mean, kind of, but not really. We’re the ones flying them”, he says as if it were a no-brainer. You’re eyebrows raise at this and you scoff. “If we die, we die for the Resistance. We know what we’re getting ourselves into. Besides, we’re the ones actually out in the field. Mechanics get to watch the fight from the comfort of the base.” You couldn’t believe what you were hearing and you couldn’t come up with a worse backhanded compliment than the one he so graciously spit out. And did he think the mechanics didn’t care about the safety of the pilots? To think that he would ever doubt the integrity of you and your fellow coworkers made you see red again. If you and Poe weren’t close enough already, you definitely were now. It’s like neither of you knew what personal space was. It was like the two of you were waiting for the other to just give up and walk away. Funnily enough, that option hadn’t crossed either of your minds. Maybe, you were just as stubborn as Poe was.

“It’s not a competition, Dameron. Just because you’re getting in on all the action, doesn’t mean you have to die some heroic death. You think all there is to being a soldier is entering battle, guns blazing? I’m afraid you are gravely mistaken, Commander.” Now, it’s Poe’s turn to scoff. You continue, “Who do you go to when you have a problem with your X-Wing? Who administers pre-flight checkups?” You don’t let him answer this time. “Who knows the anatomy of an X-Wing from the inside, out?” You were sure pilots had to have some general knowledge about the aircraft they flew-it should have been protocol, if it wasn’t already- but surely it wasn’t as extensive as that of a Resistance mechanic, who has to work under and over the damn things 24/7. As much as you wanted to clear your mind of anything work related, the interior mechanisms of the standard X-wing was burned into your mind. It was all you could think about sometimes. You didn’t need to listen to some cocky pilot challenge your competency. So, you decide to be the bigger person, turn the other cheek, and disengage from the situation before you say something you regret. You’re about to turn on your heel to leave when you feel his, strong hand gently grab your forearm.

“We know enough about X-wings to get the job done,” he pauses, “and how to fly them too,” he smirks. If you weren’t so on edge in this moment right now, you’d be blushing from the contact. But all you want to do is wipe that smirk right off of him.

“Maybe, y’all do,” you state coolly, “But know this, Commander. A heroic death, is still a death.”  Your jaw clenches as you look him dead in the eye.

Stay in your lane, Flyboy.”

You shake his grip from your arm. Your iron-grip on your old S-foil actuator has your knuckles white. You don’t realize this until it actually starts to hurt. Your breathing is heavy and Poe, despite putting on a brave face, secretly gulps at the way you so darkly mentioned death. He takes one last look at your face, trying to memorize your delicate, yet hardened features before you turned around. Your brows were furrowed and the hairs on your neck were raised as if your fight or flight instinct had been triggered. Some of your hair fell in your face while you were so passionately speaking your mind. He knows he shouldn’t have been distracted by your soft lips that were seemingly locked into a frown. There was no doubt in Poe’s mind, that you were a scarily, intense person in nature. But what he needed to figure out now, was how he was going to get to know this fiery, new mechanic better.

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A/N: This story is honestly one of my favorites that I’ve written. I hope you guys like it just as much!

Warnings: Swearing, minor alcohol consumption (I think that’s it)

Word Count: 3,440

GIF is not mine!


Originally posted by irebelcaptain

Poe sits down next to you at lunch one day a few months later, only to find that your eyes are closed, your head propped in your hand. How you were asleep with the noise all around you was beyond him, but he reaches over nonetheless and shakes you gently. 


“Hm?” You suddenly groan, darting upright to his chuckling and frantically blinking to give the illusion that you were awake

“You were asleep, hon.” Poe quietly says, concern lacing his voice as you yawn again, your eyes almost fluttering shut despite your attempts to keep them open. 

The two of you hadn’t been able to see each other for the past several nights, work pulling you in opposite directions, and Poe was beginning to wonder if this was taking its toll on you. Nights spent together were some of the better for both of you, talking your way into oblivion side by side definitely made for a more restful night’s sleep, though neither of you would admit this to the other. 

“I was just resting my eyes.” You mumble, leaning toward him just a little, only for him to push you upright long enough to collect the plate from in front of you.
It doesn’t even register in your mind when he disappears, popping back up beside you a moment later and hooking an arm around your waist. 

“C’mon. Let’s get you to your quarters.” 

Your protests are lost in the endless noise of the room as he leads you out into the overcast day, the dark clouds above threatening rain for the second time in the last week, which you grumble about. The rain was only going to make the humidity worse. 

Raindrops hit your shoulders just as the two of you duck inside, the drafty hallway making the damp spots on your shirts grow cold. Poe’s arm doesn’t leave your waist until you’re sitting on the bed, and he moves your shoes away as soon as you kick them off. 

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do you have any jedistormpilot headcanons you'd like to share?

YES. (this got really long so it’s under a cut lol)

So, canonically (I guess? Tbh I do so much lore spelunking I forget what Disney has divided into Canon and Legends these days), Poe wears his mother’s wedding ring in a chain around his neck. He wants to give it to someone someday. Well, in my own headcanon, his mother was shot down in her A-wing when Poe was 8 and his dad passed away from Creek Fever when Poe was 17. (His dad was stubborn and Luke was off-world training with Ben at the time, so something which could have been recovered from/cured, cost Kes his life. So Poe ran away for a couple years to be a spice runner before eventually returning to the Resistance.) He wears his dad’s ring, too. More out of a need to keep a piece of both his parents with him. But he does find it a little alarming that, hey, he’s got these two wedding rings—one which he had made a decision to give someone else someday—and now these two amazing people right in front of him.

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Star Wars: Rise of the Fates (FINALE)

The last part of the TROS rewrite. It’s a mix of TROS plot, Dual of the Fates plot, and my own ideas. This is how I spent my free time, everyone.


  • Back at Korilev, the Falcon and Resistance transporter have arrived back to base, with medics hurrying towards the Falcon to assist Zorii’s wounds. Finn is still in disbelief about all the recent events: the mission, his parentage, Rey leaving. It was all too much. As he walks through the camp, he can see Poe from the corner of his eye, trying to get to Zorii, but Rose was holding him back. Finn could hear Luke call out to him, but he didn’t listen. He wanted to be alone, to take everything in. The Resistance came to the aid of the defectors, welcoming them and giving them shelter, while Jannah made sure all the children were comfortable. Leia could only look around at all the frenzy, and walk away. Luke, Han, and Lando watched her leave, knowing that they were in more danger than ever.
  • On Remnicore, Kylo Ren was furious about Hux’s death, along with his Knights. In his mind, Snoke was taunting him, telling him that he was a fool for telling Finn of the prophecy. But Kylo was far gone, his mind finally at its breaking point. When asked when he’ll ever stop, Kylo said “Never”. With that, the temple begins to charge, a great force of energy erupting from its walls. Kylo brought about all the powers of the Dark side, the veins on his neck growing and corrupting him. Through the unused rubble of the temple, Kylo builds protection towers so as to create a field for the Resistance to have trouble getting to him. The towers are protected by Sithtroopers and Night Hounds alike. He had truly become more powerful than any of the Sith. The First Order fleet stood at attention, each ship having the power of a single Death Star. Kylo refused to hear of the prophecy, and would make it his mission to destroy Finn and the Jedi, once and for all.
  • On Korilev, Zorii had been sedated by the medics, as he denied anyone who would get near him so as to remove his helmet. Poe sat at the corner of the medical bed, with BB-8 and D-O at his side. He had grown so fond of the Mandalorian, more than ever. He blamed himself for Zorii almost getting killed, but before Poe could degrade himself anymore, Zorii woke up. Poe asked the question he asked Zorii on Coruscant: what did the First Order do to him. Without saying a word, Zorii allowed Poe to remove his helmet, revealing what the Order had truly done to him. His face was scared, with his left cheek sliced open, revealing his teeth. A glass eye replaced his right one, and his lips were chapped and cut. Poe could only gape at the man, his face showing pain and disbelief. Zorii explained that the First Order raided his home, attempting to steal his children and train them as Stormtroopers, but Zorii interfered. This caused him to get jumped on by soldiers, and then tortured brutally. After his scars healed, his wife could only look at him in horror, and his children refusing to be near him. Ultimately, his wife asked for a divorce, taking Zorii’s children away from him, never seeing them again. Poe felt pity for Zorii, but the man reassured him not to feel that way, as Zorii knew the incident wasn’t his fault and that he was blinded by a woman who hadn’t truly loved him after all. Zorii tells Poe that the Resistance needs a leader, someone who Leia can put her trust in, and that Poe needed to be that person. Poe reciprocates by saying that he was just a pilot, and that he’d only lead the Resistance to failure. Zorii, with the strength he has, runs his fingers through Poe’s hair, an action of admiration, reassurance… love. Zorii tells Poe that he believes in him, and although he lost his most priceless treasures but years ago, he had found a greater and more beautiful treasure: the brightest star in the Galaxy. Poe promises to return to Zorii once the fight was over, and places a kiss on his cheek, a small confession of his love for him.
  • Finn sits in a nearby tree, alone in his thoughts. BB-8 had followed him, looking up at his friend and beeping worryingly. But Finn paid no mind to him. He thought about Rey, and how she left in complete fear of herself. He thought about his parents: how they died protecting the things they loved most, and that they loved Finn. And he thought about the prophecy, the thing that brought about Anakin’s voice in his head. Finn screamed up at the heavens, angry at the voices of all the Jedi, and how they should’ve done something, anything. He let the tears fall from his face: he was so tired of all the death, the pain, the suffering. Finn then heard a voice, but it wasn’t Anakin’s. It was a womans. Unlike Anakin, Finn could feel a sense of familiarity and comfort the voice brought to him. He looked up to the stars, and recognized the voice. It was his mother, Queen Asherah. He could almost see her again; her beautiful face, kind yet strong eyes, and ethereal, pure white hair. Asherah refused to see her son fall so easily, and encouraged him to finish what Anakin ended. To find his ray of sunshine and bring her back, so that they can destroy Death forever. Feeling more strength and determination, Finn decides one more time to heal the Sith kyber crystal. He takes the blue kyber from Anakin’s lightsaber and puts it in his clasped hands along with the Sith kyber. As he opens his hands, Finn is shocked to see what he’s created, and goes back to base to retrieve his almost finished lightsaber. At base, Leia is speaking with Poe and Rose, trying to figure out a plan to take out the First Order. Now that they had the Coaxium and the Hyperfuel, they could transfer them to the small fleet they have. The Resistance comes up with a plan to destroy the control tower of the Oblivion, which is the command ship of the First Order fleet. A ground team will attack the protection towers, while the squadrons will try to target the control tower, which will allow the Resistance to take down the Eclipse Destroyers. Connix states that the base got a transmission from practically dozens of systems who heard Leia’s message. Leia orders for Han, Chewie and Lando to go to these systems and bring the fleet to Remnicore. Finn, alongside Luke, will go find Rey and meet the Resistance at Remnicore. Luke and Han share a kiss, promising that at the end of everything, they’ll finally be married. As for Leia, she wishes good luck for Chewie and Lando, whom she kisses on the cheek.
  • On Ahch-To, Rey has destroyed the stolen TIE fighter with intentions of isolating herself on the island, just like Luke did. She sits in the Jedi Temple, where she asks whether she truly was destined to be a Jedi. Jedi weren’t supposed to give into hatred and violence. There were meant to always keep the peace, even if it meant people got hurt. As Rey continues to degrade herself, she can feel that she’s not alone in the temple. Without question, Rey is visited by the Force ghost of Obi-Wan Kenobi. He comforts her and gives her wisdom just as he once did with Luke, telling her that the Jedi were wrong. It’s completely normal to have feelings such as anger, hate, fear, and sadness. What mattered is that those feelings did not define a person or control them. Obi-Wan then speaks of his own past; that just like Rey, he too was a nobody who came from nowhere. He talks about hardly remembering his parents, as he left them not long after his birth. Obi-Wan then says “It saddened me when I learned of my mother’s death, and then content when my father found love again. I then felt joy when I learned of my stepsisters birth, and then… well, I never expected that from that sister I’d have a niece whom I’d never meet”. With that, a wave of memories fills Rey’s mind: the day her mother left her on Jakku, with her clear blue eyes and a golden half sun around her neck, and Rey yelling for her ship to come back. Rey knew well that the crime lord Qi’ra Leia went to negotiate with was her mother, and that Obi-Wan was her stepbrother, making him Rey’s uncle. Finally knowing the origins of her Force abilities, Rey felt almost content, but Obi-Wan reminded her that her blood did not make her who she was, and that just like her uncle and mother, she has taken control of her own fate. Obi-Wan then gives Rey his second lightsaber which Luke kept sacred on Ahch-To. Rey then goes outside to see Luke’s old X-Wing being lifted from the waters by Luke himself, who came alongside Finn to retrieve her. Hugging Luke, Rey whispers “I know who I am now. And I know what to do”
  • The Resistance arrives on Remnicore with Poe leading the squadrons, where the Eclipse Destroyers begin attacking. On the ground, Rose and Jannah lead the attack on the protection towers while the squadrons attack the control tower on the Oblivion. Finn and Rey arrive in front of the Sith Temple, ready to confront Kylo Ren. Inside the temple, the duo realize that there’s two stories to the structure, with the first story containing Sithtroopers. Rey wields her uncle’s lightsaber, the blue blade glowing in the dark temple, while Finn wields his newly finished lightsaber, packed with two purple dual blades made by Anakin’s blue kyber and the red Sith kyber. They battle against the Sithtroopers, taking them down with ease. Once defeated, they move onto the second and final story, where Kylo and his Night Hounds reside. Immediately the Hounds attack Rey and Finn, who have no problem taking down the creatures, who disintegrate into thin air when killed. The two then move on to battle Kylo. At first, they seem to overpower him with unusual ease, but then soon realize that he was only holding back, as he proceeds to use his newfound abilities to throw them towards the walls and even use Force lightning against them. Outside the temple, Luke and Leia have come to help Finn and Rey, but are locked in the first story as mirages taking the form of past Sith Lords (Darth Plagueis, Darth Maul, Darth Tyranus, Darth Sidious, and Darth Vader) surround them. They fight the mirages, while Finn and Rey try to get back on their feet to fight Kylo. In the skies, Resistance pilots are being shot down by the Eclipse Destroyers, which causes Poe to loose hope for a moment. But then, he hears Lando’s voice and turns to see a ginormous fleet made up of thousands of ships from across the Galaxy.
  • Finn and Rey are badly hurt from Kylo’s attacks, so Luke and Leia step in to fight him, forcing Leia to battle her own son. But she had given up on him long ago. The twins fight Kylo, bringing him down, but he then realizes that he can strengthen himself by absorbing the life essence of Luke and Leia, which leaves them weakened and unconscious. Kylo then disables the Resistance fleet above with his greatest power yet: a Force supernova that destroyed any and everything it came into contact with. Kylo then grabs Luke and Leia, intending to kill the last Jedi and the last Skywalkers. A weakened Finn looks up at the sky and hears the voices of past Jedi (Obi-Wan Kenobi, Qui-Gon Jinn, Ahsoka Tano, Yoda, Mace Windu, Kanan Jarrus, Aayla Secura, Luminara Unduli, Adi Gallia, and Anakin Skywalker), telling him to unleash the power within him. Finn remembers fractions of the prophecy (…A flare will burn so bright, burning Darkness with its light…A great eclipse will bring forth an awakening…), and he steps up to Kylo, lifting Luke, Leia, and Rey so that they’d be outside of the temple. Kylo attempts to destroy Finn with the power of the dark supernova, but Finn blocks the attack with his lightsaber. However, Kylo vastly overpowers him, so Finn quickly drops the saber and instead deflects the supernova with his bare hands. This method proves to be more effective, as Kylo is thrown back and his body (being delicate due to the effects of the Dark side) begins to disintegrate. With the supernova no longer affecting them, Poe and the fleet proceed to shoot at the control tower, while Rose and Jannah destroy the protection towers, which allows for the temple to be destroyed by Finn, whose awakening resembles the form of an eclipse. Kylo is killed by the burning light, as he takes his last breath and is defeated. With his death, the temple falls, and the First Order fleet is taken down by the Resistance. However, the effort of the powerful attack causes Finn to go unconscious, as he begins to drift away.
  • Rey, now waking up from consciousness, pulls herself up to walk through the ruble of the fallen temple and grabbing Finns body into her arms. She begs him not to leave her, as she asks for the help of the past Jedi to save Finn. When she gets no answer, Rey tries to heal Finn by transferring life into his body. Luke and Leia have also woken up, and help Rey by transferring life into Finns body as well. With the help of the three, Finn is successfully healed and wakes up, smiling at Rey and his masters. The two embrace and then kiss lovingly, happy of their bond and still unable to believe that they found each other. Luke and Leia look up to see the falling Eclipse Destroyers, a sense of peace filling them as they now know that the Galaxy is truly free.
  • The Resistance on Korilev and people all over the Galaxy rejoice at their victory. Poe and Rose run towards each other and embrace, feeling ecstatic and more happy than they’ve ever felt. Han gives Chewie his Medal of Bravery that was rewarded to him after the Battle of Yavin, feeling that his best friend deserved it more than him. Luke and Leia reunite with Han and Lando. Leia kisses Lando’s cheek once again, while Luke and Han kiss in general. Rey and Finn walk through the celebration to find Poe and Rose, embracing them as tears of joy fall from their faces. Rose then turns Poe around so that he can see Zorii walking through the crowd. Poe runs towards the man, practically jumping on him and wrapping his arms around his neck. Feeling daring, Poe kisses Zorii as BB-8 and D-O look at their masters happily. Jannah then walks up to Lando, who’s arms are wrapped around Leia, and asks him where he’s from, to which he responds with the Gold system. Lando asks the same thing to Jannah. While she remains unsure, she gives it a shot and says that she’s from the Bespin system. Jannah then shows the two her medallion, which had her name inscribed in Galactic Basic. Lando looks up at her and smiles, saying “It’s good to see you again, kid”, confirming that Jannah is in fact his daughter who was taken by the First Order. Luke and Han look on at the celebrations, and Luke looks down at his engagement ring, reminding Han that there was still one more thing they needed to do.
  • In the Mid Rim and in the Chommel sector, the planet Naboo is having a grand celebration in honor of the First Order’s destruction and, Luke Skywalker and Han Solo’s wedding. The ceremony is held outside, the waters clear as day and the sun shining brightly. All of the Resistance is dressed in their most formal attire, as they look onto the couple (Luke wears white, while Han wear brown leather, seeing as he’s not one to be so adorned). Leia smiles fondly, as her brother was finally getting the happiness he so well deserved. Rey and Finn held hands, sharing the same amount of fondness Leia had for Luke. Poe stands next to Zorii, while Rose stands next to Jannah. R2-D2 gives Han the rings, as the man inserts the ring onto his lovers finger, while Luke does the same. They share a kiss, sealing their union as man and husband. The crowd cheers, as Chewie roars happily and the droids (C-3PO, R2-D2, BB-8, and D-O) beep and bounce around.
  • That evening, the Resistance is celebrating with native Gungans and the people of Naboo. Rose and Jannah are playing with some of the orphan children of the planet, as Jannah asks Rose if she wants to explore the Galaxy with her to help Stormtrooper children find their families, to which Rose agrees. Poe sits next to Zorii, who watches as D-O and BB-8 converse with R2-D2, while the three of them tease and play with C-3PO. Poe then asks Zorii what he’s going to do, which the Mandalorian answers with simply being with his lover and taking better care of his droid. Poe chuckles at that, and proceeds to kiss Zorii. Leia speaks with Luke and Han, congratulating them and playfully threatening Han if he were to ever hurt her brother. Lando then tells Leia that he’s heard some of the locals say that she looks more beautiful than any woman who ever lived, a statement which Lando happily agrees with. Leia brings up Lando’s question of what she was gonna do once the war was over, as the Resistance didn’t really need a General anymore. Lando then reveals that he’s been speaking with the Queen of Naboo, saying that she felt that Leia’s bravery and leadership should be rewarded. The Queen knows that Leia’s mother Padmé was once a Queen, and that her adoptive mother Breha was also a Queen. To honor their memories and to follow in their footsteps, the Queen rewards Leia by naming her the last living Queen of Alderaan and asks for her help in rebuilding the Republic once again. Leia agrees with the promotion, fond that Lando wanted more for her. He professes his feelings for her by saying “You’ve been a Princess, a General, a Jedi, and mostly importantly, a beacon of hope for everyone across the Galaxy. Now, I want you to be the Queen you were always meant to be” Accepting his confession, Leia kisses Lando after nearly years of holding their feelings back. Luke smiles at his sister, and then looks up at his newfound husband to share a blissful kiss with him. Finn walks around, hugging different Resistance members such as Connix and Rose. Jannah and Poe tease him for his newfound royal blood, bowing playfully and calling him things such as “Your Worship” and “Your Excellency”. Finn rolls his eyes and smiles at his friends. He’s then approached by some of the orphan children, who ask him what his name is, to which he responds with “Finn. Finn Galfridian”.
  • He then goes to find Rey, who has been accompanied by BB-8. She reaches behind her and takes out her fully built lightsaber, which was created by a part of her staff and wields a yellow blade. Finn moves to stand right next to his girlfriend, as he places a kiss on her forehead. Rey is thinking of everything that’s happened, saying that perhaps her destiny was never to become a Jedi. Finn agrees with her, but reassures her by saying “Maybe you’re right. Maybe you never were meant to be a Jedi. But you know what? You’re the best knight a prince could ask for”. Rey smiles at her boyfriend, kissing him as BB-8 beeps at them happily. They then realize that he’s also acknowledging Luke and Han. The two embrace Rey, who sees them as the father figures she never had. Seeing as Finn now had a name for himself, Luke asks Rey who she was. Rey turns along with Luke, as they see Obi-Wan’s Force ghost, smiling and nodding at his niece and former student. Luke smiles back with tears in his eyes, and Rey responds to his question by giving her name as “Rey Kenobi”. The couples along with BB-8 watch the sun of Naboo set, as the Galaxy rejoices in the newfound peace.

And there ya go! My TROS rewrite is complete! These took a lot of time and attention to make, so I hope you’ve enjoyed them. I’ll hopefully get to making some art, and get back to one of my other AUs that I have to start working on again. Once again, respectful criticism is much appreciated.

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