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There are so many feelings

And thoughts that fill my mind

Joys, concerns and loves I have

The Wisdom I might I find

Like a fog, confusion comes

Blocking out the warming sun

Trying to find, deep sleep at night

A battle I’ve not won…

I do not fear, I do not cave

But thoughts keep flowing thru

Like waves that come

I toss and turn, I try to swim unto

A place so still

An island where

The water’s clear

The Palm trees sway

The breaking waves

Is all hear

Sounds that sooths the soul

Life is so encompassing

The daylight and the night

Eyes that see, plant seeds

The mind will not lose sight

There are so many feelings

Thoughts that fill my mind

Joys, concerns and loves I have

The Wisdom I might I find

I do not fear, I do not cave

But thoughts keep flowing thru

Like waves that come

I toss and turn, I try to swim unto

A place so still

An island where the water’s clear

The Palm trees sway

The breaking waves Is all hear

Sounds that soothes the soul

That soothes the soul

That soothes the soul

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you journey through my

darkness, tresses of

deeply forbidden corridors

that tremble from your fearless

words, you pierce a primal

nerve resurrecting

heartfelt sensations,

reassuring the crypts of doubt

buried beneath my eyes

wrestling keys

from my secret garden

how you linger in my soul

inhaling each floral delicacy,

admiring their radiant colors

you arrest my intimacy

through endless conversations


distant hours poured

out as savored cordials

breathless exchanges

inveighing my heart,

challenging my mind,

pulling back every

resistant blush until

your lines lay cradled

in mine ensnared in your

fingers - surrendering

my lips to your moonlit song

Rhapsodyinblue45// nightcap

Image: @Dramira

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Poème/Poem: La Seine

Des flammes sans fin passant par son port

Les bateaux ont peur de naviguer sur elle ce soir

Aucun peuple à tremper dans sa sagesse

Les eaux fortes à l'abri du feu habitant

L'espoir traverse fortement ses vagues

La Seine

Never ending flames passing through her port

Boats fearful to sail over her tonight

No people to soak in her wisdom

The strong waters immune to the fire inhabiting

Hope running strongly through her waves

The Seine

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never confuse emotions with weakness

The subway train is empty,
just a lonely vessel traveling through
the fear-infested veins of a city,
destined to reach the heart,

but the mind is crowded,
and full to the brim with thoughts of us, and of those lost. 

The world is on
pause but the lights remain on,

and at night,

I still can’t see the stars.

I’m taken to the dark
corners, the glitched memories with friends, 

and loved ones who loved once,

trying to let go when my
hands just want to hold on.

I pull the knife out of
my heart, mistaken for being
weak when I was just kind.

I’ll still continue proudly
to wear my heart on my sleeve
but if emotions paint me
as weak in your eyes,

would you still think me useless holding you while you die?

Then I will let you go and

for you must be at peace.

shout out to for the collaboration!   Visit her her blog and follow!   

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I don’t think I can really even remember recently the last time I saw you in this kind of mood./

Talkative and chaotic, loud and searching for almost reassuring attention, unfiltered./

Most of the time these activities result in you and her arguing./

She believes she’s asking an innocent question./

You believe she’s looking for a fight./

She does come off that way even though it’s not her intention./

The two of you live in the same house you’ve lived in for 24 years./

However the space feels split./

Your things spilled out here, hers over there./

Not intermixed./

Not anymore./

I don’t know what changed./

I don’t know why it changed./

I don’t know when it changed./

Although it seems accentuated by a certain event we can probably all agree on./

When your personal therapist left./

I don’t think you’d ever think of me as a therapist, at least not as yours./

You’d tell me your darkest thoughts, your deepest insecurities and you didn’t know I was crumbling under the weight of my own problems barely strong enough to also hold the weight of yours./

I wonder if when the other departs whether or not this house will remain our home./

I never expected to worry about this possibility, yet here we are.//

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a sudden remembering as
patterns reassemble, words greeting
one another in the

place of friends, though
we keep tending the
ties that bind – because

of course we do,
because we are all
dots on this round

whirling planet, each one
vital in our smallness,
with the same one

shared purpose: to
                           c o n n e c t

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Sometimes i feel like nobody is listening when i speak

Sometimes i feel like everyone is

It’s difficult, growing up in a place where no one is religious, yet christianity tints the glasses that we drink from, the windows we see through

It’s more difficult growing up and being beckoned

Beckoned to something different




He did not speak in words, instead let me hear his presence, the rustling of the leaves


I stayed up all night, too excited, too anxious, too present to sleep, and He was there when i woke, birds calling outside, sun-sweet kisses raining down on my cheeks, my body, my every part that was seen by the sky

They both said their hellos in different ways that week

When i apologized for not wearing sunscreen, that i had none with me, the next day i stumbled across two bottles, placed on a table that said “free”

When i was confused if i actually heard anything at all, if it was all just in my head, i woke up to find a bottle with His symbol on it, two snakes curved around the staff and my heart as well

They gave to me, called to me, beckoned me, and so i lept

I lept into the world anew, tears streaming down my face as i sat outside and listened, truly listened, and loved

I felt whole

I felt welcomed


What was i hearing? Was it truly what i thought? How can i ever be sure?

The thing is, i’ll never be truly sure

But when




Happens, you begin to think that maybe they weren’t coincidences.

So i will always have my doubt, my what ifs,

But i will also always have Them

Immeasurable and Amazing

And so, i think to myself,

I am happy

Who cares if nobody is listening

Who cares if everyone is

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she says yes 
unmitigated follies. 

We undress 
does she surpress
unrequited melancholy.

Time does pass
acheived a task
Tis not the time for sorry. 

We slide away
before the day
avoid another quarry.

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Lately I’ve been struggling to find
The right words to express,
These thoughts which cross my mind
At times it seems in excess.

So please excuse my thoughts
In the ensuing lines of text,
Im trying to gather these ideas
To organize this jumbled up mess.

We’ve spent weeks in isolation
As things are beginning to unfold,
With no visible end in sight
Our lives are currently on hold.

Gone are the days of routine
And whatever that meant for you,
For me it meant everything
I’m starting to realize just how true.

At the 6:30 a.m. on the daily
Tossing my phone across the room,
I hate that I’m so groggy
And have too much coffee by noon.

But soon 2 o'clock rolls around
And out of the classroom I’m headed,
Time to get ready for practice
For a workout that’ll leave me shredded.

This was my life three weeks ago
But now I’m starting to adjust,
Isolation is the new the norm
As safety is now a must.

And yet I find myself reminiscing
So often throughout the day,
It’s hard to keep myself busy
When my mind has so much to say.

I miss my SPED kiddos
And their goofy little quirks,
The things that made them tick
And their hugs and little smirks.

I’m sad I can’t see my seniors flourish
In their final season of track,
Their potential was limitless
The surface they were beginning to scratch.

But I’m so grateful for all of the moments
That life always happens to make,
Not only the big things that occur
But the little things for granted we take.

Those ‘in betweens,’ I call them
Are what really get to me the most,
Those moments overlooked everyday
That life always seems to host.

Like driving kids home after practice
Or seeing a coworker smile,
Talking sports with a kiddo
And not knowing that would be it for a while.

Right now uncertainty plagues us all
In the midst of a certain unknown,
And even though we’re all so connected
Some of you might feel so alone -

Maybe not simply a loneliness
That you just can’t seem to shake,
Maybe you’ve created negative thoughts
And bad habits you need to break.

Despite the fact that we have to separate
And company we now have to spare,
We’re all suffering together
And for each other we should certainly be there.

In any case, whatever your situation is
Please don’t hesitate to speak,
No matter how bad things may look
The situation is never too bleak.

Stay safe friends,
And keep your heads up. ♥️

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there are lovers who teach you that who you are is a sin to be hidden,

and lovers who question wether you were sent to them from the heavens above,

there are lovers who put daggers in your chest,

and lovers who plant flowers in your lungs,

there are lovers who burn your insides and all that you are,

and lovers who nourish you with sweet words,

there are lovers who make you hate yourself,

and lovers who teach you how to love yourself again.

the difference | April 6, 2020

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