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cherryteaskies · 13 minutes ago
emigration — forbidden
I'll leave motherland today
I'll go to Norway to weld ships
or build nuclear reactors
I could even wash dishes
just to ensure dignified existence for Cat
yet I travel mostly by my finger on the map
because it would be a little bit hard for me
to leave streets hot like hell
in the summer of the city in which
so many misfortunes happened to me
dirty like junkies river by which we
wasted so many beautiful moments
which we could use for e.g.
secure a better future for us
and empty house out of town
on which I wrote
that life is eventually worth something
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thespaceinmybed · 14 minutes ago
Maybe if I was actually someone else
Not just pretending
Maybe if I had a reason
For the things that I do
And feel
And think about
Maybe if this was years ago
Before parts of me began
To fall off
Before my name left me
Before I lost my balance
Before my mistakes came up through the ground
To bury me
Before they left bloody handprints
Up and down
My body
Before things ripped and shattered and broke
Maybe if I was
These days wouldn’t hurt as much
And I wouldn’t find myself
For things
That will never belong to me
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tortiespaw · 16 minutes ago
here i’ll sit,
in these desolate halls,
waiting for your calls,
calls that will never come,
my voice will be the only thing to ring out,
in the silence of it all,
and like crumpled paper,
i’ll throw it all away,
keep it at bay,
and miss my aim,
because what is life,
if not ever tormenting,
ever cold,
and never more,
these feelings fleeting,
like the light in these halls,
can you hear my call?
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shakespearereincarnation · 17 minutes ago
Incase you ever feel worthless, remember that none of us have wings so that makes pigeons cooler than us. So basically we're all worthless, so you're not even special you're basic and worthless like the other 7 billio-...oh boy this isn't helping is it? Well I like icecream :)
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crescent-yakamoz-delusion · 18 minutes ago
Each time I close my eyes, I think of you and how heavenly it would be if you were by my side.. I keep thinking until I fall asleep. When I open my eyes I gaze onto the wall infront of my bed and wonder how your mornings look like.. its the same everyday.. but I'll keep believing that one day I won't have to wonder anymore, I'll keep believing that one day our mornings would be parallel.
-r. n
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the-burning-goddess · 19 minutes ago
the reality is this: you will never have to ask someone who cares about you to prove it.
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soulreserve · 19 minutes ago
of a river that journeys to the sea
what red sand rolls over your tongue, awash the curve of the rough ocean wave. broken shells and glass bottles, litter. storms rage and seize.
I am smooth, unwavering glistening in moonlight. carrying silt from the river's lush mouth into estuaries where we meet in calm, unscented waters.
I curl into lapping, receding eddies of muddy desire. mingling - cold with warm, currents with white water fresh with salt from your tongue.
© SoulReserve 2021
(a response poem to Alex’s beautiful poem on “desire”. of course I had to make it into a love-poem haha) 
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brightstreetcity · 21 minutes ago
Untitled 159
‎Yo talk to me about ⁦‪Palestine‬⁩ though.
Tell me you are seeing the horror. Tell me that you can’t sit idle while children are massacred in their homes.
‎Tell me you want justice. Tell me you want the ones responsible to be held accountable.
Talk to me about ⁦‪Palestine‬⁩.
So that when your children read about this in history books you can say you were on the right side of history.
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zauq-e-zindagi · 21 minutes ago
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#zauqezindagi . . . . . . . #typewriter #poem #emotions #igpoet #poetsociety #shotstory #writerscommunity #prose #paint #writing #poenoftheday #art #writingcommunity #writersofinstagram #creativewriting #wordgasm #poetryislife #poetrycommunity #mywords #instapoetry #fellings #poetsofig #instapoet #poetsofinstagram #poems #poetry #poetryisnotdead #poema #creative (at Lahore, Pakistan)
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bye-bye-beautiful · 22 minutes ago
I wonder who I’d be
If you’d loved me
To make a difference
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bye-bye-beautiful · 23 minutes ago
You taught me
To be disappointed in myself
To count my flaws
And feel their weight
And that’s a lesson
That’s stuck
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tigerking42 · 24 minutes ago
Another poem for school
Transportation By Tk Storm
I used to be a wild horse: Free to move where I please, Without goals or ambitions, Having infinite energy, Yet no known purpose.
Now I am a car: Following a predetermined path, With an end planned and in sight, With just enough energy to get to the next stop, And miles of road behind and ahead.
I don’t really like this one because it’s not my style.
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gehirntoture · 27 minutes ago
Everyone I love turns to dust. Rust. I am caustic, toxic, whatever way you put it; I am poison. Love eliminated by my debilitated ability to balance. Reason. It being the only thing I run towards, the only thing I can not obtain. Legs made of stone. Rocks made of arsenic, stoning whoever looks twice.
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spitting-flowers-since · 28 minutes ago
Sometimes, waking up, I still feel like I'm holding your hand.
Even if it's getting more and more rare.
It is so scary how years still go by
while you're gone.
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beckywtghmai · 41 minutes ago
Body Dysmorphia vs Gender Dysphoria
Body Dysmorphia vs Gender Dysphoria
How can anybody tell the difference? You’re living in a body With genitals, and an Outward physical appearance. Everyone seems to hate puberty, it’s kind of a Universal experience. I knew that I was gender dysphoric Because I realized I’d love to be a fat man And hated being a fat woman. Everyone listening Heard fat both times. I only mention it, to make a clear distinction– I always…
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bubblecarr · 42 minutes ago
overall pockets
Ah There are deep pockets in my dirty overalls They swallow up my forearm I could lose many things there I could lose many many things there 
I am given a book Of great importance I am given a tale Older than time 
It begs to be cracked open, Read, for it is greater than divine 
Do you open it? Do you open it? 
I drop it in my overall pockets And feel it fall through the universe
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beckywtghmai · 48 minutes ago
One-Sided Information
Damn. Today was a lot. Woke up and read a FART/transphobic article Comparing HRT and transgender medical interventions To lobotomies, and it’s mass appeal and popularity as a Cure all approach to mental illness in deviant women. Then I found a counterculter trans guy who hates the BLM… Then I realized that Nobody is right, everybody is wrong, and We will all just have to wait and see how…
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