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what time takes and what takes time

it is

quite funny

what will bring you back to different times.

as I sit here

inhaling smoke

my heating came on

and the musk of unused vents

forgotten in June heat

bring me back to

what feels like a different universe.

your memories are becoming fog.

anything we shared.

and that’s okay.

there’s a few highlights -

a few, ooey-gooey trails of

what was once something -

that break through

but it is mostly fog.

memories I locked away

and threw away the key.

I hope I am lucky enough

to never grace your thoughts again.

you are a stranger

because the you I knew

is entrapped

in some dusky corner of my mind,

only to come back alive

with the cold October wind.

and even then,

only for brief moments.

- l.g. 10/27/20

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Your honor,
there’s a picture on your wall
that I can’t afford -
there are voices in this room
I don’t recognize;

Now I understand what it meant when you said
I can’t wear my blood stains like medals.

Falling back is easy,
perhaps not as easy as I believe -
the ground kilometers below
but I think that the cliff
is just a step on a staircase.

I never enjoyed being molded
into this statue of disrespect
that speaks with it’s stone-hard mouth
about stupid illusions like ‘perfect’,
never more dismorphed
than when i tried to fit.

Your honor,
do you ever get court room anxiety?
I would understand, personal stages
I’m far too familiar
with LED-blindness.

The suitor doesn’t see me,
he keeps looking back
as he screams at me
'who do you want to be?’ -
the lawyer’s getting ready,
papers over papers,
terms and conditions,
but I hear myself saying
I won’t need his defense.

Court room confusion -
the rose between my teeth is a dying weed
and I hate to admit that my tears don’t glitter.

Falling back is easy -
but far not as easy as I believe.

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Lately it’s like my heart is

Begging my hand to reach in

And pull it out of my chest

It’s like it wants

to suffocate in this October air

I think I want to look at it

Up close

And poke around til I find

The one thing that looks most wrong.

I don’t know when we became


Just pieces of body

An untethered soul

Unable to live together

I’m worried that

If my hands won’t take care of it

My heart will go about

Removing itself.

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By: Eunie Ambitchious

With a touch of reason
I changed my season.

First came autumn with its crisp, comforting breeze
The bliss of early sunsets and such big dreams.
Like the barely clinging of reluctant leaves,
I fell from the branchloved myself by all means.

A touch of reason, then winter arrived.
Hailstorms and snow deprived me of life.
It is exhausting to shiver against the cold
A battering frost I cant withhold.

Another touch, and a change of season
Spring appearedthawed a heart thats been frozen
Daffodils and sunlight freed me from prison
Flowers bloom in every direction.

Then there came scorching heat and fiery air
The anger of summer put me in despair.
Got drunk on cocktails of cowering oasis,
How I wish I could return to the autumn bliss.

27 October 2020 i made a poem for my output in Creative Writing,, who would’ve thought doing a gradient text in tumblr would take this long

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Chloe Rattray
People aren’t always what you want them to be. Sometimes they disappoint you or let you down, but you have to give them a chance first. You can’t just meet someone and expect them to be everything you’re looking for and then be angry when they’re not every hope and aspiration you projected onto them. It’s foolish to believe that someone will be what you imagine them to be. And sometimes, when you give them a chance, they turn out to be better than you imagined. Different, but better.
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10/27の歩数計…1439歩、愛すべき作品選ばれなくても(詠二)/今年は作品、特に毎月の川柳マガジンへの川柳投稿は数少なく投句しまして、それもあってかページに作品が載ることがいつもよりないかな、そんなことないかないつもと同じかな。/そのぶん、自身のブログで発表したり、また更なる句集上梓のためのノートに書き留めたりとマイペースに心穏やかに進められているそんな一年間でしたね。/あっ、まだふたつきもあるか。/茶々壺茶壺、茶壺に蓋がない、そことって蓋にしろ!(幼少期、母に教えてもらった歌です。振り付けありです。)/(10/28の占柳→)ひらめきの天才忘れた頃に来る utani

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