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#poem prompt
cursedspaceofair · 2 months ago
angst dialogue prompts
“don’t touch me!”
“stay away.”
“why do you love me?”
“i hate you.”
“fuck off!”
“you’re the worst.”
“why can’t you just leave me alone?!”
“do you really love me?”
“you’re hurting me!”
“let go of me.”
“leave. now.”
“get out.”
“no, you don’t understand! you think you do, but you don’t!”
“i’m tired.”
“hey, hey look at me. we’re gonna be okay.”
“i love you.”
“i can’t live without you!” “yes you can.”
“who do you think you are?”
“you’re worthless.”
“leave me alone. please.”
“it hurts. it hurts so much.” “i know.”
“please don’t leave me.”
“it’s time to let go.”
“why are you still here?”
“you should be asleep.”
“you shouldn’t be here.”
“this is none of your business.” “yes it is!”
“please take care of yourself.”
“i can’t keep doing this.”
“what are we?”
“did i ever mean anything to you?”
“i told you to leave.”
“stop talking.”
“i don’t know what to do.”
“can i stay here for tonight?”
“i didn’t know where else to go.”
“stop yelling at me!”
“why are you crying?”
“are we really just friends?”
“did you ever care?”
“don’t lie to me.”
“i don’t deserve this.”
“you don’t need me.”
“stop lying!”
“be careful. please.”
“where are you going?”
“get back here!”
“please be okay.”
“hang on, we’re almost there!”
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unjadedwords · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
here are some poetry prompts for you guys! 🕊 hope they inspire you <3
don’t forget to check out the guidelines in the middle photo above. do tag me on instagram as well (@unjadedwords + #unjadedprompts) so i can see your works! can’t wait to read your takes on these prompts <33
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jessie-writes-things · 2 months ago
Pairing: Benny Miller (again, unnamed so could be anyone really) x Unnamed Neutral Reader
Words: 200
Genre: Hurt comfort, soft angst
Warnings: No major warnings. Nightmares. Vague allusions to PTSD.
I could have loved you better in the dark […]
- Rendezvous by Edna St. Vincent Millay
Tumblr media
The monsters always came in the dark. Big ones that would smack him in the face and catch him with their claws when you were least expecting it. They’d wrap their paws around his heart and squeeze until you were gasping for breath and withering in sweat-soaked sheets.
And that’s when the phantom arm would wrap around him, strong and solid. It weighed him down, fingers lacing with his and pulling him further into the sunny side of the bed. Warmth eloped you like a forcefield, waving its way into every cell in his body.
You kissed his damp forehead, pushing the clinging strands away and whispering soft words to drown out the screaming haunting his thoughts. He didn’t hear a word you said but focused on the warmth of your breath. His hands shook as they dug into your back, leaving his own set of scars as he scrambled for unneeded apologies, only stopping at the sound of your sweet words and sobs that clogged his throat.
They heard the echoing of your heart just as he did, the strong, rhythmic thudding that pounded in his head. He watched the monsters run away. They hissed as they slithered along the floor and up the walls, finding the darkness from which they once came.
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ze-thoughts-are-stupid · 4 months ago
Want a poem? Here’s how!!
I really just be turning on my spotify like “yoohoo songs which one of you will have a couplet that snatches my attention today for a poem inspo”
Anyway submit a song or a line from a song (make sure to say what song if you do) in my asks and ill right a poem from that!! Id love to expand both my music and get more inspiration for my writing!!!
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nightunderthesilversky · 3 months ago
I want to write a poem. Help me choose a random topic by selecting a random word, please!:  a) Virginia b) Autumn c) Cemetery d) Greece e) Bella f) Yellow light  g) Bridge h) Kafka i) Peonies j) Hut
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three-word-prompts · 3 months ago
"but why me?"
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galadhremmin · 7 months ago
Hi! I did some research on poem forms with no great prior knowledge about them (so feel free to ignore if it makes no sense) but how about an Aubade? Maybe with Russingon?
Hung from the hand that raised the sword, in mocking salute to the sky-- he gazes past the sharp peaks of belching mountains trying to discern something of the stars
Nothing to be done, now No way back into the closed country No way to lower the hand that lifted in defiant anger, to speak against the world to say the words that will follow, one after the other for the rest of his life, little though there may be left of it now, this desiccated husk swinging in the breeze crowned by sooth, rain, snow; swaying like a candle in a cold and changeable wind blowing from beyond anything they had learned to recoil from before.
[Once, they stood beneath the peaks of whiter mountains; steep old Taniquetil a righteous finger, pointing at spotless sky where the veiled stars must reign even now Despite the darkness, despite the Light invisible to the eye as ever in either bliss or agony; always too much of either to see anything, no loss natural; and no love left ungoverned by cold law.]
At last, a silver disk arrives with marching feet, and at first he hopes, his brothers, finally-- but the trumpets that cover the sound of feeble screams, swallowed by the wind are strange to his ears, and leave too soon met as they are with no audible answer.
[Though sometimes back then, they’d slipped away to the wide restless sea, where only slivers of the great Light touched on those white ships and left much that moved below the stars unseen; their laughter still hung in salty air, when in the water, he reached --
The memory cut off, too drenched in something different]
The wind here howls with a thousand voices, helplessly and the years wheel back into the silent abyss, witness to nothing he can hold, or change; every title held in vain While Light keeps calling from beneath the earth, captive with no reprieve, until not enough sour rain left upon cracked open tongue remains even to set his dreams of water running with red--
Still when the sun first rises to set all the sky ablaze the earth smells like sweet wood at Losgar, burning. And the torch—it will not come down, arcs up forever to the sky as his hand does, this time the torch will not come down—the torch—his hand---calcified, immobilized raised to the lone sky; impossible to change what was once spoken, no action but inaction no love but one whose immensity is apparent alone at the moment of its very last destruction too long unacknowledged, now ashes, scattered too soon by Northern winds.
(He begs for death; in despair or regret)
When Fingon comes to cut him loose at last, the evening sun sets red on his sweet face and it looks like something distant, burning— But he cradles the callused hand raised so long ago softly within his own, lowered now at last, with care not felt but seen, and holds him fast through all his change, despite cold past as though every last part might still be saved, even those damned, discarded so long ago he no longer knows if they were ever his at all--
a trick of the light, a touch between what was allowed, or expected half-hidden, half-seen, half-cousin—had been so easy then, (though they thought it hard).
He falls asleep mid-air, at last, descending.
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greywoodpoetry · 2 months ago
Song title prompt
Send me a song title, and based off of that song title I will write poem!
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poetryseeds · 3 months ago
Let me bleed into the world so that it may bleed into me
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vetiver-vanity · 7 months ago
Alright you’re on. Your choice of weird poem prompts. A) the red lab coat. B) falling starlight. C) heard from under the snow drift. 🙂
Alright here goes. Didn't choose b) because I wrote way too many poems about stars lol and I wasn't sure what a red lab coat symbolized but thought if I did write one, it would be aggressively political sooooo C) IT IS. And of course, leave it to me to make the poem full of metaphors and barely decipherable :)
Suspicions run high
and the cold stiffens
the softness of our hands,
left dry to touch the hearts
of others but the
feathers of faith fell swiftly
quickly beneath glaciers
as geometric tears, snowflakes
of nearby apostles and angels
hurling death into snow piles,
mystifying rose glasses
of besought travelled miles.
The lunacy of these great, white hills
like the glow of a full moon
in the midnight, shines...
the hopes and dreams
screams of our broken voices
barely heard under the snow drift.
No one cares, no one knows
the deception of a weightless gift
in the cold that keeps our echoes adrift.
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cursedspaceofair · 2 months ago
fluff dialogue prompts
“take my hoodie; it’s cold outside.”
“can i hug/kiss you?”
“your hands are really warm.”
“you look adorable.”
“can i sleep next to you?”
“i’ll protect you no matter what.”
“i’ll always be by your side.”
“give me your hand.”
“i love you.”
“i really like you.”
“can i play with your hair?”
“your lips/hands/hair are/is really soft…”
“i don’t wanna get out of bed!” “well, you have to.”
“i had a nightmare…” “c’mere.”
“pinky promise?”
“let me take care of you.”
“are you blushing?”
“can we cuddle?”
“it’s okay, you’re safe now.”
“don’t worry. i got you.”
“i can give you a massage if you’re sore.”
“you’re as pretty as the stars.”
“don’t get up yet. please?”
“let me make you something to eat.”
“i really missed you.”
“trust fall!”
“i think i like you.”
“can i hold your hand?”
“you’re amazing.”
“as much as i love you, please go to sleep.”
“i got you a present.”
“you’re my safe spot.”
“you wanna get some ice cream?” “it’s 2 a.m.” “and?”
“let’s go on a car ride.”
“kiss me.”
“i can’t believe you’re actually mine.”
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deadpoetlynn · 7 months ago
Poetry Prompt
The color blue. That is all
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amafallingdown-blog · 8 months ago
Writing Prompts Week 3
This last week or so has been very hectic in our personal lives and we shared poems and swapped prompts later in the week than usual. But, here they are!
Sliz got: 1. Write a poem using 2 lines from one of your favorite rap/hip hop songs. 2. "Kindred spirits" 3. Men of clay and mud. I (Ama) got: 1. "Things I'll Not Do" 2. Nowhere, Middle America 3. "The War Against Imagination"
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trizena · 6 months ago
Sweet 16
I still have no idea why is it called sweet 16 And here I am trying to comprehend why it is called that way.
It's sweet Maybe because it's the start of something different— Far from childhood that I always reminisce. I'm certain that this age is an open door. It's sweet because this age means new experiences. It's sweet because it's at the tip of my tongue. It's new. It's strange, but it's a gateway. Where? To bitterness?
I searched it up. It's said that it marks the end of a girl's childhood. And I teared up. It's the feeling I always feel reminiscing about my childhood life. It was fun, maybe even the happiest I've been, But I always hope for something happier.
It's sweet. It's new. It's strange. It's at the tip of my tongue. It will be bitter, but it's a good start That the welcome of the open door is sweet. And it will linger, All the way Until the end — Even if it might be bitter. I promise I will always manage to incorporate sweet always.
Bittersweet, Just the way I like it.
— trizena
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amaya-thepoet · 11 months ago
the best versions
of us were never enough
we let them thread insecurities
into our veins
they silenced and forced us to show crooked smiles
it made them comfortable with torture
if you listen closely
you can hear
them say “dirty pretty things don’t get to wish for more”
their carefully placed words
leave victims with invisible scars
cut with knives laced with poison
—versions of us // (poem-a-day) day one
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three-word-prompts · 3 months ago
of drowned perfection
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aurora-in-the-dark · 7 months ago
My heart is a flower, it blooms to those who shower love on it.
Thanks for the prompt @deadpoetlynn
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greywoodpoetry · 4 months ago
Poetry Prompt
Song lyrics!
Send me a snippet of lyrics from a song you like and I’ll write a poem based on those lyrics!
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