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justamomenta year ago
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However short the road is. Who stomps, leaves a mark! 馃枻馃
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billiejeans-teeth3 months ago
i rewatch movies.
and i reread books.
i keep my playlists in chronological order
incase i ever feel nostalgic.
i saved the perfumes i used in every year of my life,
most of them at least.
i live my life in memories
and i like it here.
so i guess the great tragedy of age is that
there will be some feelings i cannot linger in
that listening to an old band or smelling mangos
will not bring back.
like how the sky looked when i was little
and how beautiful it all was
and how i felt lucky to exist.
like how i used to fall in love
consuming and blushing
i dont think i will ever feel anything as colourfully as i used to.
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dadaaesthetic3 months ago
"What crime did I commit to make you destroy me?"
_饾悓饾悮饾悺饾惁饾惃饾惍饾悵 饾悆饾悮饾惈饾惏饾悽饾惉饾悺
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guildoftinyheroesa month ago
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A Hat Full of Sky
Carved into the hillside, the white horse waits, frozen, mid-gallop, forever. Companion of many walks, visible for miles around, reminding us all of the need to run free and be wild in nature. Spirit and essence of animal writ large in chalk. A language understood by the souls of generations.
"Tain't what a horse looks like, it's what a horse be." -- Terry Pratchett, A Hat Full of Sky
Inktober #30
Saturday 30th October 2021
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rosebluecloudsa month ago
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you don鈥檛 know how much you meant to me.
how the words that left your lips
pierced my heart,
lurking in my head for hours.
how the sweet texts you sent
are locked up in my gallery
after all these months.
i look at them sometimes,
the screenshots taking me back
to a time that may have existed,
to a version of us
that looks perfect
in the haze of nostalgia.
is that a smile or a grimace?
a bittersweet taste on my tongue.
you don鈥檛 know how much you meant to me.
that drunken voice note still haunts me.
鈥渋 love you鈥漵 whispered in the dead of the night.
hours before dawn broke;
days before your heart did too.
i'm not sorry though.
i was sick of us,
sick of running in circles,
of the loop we were stuck in,
of our never-ending endings,
one step forward, two steps back.
you were a habit I couldn鈥檛 break,
but it was time to stop.
like a wilted flower clinging to a branch,
it was time to let go.
old habits die hard,
but as the nostalgia fades,
reality slams into me in waves.
and I鈥檓 glad I never told you
just how much you meant to me.
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imanismadness14 days ago
Hi. Sorry it's been a while. Again.
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When you start healing, you really think your trauma isn't gonna hit back?
You'll be surprised how creative it gets.. Because if you confront it face to face, it loses all the hard work it's done on you.
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thepoetshelf3 months ago
Hey star,
Can I run to you tonight?,
Do you know how I鈥檝e been or what I鈥檝e been through?,
Can you show me an escape to this dark big sky?, of where I can go to hear no one鈥檚 voice & where I can never be found.
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I see you,
In the clouds,
Again the sky is of our colour,
I see you there.
I saw you yesterday,
Near that broken gate,
Behind the trees, I saw you looking,
Looking at me.
Tomorrow I'll see you again,
Near the river, behind the church,
Under today's sky, behind yesterday's trees,
I'll see you smiling,
I'll see you blushing,
I'll see you again.
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h-daneme3 months ago
the thing that people get confused with about me not wanting to fall in love is that they assume i am scared of getting hurt, but the reality is that i鈥檓 scared of loving someone in the way i鈥檝e seen my father love my mother. in a way that causes only pain.
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