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What’s weighing on your heart also keeps your feet shackled. Let it go … Let them go… you’ll feel much better. Move on!


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the sun is shining again

altough it’s light isn’t golden anymore

the sun is robbing me of my inspiration

what was once my muse is now the suns fuel

I can see, I can smell again

thanks to the sun

but I can feel myself less

thanks to the sun

I was my own muse and now I am feeding myself to the sun

just to feel warm again

I feel warm again, inside the suns belly.

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You feel your existence when your silhouette appears in the eyes of the other. Don’t you feel lost if no one offers you a look? It is your existence that you wish to prove. So what happens to you who are confined alone, locked between four walls?

You wonder about your existence.

irina c

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the taste of chlorine & washed out gin

paints no finer taste or better flavour

than such beautifully bittersweet bliss

& yet savours agonized delight only so soon .

i miss the colours of sweat

melted over chimney tops

& bleeding on old roof shingles

when glass glows bright under the stars

or when we had only but the world to roam .

there are dreamers who never turn back

or find a single, most forward path ;

that isn’t our life’s only available option

because once we find our way home

there is no going back to who we were .

i recall the bridge of memories i found

where love was shared & everyone rejoiced

mistakes burnt over peace pipes & wine bottles

yet the fantasy of living died the very next day .

we were those pioneers of opportunity

to venture ourselves lost in the leaves

but somehow emerge with triumph with sticks

& hum songs of birds without a worry again ;

no we didn’t find any proper destination

but rather ourselves in a world anew .

“small steps from teensy toes”

Poem/Photo: SELF


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Darling! The moon Also return sun,

“It’s light every night for the early Dawn” and you muse these blurry Dark times will never Pass,you’ll never see the Shining stars.


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मेरी रचनाऐं ।- सरोज आर्या।
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If the sky was ours for today:

If the sky was ours for today,

Would you after this prolonged silence, knock up at my door

And ask me to bring the treasured pieces of chalk that we once used to hold?

Would you draw the birds a wonderland to chirp their songs in,

Or would you paint us a maze to let ourselves get lost in?

We could go high up and fly with the eagles or fall like the rain

And the height or the fall won’t scare me for your hand and the sky will be mine for the day:

Stargazing on top of the roof we could cherish the young times

And for a moment my mind won’t linger to the thought that ‘were you ever mine?’

I’d be listening you sing and talk the whole night long

And even when we turn into strangers again I would feel no awe.

Because though there will always be the what if’s and the mights:

But the day will keep on reminding me that we can always be one whole again when the time is right ❤️


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I thought of myself as a fragile rose

Holding onto its last

Most tender

And beautiful parts

I held those parts

Firmly, with a tight grip

Hiding them away

From this world

For I knew

It would one day

Take them away

Without my consent

As I grew up

It happened,

My heart was left

With nothing

But a empty space,

The softest of parts

Were taken away

As if they never belonged to me

In the first place

So one fine morning

I decided to be something

Which the world wouldn’t want,

I started collecting,

Decorating my skin

With wild flowers

And thorns

Expecting that

The world wouldn’t

Dare to take them away

For it only cares about beauty

No matter what

Is it’s size or shape

I covered my body with thorns

And I drowned myself in pain

Expecting that the world

Wouldn’t want me

Since I am composed

Of everything but pretty

Or soft or tender things.

The saddest part

Wasn’t that I was right,

It was when I realised

I could never become

That rose


Which I once was

Until you (the world)

Left me to die.

-parul nigam

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