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uptownjack · 2 minutes ago
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what I have witnessed i can remember clearly even if untrue
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teleportingtypewriter · 9 minutes ago
We all are too afraid to let our faces showwhile we watch our our little flowers growin caramel colored ceramic potswe’ve stacked in a row by the window,we always look straight throughto the other side of the island.There’s a donkey chewing onion grassby the dirt road kids ride bikes downevery summer day, and the thing makesso much noise I think it’s dying.I smell the drinks the woman next door…
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perfectquote · 14 minutes ago
When other people treat you poorly keep being you. Don’t ever let someone else’s bitterness change the person you are.
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pppower · 14 minutes ago
twin's dimples
early winter, I kissed him in the dark, we were in the back of his car, for once, I felt like someone of my age.
I walked home alone that night, thinking of you, our twin's dimples, last kisses before the train go, and the last time I saw you leave.
he called me up saying I am an artwork, not for me, I see the brush strokes.
I am my mother's spitted daughter, love chokes me, and when it's gone, I can't believe it was real, so every love it's always a first.
I am standing so low, I'll come around.
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justinleeparker · 15 minutes ago
With Invitation
Exo exo aye No supper tonight But high-sided advice Upon this I dine regularly It is no feast for the eyes But the mind grows strong and fat and flatulent
To die right is one way to celebrate the night And so I slide off of the horse, take off my robe, and slouch away to bed to pray that for such a time as this I am appointed to have my head removed for approaching the king within his gates and at his invitation
How he honors me In holding back his hand
Haman was not hanged: he starved to death
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the-ceo-diary · 15 minutes ago
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So don't hang on to someone who's long gone without you Do you agree? #the_ceo_diary @the_ceo_diary #quotes #poems #Inspiration #writing #Wishes#writer #thoughts #future #poemsbyme #past #history #poemsofinstagram #poetryloverscommunity #poetrysociety #poemoftheday❤️ #poetryloversofinstagram #story #selflove #Stuttgart #badenwuerttemberg #germany #motivation #motivationalquotes (at Stuttgart, Germany)
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weltenweiterwandrer · 16 minutes ago
You are multitudes, composed of plenties. Things aren't just simply things: They are a certain version of themselves interconnected by meanings you create. You sculpture realities flavored in your curiosity. Your first breath: a hand grenade big bang. Your last one: collapsing to singularity again. You share secrets, like speech bubble treasure jars filled with all those small noticings, sparkling particulars, your beautiful mind raised to the peerage being worthy of remembrance. Like a painting capturing hyperreal truth You are a world on its own. You are particular you.
Kerim Mallée
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purposetastic · 18 minutes ago
Happiness is within. It has nothing to do with how much applause you get or how many people praise you. Happiness comes when you believe that you have done something truly meaningful.
– Martin Yan
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definegodliness · 20 minutes ago
Phials of light
Seek not love All I know is where it used to resonate The space turned vacant
A loveless cage
You, who shall not be bound To words... Primordial queen... goddess Terms fall short, and as such It is senseless
I confess to you my callous emptiness
I have turned a collector
A thief, wielding  A blade-like quill, stealing Snippets of brightly souls To display their Comforting luminescence, beaming
There, where love used to resonate
All the lights Have been swindled
Covertly obtained, and small enough To never be missed; never be noticed In being taken
Infatuation Never acted upon Due to its fleeting nature Yet appropriated Eternalized in inspiration; bottled up To prevent the foreordained Escaping From loveless cage
A display case
All these phials of light...
They are mine And as such, the world’s For though they’re prized possessions They are not my own
When I am gone At long last engulfed by the darkness I now so egotistically fend off in some Unjustly claimed right To existence
All will be released as stars; as poems Infused with the hope to shine ever on
Yet I will be annulled Completely
Finally metamorphosed to this Callous emptiness
Wherein each snippet of soul was stolen To see a life, long stripped from purpose By placebic virtue, prolonged
--- 19-6-2021, M.A. Tempels ©
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lipikkawrites · 25 minutes ago
If two points are destined to touch, the universe will always find a way to make the connection - even when all seems to be lost. Certain ties cannot be broken. Across time, across space, among paths we cannot predict - nature always finds a way.
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parasomnambulist · 27 minutes ago
Droopy Juniper
My folks call it *****
I don't know it by
Any other name - another rose
Another thorn in my mane
Buy a bouquet and mansplain a stoner
She braining my dome with pebbles
I'm taking the 2 train home
I'm on the 4train for some
r o g a i n e
Surfing 4chan with my zenpais
Want a 4some with my 4head?
I got 2 and you're the 1
That's not rubber that's just
Wish my parents had the 4sight
When they 4ced me out the womb
© @parasomnambulist June 19, 2021
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wolfstarrysky · 28 minutes ago
Remnants of a Broken Sky
I cannot explain what this poem is about, I wrote this at a very transitive period in my life, so I leave the interpretation up to you guys, I hope you like it
To be floating above it all
The waves and the raging fires
The translucent veil of denial
The light trickling through the cracks
Eyelids fluttering to the breaking sky,
I’m too preoccupied trying to find a place to hide
I don’t know what to say whether to lie or to confide
Words are a gust of air, clawing my insides.
My being, a heap of dried leaves;
Withering in the light of noon.
Screams and crashes, blood and tears.
My eyes are covered, wires wound around my beating heart.
I’m too preoccupied trying to find a place to hide.
To look beyond the veil at the remnants of a broken sky.
When the words stop, and the world is full of sorry sighs
That’s when I feel it, the silence gnawing at my insides
Scratching and scraping, ripping and tearing.
I can’t look, not in the mirror, not in their eyes.
All I see are strings hanging loose.
I yell profanities in the void, hoping it would stitch me back
Hoping it would release the angry little person running wild.
All that happens is that I lose control, a sorry little sack.
I lose myself. I turn into a nightmare, fucked up and vile.
We’re all nothing but masks.
We’re echoes of artificial laughter and forced smiles.
But, I don’t see a thing.
I am too preoccupied trying to find a place to hide.
To look beyond the veil at the remnants of a broken sky.
@adoginthemanger @mydogisgaytoo @rustycoffemachine @starviki @edgar--allan--h0e @simposexual @jugn00
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ongerijmd · 29 minutes ago
het komt erop neer dat ik dicht bij je wil zijn
ik zie je lopen op het strand en ik wil het zand zijn dat je voeten draagt, het zonlicht dat omlaag stroomt langs je voorhoofd, schouders, heupen, de golven die je bijna kunnen kussen.  
ik wil je schilderen met je sandalen in je hand en je natte haren dansend in de wind,   maar ik kan niet schilderen. ik kan alleen maar kijken en zuchten.
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thoughtkick · 30 minutes ago
Go and love someone exactly as they are. And then watch them transform into the greatest, truest version of themselves.
Wes Angelozzi
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