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by Rainer Maria Rilke
Translated by Edward Snow

How my body blooms from every vein
more fragrantly, since you appeard to me;
look, I walk slimmer now and straighter,
and all you do is wait-:who are you then?

Look: I feel how I’m moving away,
how I’m shedding my old life, leaf by leaf.
Only your smile spreads like sheer stars
over you and, soon now, over me.

Whatever shines through my childhood years
still nameless and gleaming like water,
I will name after you at the altar,
which is blazing brightly from your hair
and braided gently with your breasts.

Matti Fischer - Ruth

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Hi there, put on a smile!

There are people watching, keep it there for a while.

Will they see through it?

Will they believe it?

Nobody knows,

It’s a guessing game.

Hello there, show us your grin!

Show it with pride, with an upright chin.

Do they know it’s painted?

That you faked it?

Wherever you go,

It stays the same.

Come on now, where’s that smirk?

You know that to worry is a tedious irk.

Have you tried speaking?

Have your thoughts started leaking?

No, go with the flow,

Just fan the flame.

Happy thoughts, happy thoughts,

Keep the vibe moving,

Let your body start grooving.

Ignore those thoughts, ignore those thoughts,

Don’t show them you’re losing,

Just keep on perusing.

This plight,

Your fight.

Lose might,

You might.

Don’t blight,

Your sight.

Let them focus on the kite.

There’s hope,

In a rope.

This slope,

You still cope.

While you mope,

In a lope.

Make it seem like you’re the dope.

Teeth out,

Mouth shut.

Still heart,

Live strut.

Laugh straight,

Sobs cut.

Don’t make yourself look nuts.

… Alright, now wipe it off. You’re done for the day.

You’re off the hook,

Nothing more to say.

You can lay back now, rest your face, your eyes.

Let down your lips,

Let out all your cries.

Now, stay quiet, find your silence.

Ignore the noise,

Beware the sirens.

You’re lucky your head isn’t inside out.

You’re just alone in this lively town.

Everybody would laugh at the party clown.

It’s not just the frown you can turn upside down.

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Hey there, how’s it going?

It’s been a while since we’ve seen each other.

… What do you mean you don’t know who I am?

We’ve been together like we were brothers!

It’s me! Chris? I’ve always looked out for you…

Even as kids, I would worry for you.

It’s nice to see that there are others besides me,

Though, us not together is something new.

Whenever you were in trouble, I’d call for help,

I remember how many people would come.

All at once, at the sound of my voice,

But not even then was my job ever done.

The times kept coming, you’ve met more friends,

A few close ones, but it’s still a good start.

To think that you’ve handled this on your own,

Even when we were seas, even oceans apart.

Now, I guess you have most of this covered.

Though it was nice talking to you again!

I’ll still be around, don’t ever think otherwise.

I’ll be here for you always, no matter when.

How long has it been since the last time?

I can’t remember either, it’s all a blur.

As long as it was the last time that you needed my help.

I just want you to be happy. I want to be sure.

I’m not Joyce, but don’t smile if you’re hiding.

Nor my sister Sadie, but feel free to vent.

Amber’s been away, but she wouldn’t want you upset.

Billy prays for you, but to Heaven he’s been sent.

I notice Terry’s still a nuisance,

But I know Brayden will show you right.

You and Timmy both can be unsure at times,

I trust Russ to show you two the light.

I know just how difficult life can get,

But it’s all in the mind. Don’t spring your own trap.

There are so many people and things I’ve missed,

But you’ll remember one day, all with a snap.

Family isn’t always blood, and no matter how far,

It’s your heart where you should keep them near.

I know we haven’t caught up in a long, long time,

But I’ll be there for you when you shed a tear.

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I guess it’s true, I can never hold the people I want close to me.

No matter how much I want them in my life,

Like a magnet,

I keep repelling those with my unknowingly opposite end.

False promises, false hope

I want to be close to them, and only end up getting farther away.


I can hear them cursing my name as we speak…

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Paintings on her skin,

color in her hair,

All these people, she doesn’t really care,

Her demeanor is in the air,

the air is everywhere,

It’s a losing game I tell you,

cause’ she isn’t playing the game of love fair.

It’s a one sided thing

& I’m silly,

It’s like something what Severus had for Lily.

I smell her bright skin sitting around her in class,

it’s even nicer than that of freshly cut grass.

She makes me feel a like crazy full of joy bubble,

makes easier to get past the morning hurdle,

and “what she thinks about me” maybe a trouble

or maybe a smooth flow of air to my bubble.

But don’t go all mesmerized by her

She’s sometimes rude,

But I don’t wanna see that part of her

cause that’s where my nerves delude.

And a sweet little long conversation with her,

that I don’t crave,

cause aren’t we all just happy in our way.

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Dear clementine,

I know that you have already forgotten about me

And your off on your self journey

I cant forget those eyes and how they

Pierced through the night

And your raven black hair

Oh, i would just stare

I remember the time when we danced all


We smoked until the sun came

And when it was time for me to leave

It started to rain

I wanna just dance with you one last time

Like its the end of the world

Lets smoke until we’re higher than high

Lets laugh at stupid things like

A pencil falling or

Your friend when shes calling,


Lets hide under sheets and escape the cold

That outside brings

Lets talk about the future and what you

Want on your wedding ring

Lets talk about if space is even real, and

If aliens are brain washing us all

And if Lucifer is real and do angels really fall?

Lets talk about the mind and if can we unlock it all

Lets talk about sports are you into basket ball?

Oh, clementine i wish you were mine even if it was for a short time

Clementine, i know you will have my heart for forever and a day

Even if you don’t want it, your still gonna

Have it either way

I wished I opened my mouth but i was scared to say…

I love you





I hope your doin good, and i hope that your fine

I hope whatever darkness that clouds your

Mind, leaves

And i hope that you have a bright future full

Of fun moments and good memories

Dont worry about me Clem, im doin ok, im doin fine

Just writing shit just to pass time

Just listening to santera by sublime

But moral of the story i can never forget you

My dear sweet clementine






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