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molecoledigiornia day ago
Ho conservato
le tue parole
in un lago di sale,
dove l鈥檜ltima pioggia
ha sciolto il silenzio.
C鈥櫭 un raggio di sole
nel freddo
che illumina solo
i tuoi occhi.
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poetrybymarine2 days ago
Tumblr media
Pg 103 from The Moon Taught Me馃寵
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anotherlxvea day ago
It hurts so much feeling like I鈥檓 never good enough. I feel like I鈥檓 only someone temporary until something or someone better comes along. I don鈥檛 wanna feel like this anymore. It鈥檚 breaking me.
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cravedliterature2 days ago
Tumblr media
Crone, Maiden and mother all of that you are
You lead us through the dark and with your presence you bring us light.
All of us to you are grateful, for standing by our side and helping us with spells.
Queen of the witches, our journey with you is guaranteed to succeed.
In sacred nights and celestial days we honor your ways.
Mother of witches you hold the keys of all creations, yet you are the most splendid one I see.
Many ask for help not thinking to take a moment to ask about your day. How are you? Are you well? Did you cry or was your day hard?
To all you are mother, powerful and strong, beautiful and cunning Hecate your children are always by your side, ready to hear you and be your shoulder to lean on when everything goes dark.
Mother of all witches, you are our idol and our guide, you're the light that helps us survive.
So in this tween hour, we call upon the sacred power, mother hear our plea we love you endlessly.
Written by me.
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The lily of the valley,
Whom you had a rendezvous
With, has bloomed atlast
No longer she blushes at your glance
Fragrance of her souls
Fills the valleys, she has untied
The beauty, she was caged in once
The soul you met,
Has personified the sun............
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krispymusickittena day ago
One Day
It was a deep October day,
On damp creek soil
Just me , my lover
and the shiny moonlight.
I gazed at the stars and pondered,
She made a canoe out of foil.
We stared into each other鈥檚 eyes ,
hoping to see a piece of us in the other.
If I could live one day again ,
this would be the one.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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ashberrrry8 hours ago
the first door is a point
with no size or dimension
just a location
with infinitely small mass
the second door is a line
from one point to another
a tightrope
against an infinite void
the third door is an opening
a path we all walk
the fourth door is the time it takes to walk it
from birth until death
the fifth door is beyond death
everything hereafter
everything you've known
but different in every way
all mathematical equations could never explain
that in the beyond, life continues
but I could never tell you that
you'll have to figure it out on your own
I鈥檒l wait on this side for you to cross over
//the fifth door by: alec prado//
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alwaysdreamingga day ago
"Dil itni mohabbatten paa kar bhi us aik mohabbat ke liye tarapta hai, jo hasil nahi. Vo aik laa hasil mohabbat jaany kyun sab mohabbaton par haawi hai."
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disparame-en-la-sien2 days ago
El dolor era un oc茅ano, y nunca aprend铆 a nadar...
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elycwinters2 days ago
New Beginning
She decided to change, to let go of the past that had been painful to her, she cut and dyed her hair, bought new clothes and planned her move 鈥 there would be no space in her life for the ashes you left behind. So she takes everything that鈥檚 in the closet then walks outside, the moon is high and the stars are alight & so鈥 she dumps everything in the middle of her patio and lights a match, one deep breath and everything goes up in flames.
- Ely C, Winters.聽
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luvishjunejaa day ago
There鈥檚 no need to check my Spotify wrapped .i am the most played this this year .
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apoetsnook2 days ago
Tumblr media
I wish I was this special type of shallow.
To loiter in a simple world that waterbends
to your crevices waves
upon shore like a godsend,
a dream come true.
Atlantis has always been at our fingertips.
Harmony can be found in ponds meditating
miles into the backwoods of our towns.
We all choose to skip stones
and experiment with the water tension
that forms a transparent portal.
Easy access whirlpools an endless gesture
between Earth and heaven.
Be a koi that snorkels our planet:
feetless, graceful,
and with a hint of mystery.
"Shallow Atlantis" -P.J.C.
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certainbirdqueen23 hours ago
I have a taffeta dress with warm cream lace
I am hiding behind a oleander bush
I am talking to the canyon rabbit's
I love words
A birdcage with Bones/ rose's/ paper bird wings/ I travel in a old space craft to your illusionary gardens of monarchs and Glass/I drink water and cinnamon/ eat pancakes with butter/ I am gold inside/ my body is a flower/ rose of Sharon/ Bethlehem Stars/ poetry books with faeries dripping honey/ I am light/ I am heaven's guests/ whispering incantations/ finding a solar host/ eating whip creams and breads
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