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You love with everything that you are

everything that you have got

even when some don’t deserve it

i admire you for that

i adore you for that

because you gave me love

when i didn’t know what i needed to survive

and that’s mostly the case with people like me, isn’t it?

we don’t know what we need

until its the only thing keeping us alive.

© wordgenie

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I think I’ve accepted it now

the way things had to go

and though I still have moments

when it hurts even a little 

it doesn’t come anywhere close

to the happiness you brought

I’m sorry if I ever made you feel

like you weren’t enough

cause you were so much more

than anyone could imagine

I cherish all the good

and accept that sometimes 

things don’t work

but that’s okay

chapter closed

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Your mother’s kiss when you leave the house

Walking towards the metro station

Staring at the sky and breathing

Anxiety of the day ahead fading away

The sound of your footsteps on the pavement

Laughter of children playing in the streets

Warmth of the people you meet everyday

The slightly inappropriate jokes you laugh at with others

Little light-hearted moments breaking the monotony of each day

The street food you gobble for the fiftieth time

The rush of the city

Hope of dreams fulfilled

Lovers walking by without a care in the world

The ride back, your favorite album blaring in your ears

Greeting you like a faithful companion

The sound of your bustling home

Your mother’s food

Full of health and love

Even tiredness after a long hard day

With fulfillment of a another day lived

Most of all, the wide sky

The green trees

The breeze on your face

A slice of freedom

Things you usually reject

Now no amount of wishing could give you

Every little thing that forms a part of your life

Every little thing that adds comfort and joy

You don’t realize its presence until its gone

You don’t appreciate it until you no longer have it

When the new dawn breaks

There will be hugs and cries and kindness

So much more kindness

For each other other, for ourselves

Laughter that is free

Love would be given without restrictions

Because you don’t know

If someday, there may be no one to give your love to

- Tavleen

Day 9 of Napowrimo

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By irishandrogyne

Two Roads Diverged in a Yellow Wood
And sorry, I could only travel one.
Because as long as I stood,
I gazed in the wood
I knew the path I wanted was done

For deep in the wood, on either side
There were people who said they knew best.
And being that I wanted them to treat me with pride.
I felt as though there was nowhere to hide.
But what they said, I never would’ve guessed.

“You must take this path, if you want any money”
“You must take this path, if you want to live long.”
“If you want life that’s sunny.”
“If you want no disharmony.”
“If you want your heart to sing a light song.”

But I looked down that road
And saw the path swerve
Far away from the snow
And where the singing brook flowed.
Far from what I wanted or deserved.

But I had to listen to the voices around.
Or they would abandon me and leave me for dead.
And so I was bound.
My feet walking the ground
Down the path that filled me with dread.

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For nobody but me

on the dark grey of the air and rain and

roads from the greyish gray weather

humans walk back and forth and here

and there they cross as if to say that

their direction is the right one

large walls and arches so but in each

other when I look into walls of glass

as in a casual space

no human and thing dominate in urge

after a pale day like this and when

night falls after many closed doors

the wind knocks but no door that

opens and if I imitate the wind I open

the door for nobody but me in another

day like this


Paul V. De Bièvre. 09.04.2020

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give me solitude

bring me rage

nodding off

just stay the same

consumerist, vultures for a pretty face

dyed hair rooted in fear

that your personality

won’t be your career

comment, like, subscribe

feedback to keep

these bullshit artists



without anything to say

your relevance

will slowly go with age


of a passion for fame

will last

as long as they remember your name.

stay sick

gustav would roll in his grave

if he saw the millions of motherfuckers

claiming his brain.

trends are dope for teenage veins.

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For You.

My friends are having these intimate, meaningful, romantic relationships with other people and I couldn’t be happier for them. Still, I feel so alone.

I am growing into adulthood and yet I haven’t kissed a single living soul in this lifetime and I yearn to know what it is like.

I can’t help but believe in a past life I was a romantic. I believe I found love so meaningful to me sometimes it bleeds over into my dreams.

I can write stories of love so intense and whole that it must come from somewhere, experiences I can no longer remember.

A part of me knows there is someone in this world looking for me but I am afraid my circumstances in this life have made it harder for them to find me.

If I didn’t know such pain, if I wasn’t so messy would I have found them by now? And if I do find them, would I even recognize them?

Or would I miss them because of the way I am in constant conflict with myself?

If I knew my emotions well enough, would I know you too if I met you?

There is a myth that beauty marks are left behind in the space that your soulmate’s lips last touched.

I have a beauty mark on the curve of my neck where it meets my right shoulder.

I imagine you kissing me there and my heart swells painfully in my chest.

I wonder how close we must have been for me to let your lips brush my skin there. It must be so meaningful a feeling to want kiss all of someone.

To have our last kiss be one where your lips did not find my own makes me think we did not know it would be our last one.

Soulmate, I want so badly to find you and know you deeply.

I hope you can forgive me for the wait. I hope I find myself quickly enough to find you and we will not spend this lifetime apart only to look for each other again in the next one.

I do not want to wait that long.


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A certain kind of light

It all looked the same didn’t it?

No human ever wasted a wish in this light

Bathed in translucence

It was all a quiet mind could do

This of course; easier than the alternative

The world could last a minute

A moment of light passing to dark

A moon takes over, and shadows ever present

No human ever wasted a wish in this light

And on it goes, always on time

Always in rythem

Dwelling on a certain kind of light

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the ignorance of not knowing
exactly why we are here for
is an inner violence
we are not aware of
as though we are walking
in the middle of nowhere
dying with thirst
while the sun heat
burns our passion
that is still unknown

- purpose

M // 244

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A look at old pictures shows

A smile long disappeared

Its beautiful and happy

Shame it’s no longer here

I remember that smile

From when I was young

The way my mom looked while

I stuck out my tongue

Her beautiful laugh

That danced through the air

I wish it came back

In place of her stare

But it won’t anymore

The damage has been done

Its shut away in her drawer

Along with the sun

And now I live with the knowledge

That it was all my fault

And inside I am trapped

In an unbreakable vaut

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