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relatable-writings · a year ago
I always think of you before I fall asleep. The words you said, the way you looked. The things we laughed about, the silent moments we shared. And when I dream, I'll dream of you. Because it's about you, it's always about you.
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a-moonlit-poet · a month ago
One sided love
The glistening nights,
Dipped in the embrace of Moon,
Hugged me closer,
As I thought of you.
Your gentle words,
Kind gestures,
Always made me seek
The angel in you.
Making me wonder,
If I have fell for you.
There's a truth,
I want you to know.
But the thought of losing you,
Never left my soul.
How'd it feel,
to hold you close,
Link my fingers with yours,
Kiss you, until we both gone,
And walk with you,
Until we can no more.
You are making me feel weak.
You are becoming my weakness.
But that's okay.
It's a feeling,
I adore the most.
But a nightmare,
Will soon come true.
When there will be someone else,
Who will be loved more.
I won't complain,
Unless you are happy.
But please never forget,
That there's a girl,
Who will always smile,
And wait for you.
--To someone who makes me a lot better.
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kerra-nicole · a year ago
A blade I took To the bathroom I stared in the mirror And wondered what’s left for me I ran the bath I got in I sliced my wrist Once twice and again Blood all around Thinking I’ll be dead soon I put my head under water The next thing I see Is the hospital bedroom Staring back at me
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I leave the porch light on
It's past midnight,
I still hope you come by
So I lay still, in my dark room
Playing with your shadows,
Moving my fingers through them
Caressing them sweet,
Humming our memories
Turning them to lullabies,
Hoping the ghost of our
Past, will sleep tonight.........
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drarrylover4life · a month ago
You told me you loved me.
And you convinced me to love you back.
But as soon as I gave you my everything.
You walked the other way.
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doriantomybasil · 12 days ago
I want to tell you everything. I like you, I love the way you throw your head back when you laugh, I only learned how to ride a bike when I was 11, I loved the way you danced with me, I get scared of thunderstorms sometimes, I felt my heart jump when you put your hand on my waist, I don’t know who I am sometimes, I miss you.
I want to say nothing. Only to look into your eyes, hold your hand, sit on you lap, lay down next to you, walk with my arm looped into yours, sit next to you on the bus, cup your cheeks in my hand, kiss you, sleep next to you, hug you and never let you go.
I do nothing.
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thespiritdoll · a year ago
Tumblr media
Sometimes you need to write yourself a poem and remind yourself that yes, you are magic.
*there’s a typo, it should read “I am as bright as the Auroras”
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azazielleasstral · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I recognize your taste. The feel of your skin. The beating of your heart. Trickles of blood in bodies of water; swirls of red ebb and flow. Your sips are fleeting but passionate and though I don’t know you, I remember the way you sighed after my juices touched your tongue. I remember the way you speak, the way you think. I’m so glad I met you. Do you remember me too?
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everytimeyousaygoodbye · a month ago
And we stared into each other's gleaming eyes, as we unfolded the things we adored, tales of past and the hopes of the future. As if the present didn't matter, drifting into the night softy, we bared our souls as the moonlight clothed us. It was dawn, when I realised how lovely it is to be touched by soul..........
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