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ayes7a · 10 months ago
"ما فاتك لم يُخلق لك وما خُلِق لك لن يفوتك، فاطمأن."
What you missed was not created for you and what was created for you will not be missed, so be assured.
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writethatdown · 10 months ago
let's talk more about deeper stuff. yes. go ahead and ask me about my opinions on soulmates, about what i think about stars, tell me about that cute cat you saw on your way to school, about a bunch of flowers you bought for your mom. tell me how you would describe this world, your aesthetics, your visions and dreams, about secret adventures still oblivious to your parents. ask me about the time of history no one cares about, about art and poems, talk about a favorite tattoo you would like to have, your favorite songs and what they mean to you, that movie which made you cry. describe that person you are in love with and your plans about confessing to them. do you like rooftop conversations or sleepovers? do you regret something so badly it keeps you up at night? what is your story? how do you want it to be? what do you want to be? tell me more. tell them all.
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deadpoetsstuff · a year ago
art museums, classic poetry, and greek mythology is the holy trinity of dark academia
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melindacarolinee · 13 days ago
He would always try to come back
Promising me the world
telling me how much he loves me
about the future we were going to have
how I’m the only thing he ever thinks of
And right when he had me
where he wanted me?
He showed up empty handed
with love nowhere on his lips
no future with me in his destination
thinking of me only in the heat of the moment
And after getting what he wanted?
leaving me with a heavy chest
weighed down with regret and shame
with empty promises lingering in the air
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escapeluminary · 2 months ago
we’re a free verse poem that never rhymed syllables batten on different pages; I was one step forward you were two steps back always on a waltz on crumpled paper. we were two lines that thrived through broken stanzas and in crashed out letters we came to close; but though I was a morning sigh to your seeking sunset though I loved you too soon and you loved me too late though we were a ballad of unsynchronized heartbeats, darling, we were poetry— if only tragic.
— kirstie mae kate
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whiskedthought · 2 months ago
fall in love -- with that one poem which has made you cry a lot, fall in love with someone or something , that last sip of coffee , those empty bottles of whiskey , those half written letter and those color changing skies. Fall in love with the unpredictable weather and the ground which might not always stay stable. Love your best friends nose when she scrunches at smell of half cooked food and the way she never fails to hug you a little tight every time you leave. Fall in love with your moms tantrums and your dads way of care. Fall in love with everyone and everything , cause life is a little less painful with you're in love with it.
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anonnimna · a year ago
jeste li ikada
toliko voljeli
da vas srce boli
jer osjećate i najmanju
promjenu raspoloženja
u njihovom glasu
dok samo želite
da vam bude uzvraćeno.
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deadpoetsstuff · a year ago
need to be in a bubble bath with lavender scented candles while listening to Florence Welch
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melindacarolinee · 6 months ago
The moments with you
are far and few between
But there’s always
this flicker of hope
That this time will be different
That this time you will stay
That this time you will keep your word
Filled with rushed moments
and wandering hands
With that smile on your face
and laugh spilling from your mouth
that steals my breath away
The way you touch me
like I am yours
and you are mine
And it feels like that
for a few stolen moments
Until my eyelids start to get so heavy
but I fight to keep them open
Because when morning hits
All I am left with
is the smell of you on my pillow
and you are nowhere to be found
This time wasn’t different
This time you didn’t stay
This time you didn’t keep your word
I am not yours
and you will never be mine
- Melinda Caroline
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surkhiyaan · 11 months ago
I feel kissing forehead is so underrated. Like come and sit by my side. Doesn't matter if I'm asleep or awake. Brush your lips on my forehead. I don't know if anyone feels it or not, but I feel my stomach churning and butterflies fluttering and lips shivering and my cheeks flushing more when lips meet forehead than when lips meet lips. Kiss my forehead and tuck my hair behind my ears like this is the last time we're seeing each other. That I'm someone you need than someone you desire. Like I'm someone whom you want to treasure than someone you have to keep. I want to be someone you love to kiss and not just someone whom you have to kiss.
Do you feel this way or are you normal?
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