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writethatdown · 6 months ago
let's talk more about deeper stuff. yes. go ahead and ask me about my opinions on soulmates, about what i think about stars, tell me about that cute cat you saw on your way to school, about a bunch of flowers you bought for your mom. tell me how you would describe this world, your aesthetics, your visions and dreams, about secret adventures still oblivious to your parents. ask me about the time of history no one cares about, about art and poems, talk about a favorite tattoo you would like to have, your favorite songs and what they mean to you, that movie which made you cry. describe that person you are in love with and your plans about confessing to them. do you like rooftop conversations or sleepovers? do you regret something so badly it keeps you up at night? what is your story? how do you want it to be? what do you want to be? tell me more. tell them all.
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heavyemptyheart · 3 years ago
you were a flower i adored so much i was scared you would wilt the second i laid my hands on you. so i kept my distance and prayed to the sun to keep shining on your darkest days and pleaded to the heavens for enough rain to keep you pure and beautiful. in my longing for you, i learnt to find pleasure and peace in loving someone so selflessly that it doesn’t matter if they’re aware enough to reciprocate your feelings. just you and your infatuation is enough.
is this what true love feels like?
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theprocast · 2 years ago
i am running out
of breath trying
to chase a lifetime
in a second
turning sunsets
into something more
than just
an ending
Kai Masa // making every second count
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