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There will be days in our lives

where we let the opinions of others

convince our hearts to lose focus of our dreams;

those days will come and go.

I need you to focus and push through.

Lets move forward so we can make our dreams a reality

a reality we can be proud of

a moment that we will cherish forever.

I want to motive others that feel they can’t push through

motivate those who some days want to throw in the towel.

Let it be known today you MATTER!

You are a spectacular being

You are loved!


NEVER Give in to the self hate

NEVER give in to peoples hurtful words.

Words are powerful and can cause pain

so I’m telling you today;

Ignore the negative and push through.



LISTEN TO the things that will motivate you

for your future is bright and I’m rooting for you!

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Once, I saw a picture of him with blackberry warpaint smeared across his glowing cheeks,

Schoolboy smile slashing his face, his chubby hands stained with indigo bruises;

Who would have known then what those hands would do, how stains can hide beneath the skin.


When I first met him, thick, sticky honey dripped from his lips like a promise,

Luring me for a taste of that sweetness, to seal myself against his mouth,

Like a fly kissing silken sap only to by engulfed by a tide of glowing amber.


Now his tongue is a flood of syrup that pours down my throat until my lungs are heavy,

Until my bones are splints of hardened sugar and my eyes are crystallised and cracking.


I hear how the red beats within you, rage and desire entwined in heavy breaths and beaded sweat,

My skin is a canvas for your artistry, my blood a spell that enchants with twisting trails of crimson:

Like you I am ensnared by the stain of your touch, the mark of your indigo hands.

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I hold within the raging wind,
Stand by and watch as I shatter the world,
Armed only with the jagged wrath of a vengeful verse.

I bring with me pain–
Pain of death, pain of love, pain of life, pain of hate–
No matter what there will always be the pain.

Let the swirling currents of Poseidon take you down,
Attacking the iron walls of will.
Fall into the depths of liquid terror–
Lose everything to the hidden hell within.

Gaze upon black skies as they close off to those in need,
Welcome the clouds to weep with those who stand alone–
Stand under the raging downpour of the apathetic masquerade–
Accomplishing only to swelter out on quickly cooling coals.

- Myrkrið Veit

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I cast a tender spell upon your ribcage, to enchant that jaded, yet plump heart within, to pour vigor, to revive vital wishes, in the midst of the garden of senses, by one luscious kiss of Cupid.
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a delightful peace fills my body

knowing no one will ever understand what meaning lies behind each constellation of letters i string up into words

but me

that these words of mine will always paint a different picture in someone else’s mind

that this is an art that will forever

be painted in my colors alone

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Una scintilla,/un lampo,/un tuono,/potente, roboante, immenso/mi hai travolto, piena tempesta,/un naufragio emotivo/nel tuo mondo poetico./Come un vortice marino,/come la gravità/mi attrai, verso il centro,/verso un buco nero/che assorbe ogni cosa;/trafitto, sconfitto e trasportato,/alla deriva di nuovo,/torno nel mare calmo della monotonia quotidiana:/porto i segni del tuo passaggio.

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“You never saw me, and I’m stuck trying to figure out how that could possibly be. It would be like denying the sun exists, I’m not as godly but if I was put in a room next to you I’d light up. I’d wrap my arms around you like sun rays warming the ocean as it rises in the morning. How can you, a person with sight deny the sun exists? Because surely even if you couldn’t see it, you’d still be able to feel it. Maybe I only thought I was the sun, but instead I’m actually the moon. Because I change each night in the hopes you’ll fall in love too darling.” - Mood orbit by Apryl Williams

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seems i cannot change

in the afternoon

where i stood there

i was only doomed 

to shed those tears

and be 


happy the next day

maybe that was it

when the rain came just on time

or when my hickeys could not be seen

but fate



i cannot simply accept

to be solely doomed

to scream your name

to the walls 

to beg them 

to bring you back

if you’ve already 

                                     [walked out the door

                                                         and left it open

as i cry

                - like a small child-

for you to forgive me

but what is there to do

if i’m only doomed to follow




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They say dreams are
a lot shorter than they feel.
Five hours is more like five minutes.
So give me the world in five minutes.
I’ll take it if it means I have
just a little bit more of you.

- G.L. Angelone

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Well nothing quite ever comes out right when you’re tryin’ to say something clean.It’s hard to hide from the thrashing nights,nobody cares about a junkie’s dream.

More of a sucker than a fiend..It’s hard to turn down a smiling friend, when everything becomes a scene you can’t make old dreams brand new again.

Ξυπνούσα από βαρύ ύπνο πέντε ωρών αργά το μεσημέρι.Απο τις πέντε το πρωί εως και τις εννιά με δέκα στριφογυριζα στον καναπέ, απ'την μια θέση στην άλλη,αλλά ποτέ δεν μπορούσα να ικανοποιηθώ.Σαν να πίστευα πως ακόμα και στον ύπνο έπρεπε να βρω ένα νόημα.Δεν ξεκουραζόμουν,αυτό ήταν δεδομένο,μετά από κάθε ξύπνημα έβρισκα τον εαυτό μου βυθισμένο σε μια ατέλειωτη εξουθένωση.Έπινα καφέδες ,όχι για να ξυπνήσω,μα για να νιώσω την πικρία στην γλώσσα μου ,και αγαπούσα αδιόρθωτα τα ίχνη που άφηνε ο καπνός των τσιγάρων στον ουρανίσκο μου.

Αναπολουσα πάλι,τις μέρες που έδινες ζωή στην μιζέρια μου.Μου έλεγες ιστορίες,σε άκουγα με ευλαβική προσήλωση,σαν φανατικό μέλος κάποιας αίρεσης που εσύ είχες δημιουργήσει.Δεν υπήρχε ντροπή.Είτε ήταν για πιωματα,είτε για εξευτελιστικές στιγμές,για παιδικές ιστορίες και χαμένα όνειρα,για κακό και καλό σεξ , αφραγκιες, εφιάλτες.Δεν υπήρχαν ταμπού.Έβγαινα έξω,πλέον μόνο για αλκοόλ,καθημερινές εξόδους με φίλους, γνωστούς, όποιον βρεθεί στον δρόμο,και σε έκανα εικόνα μπροστά μου.Τι θα απανταγες σε κάποια ερώτηση μου,πως θα γελαγες με ηλίθια αστεία της στιγμής, πως θα γυαλιζαν από χαρά τα μάτια σου σαν μου εξιστορούσες κάποια παλιά ή πρόσφατη περιπέτεια μετά από ξενύχτι.Μου είχε λείψει ο τρόπος που με κοιτούσες άμα δεν ερχόμουν να σου μιλήσω ,το σκάλωμα στο βλέμμα σου,τα αναφωνηματα έκπληξης και ειλικρινής χαράς οπότε σου έλεγα κάτι που δεν περίμενες να ακούσεις.

Ναι,μου ήταν μονάκριβες οι στιγμές που πίναμε παρέα.

Τότε το ποτό ήταν παρέα .

Τώρα είναι συντροφιά.

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