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“Sing me a song and I will try to sing along, walk the dog and I will try to tag along, love me and I will always get along, it’s just that sometimes I need to be reminded that nothing is wrong..”

Love me and love me always cause how I love your beautiful face - eUë

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Somewhere out in Hollywood

There is my neighbor

Who is posing in a shimmering dress

Each silver thread

Kissing back the flashing lenses

Holding close a man

Who is loving her back

And in a whispering dialect

They smile to each other

“As you are, so am I.”


So wrapped up in sheets

The two were sent to bed

The reporters to the press

To show the people who they miss

Only through my neighbor’s glass

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و لا زلت في عيشة كالخريف..

فإن الخريف جميعا سحر..

صفا الماء فيه و طاب الهوى..

يحليهما نسيم ريح عطر..

ترى #الزعفران بأعطافه..

يفوح التراب له المستعر..

و #آترجه عاشق مدنف..

إذا ما رجا طيب وصل هجر..

و #تفاحه فوق أغصانه..

خدود خجلن لوحي النظر..

و ما كنت أحسب أن الخدود..

تكون ثمارا لتلك الشجر!!




#تشرين.. وتبقى في القلب أجمل أمنية💛🍁..

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حلّ فصل الخريف..

فتساقطت كل أوراق الشجر..

و تناثرت حول الجذوع تنوح بصوت لا نسمعه..

و مضى بها الليل الطويل.. لتودع سيقان الشجر..

فبعد أن كانت تغني.. لترقص و تتمايل معا..

و بعد أن كانت خضرتها تباهي كل أغصان الزهر..

ها قد تفرق شملها.. و أصبح لونها أصفر..

و تهب الرياح..

لتكمل ما تبقى من أنشودة السفر..

و تمضي بكل واحدة لأرض الخطر..

نهاية كتبت لها على مر الزمان.. و خطها لها القدر!!




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Don’t forget.. #yadirf on Saturday night is tonight from 7 - 9 pm PST.. sexy sweet and hot every 20 min starting at 7 TONIGHT and every Sat!! If you are indoors and bored, tune in for some entertainment!! yadirf is Friday backwards, fyi.. send some asks during that time if you are really really bored.. anons are on and I will be on the whole time. Let’s have some fun AND be sexy sweet and hot. This isn’t an adult blog so all are welcome, it touches on adult subject matter but nothing gross or nude and it all has good morals.. sex, none of us would be here without it but respect it and each other, you know??

Right here on @euesworld

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when I was dying

I think it is really fucked up

to start a scentence like this

everyone complimented me

on slowly turning to ashes

‘You look so pretty dear’

they said

and I heard

'try harder"

when someone is suffering

from lung cancer

You don’t light them a cigarette

You don’t

You do not hand a suicidal person

a loaded gun

unless you want them to die

so why did you?

why did you handed me a gun?

what was I supposed to do with it?

besides pulling the trigger

when you are sixteen

and at some point

we all are

nothing is as easy as dying

without anyone noticing

dying isn’t like it is in the movies

a 60 second sequel

with blood and wounds and lots of noise

it is a quiet long-term-process

You do not recognise the dead


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Unsent Letters to You

Dear [Redacted],

Who am I? I have wondered my whole life and there were moments, I know, where I knew who I was. But those moments are long gone and I cannot seem to remember them. I cannot seem to remember who I thought I was in those flashes of time.

My whole life I’ve tried to be so many things, so many people. Even if I sit and meditate and ponder on who I really am, I’m not sure I’ll ever uncover that secret. Is it because I cannot be honest with myself? Is it because I’ve lied to myself for so long that I cannot possible understand what truly makes me me? I try to break myself down into categories I can comprehend but I am already broken into tiny confused fragments. Is it that I am too complicated? Or am I unbelievably simple to the point of misunderstanding my own thoughts and feelings? I do not know anymore.

I do not know myself or even how to find myself. Someone please tell me where to start looking.



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To be with you would be a treat.

Oh, how I would love to meet. 

To look into your eyes.

To see you smile.

You drive me wild.

With passion, with lust.

To say this is a must.

If I had you.

I’d make sure we never part. 

You will always have my heart. 


Terena G. Pickett (2016)

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To each is own.

That’s what I say.

We all have our opinions.

We all have our beliefs.

To each is own.

That’s what I say.

We do not need to agree.

We should not judge. 

To each is own.

Be you, Be me, Be free.


Terena G. Pickett (2016)


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