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#poetic prose
iambrillyant · 7 hours ago
“that thing that makes you unique, don’t dilute it for anyone who doesn’t like how sweet it tastes. don’t drown it for anyone who doesn’t know how to swim in its depths. don’t throw it away for anyone who doesn’t know what gold looks like. your difference deserves celebration.”
— iambrillyant
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volumes-and-vines · 22 hours ago
Tumblr media ❄︎
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suncaptor · 14 hours ago
the thing about Cas is his entire philosophy was made of glass but his conception of love he sent translucent strands through refracts bright in the light. he crashes so fast and shatters his perspective of everything he's ever known and fights for concepts he can barely comprehend with morality often used like a chisel or whip against him. he's made of paradigm shifts and conflicting panes with a formation like tectonic plates of what he knows yet can't understand. and every part of it hurts and every part of it he fights for even if it's not built into something solid enough to fight for because that's instinctual that's the point in the structures at hand.
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nutnoce · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I think I may be attracted to arrows, whose trajectory doesn’t end in my body. 
We’re loose and flying, in the same direction. 
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hush-syrup · 6 years ago
That image of Joan of Arc burning up in a fire burned inside me like a new religion. Her face skyward. Her faith muscled up like a holy war. And always the voice of a father in her head. Like me. Jesus. What is a thin man pinned to wood next to the image of a burning woman warrior ablaze? I took the image of a burning woman into my heart and left belief to the house of father forever.
From The Chronology of Water by Lidia Yuknavitch
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literatureaesthetic · 21 days ago
i’m afraid of getting older
scared i’ll never write anything
worth reading again
that i’ll disappoint the people
who are counting on me
that i’ll never learn how to be happy
that i’ll be broke again one day
that my parents will die
and i’ll be alone in the end
— Rupi Kaur, Home Body
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celtic-poetry · 3 years ago
I dreamt about you tonight. I got to meet your family. They were a nice bunch of goofballs. You were embarrassed because of them but I just smiled. You’re so cute when you’re embarrassed. Like always. Dream or what not. I miss you. It’s snowing outside. It’s the middle of December and I miss you. I miss you so much. Especially that cute little smile of yours - that creeps out every time you blush.
@celtic-poetry, Past loves
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Inadequacy trickles down your spine in waves, pools at your feet and clings to your shoes and socks. Makes your feet as blue as your eyes. You withdraw, lose assurance like shedding skin, don’t have the energy to piece it back together. Fall into the cycle of I’m not good enough I’ll stay away and I’m not good enough because I stay away. Look to people with the confidence of fires and wish and wish you could burn like that. Instead you watch a moment happen like you’re an outsider, like you’re not supposed to be there. Like none of them would notice if you weren’t.
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heartofmuse · 12 months ago
"There are people that simply get you on a level quite unlike any other. They know you like they have some kind of secret door into your soul. People whose energy resonates so perfectly with yours, you can finish each other's sentences. I don't quite get it or understand it, but you awaken me in ways I can't quite explain or even acknowledge yet. It is such an overwhelmingly strong connection that I know whether you go or stay you will change me and help define me. Soulmates they call us."
e.v.e. (Soulmates)
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You used to cook together, is the thing. And watching her shake her head at your offering now is worse than watching her scrunch her nose. You don’t know if you’re good at loving, you’ve never done it before, not properly. You know that if you could, you’d make sure she felt it, make sure she felt it for herself too. You wonder if he watches her, if he looks across white skin and struggles to keep his face together. You wonder if his hands are the kind of gentle that trembles out, the kind that makes fingertips drip something. Something like what your eyes do when a half smile made of disbelief and gratitude and longing show her how fast your heart is beating, how much it wants to show her that she shines. Something like I adore you.
-You look like you to me
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celtic-poetry · 3 years ago
You waited for me, on the stairs, had made me a cup of coffee, you smiled, said you would wait forever. Because you knew, I would be there in the end - maybe just not then - and the coffee would wait for me, whenever I was ready.
@celtic-poetry, Coffee
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