rhymingtherapy · a day ago
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a welcoming light
waits alone
on treacherous shores,
beckoning with lambent fingers
through overcast skies,
a symbol of hope—
defying the uncertainty
of turbulent times
to guide the lost home.
RhymingTherapy—July 2022 ( my photo Byron Bay Australia)
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ch-aunie · 2 days ago
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teaspirationss · a day ago
did you hear my heart beating for you today? I miss your lips brushing my skin in a thousand places, every kiss a seed. all the empty space is filled with flowers and they're beautiful, but I wish you never left. I wasn't ready to become a field of flowers. we’re strong together, but I’m also so weak for you.
Every place without you is lost.
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suntara · a day ago
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"my mandarina" by @suntara - do not repost
meet me in the back, my mandarina
let's live in lost colours tonight
spend constellations undressing
every similie this song has to offer
one day we'll have our own
tangerine corvette and double doors
I'll tattoo my secrets between my fingers and
you can find fragments of my love
in the peel of half eaten oranges
let's runaway from these
runaway rundown towns
be my world, my inconsequential,
my ones, my twos, my eights
let's pretend we're shadow puppets
bound to a black and white
let's pretend this convenience store
is a ballroom
bound to a refraction
I'm terminally ill with the human condition,
this heartbeat highway has nothing on
our rundown tangerine truck
this world has nothing on
the bag of oranges in the back
on us, on forever, on cloud nine
and ten and eleven and twelve
want to dance in the rain with me?
when the citylights shift under the
dusty asphalt roads
and building love songs dim
let's keep singing in the car
to that one song
I'd invent all over again (for you)
i love you like a wooden spoon
i love you like a family recipe
you love me like the secret ingredient
a million memories paint my face
and you know every last one
in my mothertongue's missteps
we're terminally ill with rememberence
of friends, foe, flora, fondness, flaws
eight years, a thousand miles away
we make castles out of cardboard boxes today
recycle them tomorrow, take out the trash
feed the cat, give the neighbours their cookbook back
we read out our pretentious poetry
to each other,
whisper them between cardboard windows and
cardboard curtains
we'll take in the universal experiences
between our wor(l)ds
we'll build them cardboard nurseries that will
grow into cardboard bedrooms
we'll raise them as our own,
give them your surname
my eyes, your hands, my smile
we'll make them forever, make them always
do their laundry, feed them oranges
wash the stains from their shadows and
polish their shoes
good morning my mandarina,
i want to read our living room floor with you
like the daily newspaper
I'll find carpet stains from spilled orange juice and
you'll find dents from the weight of
that coffee table your dad gave us long ago
this poem isn't about love,
but love is all over it like
lipstick kisses on collars
fingerprints on flowers, rain on city windows
we're terminally ill with a love that will outlast us
there's never going to be another forever
like this one
there's never going to be another forever
i want to remember like this one
(everyday is a fairytale with you)
in another universe,
where there's no running away
I'll write your name on my palms
and pray till it remembers mine
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enslavedmind · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
diary excerpt 4 // jay brooks
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heartweary-writing · 2 days ago
I want your picture on a post card,
The back stained with the written promise of,
“Soon, I’ll be with you.”
I keep waiting.
I keep wanting.
Like a child sensing the heavy betrayal that’s only abated by buoyant hope.
But it stings...the oncoming weight that will drop,
already it stings, like the heat on my bare-feet as it sneers off a sidewalk
I wait
I wait, for the postcard to fly away
The ink to fade.
I wait.
J. K. L
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everytimeyousaygoodbye · 2 days ago
Waves and tides, blow out
The candles at midnight
Dandelions and daffodils,
Be my baby please,
Del rey on repeat, phonograph
With wilted flowers beside
Pieces of me, starlight we dance
Tonight, to melancholy, a symphony
Falling in love, falling out of shadows
And dreams..........................
everytimeyousaygoodbye ©
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dementia7 · 13 hours ago
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scribblersobia · a day ago
कभी तो, कहीं तो मिलते होंगे यह आसमान और ज़मीन वरना, क्षितीजा ऐ��े ही नज़र आया नहीं करते।
कभी तो, कहीं तो, किसी पहर मिलते होंगे तुम्हारे हमारे ख्वाब वरना, सपनों में आकर लोग ऐसे ही सताया नहीं करते।
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esuemmanuel · 2 days ago
Por poco, por casi nada, haces que mi vida se ponga a sonreír ¿Cómo puedo agradecértelo?
— Esu Emmanuel©, For little, for almost nothing, you make my life smile. How can I thank you?
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therendingflame · 2 days ago
Sticking to my body, you follow me everywhere. I see my shadow, sometimes as tall as I'm I see my shadow, sometimes way too bigger than I'm. I see my shadow, always black in color. Sticking to my body, you disgust me. Darkening my ray of happiness, you exist. Never seeming to go away, you cling to my soul. I always see you around, just like a shadow.
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pocketfullofpoesies · 2 days ago
you speak in waves;
i speak in thunder
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ch-aunie · a day ago
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lebuc · a day ago
not lords, but children
* in a yet stumbling gait walking the plains, the high & byways of our paved paradise
hoping to arrive at an idyllic destination; the place where we  may receive our crowning glory,
storied & retold in scribes & myths.
yesterday, it was made crystal clear to me upon arising when the power failed
& no number of frantic calls, urgent emails, or shouted exhortations to the heavens above could deliver to me - in my trembling hands  the verdict - what i then loathed to hear
& have now learned to love like a long-lost friend adrift at sea, head bobbing above the surface surprisingly, while you’re wading.
manual labor becomes a prime mover a return to Eden - so to speak - where we’re pristine, independent & so forth...
so when we meet & happen to bump into... bring all your longing, that pent-up pressure you’ve lived;
& we can garden together, hand shovels at the ready working our magic in the mulch, or in sandboxes with the buckets - not as lords - but like children at play. * 7/22 - lebuc - not lords, but children
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pelicandensity · a day ago
State of the Union
it begins
and ends
with us
in comfort
a tender
to start
the day
last light
of the day
last touch
a reminder of
what's most
hope renewed
heart healed
all in a
world of
our own
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sharkygiovanna2 · 2 days ago
good morning haiku 303
to feel how the sun
provides you with happiness
is something magic
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fatimatuzzohraaa · a year ago
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teaspirationss · 3 months ago
They say you never really know how much room someone takes up until they’re gone. but I wish I could tattoo the way you whisper my name over and over again, like it’s something you’re convincing the universe to never take away from you. If the ocean had a heartbeat, it’d be you. I love like my heart is hungry for light, and you’re the last star in the sky. darling, I’m not saying that I think we might belong together, but I do know that I’ve lost my heart to your smile in every single one of my lifetimes.
I just want to fall in love, and stay there.
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scribblersobia · 2 days ago
#12 Gratitude
I am thankful for "today." We think that one day can't change alot in our lives but it's not true. From morning sun to evening rains, the breakfast and and tea, the laughter and smiles, every day matters. If everyday of your life is going good then it's a blessing. Be grateful for all that you have today, from morning sun to night stars. Say thank you to the God. Say thank you so all the people you love. Be grateful. Be happy. 🌼💙
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esuemmanuel · 13 hours ago
Cubre de mar las estrellas y de sol al corazón. Despeja las dudas que me acechan, vuelve a darme inspiración.
— Esu Emmanuel©️, Cover the stars with the sea and the heart with the sun. Clear the doubts that haunt me, give me inspiration again.
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