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heartofmuse · a day ago
Love is liquid. You remind me of that. Sometimes lover, sometimes friend, sometimes accomplice, sometimes a partner, sometimes a pupil, sometimes a teacher. So many ways and so many forms, but with the heart, always open, to what may, with that day, come. 
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scriptedsilence · a day ago
Tumblr media
* if I could ..*
if I could, 
I would ask you to tell me 
how you would touch me
if you were in front of me 
would your hands go slow 
feather touching 
with sensual caresses
or would they be as hungry 
as your eyes 
grabbing with animalistic fervor
until you wrap me around you 
and begin moving on the inside 
but I can’t, so I won’t 
if I could, 
I would ask you to speak 
of your thoughts of me 
if you daydream about my scent 
if the taste of me is often found 
upon your tongue 
I would want to know if you hear me 
in your ears 
giving you full direction of where 
I want you all of you to roam 
do you lick your lips 
at the thought of my sultry moans 
so much I would ask -
but I can’t, so I won’t 
if I could, 
I would ask if you touch 
yourself when you think of me
are dirty words released 
when you imagine 
that heightened euphoria 
fully unleashed
dripping with explosive desire 
a forbidden
yet, coveted delicacy 
no constraints exist 
what would unravel from 
within you 
I want to know 
exactly what you would say 
but I can’t ask, so I won’t 
so much I would 
I would love to know 
but boundary lines 
of heart and soul 
wrapped in red tape 
keep all at bay 
so much I could say 
but I can’t 
so I won’t 
© ScriptedSilence. All rights reserved
Pic credit - Sheila Dunn
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scatteredthoughts2 · 2 days ago
Alien Lights.
There was strange lights in the sky that night,
Zigging and zagging every-which-way;
Dimming then blazing, dark and then bright,
First black as pitch, then as bright as the day.
People were gathered at the top of the hill,
From all over town they came for the show,
Excited and eager and ripe for a thrill,
As the lights in the sky continued to glow.
I watched from a tree house a mile out of town,
With my high powered glasses I saw everything,
As the lights in the sky sent beams shooting down,
And the crowd on the hilltop started to sing.
They sang in a way, so eerie and strange,
T'was like alien music you hear on TV,
T'was a sound no composer on Earth could arrange,
And the sound that they made sent shivers through me.
Then the beams started glowing and fading away,
Getting weaker then stronger then sizzling the night,
The sound of the music continued to play,
Then nothing but darkness; and the night deadly quiet.
When my eyes readjusted to the dim and the gloom,
The hilltop was empty, not a soul to be seen,
The night was so silent, as quite as the tomb,
With the grass softly waving, where the people had been.
Half of our townsfolk were taken away,
And maybe they're gone to a home out in space,
And at night I go to the hilltop and pray,
That wherever they are, they are in a good place.
©Ambrose Harte
©Scattered Thoughts
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oldsoulnewmoon · 2 days ago
in the dark.
if I could hold the wind between my fingertips and the days of certainty where you know exactly who I am and how my heart beats then you pull away as if we are strangers humming to thoughts along a crowded street where I may never see your face disillusioned spellbound hypnotized I’m dizzy the rush of my blood the feel of my pulse excites and beats my veins feverishly and I will always want to hold on to you like this poetry on my tongue
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stormsofartemis · 2 days ago
The caryatids on the acropolis have stood long enough to recognize the romantics, the ones carrying a little piece of escapism in their pockets everywhere they go. In every century there are always a few in a crowd. You simply cannot miss the same faraway look in their eyes, the same familiar itch to wander, the same ambiguous vision of a tender place or moment flickering in their heads. All those people, they seem to have one thing in common: they are all in love with the moon— the same proud orb that witnessed the rise, the glorious days, and the decadence of their draped bodies. Believe me, the marble eyes see you, and it is true that heavy are the heads that bear the longings you cannot put into words.
— autumn artemis
photo by: Serghei Starus
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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I tried to fill my viens
With liquor coloured red
White and shame,
A darker malt, a finer taste
To quench myself, I drank
Till 5am, yet the empty glasses
Felt like my closest kins.............
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fille-de-joies · a day ago
Let the wind wake your soul — & sing
The dulcet mild remembrance;
Let breezes dry the tears they bring,
Hear your heart heal in silence.
Have you ever tried to climb
The uncanny mountain;
Cross the steep forest & find
The thirst-quenching fountain.
Have you learned to feed on sunlight
Til ultimate satiety,
Wine oozing savorous delight
On beloved skin — is piety.
Do you sit in the shade of vines
In a sunny afternoon;
Juicy grapes give golden signs
While, around you, gardenias bloom.
Do you lay on the grass at night,
Is your sheet a starry sky;
Quell your grudge & your inner fight
Unbind your caged mind — & fly..
Let the wind wake your soul — & sing
The melody that heals you heart;
When you sing, peace wraps everything
& love's rebirth is a new start.
✒️ F. J.
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wordsbyt · a day ago
I’ve been a million different people in my life, but the one person I have always been, is yours.
It seems that will never change. Love is like an old album. The needle hits the right groove, and beautiful music comes out. Sometimes it’s scratchy.
Sometimes it skips.
But when it plays, it’s a song you want to sing. Forever.
And I sing our song.
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elycwinters · a day ago
A Dream, A Song
A dream that moves us, one that comes as we are wide awake, one that it can almost be felt. It feels real, enough to question if we are asleep. We are not. Its magic is strong to make us believe and give hope to our aching hearts.
A dream and a song that is born out of the two of us.
A song that enchant us and makes our soul dance at its fast rhythm. One that inspires, one that bubbles up from deep within. One that is familiar, intimately so as it shakes your bones all the way down to the marrow. A song that carries magic.
A dream and a song beautiful enough to move us both.
- Ely C. Winters.
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dg-fragments · 2 days ago
If I were to not write, I would be taking away, the power of stories within me, capable of transforming my own self. Yet, I write, more to cope, to salvage the remnants, and less to transform my own self. Am I then, merely a mirage or perhaps, there is some hope, out there, still?
- DG
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lebuc · a day ago
wake of kings
* in the wake of kings, we must find our measure of fruit
& learn to discard the rind ground through, in our pursuit
of ahhh...
whatsoever may it be that inspires you & me
to go harder, higher, ascend to be smarter on the route to our true desire
through the forging fire, that in aft' time, purified many a golden ring
& shall glorify, if only in our own mindshire should self-adornment be our thing
absent the crowd's acclaim, if that is not our life's true aim - crown on, arrow drawn
targeting the teleios of a day's new dawn;
hail Eos & become your own theos with all the power & access that it brings, behind the veil the wake of kings * 9/21 - lebuc - wake of kings
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heartofmuse · a day ago
When I told you I would love you regardless I meant it. I know people have told you that before and have failed to keep their promise, but I don't love like most people love. My love is a fierce, wild thing. Its strength is boundless, its depth endless, its devotion relentless. My love is the poem the Universe wrote for your soul. 
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followcb · 2 days ago
Equinox (of Darkness and Light)
moonglow, innerglow
a resourceful voice
intuition, magician
pulling rabbits from hats
might fool my eyes
but you can't trick my heart
quiet wisdom
held within soft grasp
dreamy petals of a rose
rich and velvety
vibrant and astounding
simply marvelous to touch
magnificence . . .
beauty passed forward
in perpetuity
grace from lessons learned
blessed to hold love's fire
equinox of darkness and light
infinite cycle of death and life
sanctuary of eternal sunrise
©️ @followcb ☆ September 22, 2021
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mortalghost · a day ago
I already miss your body against mine. The way your body presses up against me. Late at night, while I'm dreaming, you're living in between my breaths, a word upon my lips, a hand running through my hair, yearning for my kiss, while the hours count down.
Upon the uncanny mountains in the distance longing for the impressions of memories that we've made and will never let fade away, you will find that I am always with you as you are always with me.
-H. Murcia 10:27 PM 9/23/2021
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esuemmanuel · 7 hours ago
Algunas cosas se repiten involuntariamente, como si fuesen algo obligado; así mis manos y dedos, buscando las teclas del teclado, ya sea de un piano o de una maquina de escribir virtual. Ambos me envician, me seducen y ciegan, hasta deshacerme en gotas de agua y tinta sobre la blanca partitura de mi vida.
— Esu Emmanuel©️, Some things repeat themselves involuntarily, as if they were something obligatory; thus my hands and fingers, searching for the keys of the keyboard, either of a piano or of a virtual typewriter. Both enrapture me, seduce me and blind me, until I melt into drops of water and ink on the white score of my life.
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rhapsodyinblue80 · 2 days ago
How have you travelled so many years in life, yet fallen so far away from your truest self? The only time you are completely honest is in your head during unquiet hours while others sleep. Why are you so terribly frightened to unfasten the network of chains and hooks and horrid clasps that strangle you? You are not an unsightly beast, just starved and beaten.
How repulsive would your true self appear to people who believe they know you? How liberating would it be? Why is your greatest fear treating your life as sacred? There isn't time for false hope or promises of tomorrows that may never be granted.
Testimonies of pain stain your teeth, but are forsaken by silence's blood. Release the burden of tears so you never feel their weight beneath heaving breaths. Don't permit sadness to bind your heart. Find your strength; defy fear-
love dangerously.
Rhapsodyinblue80//learning to live closely and fiercely
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thespiandrummer · 22 hours ago
As evening closes
the aging Summer becomes airless
when white clouds earn the
sun’s last glance, its soft light in
a final gasp of dusk in pearl’s pink –
like time’s pallor fading
towards the autumn of my life
It is here that the closing moments of
long days and short nights
begin a final dance to equanimity
and the evenness of night begs solace
from the promise of dawn, for
There are no tempests to cite here
the loss I feel since you’ve been gone
lays its iridescent claim to my heart
and rains in places I can never reach
as the light dims where nightfall wins the day
© K. James Ribble / Last Air
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egoisme · a day ago
you told me to breathe it in. you said it was like seeing god. and you know what, i did see god. he was right in front of me. and he looked at me through your eyes. and i saw him on your lips. i saw him in between your fingers. i saw him in the valleys of your collarbones. and in the hollows of your hips, that’s where i worship. and i’ll kneel for forty days and nights if it meant i could be saved by your gaze, just one more time.
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