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poetryoutloud · 2 days ago
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A Wish at Dawn — V.W.
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The new year offers January
like a wish, waiting to
be made. I haven’t felt
human in far too
many weeks. December,
I think, held on too
tight. I ache all over. My
insides are blue, purple,
and black, like a bruise.
I feel too delicate
days are getting longer,
the sun is beginning to linger
and there is relief just beyond the horizon.
I know it. I know it. I
feel it rising
dawn. /End ID]
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iloveyoustoneinmyshoe · 2 days ago
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Joan Angel
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elycwinters · 2 days ago
She stares at you disbelieving the words that came out of your mouth, her question hangs in the air: ‘why did you go there?’
And as much as you want to take it back, the words, like arrows, have flown and wounded her. It was quite low how you used her pain against her.
And while her mouth is silent, her eyes scream in pain, ‘why did you go there?’ she takes a breath and walks away.
- Ely C. Winters. | @nosebleedclub Jan. #11
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dreams-in-blk · a month ago
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Love makes you feel like you are caught in a whirlwind.
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lolshrej · a month ago
I found god in poetry. I believe if there's any kind of god (for me) its gonna be in these pages, the spilled black ink, plants, flowers nature, the space, stars, moon, planets and constellation that I write about.
-shre J
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fuckingwhateverdude · 6 months ago
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style inspiration: @filmnoirsbian
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justslowlywritingitall · 4 months ago
my love, when you set the table do you set it for two? do you fall asleep with hands reaching but never finding, do you pick up the phone and find yourself searching for a number to dial? my love, when you set the table, do you set it for two? i am not the one you are missing but i am here and i will sit across from you
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moon-lit-stars · 3 months ago
Hozier wrote "offer me that deathless death" and "The only heaven I'll be sent to is when I'm alone with you." I have not been the same ever since
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scatteredthoughts2 · 6 months ago
Ghost Lady.
I saw you on the stairs last night,
Translucent in the pale moon light,
You looked so lost and so alone,
As you wandered round your stately home.
Everywhere the moonlight fell,
Was painted in a ghostly spell,
Your silver gown, your golden hair,
All seemed so real, but you were not there.
I felt no fear, no none at all,
When you left the stairs and walked down the hall,
To the room where you would meet your death,
And it filled my heart with deep regret.
But there was nothing I could do;
The past was waiting there for you,
And every night when the moon is high,
You must go into that room and die.
©Ambrose Harte
©Scattered Thoughts
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meccaela · 4 days ago
I didn't fall in love with you.
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I didn't fall in love with you because I was alone. Or because I needed someone to make me happy or that I couldn't function without you.
I fell in love with you because when you're around the good things just got better and the bad things didn't seem awful.
I fell in love with you for the sole reason that it just felt right.
I didn't fall in love with you because i was looking, or dating or wanting to find someone, or even that I needed someone.
I fell in love with you because you came into my life when no one else would because I had nothing to offer but myself and you, you chose to stay.
I fell in love with you because you wanted nothing else but the person that I am. And for that..
I fell in love with every single aspect of you for who you are.
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someonebrandnew · a month ago
when did the love you used to have for me evaporate?
i know you stayed for longer than you wanted,
and i am now haunted,
because i do not know how long your love was fake.
how many times did you tell me you loved me without meaning it?
not to brag but i never stopped loving you,
no one can make my heart beat like you do.
i dont know how to make it quit.
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lovelornnn · 4 months ago
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Nothing Left to Salvage - @lovelornnn
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iloveyoustoneinmyshoe · 2 months ago
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Eternally Grateful, Joan Angel
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elycwinters · 2 months ago
Write my name in the stars, tell my secrets to the sun, sing my favorite songs to the moon, make the universe remember me long after I’m gone. Love me, for in your heart, I’ll live forever.
- Ely C. Winters. | Forever
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michaelbogild · 8 months ago
There exists a world Where we are happy together Where poetry is more than ink Where love is more than longing There is another life Where everything we are embraces with everything the perfect dream should be I know this I know this I know this We are apart, yes But we are together Someday you will understand Someday...
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So remember that joy is the most persistent weed on Earth
William Sieghart ~ The Poetry Pharmacy Returns
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quiet-storm132 · 2 months ago
The Stopwatch
A stopwatch
Holds time in place
As its hands circumnavigates its face
Stopping briefly to count the seconds
Displaying information to those who can read and decipher its cryptic message
A revelation that goes beyond one's understanding
Time is limited yet endless
A common commodity
That's value is priceless
Tumblr media
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justslowlywritingitall · 5 months ago
what should i tell her? your words echo in my head long past goodbye and i am left wondering was your hand about to reach for mine, did you almost peek at my lips. i am looking for pandora to tell her she left the box open too long. i am looking for icarus to tell him he's going to drown
the sun is setting and you're sitting right in front of the light till all i can see is your silhouette and yet i'm thinking about your cuffed jeans and scuffed shoes and how you smell like my detergent because you keep forgetting to buy more. i'm thinking about what it would be like to kiss you and maybe one day and only if i'm drunk. the heart of me knows a longing so deep it smells of pinky promises, kiddy pools and somehow always you
and yet, i dream about waking up with you and kissing the back of your hand and making breakfast and dinner and saving some for you. i dream about your smile that day and how sometimes you look at me in that extra special way until all of me dissolves. poets have written about love for millennia but nothing anyone could ever write can capture the way i feel when you grab my elbow so we don't get pulled apart in a crowd and lead me through, as i follow follow follow
sometimes i feel like i'm comprised solely of run on sentences and yearning and one day i will combust
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oceano-de-letras · a year ago
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scatteredthoughts2 · 6 months ago
For The Last Time.
For the last time I will lock the door,
And bring the curtain down on the final act,
I won't return here anymore,
Once I leave, there's no going back.
I could have stayed; I don't have to go,
But I don't want to live with ghosts,
I don't want to live in the long ago,
With shadows for my lonely hosts.
It's not just a house, it's a state of mind,
A place that clings on to the past,
And I've got to leave it all behind;
I don't need the past to last and last.
The shadows lift as I close the gate,
The front door key is beneath the mat,
I walk away, I don't hesitate,
The past is done, and that is that.
©Ambrose Harte
©Scattered Thoughts
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