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Dream and memory

If you know

You are my dream

A dream never come true

If you know

I like you

But you don’t like me

If you know

You are the one that i love

Even though you are not for me

If you know

You are my memory

A beautiful memory in my life

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prism, all separated colors of light except when the angles just right and the object of my focus ignites - crystal, all razor edges and burnt bridges and bridges that just sort of collapsed after i crossed them - i know nothing feels right, the cornerstone shifts and the foundation sinks and all your lovely old keepsakes come tumbling from the shelves - absolutely nothing shatters and thats a blessing for now, in the shock of thunderous surroundings you clasp them to your chest and you cry out but nothing before you sits at the same perspective as before and nothing feels the same in your arms as it did before and now you muse - maybe it all should have broken, maybe it all should still, maybe your mouth tastes like blood when you say love and maybe you have to learn to love that now, maybe thats not ok but maybe thats what you get

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Q-Anon followers believe that Trump is the savior,

protecting the world from a cabal of child-eating

Satanists (who just happen to all be Democrats),

and they have identified Inauguration Day, 2021,

as the Last Stand, during which he will enforce

a 10-day national blackout that culminates in the

mass execution of his enemies and a second term

in office, heralding a new age of political freedom.

Still don’t think it’s a cult?

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Aries: You’re a poem I’ve written and rewritten, but still haven’t gotten right.

Taurus: I don’t know how to love a little. I don’t know to talk about you softly, how to kneel on your teeth without coveting your bruises.

Cancer: Sometimes I wish you could have met me as I am now. You might have loved me better.

Gemini: If you never break, you’ll never become more.

Leo: In moments of stillness my mind drifts to you. And I wonder if maybe yours is doing the same. If maybe your thoughts of me got me thinking of you too.

Scorpio: All the plans I had were not plans at all, but fragments of selves I wish I could become.

Sagittarius: This is an apology to my heart for always choosing love, for not stopping when I replaced my heart with the sun, and you still couldn’t see me.

Virgo: You were the place I went to find peace and I was just a place to bookmark your name for another season.

Libra: You’re the someday I’m holding out for.

Capricorn: & even after all you’ve done to me, I don’t want anything more than to spend the night with you.

Aquarius: Maybe the hardest part isn’t letting go, it’s forgetting you ever had a grip in the first place.

Pisces: My only wish is to die loving someone.

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I was feeling, slightly reeling, shattered hands, broken wings, empty promises lost to me, while my breath was taken away, my thoughts raced, my heart yearned, I found the strength within me leaving, so I knelt at the altar praying for an answer to a question I couldn’t fathom, pleading for the last omen of the church of a broken god.

And now…

I await the answer.

-H. Murcia 12:31 PM 1/17/2021

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You’re not so great to me anymore.

I said I’d never leave- you did to-

We swore.

Not sure what I tasted

When I kissed you before-

But it wasn’t this bland.

There’s not electricity through our hands.

It’s evident

Our circuits are no longer relevant.

At least there’s less toxicity to withstand

As I watch what was once so redolent

With a new found loss of taste or smell.

I did not run.

Where I stand- I fell.

But I was alone in hell.

To Soak in red solvent.

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I tried to tell u

I tried to tell u

of the demons I hide,

locked up still screaming,

deep down inside.

I told of the pain

that gnaws at my soul,

feelings I felt,

far beyond my control.

I had hoped you would see,

and not runaway.

pulled me together,

not been so afraid.

but here in my world,

of darkness and sorrow,

I have learned not to expect,

not to look for tomorrow.

for its in this moment,

that we live our lives

this fraction of time,

just trying to survive

no future to see,

no hopes and no dreams,

emotionless cripple,

to old it would seem.

now I just sit,

alone in my world,

watching her page..

wondering what for.

knowing its over,

my book I do close,

marking the ending,

a dark bloodied rose.

representing my darkness

and the blood I have shed.

the sadness,the sorrow..

the loneliness I dread.

I am the dark muse…

And death is my companion.

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She hides among the silence
Hoping for some peace
Surrounded by people,
She can not feel at ease
Sinking into nothing
She ceases to exist
Invisible, not being
Ignoring all the screaming,
She lives inside her world
At night she waits for stories
But no one’s there to tell
She searches for a being
But no one is she seeing
Completely left alone
Despair cuts to the bone
She tucks her little body
And rocks herself to sleep
Abandoned to her worry
And so begins her story,
A little girl unwanted
Her presence went uncounted
A nuisance in the path,
Miscalculated math
But now the righteous choice
Has given her a birth
Except she didn’t want it
To live upon the earth,
Was torture beyond measure
A pain she’d learn to treasure
She clutched her only doll
And wrapped her in a shawl,
Showered her in kisses
Told her how she misses,
When they spend time apart
Whispered that she loved her
And tightened  her embrace
I’ll never leave you lonely
She promised in dolls ear
I’ll always tame your fear
I will be strong for you
With smiles and cuddles too
And no one else is needed
Except I wish that I,
With soft sobs she said blinking
Without really thinking,
That someone loved me too

©2021 -MyPoeticSoulNy (-mps)

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The age old dictum of sages is battling

With what shapes our fate and destiny

The primeval forces are intensely baffling

For they defy any clear definition of unity

Is inheritance fundamental to our fate,

Do chance or accident determine it?

Good and evil are beyond time and date

What can give ballast to Man and his wit?

These riddling questions are indefinite

They hang precariously rich in awe

With tantalizing sensitivity that can ignite

A seductive rapture with a hideous caw

Do our genes play a role in the context?

Dimmed memories becoming a disease?

Are there excuses, or issues more complex

To bring disorder, disunity and dis-ease?

Man conveniently forgets he is loved or who has been kind

He doesn’t care nor remember the sacrifice of the other

How can he be transformed in body, soul, spirit and mind?

What then may save our world and bind one to another?

Refocus with a little appreciation, always smile and be grateful

Count your blessings and your friends, despite all your misgivings

For it is in our nature to remember those who have been thankful

My Friend, what may save our world is most likely thanksgiving

©Johnny J P Lee

18 January 2021

Photo Credit J. P. Lee

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I cannot meet you because there’s no way I’ll be looking into those eyes and not running into your arms. How do you look at the love of your life and pretend you don’t want to fall apart at their touch, forget about everything and just be there, with them.

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If we were never meant to be

Why’d you come into the field of desire

For once a wise man said if something is not meant to be for your heart, it’ll never be desired.

It’s all fate. You&Me


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<div> —  𝒅.𝒓.𝒏 </div><span>It’s 2021 and I still have no idea how to hold on to relationships. I’m no good at keeping people. I’m no good at speaking, I’m not good with apologies and I definitely don’t know how to stand by my own feelings.</span>
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In the world, there are a lot of fascinating things no living soul has ever seen!

-Fujitaka, Cardcaptor Sakura


then hide

become known

living souls
could never see

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i’ll love you,

but i’ve never met you

never seen your face

never stood in the same place

never heard a word from your lips

i don’t know when or where or how, 

but one day,

i’ll love you

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sharp street light shining in

the electricity unpaid

was gone

& there was nothing in

the fridge the oven

cupboards on the wall

& I would if I could

have held you close

but you too

were long gone

but I have good memories

things we did said


the empty space

next to me on the couch

in my once ours bed

here in my hand the bottle

will ease these aches

capture my soul tonight

forget the darker sides

of remembering

hold me close

until another morning


neil benbow

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