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Inspired by: ‘heart leaks like a sieve’- @somebodycallixii
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coffeedreamsandwords · 2 days ago
You made my heart hurt
So I took a dagger
And cut you out of every piece of me.
You loved my thighs
My hair
My chubby cheeks.
You loved my coffee stained teeth
And my big, flat feet.
So away you go.
I took a dagger and cut you all out.
So when I look in the mirror,
I see me and only me now.
You broke my heart
And you broke me
But here I stand
Absent of you
With dagger in hand.
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inksomniac · 18 hours ago
I always wished we have what they write about in books, And now we do - A goddamn tragedy.
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soulwr1ter · a day ago
If you
To stay
On you,
Then you
Keep your
Eyes on me.
If you want
Me to hold on
To you,
Then you must
Also extend
Your arms
To me.
I won’t be
The only
One reaching
I can’t find you
If you are not
Also trying
To find me.
I can give
You everything,
But you have
To at least
Walk towards me.
-J.Wool, Meet Me Halfway, Soul Whispers
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writeblrcafe · 2 days ago
Writeblr Cafe's Secret Santa!
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'tis the season to be jolly!
To spread the season of giving and being given love, Writeblr Cafe would like to present to you a game of Secret Santa for all our fellow writers!
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This event is open for all writers. any writer can choose to spread some love and gift a present through their words!
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Fill in this form to participate.
The deadline for participating is 6th December. your pairs will be announced on 7th December via a link in your dms. After your pairs are announced, you can choose to interact with them (anonymously) to get to know them better!
On December 24th, reveal yourself by writing something kind and dedicating your piece of writing to the person you're the secret Santa of!
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Post your piece of writing on your blog and tag it #wcsecretsanta along with our official tag #writeblrcafe or submit it (anonymously) to our blog. We will reblog every secret Santa post to our blog!
Remember, the deadline for posting is on Christmas Eve, 24th December.
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If you still have any questions, don't hesitate to ask them in the comment section, so our admins can answer them, or send us a jolly ask! we promise we don't bite ;-)
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deadpoetsgayvodka · 2 days ago
i love people who randomly and oh so casually say poetic shit like i was hanging out with my bf after a week and i made a comment like “it feels kinda weird looking at you after so long, i missed you” and this boy replies so casually like “but it feels like i’ve been looking at you since forever” LIKE DUDE ???? stfu before i kiss you
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poemsofangela-simone · 22 hours ago
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Inspired by: ‘exquisite, visit, glisten’- @mylifepaneerpizza
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apoetsnook · 2 days ago
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I wish I was this special type of shallow.
To loiter in a simple world that waterbends
to your crevices waves
upon shore like a godsend,
a dream come true.
Atlantis has always been at our fingertips.
Harmony can be found in ponds meditating
miles into the backwoods of our towns.
We all choose to skip stones
and experiment with the water tension
that forms a transparent portal.
Easy access whirlpools an endless gesture
between Earth and heaven.
Be a koi that snorkels our planet:
feetless, graceful,
and with a hint of mystery.
"Shallow Atlantis" -P.J.C.
More Original Poems Here!
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enchantedengland · a month ago
Tumblr media
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Grasmere, Cumbria, home to the English Romantic poet William Wordsworth. Here you will find the cottage that he lived in, the daffodil garden he planted in memory of his daughter, the tomb where he was laid to rest, and the lakes and trees and mountains that inspired his genius.
Now is the best time of year to take that train to Cumbria! And if you cannot, perhaps console yourself with the works of the Lake Poets. (photos @lakedistrict IG)
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soulwr1ter · 2 days ago
The strength
It took
You to
Your own Self
Up off the ground
And yet you did
It so quietly, it
Went unnoticed that
You hit the ground at all.
Nobody really
Knows how strong
You truly are,
But I see it.
I truly see
How incredible
You are.
-J.Wool, You are Incredible, Soul Whispers
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the-stars-collided · 2 hours ago
All the witches the world scare you over, were just normal women in dark times who wanted to eradicate social inequalities and strived to be as powerful as the men of their age
But they will never tell you that
They will tell you that they were miserable, horrifying, beasty women who wished to suck people's blood out of their systems. The truth is, they were the women who were sucked on by the society's menace instead
All those bitches, witches and snitches were nothing evil. But patriarchy enforces that free women are ugly women, kind women are lonely women, and independent women are creatures you must never think of becoming like
Patriarchy wants you to remember that having your own beliefs, ideologies and lives is a sin for women. However, it's a sin that goes one way only. That it's okay as long as it's a man who's doing evil. Because they are better, wiser, more rational and less emotional than us.
You must not listen to them, you must never. Ignore what they want you to hear because whatever they're saying is nothing but a pretentiously self-effacing way to self sabotage you.
They want you to drown because they think the ocean is all theirs
You must make your own way no matter how many paths you cross over and no matter how burnt your feet get, you must never give up and trust someone else to bring cold water for your wounds
We've been giving up all over history and I'm going to put an end to this. I'm going to make up for those innocent women they killed and raped for something they did right
I'm going to tell them that being a woman is the least shameful and most dangerous thing about me
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