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I live in the shadows

That’s where I thrive

It is the meadow

Where I survive

It is my enlightenment place

It is my thinking space

In here I feel most steady

In here I feel always ready

To face the worldly challenges

Without getting hurt or using bandages

The world in here goes according to me

It’s like I am the player and the refree

Living here is living without any guilt

The floor here is even without any tilt

To make me fall

So I’d have to crawl

Shadows are great

You observe everyone,everything,every state

And people don’t even notice your mistakes

You could dictate other’s life

People won’t suspect you

Even if you had a knife

Shadows are just so great

You get to make your own fate

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Je ne suis pas la meilleure, la plus forte, la plus belle, c’est vrai mais je crois, qu’il y a une chose que j’ai et qui ne me quitterait pas : Je sais aimer. J'apprendrais à aimer à l’infini, ou presque, sur les replis des draps que les mains ont cherché, entre les plumes souples de l'oreiller, dans chaque recoin du lit je veux aimer, et près de cette table de chevet ou jusqu'au bout du monde, je saurais t'aimer.
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Quarantine, Day 18 

No matter where you live
how much money you make
how many dreams you have
or how deep in debt you are
and how much you hate your body
or how your diet is ruined right now
it all seems very small and irrelevant

when there is a real problem 
we realize that human beings are meant to fight and survive
it is in us to create obstacles
especially if we don’t have enough

I think one thing that we can all agree on is that
we are blessed in ways that we didn’t even realize before
and now that we know it
we will appreciate it more than ever 

- Hedonist Poet

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They say love is a release, so I went to the shore to watch the waves that moves freely. If I swim further in the sea, maybe I could find what I am looking for. If I dive even deeper, I wonder if I could find a bit more.

The sea was the closest thing to freedom but it ended up drowning me when I get too close. It was a salty mistake to find release in the depths. I was looking for the sky—but I ended up exploring the sea.

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Intrusive Ends

Dear Ocean,

You are you now.

Thank you

For throwing down your weapons

For me. For safety. For love.

Your waves are not blades.

Your foam is not blood.

You are not poison

Or addiction or pain.

You are still, calm, and clear.

You are you and only you.

Thank you.

Dear Knives,

I am not a piece of meat

To be studied and handled,

Not by the likes of you

With your cold glares,

Mocking sneers, and lies.

You might be you,

But I am me, and I am not

A piece of meat for you.

Dear Cars, Roads, etc,

You and I are nothing.

Separate. Ties severed.

No brainwashing for me,

No power for you,

It is over.

I’m setting myself free,

Ending this long war

On my own terms.

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darker days

nights even the rough girls

would need me to leave

before they’d blow

all the other guys in the room

some set of face

dark shadow forecast

maybe I didn’t hide the distaste

true feelings about who

what they were or did

but the guys would say

time to go friend

or else she won’t play

so much for solidarity

honour amongst thieves


neil benbow

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pick pocket

I’m a thief

and late at night

my fists are teeth

taking bites from the wall

then i spit them out

they taste like you


what’s that about?

my legs are pistons

firing like ships

my heart’s a metronome

keeping you in beat

i loved you best

from the concrete

you picked me up

launched me down the street

i broke my arms,

landing on my feet

she said she’ll be right there

right down the stairs

lock your eyes

cause no ones there

do I feel

more than them

she took my rose

slid through my head

I wonder if

illustrations stay

when you forget

just what they say

1000 words

painted with intent

fell flat

I don’t know

what was to expect

I never got

a final bye

the moon

evades my point of view

your doing fine.

i was

what it was

at the time.

if loving past

experation was a crime

I’d be with the rest of them

walking the line

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a friend

i’ve never felt more alone

i didn’t even know i

could feel this alone

i long for someone

who i do not


someone who

i have never


some idea of a


who will understand me

and love me for me

who wants to get

to know me

who can relate

to all of the problems

i have faced

and share excited


along with stories

of both fun

and frightening


i truly

long for someone

who i do not have

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Written by J.A.Fiddy ( @fidds6 )
I’ve been described as ugly
and as a beauty,
been confident in class
and flowing with anxieties.
I’ve been obese
and dangerously underweight,
super early for class
and terribly late. 
I’ve been full of fat
and nothing but skin and bone,
I’ve got a cork board
full of photos
but I still feel alone. 
I want to wear colourful shirts
but I just wear monochrome. 
I am depressed and sick
and overcoming everything on my own. 
I can’t define my past
when I’ve lived my whole life in contrast, 
so don’t judge yourself by who you were
and don’t restrict yourself by your mistakes. 
The world is beautiful with you in it
even if sometimes your heart aches
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FiddsVI - Psychedelic songs (unreleased song) ( @fidds6
I close my eyes and colours somersault,
hurling through my mind like a catapult. 
Some take shapes and some float away. 
Why do all the good dreams refuse to stay?
Put on a decent song they’ll return to me. 
I’m hallucinating narratives on a melody.
put your headphones in when you drift to sleep
Never wake up when you’re in this deep.
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Say tomorrow doesn’t come.
Say the moon becomes an icy pit.
Say the sweet-gum tree is petrified.
Say the sun’s a foul black tire fire.
Say the owl’s eyes are pinpricks.
Say the raccoon’s a hot tar stain.
Say the shirt’s plastic ditch-litter.
Say the kitchen’s a cow’s corpse.
Say we never get to see it: bright
future, stuck like a bum star, never
coming close, never dazzling.
Say we never meet her. Never him.
Say we spend our last moments staring
at each other, hands knotted together,
clutching the dog, watching the sky burn.
Say, It doesn’t matter. Say, That would be
enough. Say you’d still want this: us alive,
right here, feeling lucky.

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Everything in your life has happened for a reason, even the events that seem insignificant are shaping your future

That pain you’re feeling right now; that’s temporary, and you’re feeling it because the universe believes you need to

It’s hard but you’ll learn from it, become more compassionate, stronger, more in tune with your emotions

When you look to the future you may imagine it better without you, or see a future so terrible that you don’t want to live to see it

All those terrible thoughts aren’t true, things will get better, it doesn’t happen over night and it may be something you have to fight for

But things will look up, because you deserve happiness, you deserve to love yourself, and you deserve to be loved

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A poem by Tuesday Hofmann

I’ve come to find that each passing season is an aesthetic in itself, each month is sitting on your doorstep, a love letter waiting to be opened.

January and February were much more meticulous, written with pen as dark as midnight, containing words that were straightforward and honest. April resembled that of a 12 year old girls diary, hopeful and romantic, I’s dotted with hearts, simple and sweet, like a childhood dream.

October’s printing was dark and messy, containing more black scribbles than words. The hot- blooded scratches and tornados pressed against the page seemed to grab you by the braids and spit in your face. The words of august were light and barely visible,written playfully with yellow pastel crayons, but as you traced your finger along the paper you felt the sun and jovial nature blazing through your fingertips.

July’s words washed over you like San Diego waves, July was full of short sentences, but there was so much among the unspoken. The ink of December smelled just like hot coffee and melancholy.

November’s words were too big and they seemed to burn and rip apart the page, November’s love letters made you feel like a campfire trying to survive in the pouring rain. November’s words felt like drowning, June’s, on the other hand, felt like taking your first breath.

Do not let the years fly away,

Do not let the days pass you by,

because, I’ve come to find,

Love letters, though seemingly dormant, if ignored, will grow blue wings and kiss you goodbye.

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