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In my thoughts I make love to you all day long.

Love that you’ve seared into my skin and rooted into my flesh and bones in the form of unbridled affection.

Love that comes in waves and beckons me at the shore of your bare and sublime body.

Love that quakes my being to my very core and leaves me trembling and basking in your ethereal ardor and aftertaste.

Love that is fused with the lust in your eyes before you affirm that I’m yours and yours only in this mortality and afterlife.

Love that is unhindered till we both surrender ourselves to oblivion.


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I kept my phone on every night anticipating his call. And as 3 AM came I’d wake up to his ringtone. He’d take me to these dark places in his mind. Fearlessly, I took his hand and was led to the depths of hell. While a lot of it I couldn’t understand, what I did know was that if he was on the phone with me, he was with us. And if he was with us he was safe.

In the coming years, he thanked me.

I never told him that saving him saved me in a way, because learning about him taught me about myself. Learning about him taught me about the person I didn’t want to be. From there, I chose a different path. I chose to use words to save people from themselves.

It’s 2:30 AM. And if you’re awake you might be overthinking something. And if you are awake you might be lonely. It’s 3:00 AM and I’m sure some of you question where you are going and why you should even bother. It’s 3:30 AM and I’m sure dark thoughts have danced in your mind and you wish they’d go away. It’s 4:00 AM and I’m asking you that instead of making any rash decisions right now, close your eyes, go back to sleep, and try again tomorrow.

He saved my life in a way, and I never really got to thank him for that. Because how do you even convey that in words? So I sat there in silence riding shotgun in his car years later and if silence could speak it would have said thank you.

Dedicated to anyone who has ever lost someone to suicide or to those beautiful fragile souls who have chosen to stay.

Darling. I need you here. Please don’t go so soon.

— Kirsten Corley, But Before You Leave

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Within her eyes are infinite wishes

Within her countless multitudes she dreams

Her eyes heavy with stars keep strange riches

Within she holds tender and soft moonbeams

Like a goddess she holds me in her palm

Shaping healing guiding me to sweet rest

I can safely fall into gentle calm

Smelling sweetly of home within her breast

Her voice filled with velvet luring me to fall

Her sunshine caresses my lips and heart

She fills my senses heart and all

With one silent message I shall impart

River, my bumble bee and dearest one

I know that one day we won’t have to run

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unfinished poem from my notes:

late night drives underneath

the midnight skies

filled with starlight and moonlight

allows me to feel some sort of freedom

with my hair let down.

the moon dances on the water

which surrounds me as bayous

wherever i go.

the trees shadows dance

under streetlights

while the aroma of smoke and whiskey

fill the cool, humid air.

crickets chirp their songs

while birds seek shelter for the darkness.

waves crash against rocks

causing the small crabs to lose their grip

and drift off into sea.

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you deserve a life full of love, laughter, affection.. you deserve someone who is going to look at you like a diamond in a pile of muddy rocks. you deserve someone who can’t wait to lay with you at night and touch your skin or hear your heart beating through your chest; someone who falls asleep with you on their mind and wakes up with you on their mind. and i wish i was the one for you.

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Terror is a virus

Passed in stories, not blood.

John Grisham movies

Men in white hoods

What the parent fears

The child learns to.

His head is blonde,

His eyes are blue.

He drives a truck

With a gun rack

You think you’re safe

If you’re not black?

It’s who you love

And what you say

Or if he finds you

In his way.

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